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Indiana Special Olympics

Friendships show that ballroom dancing is for everyone

USA Dance National Elections It’s time for the membership to vote

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Ballroom Bootcamp

September-October 2010

Issue 26

DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport Qualifying Events forDanceSport Danc DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport Da USADanceSport Dance 2011 National DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport Dance DanceSport Championships DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport Dan 010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships 010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships 2009 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championship 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championship 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships 010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championshi DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport Dan 2009 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championship DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport Danc DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport Da DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceS DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport Dan Janis Kukainis & Samantha Mang / Photo by: Carson Zullinger

2010 Heartland Classic Indianapolis, IN October 2-3, 2010

Northwest DanceSport Championships Seattle, WA October 23-24, 2010

2011 Phoenix DanceSport Challenge Phoenix, AZ February 19, 2011

Carolina Fall Classic Greensboro, NC October 22-24, 2010

Manhattan Amateur Classic New York, NY January 14-16, 2011

Mid-Atlantic DanceSport Championships Washington DC February 26-27 2011

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On the Cover 40 Mixing Heat: Special Olympics “The 33 amateur athlete couples’ march in the Opening Ceremony was the Special Olympics athletes’ way of honoring the USA Dance athletes who help make their competition possible each year. “

7 Election Ballots

It’s time to cast your vote for the 2011-2013 term of office for the elected positions of the Governing Council of USA Dance. Find your Ballot in this issue!

28 Ballroom Bootcamp

“The Youth Bootcamp program, while only two days in duration, touched over 20 young students and their families and friends, providing emphasis to our reach into the community.”

28 USA Dance amateur competitors marching in Photo courtesy of Joe Bays

Inside the Cover Line of Dance

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President’s Report Editorial Information & Contributors Election Ballot Announcements

Dance Floor

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Chapter Highlight: Rhode Island Individual Highlight: Sacramento Bob Chapter News Paying our Dues The Icing on the Cake Ballroom Dance: A Vision of Heaven on Earth

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IDSF Worlds Latin Couples 2010 A Dance for the Wounded It’s the Little Things: Gumbo DanceSport Mixing Heat: Special Olympics Are You a Passionate Dancer that Wants Extraordinary Results?

In Step

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The Best Kind of Education AD Marketplace Dance Mart

On Beat

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The Public Eye Ballroom Bootcamp


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Competition & Collegiate Calendars IDSF Worlds Youth Latin & 10 Dance

38 Nels Petersen & Theresa Kimler Photo courtesy of Bogdan Oporowski


2010 September – October 3




wish to share some important information with all of you in this issue. First of all, our National Elections Director, Phil Sisk, has informed me that the only candidates who submitted their election papers were incumbents – no challengers filed during this election cycle. Current voting members of the Governing Council have indicated their agreement to serve another term of office, and I thank them for their continued willingness to serve USA Dance. The only Governing Council member who has indicated that he cannot serve again is DanceSport Delegate, Pasha Pashkov. As many of you know, Pasha is an elite athlete and member of our World Team. His competitive dance career, which involves a grueling schedule of practice and travel, keeps him extremely busy. We thank Pasha for his years of service on the Governing Council and DanceSport Council and wish him continued success. While this will be an uncontested national election, it is still important for members to vote. You will find a ballot in this issue of American Dancer Magazine. Please take a few moments to review it, and if you are eligible to vote in this election, please do so. I would also like to report that our plans for hosting the 2010 IDSF World DanceSport Latin to take place in New York City on November 13th have gone into high gear. The IDSF has selected a stellar panel of judges, and DanceSport Athletes from around the world are confirming their attendance at this premier event. In addition to the World Latin competition, there will be an open Youth Standard competition and a demonstration of American Style dancing from some of America’s finest professional dancers. This will be an event not to be missed. Finally, as of this writing there are only about 10 cabins left on the upcoming National USA Dance Cruise, setting sail on November 28, 2010 from Ft. Lauderdale bound for the Caribbean. We anticipate these remaining cabins to sell out quickly, so if you want to go on this cruise and you have not yet booked your cabin, you should do so immediately.

4 Line of Dance

Nearly 400 USA Dance members are already signed up, and they are coming from all over the country, from as far away as Alaska, Oregon, Washington and California to enjoy this cruise and the wonderful opportunity it provides for hours of workshops, lessons and social dancing, some of which will take place on the ship’s deck under the stars. Approximately 35 states are represented, so this will provide an outstanding opportunity for fellow dancers from around the country to meet and get to know one another while enjoying their dancing, the on-board amenities, the on-shore sightseeing and the balmy weather of the Caribbean.

Lydia T. Scardina National President, USA Dance


2010 September – October 5


Contributing Writers

A m e r i c a n

Jean Krupa Jean Krupa currently serves as the Social Vice President for USA Dance. She served as Region VI Vice President in 1999. She is a founding member of the Greater Daytona Chapter in 1990.

National Officers

PRESIDENT Lydia Scardina, 415.469.9815 e-mail: SENIOR VP Bill Rose, 949.842.8284 e-mail: SECRETARY Stan Andrews, 217.454.8879 e-mail: TREASURER Esther Freeman, 541.899.1933 e-mail: DANCESPORT VP Ken Richards, 302.290.2583 e-mail: SOCIAL VP Jean Krupa, 386.761.1625 e-mail: •

Daphna Locker

Editorial Staff

Daphna is currently a member of the Greater N.Y. Chapter of USA Dance #3004. For the last year and a half, Daphna has been the Chair of the National Organizing Committee and is currently organizing the IDSF World Latin Championship in November. She was also the head of NOC for the 2010 Nationals.

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WRITERS Jean Krupa • Daphna Locker EDITORIAL ADVISOR Angela Prince, USA Dance Director of Public Relations •

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Stan Andrews Dr. Spencer Baron Colleen Parker


American Dancer welcomes submissions of letters, articles and photos. All submissions are considered the property of American Dancer. Submission does not guarantee publication. Articles and letters may also be edited for length and content without notice to the author. Photos and other materials are not returned. Submissions may be sent to •

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Photo By Joe Bays

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Chapter News

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Mixing Heat: Special Olympics Indiana’s third Special Olympics brings smiles


Find your ballot inside to vote for the 2011-2013 term of office


Must be high resolution, print quality digital photos. 600 dpi. Send to editorial office: e-mail: or mail to: American Dancer magazine PO Box 462 Rexburg, ID 83440-0462 •


If you need information concerning membership or missed issues, contact: Mary at USA Dance Central Office 800.447.9047 • Fax: 239.573.0946 E-mail: Check our Web Site -

6 Line of Dance

Official Publication of USA Dance

Ballroom Bootcamp

September-October 2010

Issue 26

Jordan Steffan and Sabrina Hart dancing at the Indiana Special Olympics Ballroom Championships


2010 September – October 7

Phil Sisk National Elections Director 9620 Evansway Lane Richmond, VA 23235

Mail completed ballots to:

Phil Sisk National Elections Director 9620 Evansway Lane Richmond, VA 23235

Completed ballots must be received by October 30, 2010 in order to be counted.

Completed ballots must be received by October 30, 2010 in order to be counted.

Mail completed ballots to:

Please complete the ballot and mail it to the National Elections Director at the specifed address.

Please complete the ballot and mail it to the National Elections Director at the specifed address.



To vote in this election you must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid USA Dance membership as of July 1, 2010.

Two ballots are provided on this page in order that couples living at the same address and receiving only one American Dancer Magazine may each cast their vote. If additional ballots are needed, contact the USA Dance Central Office at: 800-447-9047 or

Two ballots are provided on this page in order that couples living at the same address and receiving only one American Dancer Magazine may each cast their vote. If additional ballots are needed, contact the USA Dance Central Office at: 800-447-9047 or

To vote in this election you must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid USA Dance membership as of July 1, 2010.

The ballot for the 2011-2013 term of office for the elected positions on the Governing Council of USA Dance is located on the reverse side. No challengers filed to run in this election, so that all the candidates listed are incumbents who have agreed to continue serving on the Governing Council.


The ballot for the 2011-2013 term of office for the elected positions on the Governing Council of USA Dance is located on the reverse side. No challengers filed to run in this election, so that all the candidates listed are incumbents who have agreed to continue serving on the Governing Council.



All current USA Dance members 18 years of age or older may cast their ballots for the 2011-2013 Term of Office. All nine candidates are running unopposed.


All members may vote for these positions:

All current USA Dance members 18 years of age or older may cast their ballots for the 2011-2013 Term of Office. All nine candidates are running unopposed. All members may vote for these positions:

Lydia Scardina, National President

Bill Rose, National Senior Vice President

Lydia Scardina, National President

Bill Rose, National Senior Vice President

Esther Freeman, National Treasurer

Jean Krupa, Vice President of Social Dance

Stan Andrews, National Secretary

Only Social Dance members may vote for this position:

Inna Brayer, DanceSport Delegate

Ken Richards, Vice President of DanceSport

Inna Brayer, DanceSport Delegate

Esther Freeman, National Treasurer

Only Athlete members may vote for these positions:

Stan Andrews, National Secretary

Jean Krupa, Vice President of Social Dance

Roger Greenawalt, DanceSport Delegate

Scott Coates, DanceSport Delegate

Only Social Dance members may vote for this position:

Ken Richards, Vice President of DanceSport

Only Athlete members may vote for these positions:

Scott Coates, DanceSport Delegate Roger Greenawalt, DanceSport Delegate

Your First Name, MI (Print):

Your Last Name (Print):

Your Membership Number:

Required Voter Information

Your First Name, MI (Print):

Your Signature:

Required Voter Information Your Last Name (Print):

Your Membership Number:

Only members with a valid USA Dance membership as of July 1, 2010 may vote

Ballots must include member’s printed name, signature, and membership number

Ballots must be received by the National Elections Director by October 30, 2010

Only the original ballot can be used to submit votes

Ballots sent by fax, e-mail, or other facsimile means will not be counted

Only members with a valid USA Dance membership as of July 1, 2010 may vote

Ballots must include member’s printed name, signature, and membership number

Ballots must be received by the National Elections Director by October 30, 2010

Only the original ballot can be used to submit votes

Important Requirements & Notes

Your Signature:

Ballots sent by fax, e-mail, or other facsimile means will not be counted

Important Requirements & Notes

8 Line of Dance


2010 September – October 9

Nationals Sponsors 2010

Arlene Yu

Nadia Eftedal Holiday Ball Competition Erminio Stefano & Luana Conte Eugene Katsevman & Maria Manusova Victor Fung & Anastasia Muravyeva Larinda McRaven Dance Pants Scott & Sarah Coates USA Dance Central Florida Chapter # 6002 USISTD USA Dance Michigan Northern Lights Chapter #2048 USA Dance Royal Palm Chapter #6016 USA Dance Treasure Coast Chapter #6004

Thank you for your support!

USA Dance Tidewater Chapter #6008 Spencer & Elena Nyemchek David & Connie Taylor Aida Renzo

10 Line of Dance

Announcements Theater Arts in 2011 Several weeks ago we had announced a new ‘Freestyle’ Division, which is to be held during the 2011 USA Dance National DanceSport Championships in Baltimore MD. More information on how to enter this event, which will be limited to six couples, will be released soon. It was announced this event would replace the USA DANCE National Championships for BOTH Theater Arts and Cabaret. However, after some discussion, it has been agreed to use a phase-in approach allowing Theater Arts National Championships to continue one more year. The event will run provided a minimum of three couples enter. The exact schedule for the events day and time will be determined at a later date. Competitors interested in obtaining the music for the Nationals Theatre Arts Championship should contact Rog Greenawalt, Competition Committee Chair, to receive a copy of the music. His email is

BMI Music Licensing Agreement

New York, New York! Don’t forget to start making plans to come out to New York this November for the 2010 IDSF World DanceSport Championship Latin held at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge.

As of April 1, 2010 USA Dance entered an agreement This month we bring a bit of insight into the lives of with BMI to cover music licensing for USA Dance the two couples representing the USA at this event. events, including chapter events and competitions. Show your patriotism and support our dancers! USA Dance is happy to pay this fee on behalf of chapters to provide chapters with music licensing coverage, and considers this another benefit of membership. If you have questions about chapter elections and BMI Music Licensing—working with an ASCAP agreement, the use of DJs, live bands, CDs and downloaded music, contact Mary at USA Dance Central Office.


2010 September – October 11

Chapter Highlight


By Ivor Lee

Big and Rhode Island - Chapter#3010

s Rhode Island Chapter President Linda Succi left the National Chapter Conference in Las Vegas, she walked away with a new sense of direction. The annual conference, with its myriad of members from all walks of USA Dance, gave Succi an opportunity to get a firsthand look at some of the different programs like the Wounded Warrior that USA Dance has initiated. But it was the Special Olympics program that made an impact on Succi.

Not a bad goal for a chapter from the smallest state in the union.

“I’m the parent of a brain-damaged daughter. The idea really hit home with me,” said Succi. Returning to Rhode Island, Succi had a new goal in mind: continue the Special Olympic program so that members, athletes, and Special Olympians alike can appreciate the joy of ballroom dance.

Beyond co-sponsoring monthly dances, the Rhode Island chapter reaches out to the community in many different ways, including fundraising for the Adopt a Doctor Foundation, which is dedicated to helping doctors in third world countries, and other groups like the J Trudeau Center, a center committed to assisting those with disabilities

12 Dance Floor

At 100 members, Rhode Island prides itself on doing big things in spite of being the smallest state. To them, it’s a point of pride that has brought them closer together. They believe so much in this unity that they even work with other dance studios and groups in the area to co-sponsor dance events—in this way bringing exposure to USA Dance and the benefits of being a member to more dancers in Rhode Island.

Small become full members of the community. The chapter is also involved in various performances all over the island—dancing in the malls for National Ballroom Dance Week, and the Frazier Festival, a collaborative and creative exhibition of the arts designed to show different themes like the elements. In one such community event, Rhode Island Chapter members and Special Olympians participated in the Rhode Island Special Olympics, where the Special Olympics Ballroom Dance Team of 10 athletes and 10 volunteers took the stage. The ladies clothed in white hats, turquoise shirts, and white skirts, and the men in straw hats and multi-coloured light blue shirts, danced to Reba McEntire’s song “Take it Back,” much to the joy of the crowd of several hundred spectators.


At Time of Publication, Rhode Island landed an audition in New York for Paula Abdul’s new Show! Congratulations!

As a retired school principal, Succi was well aware of the challenges and difficulties of working and building a group of Special Olympic dancers. But even she could hardly have imagined how much of a success the Special Olympic dance team would be. Producers from CBS have even contacted her requesting that the Special Olympic team audition in October for a new Paula Abdul dance show “Got to Dance.” Succi states the real blessing has been to the members,“There’s just a light in the volunteers’ eyes. When you work that closely with someone that has special needs, there’s something there that you learn that can’t be explained. And that’s what makes it worth it.”

Photos Courtesy of RI Chapter #3010

2010 September – October 13

Individual Highlight

Sacramento Bob

“A Different Brand of Appreciation”

By Ivor Lee


n occasion it may be easy to miss the man they call Sacramento Bob, but there is no doubt that he’s in the room. You can hear his cheering the minute you enter, at times its volume rises higher than the music itself. His voice loudly echoes so that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where he is, and when you actually do spot the 73-year-old man sitting at the table in the front row, it takes a moment to really believe your eyes. Is all that noise really coming from him? And while his cheering may at times annoy some spectators, you really have to appreciate the quality and the quantity of his cheering. He doesn’t just cheer for one couple, a favorite, or a friend, but all couples on the dance floor—and almost specifically the one nearest him. To Bob, cheering is just another way of expressing himself. Though he’s been dancing most of his life, it wasn’t until six years ago that he started ballroom. He personally loves the waltzes, and has put quite a bit of effort into learning them; he respects its grace by just enjoying it. The fast dances though, is where he really lets loose, because the dancers put in a lot of time and money into learning and performing—it’s only fair to show some appreciation.

14 Dance Floor

“I love the Paso Doble. It’s like going to war with the music,” said Bob. His cheering is something of an oddity at a ballroom competition, which are sometimes notoriously quiet despite the emcee’s best efforts to entice sound out of the crowd. Ironically enough, at his age cheering takes a physical toll. “My ribs, they hurt from cheering. My shoulders from going ‘yah’ all the time and my hands will crack and bleed from clapping. The next day I pay for it, and it takes a two or three days to recover.” At multiple day events Bob may even lose his voice, forcing him to gargle with salt water at night to ease the pain. Bob is something of a celebrity at ballroom competitions. While not exactly a competitor or an organizer or a USA Dance official, dancers and spectators from all over the country know who he is. He stays mainly on the west coast, but he has been known to make an appearance at many competitions

and has even found his way out to Arizona, and Jacksonville, Florida. Bob has sometimes been given tickets from organizers to attend their events and bring his special brand of cheering along. “A lot of people know me all over the US,” said Bob with a chuckle, “The dancers everywhere know me. They try to get me over to the competitions on the other side of the country to cheer for them.” The real joy of it all; however, are the dancers that appreciate the cheering. “Wherever I go people will come up to me and it’s ‘Hi Bob,’ and I have no idea who they are. For every hug I get, it’s another five minutes of life, and a kiss on the cheek makes 10 minutes.”

Photos By Ivor Lee


2010 September – October 15

USA Dance

Chapter News We want to hear

from you, and so do our readers!

Send us the latest news from your chapter to be featured in

Treasure Coast, Florida Treasure Coast Chapter #6004 4H Ballroom Bicycle Brigade

upcoming issues of

American Dancer.

A few months ago, we reported

Though they didn’t finish their journey, they did manage to travel more than 600 miles, partaking of some of the history of the underground railroad and of

that the Treasure Coast’s 4H Ballroom

America’s past, and showing their

When submitting,

Bicycle Brigade, representing the

talents at ballroom along the way.

please keep in mind

best in both ballroom and bicycle

Next March, the 4H Ballroom

enthusiasts, planned on taking a

Bicycle Brigade plans on travelling

bicycle tour of the underground

out again, this time when the

railroad, a journey of 2,500 miles. As

weather is a little cooler, and this

they biked across the country, they

time to finish what they started.

the following:

1. High quality, digital photos relating to the event,

600 dpi or higher.

2. Photo caption, or names of persons.

faced all kinds of adventures and misadventures including a temporary setback when their jeep broke down.

Congratulations to these kids on their successful trip!

While in Tallahassee, the group performed for the USA Dance

3. Photo credit. 4. Articles should be a maximum of 175 words

Chapter there, before moving onto Alabama. As they trekked on, they eventually made it to Tennessee where they were faced with a difficult decision. Their side driver had an emergency at home, where

Send Submissions and any

Questions to Office@

16 Dance Floor

upon they decided to return home together. There they were in time for the Millennium DanceSport Championship and competed with stellar results.

Gina Hunter, 4h Leader and her two brigade sons, Dakota and Chase

Youngstown, Ohio

New Mexico

Youngstown Warren

North Central New Mexico

Chapter #2015

Chapter #5047

The Youngstown Warren chapter of USA Dance understands how to take USA Dance event and make it a night to remember, as they organized to attend a “Big Fat Greek Wedding Dance Dinner and Show” earlier this month. Beyond a USA Dance event, the themed dance

Unknown to many, dance is one of the categories in the yearly Senior Olympics. And it is an event that is becoming more and more popular, starting at the county level, and moving up to state and national. Paul Gourlay and Janie Camenzind

featured Ballroom Dance champion

won four gold medals in the New Mexico

Minas Katsantouris and his partner Rachel

State 2010 Senior Olympics in Las Cruces

Neilson. The Athenian Dancers, part of

on Friday, July 30. They took golds in

the Maids of Athena, Diana Chapter #116

Country Western (CW 2-step, Night Club

also shared their love for dance with a

2-Step), Country Waltz, Latin (Cha Cha,

performance of traditional folk dances

Paso Doble), and Ballroom Waltz, with a

with a modern twist.

bronze in Jitterbug. Returning home as

What Greek Dance would be complete without food? Delicious grilled beef kabob, spanokopeta and triopeta, Greek salad, rice pilaf, green beans in sauces, baklava awaited guests of the event. Belly dancers even provided dinner

champions, they performed at the chapter dance. “I’m pleased that so many more couples are competing, and the quality are improving and we’re especially proud of Paul and Jamie,” said Anna Watkins, Chapter President.

entertainment as guests dined. The dinner and show also featured rumba lessons and greek dance lessons, to round out a day of fun and Greek Enthusiasm.

Paul Gourlay and Janie Camenzind


2010 September – October 17

Paying Our Due$ By Bobbi Jo Gamache director of Chapter Liaison

Some USA Dance members may wonder why they pay an Annual Membership Fee. In short, here are a few of the key benefits for all members: • • • •

Member discount on chapter dance admission fee anywhere. Free subscription to bimonthly American Dancer Magazine. With 170+ chapters in the USA there are 170+ dance options every month for travelers; just check your destination chapters’ websites for dance events. Love competing? An avid spectator? Attend our affordable USA Dance National DanceSport Championships or one of the National Qualifying Events.

So we pay the fee, but where does the money go? • • • • • • • • • •

Annual rebates to chapters based on membership retention & growth. Seed money for new chapters Liability insurance for chapter dances, competitions, and other USA Dance events Publication & distribution of the bi-monthly American Dancer Magazine Hosting of National Chapter Conference & National DanceSport Championships Funds for our national effort to help American schools to offer youth dance programs Membership to U.S. Olympic Committee and International DanceSport Federation (IDSF). Maintenance of the website Funds administrative and maintains national membership database & the Central Office Assist in sponsoring travel expenses for USA Dance’s top couples who represent America in the World Championships

Thank you to all members, one dance step at a time!

18 Dance Floor

National Ballroom Dance Week

“Dancing for America ” TM

Now is the time to think about or finalize how your Chapter will participate in this special, week-long celebration of ballroom and latin dancing. During this annual10-day period, we not only celebrate dance, but we promote dancing, its health benefits in general and USA Dance. It is a great opportunity to increase your chapters membership and dance participation in your community. Chapters who have never done anything special before should try at least one special idea, such as free passes to future dances or free admission for anyone who brings a first-time guest.


September 17-26, 2010 For more ideas and information visit

Click on the Social Dance tab and then National Ballroom Dance Week link

or call


Many chapters go all out to celebrate: holding a dance every night with a different theme or holding exhibitions in malls, community centers, and parks. You can arrange to have feature articles written in local papers about ballroom dancing opportunities or offer free lessons and demonstrations in nursing homes, schools, festivals and other public venues. Oftentimes, TV will do a segment. Other possible venues could be hotel lobbies, ferry boats, libraries, government facilities, recreation halls, churches, dance studios, college facilities, high school facilities, parking lots, fairs, corporate facilities, streets, community buildings, hospitals — any place where the public congregates. The time to start is NOW if you haven’t already. Form a committee, make calls, make plans, talk to others and share ideas. Bring imagination, dedication, hard work and love for dancing in your city and start Dancing for AmericaTM!

Jean Krupa Social Dance VP


2010 September – October 19


Departing Ft. Lauderdale November 28, 2010 Call 866-391-2680 Prices begin at only $599 per person based on double occupancy plus tax.

Travel Themes and Dreams is a licensed and bonded Florida Seller of Travel (#ST-37225)

20 Dance Floor

oin USA Dance members, family and friends on the first-ever USA DANCE National Dance Cruise for seven sun filled days and balmy nights of round-the-clock dancing and fun aboard the Costa Atlantica, visiting Key West, Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. This first national social dance cruise, sponsored by USA DANCE and Costa Cruise Lines, brings social dancers together from across the country and supports the organization’s national programs. The cruise includes a full program of ballroom, latin and club-style dance instruction from top professional instructors (to be announced) and nearly non-stop dance activities throughout the week. This is a great opportunity to share your passion for dancing and enjoy the western Caribbean aboard one of the finest dance ships on the seas. Imagine a week of endless dancing, grand meals, gala theme nights, exciting shows and an onboard casino with your fellow dancers. There’ll even be dance-focused shore excursions as you visit each charming port city! Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime dance cruise experience. Space is limited, so book now by calling 866-391-2680 or go online to

USA Dance, Inc., a 501c3 non profit organization, is the national governing body for DanceSport in the United States and representative organization for social dancers across America. Cruise organizer is USA Dance Social VP Jean Krupa.


o you’ve signed up for USA Dance’s first national ballroom dance cruise aboard the luxurious Costa Atlantica, and you’re looking forward to dancing your way through Key West, Ochos Rios, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. With its myriad of dance floors, the Costa Atlantica is ready to fill your every dancing need. Featuring one of the largest entertainment and activities staffs in the cruise line industry, Costa Atlantica provides plenty of other entertainment and enjoyments to indulge in. Here’s a brief look at what’s in store for those sailing with USA Dance: Dining The big ticket is the delectable food aboard ship. Since this IS cruising the world Italian style, what better place to get the Italian experience than in the ship’s restaurants? The Costa Atlantica features one large main restaurant, the Tiziano, featuring open seating for breakfast and lunch and assigned seating for dinner. The ship has additional dining choices including Napoli Pizzeria, Botticelli’s Buffet, Café Florian, and 24-Hour Room service. Spa & Fitness Want to burn off some of the fantastic food? The Costa Atlantica devotes three decks to fitness, spa and sun. Aboard ship there are four whirlpools and the Olympia gym—a high tech, self-guided circuit training system that evaluates the workout and gives suggestions for the next time you work out. Meanwhile, Steiner of London maintains the spa, beauty and fitness facilities.


Cake The

Icing on the

By: Ivor Lee

Activities and Entertainment

Need to work on that tan, or just looking forward to enjoying the sun? The Atlantica features four swimming pools, including one with a retractable roof, one built just for kids with a large waterslide that they will love. Watch out for those poolside games and contests! Beyond the pool, there are beauty contests, ping pong, and dancing all over the ship. There is something for everyone. The three-deck Caruso lounge is the ship’s main show lounge presenting a combination of individual acts, variety shows, and two major production revues in this room. During the evenings there are themed games and ship-wide events like Mediterranean night—an Italian street festival at sea complete with Bocce ball, mask making, Italian karaoke, Tarantella dance lessons and more. Excited? We are too.

2010 September – October 21

v A n n o u n c i n g

t h e


WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Chapters! Invest in your current and incoming president, vice president, officers and board members, and any member interested in helping the chapter grow by sending them to the USA Dance annual National Chapter Conference. The conference provides opportunities to network, share ideas and learn from other chapter Presidents and members in attendance.

DATE March 10-13, 2011

Note- To help network chapter leadership, chapters are encouraged to budget funds to reimburse the president for travel and lodging and to fund their attendance at this event.

LOCATION Crowne Plaza, New Orleans, Louisiana


SEMINAR TIPS: The seminars make the conference, and each offers important information to make your chapter stronger. Taking notes about your experiences will help you track whether you would like to attend another topic with the same presenter. Some questions to consider: Does their teaching style work for me? Was the presentation clear and organized? Were the handouts helpful? Do they understand the challenges I’m facing with my chapter?

A sweater or jacket (it can get chilly inside the classrooms); a nice outfit for the evening dances; dance shoes; notebook, paper and pens; and business cards.

Join us as we cover a tremendous amount of information: Groom your next President; Motivate, Recruit and Retain Volunteers; Dancing Classrooms; Build a chapter website; Budgets, Finances and Treasurer reports; Marketing and PR; guidance on having a more effective chapter and more.

Go to

Come learn and have fun! I am looking forward to seeing you.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Scholarships will be available to help with travel costs. For information on this option, contact Esther Freeman, Corporate Treasurer - email:

22 Dance Floor

-Jean Krupa, Vice President of Social Dance

Photo By Jon2 and

Photo By Roy Tennant

to register.

Ballroom Dancing:

A Vision of Heaven on Earth By Bob Cassey


scene from the 1991 movie The Fisher King made a deep impression on me even before my wife Peggy and I took up ballroom dancing as our favorite pastime. Parry is a homeless man suffering delusions as a result of post-traumatic stress. He is enamored of Lydia, who works for a Manhattan publishing firm as a low-level editor and who is extraordinary only for her klutziness. At the close of each business day, Parry trails the unaware Lydia through Grand Central Station as she plows her way through the crowd on the way to her commuter train. The scene captures Parry entering the station some 10 paces behind Lydia. As he plunges into the crowd, eyes fixed only on Lydia, the first tentative beats of a Viennese waltz are heard, the great hall becomes a ballroom, the music swells, and the crowd dissolves into a swirling mass of dancers. People of all walks and backgrounds —businesspeople, sailors, nuns, teenagers, Hasidic Jews—twirl with grace and joy in the line of dance while Lydia wends her way with Parry in tow. Then, as the clock strikes 5 o’clock, the waltz dissolves into, once again, the hurly-burly of the crowd. That dance scene gave me a fresh image and vision of heaven. Culture and religion offer us images of what the afterlife will be like. Long ago, my own religious tradition settled on the metaphor that the good and righteous would enjoy the “beatific vision,” a phrase that literally means the seeing that makes one happy. Now I hope as much as anyone for the blessedness of knowing God faceto-face, but as a child of the television age, I find beatific vision a less than satisfying thumbnail description of eternal life in heaven. It is static, passive, and, frankly, boring; it turns eternal www.USAdance.ORG

happiness into life as a couch potato without benefit of commercial interruptions. In sharp contrast, the dancing scene at Grand Central Station supplies a dynamic and active image. No dancer loses her/his individuality, yet the entire corps of dancers twirl and swirl as one to the pulse of the gorgeous music. Each one knows and revels in the dance, each one practices superb floorcraft, and the result is a magnificent, organic unity. The scene, barely two minutes long, took 9½ to stage and shoot. Such perfection is not easily achieved. I shudder to think of how much jostling and how many collisions ended up on the cutting-room floor. Imagine all the blisters and sore muscles and other physical and emotional aches the dancers had to endure. None of that mattered once the footage got distilled down to the finished two minutes. Eternally twirling and swirling in the cosmic dance, to the music of the spheres, where every step and pattern has been perfectly internalized, where continually each dancer changes partners with grace and ease, where the feet never get blistered or sore, where one never runs out of breath or energy, where the music never stops building, where no one ever gets bored. . . . Now that’s heaven. Bob and Peggy Cassey live in the western suburbs of Chicago. They are members of USA Dance Chicagoland Chapter # 2001. They take private lessons at DuPage Dance Center in Naperville, Illinois. Bob is a retired lawyer and a Catholic deacon.

2010 September – October 23


Public Eye

by: Angela Prince Public Relations Director

USA DANCE ONCE AGAIN ON THE NATIONAL BALLOT – BEST AMATEUR MULTISPORT/ MULTI-DISCIPLINE SPORTS EVENT IN THE WORLD For the second consecutive year, the USA Dance 2010 National DanceSport Championships, this time in Los Angeles, was nominated by sports fans and made the final ballot to be named the Best Amateur Multi-Sport/

The SportsTravel Awards will name the Best Amateur, Professional and Collegiate Sports Event winners (there are many additional categories) that will be recognized at the annual TEAMS ’10 Conference & Expo in Charlotte, NC, October 18-22, 2010. On the ballot with the USA Dance 2010 Nationals are some of the amateur sports industry’s most acclaimed events • 2009 Pop Warner Super Bowl & National Cheer/Dance Championships, Orlando, FL

Multi-Discipline Sports Event in the World. This

• 2009 State Games of America, Colorado Springs, CO

prestigious award program is sponsored annually by

• 2009 Summer National Senior Games, Palo Alto, CA

Sports Travel Magazine, had published a fabulous

• 2010 Olympic Winter Games, Vancouver, British

nine-page article about USA Dance and the growth of DanceSport in America (April 2010 issue).

24 On Beat

Columbia • 2010 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Spokane, WA

USA Dance Proudly Presents 30th Anniversary USA Dance National DanceSport Championships

The USA Dance Nationals could be the winner if the thousands of USA Dance members and dancers

Victor Fung & Anastasia Muravyeva

throughout America voted. Not only does the event win, but so does DanceSport as a recognized sport.


The deadline is Monday, Sept. 13 at 5 pm PDT. All you Eugene Katsevman & Maria Manusova

have to do is go to www.SPORTSTRAVELMAGAZINE. com and click on the red and blue button “2010 SPORTSTRAVEL AWARDS - VOTE NOW.” After you vote, you’ll be emailed a reconfirmation request. Thank you for your support!

DANCING for AMERICA JW Marriott at LA Live Saturday Evening-April 10, 2010 TM

Photos by Karol Brull and Courtesy of olga rogachevskaya

Nationals were a historic appearance, not only as a celebration of our Nationals’ 30th Anniversary, but of their exemplary careers as world-class athletes, as devotees to our organization, to their love of

SHOWCASE OF CHAMPIONS VIDEOS on the USADANCEINC YOUTUBE CHANNEL If you haven’t watched the USA DANCE INC YouTube channel lately, tune in. The 2010 “Showcase of Champions” videos, produced by Paradigm DVD of Los Angeles, are now on the main channel. Watch the most mesmerizing, heartfelt, powerful performances of USA Dance’s longest-reigning Champions – Eugene Katsevman & Maria Manusova, our 11-time National Adult Latin Champions, and our 10-time National Standard Champion, Victor Fung, dancing with his new professional partner, Anastasia Muravyeva. Their performances in Los Angeles at the USA Dance 2010


performance and the audiences in standing ovation that have supported them for so many years—from the time they first appeared on the dance floors as kids and now as accomplished adults in the world of DanceSport.

EVEN BARBIE HAS GONE BALLROOM! USA Dance had a most unique opportunity for one of our junior DanceSport competitors to be featured in Barbie magazine. You’re thinking, “As in Barbie doll?” Yes! Barbie has her own magazine, now 51 years in print, and Barbie has also gone ballroom! In a two-page story called “I Can Be,” Samantha Abaya Campos, age 13, of New Jersey, who dances with her brother Craig, age 15, talked about how she got started dancing, what it was like winning the Junior Championships on ABC’s

2010 September – October 25

“Dancing with the Stars,” how she balances schoolwork and dance practice, and what advice she’d give to other girls who’d like to try ballroom dancing. (Little did the magazine know, but Samantha was already a Barbie fan: her pink bedroom is a Barbie paradise.) In this issue of Barbie magazine, the editors had picked two girls to

work closely with our dancers to help them make the right choices, especially our younger dancers. We’ve actually turned down shows for our dancers – especially “over the top” reality shows that create conflict or put dancers and ballroom dancing in a bad light. If our dancers are contacted directly by the media, we hope that they’ll call us immediately; first, so we know what is happening (after all, all USA Dance members represent our organization as ambassadors); and second, so we can give our best professional guidance and to assist them with proper focus. What’s most important to remember is that “all that

feature—Samantha and Selena Gomez. Maybe Selena will

glitters is only sometimes gold,” and there are as many

want to dance, too!

disappointments as celebrations in the entertainment

Photo Courtesy of Irene de Campos

industry. Read the celebrity tabloids and online blogs to

DANCERS IN THE MEDIA LIMELIGHT! ALL THAT GLITTERS IS SOMETIMES GOLD. USA Dance works with writers, editors and producers around the country every week. There’s a never-ending interest these days in ballroom, our dancers, DanceSport and all the television programs that focus on dancing. We’re called upon regularly by producers and casting directors to provide talent and/or talent auditions for most of the big-name shows—”Dancing with the Stars,” “America’s Got Talent,” “MTV Made,” and the new CBS “Got To Dance.” We also get casting calls for dancers for major network television morning shows, daytime talk shows, broadway shows and quite a few pilot shows that didn’t last too long. Putting our dancers in the media limelight (provided it’s a positive experience) is a great opportunity for some, but not necessarily a good choice for others. We

26 On Beat

see what we mean. Once you’re in the limelight, it can be an exciting, but sometimes unpredictable world. And that’s showbiz!

GREAT STORIES TOLD LOCALLY If only every writer could be as excited as Audrey Slater who wrote a story for Florida Community News “The Legacy of Dance—A Chapter from the Pages of USA Dance.” The chapter is Blue Springs Chapter #6086 in DeLand. Thank you, Audrey, for a great story. See current issue online at Stay in the loop, join USA Dance on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn: “USA Dance Inc”

USA DANCE COUPLE MAKES SEMI-FINALS ON NBC’s “AMERICA’S GOT TALENT” CONGRATULATIONS, JUNIORS PATRYK & ANNA In April, Patryk Ploszaj & Anna Kaczmarski of New York became our Junior I Standard National Champions in Los Angeles and Junior II Ten-Dance Runner-Up Champions. Now all of America is watching them dance on the current season of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” and they quickly moved into the semi-final rounds. This is the second time a USA Dance couple has taken top rankings on AGT—first time was for Erik Linder and Ricky Taylor of Washington State, who made the Top 10

We want to hear from your chapter! Has your chapter been in the news lately? Have you been featured in the paper, on TV, or online? Send us the latest happenings of your chapter to be considered for an upcoming issue. When submitting, please keep in mind the following:

last season. Since contestants on “America’s Got Talent” can’t campaign for themselves (NBC rule), they need our help. So, vote and keep on voting every show, every week!

Articles should be a maximum of 175 words High quality, digital photos relating to the event at 600 dpi or higher Accurate photo caption, or names of persons (left to right). Name of photographer for photo credit

Photo courtesy of Ken Richards


Send submissions and questions to

2010 September – October 27

Written by Carol Davis,

Edited by Ivor Lee


t the end of the first day of Ballroom Bootcamp, one young daughter asked her father, who stood among parents and grandparents watching their children dance, to join her in the class. The next day, that father learned alongside the dancers, one of many other “audience” members joining in the fun. “Do you want to dance like a prince or princess?” Carol Davis, Ballroom Bootcamp coordinator, asked the young people of Fort Myers. The response came in the form of children, ages 7-16 years old, from all dance backgrounds

Rylie Spicker, Little Miss Florida dancing with twin brother, Blake, at our dance presentation on our 4th Sunday dance for the members and guests of USA Dance.

28 On Beat

including some students from the Ft. Myers dance school program. Publicity for this event featured members on TV’s “Morning Blend Show,” hosted by Fox 4. Several local newspapers and even a radio station added their support of Ft. Meyer’s chapter events.   Because the children were still in school for the broadcast of the Morning Blend, a few members did a pretend class like the bootcamp would teach.  Wild Bill, the show’s co-host, made the “debut” fun and exciting. Don Davenport, chapter president, commented: “The Southwest Florida Chapter of USA Dance was very fortunate to find opportunities to reach out to the local communities by partnering with existing facilities in the area. The City of Fort Myers Riverside Community Center offered the perfect venue for introducing ballroom dancing to the public. A small energetic group of volunteers, primarily our new board of directors, organized and made these events happen. The Youth Boot-camp program, while only two days, touched over 20 young students, their families and friends, providing emphasis to our reach into the community” Fox 4 News sent out a crew on dance day, interviewing several young students, which left them delightedly thinking they were now “TV stars.” The Riverside Community Center was filled with giggling young ladies and two young gentlemen, ages 12 and 14. Anticipation was visible on their faces as they waited for our class to begin.  Mr. Anthony Tinio (the chapter’s newest member) and a teacher from Elegant Rumba

Company very quickly had their attention, and they expertly taught the children. Greg Kurth assisted our group with music and was also leader. Other leaders included one new teenage dancer (the granddaughter of a member), plus our committee and members of our chapter. At the end of the day, the young dancers were only too excited to come back for our second day.  Many of them wanted to stay for the whole day and dance. “How could Don Davenport president giving Carol Davis you ask for a better reaction 'appreciation award' for FIRST youth ballroom bootcamp in Ft. Myers, Fl. than this” said Davis. Because of glowing reports from many of the kids, siblings and parents joined them the next day. “To present a ballroom program that defines posture, self -confidence to these children is very rewarding,” said Kurth about the success of the camp. At the conclusion of the camp, the chapter presented each student with a certificate for the Bootcamp lessons. The children enjoyed the camp, and a lot of credit has to be given to the chapter. “We are so very proud of our chapter members and committee,” said Davis. Each member that participated in the program has the knowledge that they were part of a child’s development. “These children may not remember the steps they were taught, but they will remember the day,” said Davis.

The Youth Bootcamp program, while only two days in duration, touched over 20 young students, their families, and thier friends, providing emphasis to our reach into the community.”

Photos courtesy of Carol Davis


2010 September – October 29


2010 IDSF




November 13, 2010 New York City, USA

The Hottest Ticket in Town 30 DanceSport

COMPETITION CALENDAR Events listed with the * do not accrue proficiency points

September 19, 2010

January 14-16, 2011

New England Fall Challenge

Manahattan Amateur Classic - NQE

Hartford, CT

New York, NY

September 25, 2010

February 19, 2011

Quest For The Best*

2011 Phoenix DanceSport Challenge - NQE

Seattle, WA

Phoenix, AZ

October 2-3, 2010

February 26-27, 2011

Heartland Classic

Mid-Atlantic DanceSport Championships - NQE

Indianapolis, IN

Washington, DC

October 22 - 24, 2010

April 8-10, 2011

Carolina Fall Classic - NQE

2011 National DanceSport Championship

Greensboro, NC

Baltimore, MD

October 23 - 24, 2010 Northwest DanceSport Championships - NQE

July 8-9, 2011

Seattle, WA

Desert Classic - IDSF Open Latin & Open Standard Palm Desert, CA

Competitions noted as “NQE” are National Qualifying Events for the 2011 National DanceSport Championships.

look for future event updates at competition-calendar/


look for future collegiate event updates on FaceBook

sign onto FaceBook, click on “Groups,” and type in “USA Dance Competitions”

2010 September – October 31

Over 400 DVD’s for All Levels & Styles by some of the finest Instructors in the World.

Victor Fung & Anna Mikhed

Max Kozhevnikov & Yulia Zagoruychenko

Donald Johnson & Kasia Kozak

Toby & Harmony Munroe

Billy Fajardo & Katie Marlow

Bob Powers & Julia Gorchakova

Corky Ballas & Kristina Pchenitchnykh

Jose DeCamps & Jami Josephson

Victor Veyrasset & Heather Smith

Felipe Telona, Jr. & Carolina Orlovsky-Telona

Ron & Karla Montez

Slavik Kryklyvyy & Karina Smirnoff

Michael Mead & Toni Redpath

David Hamilton & Olga Forapanova

Jim & Jenell Maranto

Christy CotĂŠ & George Garcia

Dance Vision Videos/DVDs Are Professionally Produced In An Organized, One-On-One Format, Just Like A Private Lesson!



Improve your dancing with some of the finest dance instructors in the world!

Dance Vision Mastery Camps Dance Camp Las Vegas

Dance Camp Las Vegas

Nov 4, 2010 - Nov 7, 2010

Jun 12, 2011 - Jun 17, 2011

at the

at the

Green Valley Ranch Resort

Paris Hotel & Casino

Dance Camp Los Angeles at the Emerald Ball Apr 27, 2011 - May 2, 2011

at the

Los Angeles Airport Hilton Hotel

V i s i t w w w. M a s t e r y C a m p s . c o m

32 DanceSport

Worlds outh Y


By: Ivor Lee

Latin & Ten Dance

Earlier this year, Toronto, the largest city in Canada, played host to some of the finest youth dancers from all across the world. USA Dance couple Taras Savitskyy and Liya Podokshik danced to a quarter-final finish, 14th out of a field of 29 couples in this year’s IDSF World Youth Championships Ten-Dance. A great finish in an increasingly competitive event. A week later, USA Dance couples Jason Dai and Patrycja Golak, as well as Allen Rudman and Michelle Tuzman, competed in the ancient Austrian city of Linz. This city of art hosted the IDSF World Youth Championships Latin. Dai and Golak danced to a 20th place finish while Rudman and Tuzman danced to a 38th place finish out of a field of 69 dancers—a commendable performance from both couples!

Taras Savitskyy and Liya Podokshik at Nationals 2010

Jason Dai and Patrycja Golak at Nationals 2010

Photos courtesy of Carson Zullinger


2010 September – October 33

IDSF WORLD LATIN COUPLES Valentin Chmerkovskiy & Dariya Chesnokova


hough Valentin Chmerkovskiy and Dariya Chesnokova have only danced together since 2008, the impact they have made on the ballroom world is significant. At the 2010 Nationals in Los Angeles, they claimed first place and the right to represent the USA at the world championship in November. Recently they combined to sweep through the UK, finishing fifth in the Blackpool final. But for dancers like Chmerkovskiy and Chesnokova, this is only the beginning, the pay off of six days a week of practicing and dancing.

All of it to develop the freedom of movement that is International Latin—the fluid, wordless conversation between man and woman. As a dancer, this is the highest ideal of dancing, and it’s what he and his partner stress as they dance and teach others: the interaction of couples and interpretation of music into a new form of art. There is, however, a dream beyond just the dance. It is the dream of winning four world titles, and it is the dream of bringing the first-ever World Latin title to the USA. 34 DanceSport

S 2010

Ruslan Aydaev & Valeriya Kozharinova


uslan Aydaev and Valeriya Kozharinova began dancing together in 2009 and claimed the rank of second in the USA, and the right to represent the US with a second place finish at the 2010 Nationals. In 2009 they placed first in the IDSF Adult Open Latin Cup, and returned in 2010 to a second place

finish. Admirable results and a fine demonstration of the quality and competitive prowess of this world class couple. They also carry the hopes of the USA as they compete for the title of best in the world. We wish both couples the best as they prepare for this event.

November 13, 2010 : New York City, USA Don’t miss out on the biggest event of the year


2010 September – October 35


A for the Wounded By Colleen Parker,

President Azalea Coast NC USA Dance #6031 Howell Oakley, VP #6031 & WWAB Chairman


n 2009, the Wounded Warrior Appreciation Ball initiative provided a great weekend to share with other dancers our common passion for dancing and an opportunity to recognize our nation’s heroes and the sacrifices they and their families have endured. We continue to enjoy liberty and the right to openly express our freedom in many ways, including through dance, due in large part to their heroism on our behalf. It is only proper that we, as a community of grateful dancers, support them. Azalea Coast NC USA Dance, Wilmington, NC is pleased to announce the 2nd Wounded

Warriors Appreciation Ball and Dance Weekend Workshops to be held here in our own “Port City” on May 20-21, 2011. With beautiful coastal weather and a terrific location, we invite you to come and join us for another great event that serves a wonderful cause. The site will be the 9300 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art dance floor of the Burney Center on the campus of UNCW.  The Saturday evening ball will include a formal champagne reception with dinner, show performances by Tomas Mielnicki and JT Thomas and Robertas Maleckis & Inga Sirkaite, and dancing to the rockin’ sounds of the exciting 16-piece Andrew Thielen Big Band.  We’re making the Dance Weekend Workshops even more exciting than our inaugural 2009

Robertas Maleckis and Inga Sirkaite

Images provided by Colleen PArker

36 DanceSport

Andrew Theilen’s music provided the rockin’ beats for the evening

Wounded Warriors Appreciation Ball ™ workshops, with a greater variety of choices. We have ten top professional instructors coming in to teach everything from Argentine Tango, Salsa, Country-Western, American Rhythm and Smooth, & International Latin and Standard. After classes on Friday night, our www.USAdance.ORG

chapter will host an open social dance with demonstration dances by our Friday night instructors. Saturday morning classes begin early and include sessions taught by our team of Saturday night show performers. To reserve your spot early or to make donations to the cause, call our reservation line at (910)799-8566, email your contact information to AzaleaCoastDance@ or go online to our website at Bless all who had a hand in the success of our first endeavor. We look forward to making this one an even greater success for ballroom dancing in our nation, USA Dance, Inc. and the cause of the wounded warriors. JT Thomas and Tomas Mielnicki

2010 September – October 37

It’s The Little Things:

“Gumbo of Ballroom” DanceSport Championship – Baton Rouge, LA By: Jill Dickey—Decatur, IL and Stan Andrews—Secretary USA Dance number, safety pins, etc), but also n June 24 – 25, the included the complete competition “Gumbo of Ballroom” program, pre-ordered spectator NQE Competition once again demonstrated the art of how to tickets as well as a list of local restaurants and attractions to make a good event great: it is all in consider during their stay in Baton the details. Rouge. The registration packet Consistently, this successful further included a floor plan of competition delivers a weekend the ballroom and map of the of superb dancing with a heavy vendor booth layouts as well as an dose of southern hospitality which evaluation form to assist Ann and makes it a thoroughly enjoyable and her team in constantly adapting their eagerly anticipated experience for event to meet the needs of their competitors, judges and spectators competitors using solicited feedback. alike. This event was included as The dressing rooms went well part of the Louisiana Governor’s beyond the minimum “hanging Games, which is an important rack for garments.” Two full length acknowledgement of ballroom mirrors were available in both dancing as an athletic sport. dressing rooms, and the ladies Competition organizer Ann dressing room also had make-up Durocher-Steven and her amazing mirrors, plus accommodations were and attentive team of volunteers made for first aid supplies (such as provide competitors with an aspirin, ointments and band-aids). impressive array of amenities at Costume repair supplies were the Gumbo NQE in Baton Rouge, also kept on-hand by a volunteer LA. From the moment competitors stationed in the ladies changing arrive, the attention to details is room to assist as needed. evident and continues through the In the ballroom itself, hand towels competition weekend. Registration were neatly arranged by the the packets contain the standard items water stations for competitors to (like the list of heats, gentleman’s


38 DanceSport

Anton Sidorov and Ekaterina Cooper

mop the inevitably sweaty brow after exiting the dance floor at the end of their heats and a rear projected large screen in the on-deck area helped the competitors keep track of heats and call backs during the competition. All the volunteers were well trained, gracious and eager to make the experience a superb one for the dancers they cheered on so enthusiastically. Door volunteers, deck captains, and all volunteers in the ballroom wore insignia to denote their functions and worked together to kept the event running like a Swiss watch. For judges and officials, the event was just as hospitable in many

Stan Andrews and Joe Corpora holding display with an image of Marla Corpora

“small ways” that add up quickly to demonstrate the appreciation the organizers have for them as well. Coffee and snacks were available at all times during the competition, and two volunteers were dedicated to the judges, whether to shuttle them to a local restaurant or run an errand or help with directions or whatever was required. Though the judges are not able to join the crowd in cheers and emotional encouragement, they were welcomed and treated as honored guests of the weekend. The Chairman of Judges for this event, Dan Calloway from Maryland, had kind words and praise for the quality of this competition. For spectators, the event was also a superb competition. The event was kept on schedule, often running ahead, and the efficiency did not lag as the day and weekend progressed. The awards were distributed by a


specific team of volunteers who promptly took the floor with a wellorganized and stocked rolling awards cart, so there was no confusion or scrambling when it was time to announce the event winners and present the honors. Championship level event winners received elegant shadowboxed awards that went well beyond ribbons and medals, suitable for immediate display on the competitors’ trophy wall back home. In addition, $6,700 was awarded in scholarships. Awards did not stop there, however, as couples who had attended the Gumbo NQE competition three or more years had a chance to win two “Loyalty Awards.” Awarded this year were a beautiful original oil painting of dancers, painted and donated by artist and competitive dancer Jack Jaubert, and a gift certificate for free registration to the 2011 event. The competition this year

was dedicated to the memory of Marla Corpora, the “voice of Gumbo” who served as Mistress of Ceremonies for nine years at the Louisiana competition. She was an enthusiastic supporter of the chapter, a beautiful dancer and a beloved friend to all. In honor of Marla’s life and love for dancing, Ann and her team prepared a beautiful display to present to Marla’s husband, Joe, which contained a picture of Marla along with a microphone and dedication. She is greatly missed by all who knew her, especially at the Gumbo weekend that she supported and loved so much. Ann and all volunteers in the USA Dance Gumbo chapter #5031, as well as the local dance organizations Saturday Night Ballroom and Louisiana DanceSport, were polite and worked together to make the flow of the weekend smooth and fun for attendees, whether they were on the floor, behind the clipboards or cheering from the sidelines. It made the weekend a unique and fascinating hybrid of a well-oiled machine yet full of hospitable amenities. All of the hard work and devotion to the little details make this great DanceSport Championship feel like a familiar reunion that still manages to impress with increasing standards each year. You go with full expectation of being impressed by “all the little things” and yet find that the weekend has once again exceeded expectations. You are invited to experience “all the little things” at the next Gumbo NQE competition, June 17th and 18th, 2011. 2010 Gumbo of Ballroom competition results are available at

Images courtesy of Bogdan Oporowski

2010 September – October 39

Mixing Heat :

Special Olympics Ballroom Championships By Vivian Hans


Top: Andrew and Tiffany Bottom: Tom And Elizabeth

40 DanceSport

heers filled the convention center as the USA Dance amateur athletes marched in as a part of the Opening Ceremony of the Special Olympics Indiana Ballroom Championships. The 33 amateur athlete couples’ march in the Opening Ceremony was the Special Olympics athletes’ way of honoring the USA Dance athletes who help make their competition possible each year. But the cheering did not stop there; it only got louder as 64 couples of Special Olympics Indiana athletes took to the dance floor for the third year and the games were declared “open” by Mr. Michael Furnish, President of Special Olympics Indiana, Ms Jean Krupa, Social Vice President for USA Dance and Vivian Hans, President of USA Dance FWDancesport #2046.

Special Olympics athletes seated together showing their colors with the balloons.

For the first time in this chapter competition, the USA Dance athletes and the Special Olympics athletes would be alternating dance heats on the competition dance floor. “I came up with this concept in order to give the Special Olympics athletes more time to rest, but the benefits far out weighed the reason for this approach. I heard the gentlemen dancers talking with each other about the steps they were both doing when they danced, and the ladies were talking about arm movements, getting pointers on how to hold their hands and where everyone got their beautiful costumes. The On Deck area was full of smiles and friendships being formed as all the dancers waited in line for their chance to take to the dance floor. Truly an

outstanding example that Ballroom Dancing is for Everyone,” said Hans. But the mixing of heats was not the only firsts at this dance competition. Each county group was represented by a color as they carried balloons in the color of their county (it is a tradition at Special Olympics events to recognize each county by a set color usually in the form of everyone wearing a T shirt of that color.) Mike Furnish gave thumbs up to the balloons as he said, “The balloons can stay—great idea.” But the smile on Mike’s face lit up the room when he saw for the first time three couples who took the dance floor to show their style and steps in the Waltz, Foxtrot and Rumba that they had been working to perfect with each other. Yes, for

the first time six Special Olympics athletes danced as traditional dance couples in competition. Tom Marshall danced with fellow athlete Elizabeth Koehl and Andrew Anderson danced with Tiffani Amberg while Jordan Steffen danced with Sabrina Hart to the cheers of 468 onlookers. Mike Furnish said, “As our athletes take the floor they experience acceptance at a new and important level. They will, I suspect, also move the people who see them dance.” And that they did for the third year in a row. Mark your calendar for July 30 and 31, 2011, and plan to join in this outstanding movement by attending this event in 2011.

Photos by: Joe Bays


2010 September – October 41

Are you a passionate dancer that wants extraordinary results?


side from the rush of adrenaline you feel when stepping onto the dance floor, preparing for the performance or moments of your life: does it take your breath away? Not to be confused with being short of breath … from pain and deconditioning. Having worked with dancers, including the Radio City Rockettes and other Broadway show dancers, there are three issues common to social and professional dancers that could limit you from having an extraordinary experience. Many beginning dancers aren’t completely aware of the conditioning needed to sustain their love of dancing. Oftentimes, two years is all they last. The following are some common ailments: 1. Sore and painful joints (knees / hips) 2. Foot and heel pain 3. Limited energy Here are some answers that dancers have found to be performance enhancers. 1 Performance enhancer answer: Sore, painful joints are usually a product of repetitive microtraumas —a condition that occurs when the cartilage lining of the joints wears down due to long-term, low-grade irritation, kind of like that of a dripping water faucet. Support for cartilage rebuilding

42 DanceSport

Dr. Spencer Baron

is needed when the healing doesn’t work fast enough. Daily doses of 1500 mg of glucosamine sulfate is a must in your nutritional arsenal. 2 Performance enhancer answer: Whether in high heels or sneakers, foot and heel pain can occur regardless of the best footwear. The problem occurs when overuse to the plantar fascia (foot muscles) causes strain from a long night of dancing. When you sleep, the feet are positioned so the toes are semi-pointed and the muscles start to heal in this position. By the time you wake and step down, you stretch the healing tissues, thus causing significant pain. Support for the foot during its healing phase is found with Plantar Fascia - Night Splints. If you get this condition early enough, the problem may immediately resolve. Chronic conditions can take longer. 3 Performance enhancer answer: When do you fuel up? Is it just before practice, group class, the weekend social dance or a private lesson? If it is not practical for you to sit and eat after work or a couple hours before activity, you may be finding yourself packing the calories at night (soon before bed). You are doing tons of harm to your system—too much to list in this forum. Support your nutritional

requirements by buying a bunch of protein bars, energy bars and meal replacement bars. Yes, they make them separate and for specific reasons. Meal replacement bars are a balance between protein, carbohydrates and fats and can be eaten prior to practice and/or be broken up into pieces and consumed during practice. Energy bars are laden with carbs; they are meant to be used just before or during practice. They are not as well-rounded a meal as a “meal replacement bar,” but can be an excellent source of fuel. Protein bars should best be used following any and all activity. They will repair injured muscle, serve as brain food and not make you sluggish following consumption. Above all, for most dancers, it’s not about being perfect, but having a great experience. Share this information with others, especially those who are just starting out. Keep your experiences energetic and on the ballroom bandwagon. Dr. Spencer Baron was named the 2010 Sports Chiropractor of the Year by the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians. He is also the Chiropractor for, the Miami Dolphins and the Florida Marlins, and is the author of a new book titled, “Secrets of the Game”


National Collegiate

DanceSport Challenge Columbus Convention Center Columbus, Ohio

November 21-22, 2010

Establishing Excellence www.USAdance.ORG

43 InStep

2010 September –October for more information go to


The best

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est Kind of Education By Ivor Lee


hose that have taken ballroom lessons and gone to competitions know the natural process of learning to dance very well. There’s each level of the syllabus with its movements, steps and dances to master. There’s the thrill of competing at each one of those levels as well, because you don’t really know something until you have to show it off. And then for some there is the addiction, the drive to go higher and learn more because something deep inside is awakened to the deep secret that is ballroom. Nowhere is this process as visible as it is at the Collegiate level and especially at the National Collegiate Challenge. In November of this year, collegiate dancers from all levels and schools from across the nation will descend on Columbus, Ohio at the Columbus Convention Center to compete for the title of the nation’s best. For many people who don’t begin ballroom at an early age, their first exposure to this world of dance is in college. Often it happens fairly innocently enough: a friend decides they want to try it, and invites the roommate along, or passing through the quad someone notices a performance, the collegiate group trying to recruit, and they think, “I want to try that.” In recent years, ballroom among college age students has increased with attendance at the competition increasing, but beyond this, its popularity is also captured by the recent showcase of Collegiate teams on this past season of Dancing with the Stars. On the show, schools from all over the country gathered and competed against each other in formation teams for the Mirrorball Trophy. In 2009 the NCC featured formation dance for the first time, and while there were only a few schools that put together teams for the competition, this past season of DWTS has shown that more schools have been preparing formation teams. Last year, Southern Utah University claimed the title in both Latin and Standard, but that title may not remain theirs as teams from Purdue, University of California San Diego, and Utah Valley University have made strong statements with stellar performances on national television. In addition to the formation competition, the classic team match awaits the schools. With more than 40 universities and 800 participants lined up to compete, this is the largest collegiate competition in the United States, which combined with the energy typical of collegiate sports, will be an exciting and raucous competition. www.USAdance.ORG

2010 September –October 45

AD Marketplace SHOES AND ACCESSORIES The Dance Dresser Inc.

Sylvia Cummings 195 S. Westmonte Drive, Suite 1106 Altamonte Springs, FL. 32714 Phone: 407-774-1106 Phone: 880-774-1106 Fax: 407-778-1374 Email:

Ballroom Gifts

Louise Giuliano 48 Huron St., Albany, NY 12203 Phone: 518-482-6603

Coco’s Ballroom Boutique 5510 Lake Howell Rd. Winter Park, FL 32792 Email:

Desert Dance Club

690 E. Warner Rd., Ste 155, Gilbert AZ 85296 Private and group instruction in social, exhibition & competitive dancing. Employ “Dance Masters” from all over the country to bring current cutting edge dance info for staff and students. Host monthly social dances. Studio available for private functions and parties.

Elegance in Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio

Jessica Todero and Bob Gates, 8225 E. Washington St., Box 8, Chagrin Falls OH 44023, 440-543-1559, www.chagrinballroom. com Provide students with skills to dance socially and for showcases and competitions. Private and group lessons in wide variety of partner dances. Check out our Northcoast Ballroom Teachers Academy too.

Satin Stitches Ltd. Deborah Nelson 11894 Round Lake Blvd. NW Minneapolis, MN 55433 Phone: 763-323-9507 Email: customerservice@satinstitches. com

ExquisiDance Ballroom Studio

Toe to Toe Dance Wear Inc. Carol Fournier 1159 W. Hill Rd. #C Flint, MI 48507 Phone: 877-348-4362 Email:

MBP Healthy Living Inc., Home of Ronnie Vinston’s Ballroom Dance


Katy & Russ Fischer P O Box 16, Glasser NJ 07837 Phone: 201-663-4646 Email:

Ballroom Dance Teacher’s Academy

Where dreams of ballroom dance careers come true. Blake Carlson - Director, 5210 N. Market St., P O Box 7523, Spokane WA 99207, phone 509-710-0215, FAX 508-483-9215, email: website: http://

BlueBallRoom, Wilmington, DE and the Delaware Valley. Contact: Ken Richards, (VP of DanceSport - USA Dance) or 302984-BLUE (2583) Fun is our main objective and dancing is how we get there. Learn Salsa, Swing, Ballroom, Latin, Hustle, Country, Nightclub Slow Dancing, Argentine Tango and more! Group classes, personal training, and coaching from top dance stars available. Visit the website for pricing and the calendar of events so you don’t miss the next great dance party. Proud sponsors of the USA Dance National DanceSport Championships.

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3646 E. Ray Road, Phoenix, AZ 85044, Contact Michael Jewell Phone 480-706-0171 Email: Website: www. Ballroom dance instruction - Private and Group Classes, Competitions, Dance Parties, Ballroom Dance Shoes.

Moves 200 Henry St. Suite 106 Belleville Mi 48111 email: or Phone: 1-800-743-0929 or 734-347-8537 Group and private lessons Children ages 13 and up welcome.

J & B Dance Center

Jean Keehan, 734 Broadway, Kingston NY 12401 - Phone: 914-331-3092 Email:

North Carolina Ballroom Teachers College, Raleigh, NC

Contact: Jillian Hood ph: 276-614-4595 email: website: The North Carolina Ballroom Teachers College offers a series of four sessions, each lasting 4 months that teaches the lead, follow and teaching method for the American Bronze DVIDA syllabus: 4 Smooth, 8 Rhythm and 5 Nightclub Dances. The course prepares candidates for the DVIDA professional certification exams.

Paso a Paso Ballroom Dance

Provides instruction in all american style dances with group or private lessons available. Regular dance parties are offered for students/ public to practice and socialize. Contact Barbara Putz, 317-696-1656, email: bkayputz@ website:

Queen City Ballroom Dance Studio

Provides instruction in all American styles Karen Tebeau, 21 Dow St., 2nd fl., Manchester NH 03101 - Email:

Peoria School of Ballroom Dance

Carmen Antonio Giuseppe Peoria 120 Peoria Lane, Youngwood, PA 15697 Phone: 724-925-3884 e-mail: Specializing in both Am. & Int’l Beg. & competitive levels

TRAVEL Compass Speakers & Entertainment Inc.

The Gentleman Host® Program - Tracy Robison, 2455 E. Sunrise Blvd. #804, Ft Lauderdale FL 33304 - Leading supplier of Gentlemen Dance Hosts ® to the luxury cruise industry Phone 954-568-3801, Email: website: www.

OTHER Competition Management Services Inc.

Mark Garber, Atlanta GA On-line registration, scheduling & payment for dance competitions - Phone: 770-645-8707 FAX: 770-645-6350 Email: Website:

Show Off Straps Customized bra straps worth showing off. Contact Susan Ratcliff. Phone: 1-888-578-7277. Email: customerservice@showoffstraps. com. SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS NATIONALS United States Rock ‘N’ Roll Dance Federation

USA Dance National Sports Organization Member - 92 Corporate park, Ste. C-572 Irvine, CA 92606-5106 - Phone: 714-832-1085 Website:

Dance Mart Smooth/Standard Gown Size 4-6 - Purple gown with feather brim and wrist band. Rarely worn. Picture available. $150. Email SMOOTH GOWNS Standard gown size 2-4. Royal blue with ruched bra like top and ruched at the waist. Bodice is stoned on lace appliques. Spaghetti straps are covered with same fabric. Skirt has 3 rows of satin flounces. Brand new condition. $200.00 + shipping. Photos. dancinmacs@ or 561-740-9589 Latin/rhythm size 0-2-4 Orange lycra halter style bodice with 2 layers of orange chiffon hooped skirt. Bodice is stoned down to the skirt. $175.00 + shipping. Photo. or 561-740-9589 SHOES Supadance standard female model number: 12-8 Satin size: british 5 1/2 width: regular heel: 2 1/2 Shoes are pretty new. Worn for about 2 months. Asking for $70.00 847-989-5639. SHOES 4 Pair of “Court” shoes (closed toe pumps), Worn Once. $75. ea. pair. incl.shipping.Orig. Cost $150+ ea. pr. Nude Satin Supadance,Size 5.5 (UK), 2.5” heel. Nude Satin Supadance, Size 5.5(UK), 2.0” heel Blk. Satin Supadance, Size 5.5(UK), 2.0” heel Werner Kern Blk. Suede w/imbedded rhinestones,Size 4.5 (Italy), 2.0” heel Call (973)783-3191, Rosemary Latin/Rhythm Gown Size 4-6 - Bright yellow gown with long sleeves and heavily-stoned neck band; kneelength; heavy-stoned along the left side of the gown and right shoulder. Rarely worn. Picture available. $180. Email Standard Shoes English size 5 flesh-color standard pump. Wrong-size for me. Only worn a couple times.

Picture available. Email o_meng@hotmail. com. Dance Partner Wanted Hi, Purita C. Schwarz, of Chicago Chapter ID#112247, looking for a male, single, ballroom dance partner (5 ft. 7 in to 6 ft. 4 in) to dance, practice American Smooth & American Rhythm at socials or chapter functions. I have dance experiences in competition bronze levels; willing to dance with a beginner, pro, social dancer. Pls. email: godloves_pcs@ or call: 815-603-4807. Thanks. Dance Partner Wanted I am currently looking for a dance partner for competitive practice and competitions! Looking for someone who has been dancing at least five years and likes competitive-style dancing. Lori Talbott 206304-2112 Seattle, Wa. Dress New (worn once), one of a kind, hot pink Lori Chamblis ballgown with long sleeves. Bodice is expensive stretch lace and loaded with Swarovski stones. Size 10-12. $1600. This is a beautiful competition or showcase gown. Pictures available. Call 423-899-6703 or email _qfoxtrot@aol.com_ ( .

Dance Mart DanceMart continues to serve members of USA Dance as a free space to advertise and sell personal costumes, shoes, etc., or search for a partner. To be included in DanceMart, please limit your classified ads to 50 words or less. You must include your membership number and name to ensure compliance with the free space for members only. Classified ads will run in American Dancer for two issues. If you wish to run it longer, you must resend the ad. To place or renew an ad, please send it to:

For advertising information email

For advertising information email For advertising information

Dancer Dancer Dancer

A m e r i c a n A m e r i c a n

A m e r i c a n

Stars on the Floor USA Dance Ballroom Kids


What’s going on for Social Dancers

May-June 2010

MAC Turns 20

National Chapter Conference

MAC Turns 20

Ballroom: The Next Generation

Best of Education

Ballroom: The Next Generation

How to Cultivate a Love for Ballroom in Our Youth

Stars on the Floor

Official Publication of USA Dance


MAC Turns 20


How to Cultivate a Love for Ballroom in Our Youth Official Publication

Official Publication of USA Dance

USA Dance 2010 National DanceSport Championships Nationals Showcase in LA Ballroom: USA TheDance Social2010 Side Ballroom: The Next Generation Issue 24

What’s going on for Social Dancers

March - April 2010 How Issue 23 to Cultivate a Love for Ballroom in Our Youth

May-June 2010

January-February 2010

USA Dance 2010 Nation

Issue 22

March - Apri

Official Publication of USA Dance

2010 September –October 47

USA Dance 2010 Nationals Results

The 20th Anniversary of the Manhattan Amateur C

2009 National Collegiate Challenge

Official Kids Publication of USA Dance USA Dance Ballroom

5/14/10 4:14:15 PM Official Publication of USA Dance

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A m e r i c

Hand in Hand Together We Can

Ballroom: The Social Side

USA Dance 2010 Nationals Results


USA Dance 2010 Nationals Showcase in LA Issue 24

March - April 2010

Issue 23

Member Organization of the United States Olympic Committee

USA DANCE The National Governing Body for DanceSport in the USA


SA Dance, the official National Governing Body for DanceSport in the United States, is recognized by the USOC, IOC and IDSF. As a 501c3 non-profit organization, USA Dance represents the best interests of DanceSport athletes as well as social dancers throughout the USA. As a democratic, all-volunteer organization, USA Dance is comprised of talented professionals, passionate supporters of dance, and approximately 180 fast-growing chapters. USA Dance is dedicated to promoting the quality and quantity of ballroom dancing for all and the global movement to bring DanceSport into the Olympics.  USA Member Organization of the USOC.  USA Member Organization of the IDSF.  Recognized by the USOC and the International Olympic Committee as the National Governing Body for DanceSport in the USA.  25,000 members providing financial support.  Reaching 200,000 dancers in the USA.  Organizer of the Official National DanceSport Championships in the United States, where the USA’s official World Teams are selected.  Providing USA World Teams annual support of more than $65,000.

 Organizer of the National Collegiate DanceSport Challenge at the Ohio Star Ball.  Organizer of the Special Olympics DanceSport Championships.  Publisher of American Dancer Magazine. Host and organizer of 2010 IDSF World DanceSport Championship Latin November 13, 2010 • New York City, USA •

American Dancer Sept. October  

American Dancer Sept. October

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