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International Bluegrass Vol. 27, No. 11 November 2012


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Musical Treasures Mike Auldridge, Mark Johnson, Andy Statman & Chris Thile

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IB International Bluegrass Vol. 27, No. 11 November 2012

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Nancy Cardwell, Executive Director Jill Crabtree, Member/Convention Services Director Katherine Coe, Administrative/Media Assistant Caroline Wright, Editor & Special Project Director

IB/International Bluegrass

Editor: Caroline Wright, Designer: Katherine Coe, Turn up your speakers and enjoy “Carolina Palms,” written by Mike Auldridge, from his 1993 Sugar Hill recording, Treasures Untold, with Tony Rice (guitar), Stuart Duncan (fiddle), T. Michael Coleman (bass), and Mike on 6- and 8-string Dobros. Used with permission from Mike and Sugar Hill in this Issuu version of IB: International Bluegrass. Cover photo: Chris Thile by Cassandra Jenkins Inside Cover photo: Mike Auldridge by Jennie L. Scott


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Be hin d th e Scenes at IB

Alan Tompkins Leadership Bluegrass 2013 Planning Committee Chairperson

With the application deadline of November 15 fast approaching, you’ll probably be hearing quite a bit about Leadership Bluegrass 2013 from your well-connected bluegrass friends. If you’re an LBG alumnus, you already know what a great career-enhancing experience Leadership Bluegrass can be. And if you’re thinking of applying, step up and get busy! It’s one of the most enjoyable and beneficial educational experiences centered on bluegrass music that you could possibly hope to find. So what is Leadership Bluegrass, anyway? It’s a three-day program (scheduled for March 7-9, 2013 at BMI in Nashville) designed to bring together a diverse cross-section of people with a wide range of perspectives on the bluegrass industry for a group educational experience. This is the place for people who have demonstrated, or are highly motivated to demonstrate, leadership in one or more areas of the bluegrass community. Each class includes a geographically diverse group of participants, and applicants are carefully selected so that each class has a full representation of students from all of the functional areas of our industry – artists, composers, publishers, record labels, publishers, broadcasters, luthiers, publicists, managers, agents, event producers, and more. And what might you expect to learn? Plenty! One of the event’s most interesting activities is a systematic review of the business of blue¬grass and its various institutions and organizations – with detailed discussions of needs, problems, and resources. The perspectives you bring to the table provide insights to your classmates. Because each class is unique, each discussion is unique. You definitely won’t get bored with the range of topics covered at Leadership Bluegrass! Each year, classes hear from industry leaders on a long list of diverse topics, such as the study and application of leadership principles; entrepreneurship; profiles of bluegrass music consumers, the development of an artist’s career; copyright law; trends in the presentation of live music; the latest techniques for digital distribution; the use of social media to add fans and increase attendance at events; and much more. It’s an unprecedented opportunity to participate in discussions in small-group settings with a variety of leaders and notable figures in our industry. The class of 2012, for example, got to know a number of prom¬inent bluegrass personalities, including Greg Cahill, Sam Bush, Steve Huber, Sam Passamano Jr., Jon Weisberger, Alison Brown, Garry West, Stephanie Taylor, Ben Surratt, Missy Raines, Ryan DeRose, Craig Havighurst, Frank Solivan, Gabrielle Gray, Todd Mayo, John Walker, Mike Drudge, and many others. Naturally, you’ll make a lot of new friends over the three days of the event, and many will become new friends and professional contacts. An expanded network is one of the most valuable things you’ll gain from the experience! Complete and submit your application (visit for the PDF) and do remember that the selection committee tries to include participants with a wide range of industry perspectives in each class, so don’t be discouraged if you aren’t picked the first year you apply – or even the second or third. It may take you a few tries to get in, but it’s absolutely worth the effort. If you want to become more effective at managing your corner of the bluegrass world, Leadership Bluegrass is the place to be. Apply today!


L ea d e rs hip Bluegrass

Deadline for 2013 Leadership Bluegrass Applications: November 15

The deadline for applications for Leadership Bluegrass, Class of 2013, is November 15! Leadership Bluegrass pulls together a cross-section of people with exhibited or potential leadership qualities into a network of learning and communication that serves to foster a broad-based understanding of the needs of the bluegrass community. Here are some comments from a few alumni about their LBG experiences… “…An amazing, informative three days of learning and networking.” -- Heidi Labensart, McGuckin Entertainment PR “I knew it would be good, but it’s so much better than good!” -- Mary Tyler Doub, Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival “…The most intense and idea-generating exercise of the brain I have had in years.” -- Tom Nechville, Nechville Musical Instruments Please visit for information, brochure, application, and a complete list of extraordinary alumni!

Airplay Direct Will Offer FREE $50 Gift Packages to 100 IBMA Members

Airp la y Direct

Just in time for the holidays, AirPlay Direct will award $50 gift certificates for radio promotion services to 100 IBMA members in the artist, composer, manager, public relations or recording services categories. Recipients of the gift packages will be selected at random from qualifying IBMA members on December 1, 2012. In September, AirPlay Direct sponsored IBMA’s new Momentum Awards with prize packages for award recipients in the artist categories, and co-sponsored the Artist/DJ Reception during World of Bluegrass in Nashville. Over the past three weeks, the 23rd Annual IBMA Awards Show has been downloaded by more than 1,020 radio stations globally through at no charge. The show is currently #4 on APD’s Top 50 Albums Chart (all genres) for the month of October, and #2 on the Bluegrass/Folk Albums chart for the same month; see for more information. "We continue to be impressed with the level of artist development and interaction that the IBMA strives to achieve with their members. It is the same creative philosophy we strive to apply every day at AirPlay Direct," said Lynda Weingartz, executive VP of operations. AirPlay Direct is a Web-based artist marketing, promotion, education and advocacy platform that delivers digital services at no charge to radio broadcasters. Their technology allows artists, record labels, and music publishers to securely deliver broadcast-quality music and digital press kits to radio stations and music industry professionals worldwide. The system also provides an online resource for radio programmers and film & TV music supervisors to connect to new music, create music calls, browse top downloaded artists, and immediately download music and related artist information. Visit to learn more about its services. Call 888-GET-IBMA to join the team working together for the future of bluegrass music, and also for more info about AirPlay Direct prize package eligibility.



member discount:

10% off!

F i n a l 2012t h e n “Bl u e bi rd ”i Nig ht Bl u e g ra ss v ille ’s at N a s h Café Bl u e bi rd On Tuesday, December 11, the International Bluegrass Music Association will host the final night of its 2012 “Bluebird in the Bluegrass” series at The Bluebird Café in Nashville. Throughout the year, the concerts have been a successful showcase of bluegrass songwriting talent, and have raised money for the IBMA Trust Fund. IBMA looks forward to continuing its relationship with The Bluebird in 2013. Tuesday night’s show will include an early set featuring Donna Hughes, Lisa Aschmann, and Tony Rackley, and a late set featuring Tim Stafford, Claire Lynch, and Buddy Cannon. Additional songwriters will be announced. The early show will start at 6:00, the late show at 9:00, and all reservations can be made at (Reservations are highly recommended.) There is no cover charge for the early show, and a $10 cover for the late show. Donations will be accepted at both shows, and proceeds will benefit the IBMA Trust Fund. The Bluebird in the Bluegrass Songwriter Committee would like to express its appreciation to IBMA, the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), and The Bluebird Café for their support of bluegrass composers. In turn, IBMA would like to acknowledge the contributions and dedication of committee members Louisa Branscomb, Donna Ulisse, Julie Pennell, and Clint Alphin, as well as all of the talented songwriters who have donated their time to perform in this year’s series! This year’s participants have included Steve Gulley, Dale Ann Bradley, Carl Jackson, Sierra Hull, Ron Block, Nora Jane Struthers, Kim Fox, Larry Cordle, John Pennell, Pam Gadd, Marty Raybon, Chris Henry, Becky Schlegel, Chris Stuart, Brink Brinkman, Becky Buller, Craig Market, Johnny and Jeanette Williams, Jerry Salley, Louisa Branscomb, Donna Ulisse, Clint Alphin and Jim Lauderdale. Check out a couple of videos recorded earlier this year… • Bluebird in the Bluegrass Series (A Welcome Message) • Marty Raybon, “You Do Have The Right To Remain Silent” • Jerry Salley, “Paper and Pen”

Be sure to attend the final fantastic night of this year’s series on December 11, and stay tuned for more great bluegrass songwriter events in 2013. The Bluebird Café is located at 4104 Hillsboro Pike in Nashville, TN; please call (615) 383-1461 or visit for info.

MUSICAL TREASURES Mike Auldridge, Mark Johnson, Andy Statman, Chris Thile

Andy Statman

Please turn up your speakers! You’re listening to Mike Auldridge’s tune "Carolina Palms" from his 1993 Treasures Untold albu m on Sugar Hill. On October 4, the National Heritage Fellowships Concert took place at the George Washington University Lisner Auditorium in Washington, DC. The very special event celebrated the 2012 recipients of the NEA National Heritage Fellowship. The nation's highest honor in folk and traditional arts, the Fellowship honors


excellence and innovation and includes an award of $25,000. This year’s diverse group of recipients included a shipwright, a Tejano accordion player, a basketmaker -- and two respected members of the bluegrass community: Andy Statman and Mike Auldridge. Andy Statman opened the concert with a solo clarinet performance of a contemporary klezmer melody that sounded like it might have been written a hundred years ago. Next, he chatted with emcee Nick Spitzer (host of American Routes) about his “amazing musical journey” that began in New York with bluegrass and jazz, and continued into

traditional Jewish instrumental music, now called klezmer. Andy was joined by bassist Jim Whitney and percussionist Larry Eagle, members of his Trio, for a performance: first, an exciting fusion of jazz and klezmer… and then, Andy picked up his mandolin and played an electrifying medley of traditional melodies, tapping his bluegrass roots. As a child in a Jewish household in New York, Andy was raised on Hasidic melodies and show tunes, klezmer, classics, early rock and folk. When his brother brought home a Flatt & Scruggs record, Andy became obsessed with bluegrass and eventually picked up the mandolin. After hearing David Grisman in Greenwich Village in 1965, he asked for lessons. "I always tell people that if the only thing I ever did was give Andy his first mandolin lesson, it would have been a life well spent,” Grisman commented years later. Andy’s early search for his cultural and spiritual roots led him to an apprenticeship with master klezmer clarinetist Dave Tarra. His passion for bluegrass and folk music would lead to performances and recordings with progressive bluegrass band Breakfast Special, as well as Bob Dylan, David Bromberg, Bèla Fleck, and Vassar Clements. And his rich musical heritage and broad worldview would help form the foundation of the music he plays today: a compelling mélange of jazz, klezmer, and bluegrass, a sound that is unique and unforgettable. Andy’s acclaimed recordings include Songs of Our Fathers with David Grisman; In the Fiddler's House, recorded with Itzhak Perlman; and his bluegrass-inspired Andy's Ramble. ***

After honoring a pair of dog sled makers and snowshoe designers, a folk arts advocate, and an Okinawan dancer, host Nick Spitzer introduced the next Fellowship recipient with a personal memory.

Mike Auldridge by Jennie L Scott

“I used to go out to the Red Fox Inn and the Birchmere…” said Spitzer. “Bluegrass here took a special shape, because people in the region experimented and innovated with the sound. One of the founding members of one of the most beloved local bands that did that -- the Seldom Scene -- is Mike Auldridge. He is a pioneer who set a standard of performance on the instrument known as the Dobro.” Mike was accompanied onstage by Rob Ickes, who talked about his mentor’s mastery of the resophonic guitar. “The Dobro is played with a metal bar, metal finger picks, and metal strings,” Rob explained, “so there is a lot of room for noise. Somehow, this guy figured out how to get rid of the noise, and just leave the music.” Andy Statman returned to the stage, joining Mike and Rob for a delightful performance of "Sunrise Serenade," and a 9

medley of "House of the Rising Sun" and the old Ventures tune "Walk, Don't Run."

recording. “The CD,” he says, “will feature just the three Dobros... no band.”

A Grammy winner and 2007 recipient of IBMA’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Mike started playing guitar at age 13. By age 17, influenced by Josh Graves, he had discovered the Dobro. Mike’s musical resumé includes stints with Emerson and Waldron, Cliff Waldron and the New Shades of Grass, Chesapeake, John Starling & Carolina Star, and Darren Beachley and The Legends of the Potomac. He also toured with Lyle Lovett and Emmylou Harris. But he’s perhaps best known as a founding member of the Seldom Scene, a pioneering progressive bluegrass band that incorporated elements of jazz, folk, and rock into traditional harmonies and arrangements.

Watch the entire concert at

After the concert, Mike said he’d been astonished to learn of the Fellowship. “I was blown away,” he commented. “I thought only classical violinists and people from the ‘highbrow’ side of music won honors from the NEA.” ***

Mark Johnson by Debi Harbin

But the sweetest moment of the experience happened offstage, when he saw the website created by Ickes and Betty Wheeler (a co-producer of the annual ResoSummit workshop event). “I was amazed at how many people from around the world signed on and said the most wonderful things imaginable,” he marveled. “I had no idea how many people I've influenced with my music over the years!” The site includes personal tributes from friends and artists like Jerry Douglas, David Grisman, Patty Loveless & Emery Gordy, Jr., Tim O’Brien, Eddie Adcock, Niall Toner, Mary Chapin Carpenter – and dozens of Dobro players who had found their way to the instrument through the music of Mike Auldridge. In what might be the most exciting news of all, Mike tells us that he is working on a new project with Ickes and Douglas: a "Dobro trio"


Chris Thile by Cassandra Jenkins

Late this past summer, Mark Johnson took the day off from his demanding job as emergency management director in Levy County, FL. It had been a long, challenging season. Mark watched wearily as a FedEx truck pulled up to his home. When the driver handed him an envelope, he couldn’t resist a quip about Publishers Clearing House. Much to Mark’s shock and delight, the envelope contained a letter notifying him that he’d been selected as the recipient of the third annual Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass. Also in the envelope: an unrestricted check for $50,000. Established to reward artistry and bring greater visibility to bluegrass performers, the award was previously given to Noam Pikelny and Sammy Shelor. Judges for the award include musicologist Neil Rosenberg, plus a group of highly-regarded banjo players: Tony Trischka, Alison Brown, Béla Fleck, J.D. Crowe, Pete Wernick, and Steve Martin himself, as well as Martin’s wife, writer Anne Stringfield. “The recipient is a person… who has given us a fresh appreciation of this music, through artistry, composition, innovation or preservation,” the letter said. As the innovator of clawgrass, a style that combines clawhammer picking with threefinger bluegrass banjo technique, Mark’s approach to his instrument caught Martin’s ear. “Every time I listen to one of his records,” Martin told a New York Times interviewer, “I think, wow, this is the sound of the banjo that made me fall in love with it.” Almost two months later, and it seems like the wild ride has just begun for Mark Johnson. “I am still pinching myself,” he says. “It is bigger than I ever thought or imagined.” ***

For quite a while, mandolinist Chris Thile ignored the mysterious phone calls. Emanating from a Chicago number that he didn’t recognize, the calls kept coming, and then he got a cryptic voicemail, advising him not to tell anybody about the message. His manager checked out the number. The calls, he told Chris, seemed to be coming from the MacArthur Foundation. "I think I must have turned white," Chris told the Associated Press. "I've never felt so internally warm. My heart was racing. All of a sudden, I felt very askew physically. I was trying to catch my breath. ...I thought, 'Oh my God, did I win a MacArthur?'" Indeed he had. After launching his career as a hotshot young mandolinist with progressive bluegrass trio Nickel Creek, and making intriguing, wholly unique music with acts like Punch Brothers and the Goat Rodeo Sessions, Chris Thile now belongs to a truly exclusive group: recipients of the MacArthur Fellowship, a “genius grant” in the amount of $500,000 paid over the course of five years. Each year, the notoriously private John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation awards 20-40 grants to a small group of U.S. citizens or residents working in any field, who "show exceptional merit and promise for continued and enhanced creative work." According to the Foundation's website, "the fellowship is not a reward for past accomplishment, but rather an investment in a person's originality, insight, and potential." Chris says he may use some of his award to “work on a project that would exist with little regard to genre or the preconceived notions that might go with it,” he told an interviewer for Paste Magazine, adding laughingly, “I also think I might get a mandolin.”


Fou n d at io n Grants

Foundation Announces “Bluegrass Innovator” Grant Recipients For 2013

On September 27, 2012, the Board of Directors for the Foundation for Bluegrass Music announced that four projects will receive a total of $8,000 in grants in 2013. The educational program at The Freight and Salvage, a legendary Berkeley, CA venue for bluegrass and acoustic music, will include year-round classes in six-week sessions and onetime workshops. Classes will be led by local or visiting musicians. Previous teachers include Mike Marshall, Darol Anger, Laurie Lewis, Bill Evans, Avram Siegel and Eric Thompson. Workshops and classes at the Berkeley Society for the Preservation of Traditional Music are open to all ages, and a Fiddlekids summer camp and year-round workshops for young people are also available. The Crooked Road: Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail has a history of partnering with musicians, venues, and schools to promote and preserve the traditional music of Southwest Virginia. The grant will fund the creation of an artists roster of musicians willing to present quality bluegrass performances in the region’s schools. The Crooked Road will promote artists and music programs to schools throughout the 19-county region, and implement at least 6 performances in 2013, reaching more than 3,000 students. The project organized by the Durango Bluegrass Meltdown, a festival in Durango, CO, will expand the current Kids Program from 11 events over one weekend (9 Bluegrass in the Schools presentations, 1 Kids Bluegrass Workshop and 1 Kids Bluegrass Jam Session), to a total of 28 events hosted over the course of a year (7 additional school presentations, 5 additional workshops, and 5 additional jam sessions). Hosting multiple events throughout the year will increase awareness and appreciation of bluegrass music in the region, with approximately 3,000 young people and 200 adults benefiting. Clay County, WV was once a small, vibrant bluegrass community with music instruction in its six schools. But due to a severely depressed economy, all music programs except one have been eliminated. The Bluegrass Foundation grant will revitalize music in local schools through a blend of Guitars in the Classroom teacher training, song-leading and playing, and mentorship by community players, led by the last music teacher in the county. The county’s 2,000 students will be included in after-school music clubs, daily classroom music integration, and assemblies. Twenty-four teachers and volunteers will be trained to lead music in K-12 classrooms and afterschool programs. Bluegrass Foundation grants for the coming year have been named in honor of two legendary contributors to the genre, both who passed away in 2012: banjo player Earl Scruggs, a member of the International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame; and California event producer Warren Hellman, a recipient of the IBMA Distinguished Achievement Award. Qualifying for a grant is a competitive process, and candidates must meet the Foundation’s Grant Application Guidelines. For more info, visit or write to The Foundation for Bluegrass Music, 2 Music Circle South, Ste. 100; Nashville, TN 37203.


Heard ‘Round the World

The international bluegrass scene, as reported from all over the planet This month, Los Hermanos Cubero (SP) will release their second record in Barcelona. The 7" vinyl EP, released by Carajillo Records, will be launched in Barcelona on Nov. 8, at a celebration at 10 p.m. in the Heliogàbal de Barcelona, Calle Ramón y Cajal 80. Admission is €6 (€10 with a copy of the record). The A side of the EP, 'La calle abajo', is featured in a video produced for Primitive Films and may be seen at .


Karen Lynne

A bluegrass cruise of New Zealand and Australia is scheduled for Feb. 19 through March 9, 2013 on the Voyager of the Seas. Concert performances and workshop will be presented by several of Australia’s and New Zealand’s most prominent bluegrass musicians, plus mandolin stylist Mike Compton from the United States. The ship will depart from Sydney and cruise around New Zealand, Tasmania, and along Australia’s southern coast to Fremantle. Featured groups include the legendary Hamilton County Bluegrass Band, Bluegrass Parkway, Karen Lynne Bluegrass Circle, Coolgrass, Hardrive, The Pipi Pickers, Perch Creek Family Jugband, Progress Valley Possum Pickers, New Holland Honey Eaters, Bluegrass Junction, Paul Trenwith and Trev Warner. Info: Travelrite (03) 9729-8722, 1800-033-436, or

Champion fiddler Ivor Ottley, originally from England, long a resident of Western Ireland and Sweden, won the West Tennessee Fiddle Championship earlier this year. Ivor will be in Ireland from December 12-19, 2012, performing in the Galway area. He will also be available for teaching and workshops between those dates. Visit for information. Italian guitar maestro Beppe Gambetta has announced that his 21st International Acoustic Guitar Workshop, scheduled for July 21-28, 2013 in Ambroz, Slovenia, will feature three teachers: Mike Dowling (USA), who will teach flatpicking, blues slide guitar, and vintage jazz; Chris Newman (UK), who will teach flatpicking, Celtic, and improvisation; and of course, Beppe himself, who will cover progressive flatpicking from American and European roots. Visit for info. In 1967, Bluegrass 45 was formed in Lost City, a small coffee shop in downtown Kobe, Japan. In 1970 they were ‘discovered’ by Dick Freeland, who owned Rebel Records at the time, and with his invitation they toured the States and Canada in 1971 & 72. The band will celebrate its 45th anniversary with a tour in Japan with all six original members. 13

Bluegrass 45

Lands End

Bluegrass 45 Tour Dates 11/16 Kobe 11/17 Fujisawa 11/18 Tokyo 11/19 Nagoya 11/22 Osaka 11/23 Takarazuka 11/24 Imabari 11/25 Kochi

Rokkoman Hall Fujisawa City Roudou Kaikan Rocky Top Little Village Another Dream Nishi Kominkan Asakura Kominkan Kochi City Bunka Plaza

OTHER NEWS Congratulations to Paulo and Magdalena Dettwiler, who were married Aug. 25 in Switzerland. Paulo founded the European Bluegrass Music Association, Bluegrass Europe magazine, and he served two terms on the IBMA Board of Directors as the first international board representative. Paulo also plays mandolin with the Country Pickers. The Autumn 2012 issue of British Bluegrass News includes a farewell from departing British Bluegrass Association president John Wirtz and a welcome to incoming president John Breese; a collection of farewell tributes to Doc Watson; and more. Info: Lands End is a diverse group of young musicians who first came together at the Sore Fingers Summer School, held annually in Oxfordshire, England. Their name, “Lands 14

End,” pays tribute to the fact that each member comes from a different geographical location -- Cork, Galway, Dublin, Munich, Liverpool, and Canada. The band consists of Richie Foley (mandolin), Sam Rose (bass), Paddy Kiernan (banjo), Bruno Pichler (Dobro), Hubert Murray (guitar, vocals), and Sam Draper (fiddle). The band will start work on its first studio album in December. They can be seen at, a video recorded in St Mary's Collegiate Church, Youghal, Co. Cork, Ireland, in August 2012. Covered Grass has published an illustrated account (in German) on their website of the final part of their pilgrimage to the USA, including their journey to Hollywood, where they took part in the 40-year reunion of the original cast of The Waltons TV show. Their performance of their original song, 'Goodnight John Boy', composed as a tribute to the show, was an important part of the reunion.

AMERICAN BLUEGRASSERS ABROAD The Punch Brothers launched a European tour late last month, and will continue with dates in France (Nov. 3), one in Northern Ireland (Nov. 5), and seven in Britain (Nov. 6-14), ending with two shows in the Netherlands and one in Belgium (Nov. 16-18). See for their European itinerary. The band’s new five-track EP Ahoy! is scheduled for release on Nov. 13.

Kruger Brothers

This month, look for the Kruger Brothers on Saturday, Nov. 3, at the Banjo Event 2012 at the Eagle Music Shop in Huddersfield, northern England. Eagle Music is the official worldwide dealer for Deering Banjos, and Greg and Janet Deering will be present at this one-day event, which will include concerts, workshops, picking sessions, and trade stand. Several leading English bands will also perform, including the Down County Boys, Chris Cooper, the Kentucky Cow Tippers, Joe Mac & the Old Grey Dogs, and more. See for the schedule of the Krugers’ other shows in Switzerland.

Please send your international bluegrass news to Caroline Wright at We welcome bluegrass news from all over the globe, and will include it in our newsletter as time and space permit!

I BM A Members New Members Terry Alford Rebecca Frazier Christopher Goerge Ken Hall Scott Hopkins Bruce Kyles Jacob Moody Susan Newberry Dianne Porter Ira Pugh Mary Sackmann Sav Sankaran Stephen Wilkins

Returning Members Charley Fred Abner Dick Bakker Bryce Barker Terri Barker JoAnn Biliter Henry Bowman

New & Returning IBMA Members

ET Brown Ken Brown Ethan Burkhardt D.A. Callaway Jim Cavanaugh Bill Chrisman Wm Gaines Cole The Craigs David Fein Michael Garcia Glen Garrett Gloria Gaudreau Ben Graves Buddy Green Steve Gulley Kent Gustavson Aaron Keith Harris Clarence Key Roger Koch Laurie Lewis Norris Long Bill Lowe Claire Lynch Katie Mae Mabry

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Industry News

Agents & managers; artists and composers; associations; broadcasters; events & promoters; labels; merchandisers & luthiers; print, media & education and more!

AGENTS & MANAGERS On Oct. 19, Steve Johnson of Mountain Music Entertainment and Andrea Ball of Make Welcome Entertainment announced plans to enter into an acquisition agreement. Under the agreement, Mountain Music Entertainment transferred assets, including a number of artists on the agency roster, to Make Welcome Entertainment. The combined agency will operate as Make Welcome Entertainment. Johnson recently accepted a full-time position with Wilkes Community College and MerleFest.

ARTISTS & COMPOSERS Congratulations to the following artists on the bluegrass charts at press time:

A very special act has been booked for Bluegrass First Class, to be held on February 15-17 in Asheville, NC. The Bluegrass Album Band (Tony Rice, J.D. Crowe, Doyle Lawson, Bobby Hicks and Todd Phillips) will reunite for a show on Saturday, Feb. 16. Josh Williams will join the ensemble as lead vocalist, singing in Tony’s place. Josh Hymer is the new banjo player with American Drive—which also includes Rickey Wasson, Dwight McCall, Matt DeSpain and Kyle Perkins, now performing the last lap with J.D. Crowe & the New South through the end of the year. See next month’s issue of IB: International Bluegrass for an article about J.D., his plans for the future, and a retrospective of his career. American Drive released its new self-titled recording last month on Rural Rhythm Records. The recording debuted on Billboard's Top Bluegrass Albums chart at #11.

Bluegrass Unlimited National Bluegrass Survey, #1 song: “Carolina Moonshine Man” by Lou Reid & Carolina; written by Ray Edwards, Terry Foust & Lou Reid (KMA). Album chart: Callin’ Me Back Home, by Lou Reid & Carolina (KMA). Billboard Albums Chart, #1 album: Carry Me Back by Old Crow Medicine Show (ATO), #1 song of the month: “Oh, Kentucky” by Lou Reid & Carolina, written by Dennis Duff.


Prior to leaving for a tour of Europe this month, Peter Rowan spent some time at Compass Records recording his second album for the label, with plans for a Spring 2013 release. Along with his current band -- Keith Little, Paul Knight and Mike Witcher -- Peter was joined by the Travelin' McCourys, Chris Henry on mandolin and Michael Cleveland on fiddle, as well as Bobby Osborne and Jesse McReynolds

American Drive

singing two Rowan originals: "My Saviour is Calling Me" and "Mountain Man's Dream.” Carl White, formerly with Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, is a new member of Monroeville. Gary Robertson, Jr. is the new lead guitar player with Cumberland River. Congratulations to London folk rock group Mumford & Sons, who sold 600,000 copies of their second album, Babel, in its debut sales week in the U.S.—playing acoustic guitar, banjo, acoustic bass and keyboards. Babel has surpassed every other album released in 2012 in sales in its first week, including recordings released by Justin Bieber (in second place with a 374,000 start). It’s also the highest sales week for any rock album since AC/DC sold 784,000 copies of Black Ice in November 2008! “This Old Guitar And Me” is the first of four singles to be released from Grasstowne 4,

In mid-October Astrograss, a New Yorkbased band that gets kids and their parents dancing and singing together with a unique blend of bluegrass, old time, and folk music, released its new project, The Colored Pencil Factory. Visit to purchase online.

the new project from Grasstowne, due in 2013. Ronnie Bowman is a guest. Congratulations to Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, who won 2012 award for Vocal Group of the Year at the Inspirational Country Music Awards at Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville on October 18; to The Roys, who won the award for Inspirational Bluegrass Artist; and to Vince Gill, who won mainstream country artist and mainstream country song for his tune "Threaten Me With Heaven." On Oct. 17, The Grascals performed at the 9th Annual Leadership Music Dale Franklin Awards at Nashville's War Memorial Auditorium. Vince Gill, Charlie Daniels and


Randy Owen were honored at the event. The Grascals performed “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” in tribute to Daniels. Attention, instrument owners: Geartrack ( is the new place online to register the make, model and serial number of instruments of all types, with options to add photos and ownership documents, custom specs/ markings, items for sale, post instrument lists anonymously, transfer gear to another owner, and more. Designed for professionals, hobbyists, collectors, educators, managers, parents of young musicians, studios, venues, rehearsal spaces, pawn shops, retailers and online buyers, the service is free at introductory levels and is expected to help deter theft.

ASSOCIATIONS SEBA (Southeastern Bluegrass Association) is contacting music venues that host open jams in the northern Georgia area, inviting them to become “Official Jam Sites,” which the organization will support and publicize. The Australian Bakery in Marietta, GA is the first official SEBA jam site participant. One of the longest-running bluegrass association newsletters in the country, first published in 1979, is now available in digital format! Check out the bulletin of the Central Texas Bluegrass Association (CTBA) at . Chris Henry has organized the Nashville Bluegrass Music Alliance on Facebook, with the purpose of connecting and serving the local bluegrass community. “We have one of the best and most diverse scenes in the world and there was a need to create a central hub that folks could access to find out about public, bluegrass-related events that are happening around town,” Henry writes. “Since we are pickers too, we're frequently looking


for ways to pick more, so the NBMA will also be having some good picking parties and concerts from time to time. By bringing people together this way, we also provide opportunities that can introduce folks to the music and foster more local awareness of the talent and fun we enjoy in our community.” Join the NBMA Facebook group at!/groups/4235876676 78828/members/

BROADCASTERS Congratulations to California-based flatpicker, banjo player and vocalist Molly Tuttle, who took second place with her father, Jack, in a duet competition on A Prairie Home Companion hosted by Garrison Keiller on Oct. 19. Molly, a frequent participant in IBMA’s “Kids on Bluegrass” program during World of Bluegrass and a member of the band, The Tuttles with A.J. Lee, is currently studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Her song, “Walden,” was the winning composition at the MerleFest songwriter competition in 2012. Info: , Listen to “Walden” here: .

Molly & Jack Tuttle

Two scholarships are available to Pete Wernick’s 2013 Advanced Banjo Camp, January 21-26 in Boulder, CO. The camp is geared to players in performing bands and focuses on tone, timing, “believability,” creativity, band dynamics, and performance. One scholarship, offered through the generosity of Stelling Banjos, covers almost all expenses for an out-of-state attendee. The other scholarship is smaller, based on funds raised at last year’s Advanced Camp. Applications require a letter and a music sample, emailed or sent by postal mail. Deadline for application is December 15. See the Advanced section on the Banjo Camp page at for info. Rhonda Vincent

EVENTS & PROMOTERS Due to overwhelming demand, the entry process for official showcases at the 2013 International Folk Alliance Conference has been extended to November 14, 2012. The entry fee is $40. Entries are being accepted through Sonicbids or mail using the forms in the FA newsletter and on its website under CONFERENCE. Visit ; all mail-in entries must be postmarked by November 14. Rhonda Vincent & The Rage will headline the 2013 “Great 48 (Hour Jam)” at the Bakersfield DoubleTree Hotel Jan. 3-6, in Bakersfield, CA. The California Bluegrass Association will showcase California-based bluegrass bands who do not routinely tour nationally at the event. The Appalachian Cultural Music Association recently announced the creation of The Blue Ridge Acoustic Uprising, an event that will celebrate, promote, and recognize bluegrass, old time, gospel, classic country, and Appalachian style music through an annual gathering in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

MERCHANDISERS & LUTHIERS The Gibson Guitar Corporation has settled all issues with the U.S. Government and the Department of Justice, according to CEO Henry Juszkiewicz at . “This allows us to get back to the business of making guitars,” he noted. Materials seized in an armed raid on its factories in Nashville will be returned, and Gibson will continue to source rosewood and ebony fingerboards from India.

PRINT, MEDIA & EDUCATION Photographer Darwin Davidson has posted all of his photos from the 2012 World of Bluegrass on his website!


Visit to relive the event, and also to see photos from the legendary Clark Family Post-IBMA Party, hosted by Don and Danny Clark and the Clark Family. Don V. Tucker

OVER JORDAN With sadness we note the passing of Kenneth Foster on October 27 in his hometown of Greeneville, TN. Ken was an enthusiastic jammer at the CBA hospitality suite at World of

2012 Bluegrass Fan Fest by Alane Anno


Bluegrass, and he attended festivals around the country in his large grey motor home. IBMA member/Leadership Bluegrass alumnus Don V. Tucker, producer of Huck Finn’s Jubilee in Victorville, CA, died on Monday, Oct. 15 after suffering a massive stroke. Our condolences to his friends and family. Visit to see the lovely tribute. Deepest condolences to Ernie Thacker, who lost his beloved wife, Dorthy Mae Thacker, on October 14. Visit to see the obituary and offer words of comfort to Ernie and his family, or send a card to 978 Break Park Road, Haysi, VA 24256. Big Jim Williams, a member of the Lonesome Pine Fiddlers, passed away in late September. Jim was a member of the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame. Our condolences to his family, and to his widow, Phyllis.

Isaac Moore at World of Bluegrass 2012 by Alane Anno

Fresh Sounds

Fresh Sounds in the World of Bluegrass 3rd Quarter 2012

Visit to read full reviews

Astrograss, The Colored Pencil Factory, Balsam Range, Papertown (Mountain Home Music Company) Blue & Lonesome, Live from Harrietville, Australia, Breaking Grass, Running with the Moon, Compost Mountain Boys, High on a Mountain, Kristy Cox, Miles & Timezones, Detour, A Better Place, The Grascals, Life Finds a Way (Mountain Home Music Company) The Grass Cats, The Mountains, My Baby, and Me (New Time Records) Hard Ryde, Composed (Hapidawg Productions) The Hillbenders, Can You Hear Me? (Compass Records) I Draw Slow, Redhills (Pinecastle Records) The Infamous Stringdusters, Silver Sky (High Country Records) The Kickin Grass Band, Walk with Me, Latresa, Love, Babies, Jesus and Sweet Potato Pie (Boon Dog Records) Lonesome River Band, Chronology-Vol. 1 (Rural Rhythm Records) Marksmen Quartet, This Is My Crowd (Rural Rhythm Records) Jesse McReynolds, Love Songs from the Pick Inn: Music for Weddings, Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers, They’re Playing My Song (Rebel Records) O’Brien Party of 7, Reincarnation: The Songs of Roger Miller (Howdy Skies)


Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass, Road into Town (Patuxent Music) Cory Piatt, Daydreams (Patuxent Music) Rawhide, The Dark is Barking, Red Wine, RED, The Roys, New Day Dawning (Rural Rhythm Records) Jerry Salley, Showing My Age (“Very Jerry” Records) Shelby Bottom String Band, East Nashville Rag, Ricky Skaggs, Music to My Ears (Skaggs Family Records) Spatial Effects, Just a Closer Walk: Bluegrass Gospel, Siamese Cousins, 2 Chairs, No Waiting (Mountain Roads Recordings) Steep Canyon Rangers, Nobody Knows You (Rounder Records) Todd Taylor, Indescribable (Pirate Records) Neill Toner, Onwards & Upwards (Pinecastle Records) Town Mountain, Leave the Bottle (Pinecastle Records) Donna Ulisse, All the Way to Bethlehem (Hadley Music Group) Various Artists, Scenic City Sampler: A Sweet Sampling of Chattanooga Musicians & Songwriters, Melody Walker, Gold Rush Goddess, Shannon Whitworth & Barrett Smith, Bring It on Home, Paul Williams, Going to Stay in the Old-Time Way (Rebel Records) Robin & Linda Williams, These Old Dark Hills (Red House Records) Compilations & Re-issues: Del & Dawg, Hardcore Bluegrass in the Dawg House: Studio Recordings Featuring David Grisman & the Del McCoury Band (Acoustic Disc) John Duffey, The Rebel Years: 1962-1977 (Rebel Records) Front Porch String Band, Hills of Alabam (Rebel Records) Chris Jones & the Night Drivers, Lost Souls & Free Spirits: The Rebel Collection Old & New (Rebel Records) Tony Rice, The Bill Monroe Collection (Rounder Records) Various Artists, More Ultimate Pickin’: The Best of Instrumental Bluegrass (Pinecastle Records) Various Artists, True Bluegrass Banjo: Featuring Ralph Stanley, J.D. Crowe, Don Reno, Sonny Osborne, Sammy Shelor and more (Rebel Records) Various Artists, True Bluegrass Fiddle: Featuring Kenny Baker, Bobby Hicks, Richard Greene, Curly Ray Cline, Ricky Skaggs and more (Rebel Records)


Fa ct Sheet

2012 World of Bluegrass Nashville, Tennessee USA

Attendance & Activities Cumulative Total – 14,758 Visitors Business Conference 2012 • 1118 Unique Attendees (4018 cumulative/4 days) • 68 Exhibitors • 18 Showcasing Artists (Est. Avg. Attendance - 350) • 10 Showcasing Songwriters • 146+ “After Hours” Artist Showcases • 26 seminars, educational labs, keynote addresses, storytelling sessions, song demo listening sessions & discussion circles attended by 1,458 (Including professional development during Fan Fest: 34 sessions attended by 1,656) • 44 Mentor Sessions on 18 topics • 1 Gig Fair (372 appointments for event producers and artists/agents) • 1 Leadership Bluegrass “master class” for 50 • 1 General Membership Meeting • 8 Member Constituency Meetings • 1,157 After Hours Showcase band members & attendees at WOB Kick-Off Concert after the Titans game IBMA Awards Show • 2,011 Attendees • Post Awards Show Party/Concert hosted by Foundation for Bluegrass Music at Margaritaville attended by 275+ • Radio Broadcast live on Sirius XM and streamed live on and with over 3,000 viewers. • Syndicated broadcast to 250+ Network Affiliates (mailed CDs) • 1,050 downloads (so far) from radio broadcasters around the globe through AirPlay Direct • Largest Broadcast of any Bluegrass Special o Broadcast Coverage - Est. +20 Million Worldwide Fan Fest 2012 • 3,133 Unique Attendees (7,869 cumulative/3 days) • Performing Artists - 60+ Acts on Three Stages • 71 Exhibitors • 8 Education Session attended by 198 Local/Regional Economic Impact - Estimated $3.7 Million

Thanks to all of our attendees, sponsors & participants! Y ou make it all possible. 24

F inal Note Okay, let's play! Who would be in YOUR Ultimate Bluegrass Dream Duet? Pick two vocalists, living or Gone Home, male and/or female, from bluegrass and/or any OTHER genre! Who would you cast in your Dream Duet, and what would you have them sing to you? –Posted on IBMA’s Facebook page, October 2012

Flávio C. von Sperling Ralph Stanley and Jean Ritchie singing “Copper Kettle.” Carl Martin Rhonda Vincent and Darrin Vincent singing “Beneath Still Waters.”

Rob Miller Robert Greer (Town Mountain) with Ike Sheldon (The Wilders) singing “Misery Loves Company.” Sheila Pollak Charlie Waller and Dolly Parton.

Bob Wright Bill Monroe and Hazel Dickens… real, raw, pure, and powerful.

Rob Keller Carter Stanley and Ira Louvin, “I Heard The Bluebirds Sing.”

Bobby Hedge Russell Moore and Emmylou Harris… “On The Other Side of Jordan.”

Braeden Paul Doyle Lawson and Steve Gulley reunited. I would want a whole album of just them. They sounded AMAZING together in the mid-'90s.

Stephanie Fields Dale Ann Bradley & Dolly Parton. Mark Alstott John Cowan and Alison Krauss singing the phone book. ;)

Zsolt Pinter I'd really be in a dream to see Larry Cordle & Ricky Skaggs singing “Lonesome Dove” together...

Danny Hootenanny Clark Simple. Del McCoury and Ronnie McCoury singing any McCoury song ever recorded.

Charlie Butler Tony Rice and Alison Krauss, “Summer Wages.”

James Hoey Alison Krauss and John Duffey, “Life Is Like A Mountain Railroad.”

Douglas E. Jessmer Don Reno and Red Smiley. Who needs to cobble together a duo when these guys set 'em up and knocked 'em down for years?

Misty Clayton John Cowan and Darrell Scott, not just one song but an entire album together... :)



International Bluegrass Vol. 27, No. 11 November 2012

International Bluegrass  

The newsletter that brings you the freshest, ripest bluegrass industry news on the planet has now gone digital, with a beautiful full-color...

International Bluegrass  

The newsletter that brings you the freshest, ripest bluegrass industry news on the planet has now gone digital, with a beautiful full-color...