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ye the LORD

The prophet Isaiah implored the people of Israel to “Seek ye the LORD.” This has been God’s call to every man and woman through the ages. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by our struggles with our finances, our health, our marriages, and our children. However, the only lasting solution for all of life’s challenges is found in the Lord Jesus Christ. Join us this week as together we learn how to prepare our hearts to seek Him.


Sunbeams for children aged 2-5, 9am-5:30pm each day Sunbeams is a program for children 2-5yrs of age that uses Bible lessons, activities, songs, stories, and crafts to teach them about God. Sunbeams runs from 9am-5:30pm and we ask parents to have their children with them during the evening sessions. COST: $9 per chilld, caapped att $118

Pathfinders for children aged 6-12, 3 day program Pathfinders is a purposeful and fun 3 day program for children aged 5-12 years. By teaching and discipling children in God’s truths in ways that are both understandable and exciting to them, seeds that will undoubtedly yield much fruit are planted in each child’s life. Through activities, lessons, crafts, songs, and outdoor games, children are challenged to deepen their relationship with God and learn how to apply His principles to everyday life

COST: $211 per child,, caapped at $80 ITEMS TO BRING • Bible, pen/pencil • Filled water bottle • Sunscreen • Hat

Presentation Evening All children’s programs will be doing a special presentation during the final session of the conference, where they will share songs and scripture memory that they have learned during their programs. All are invited to attend and parents are welcome to video the presentation.

I M PAC T Innovators for students aged 13-14, 3 day program Building Up the Leaders of the Future The Innovators program has been designed with the aim of encouraging young teens and preparing them to serve those around them. As they are built up in the strength of the Lord, they will be made ready to pour out their lives in loving service for their King. Through a combination of team activities, service opportunties, and teaching sessions, young men and women will be spurred on to have a heavenward and outward focus. The students will enjoy spending time with the children in the Sunbeams and Pathfinders programs as they assist the leadership teams in organising games and activities for a variety of ages, as well as spending time soaking in the rich truths taught by our guest speakers.

COST: $15 per stud den nt, cap pped at $30 0 WHAT TO BRING • Bible • Pen/pencil • Waterbottle

OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE Choir ATI students 13 and above are encouraged to join in the choir. During conference they all practise together and delight us with their final performance. Choir is for everyone no matter your experience or skills. Come and join in the fun and praise His name.

Children’s Program Leaders ATI-Enrolled Young People with a strong love for the Lord, a heart for children and a willingness to serve may apply to be a leader or assistant in our children’s programs. Each program has different requirements for their leaders which are listed below.

Orchestra Are you an ATI student 13 and above who plays and instrument? Join the conference orchestra. Orchestra does require a level of competance on your instrument. Music will be sent out to you beforehand so that you can practise your part.

A Working with Children’s Check is required for all over 18. Sunbeams: Young ladies 13+ Pathfinders: Young people 15+ with CI or Family Day experience. All Teacher’s forms must be received by Dec 1st. A teacher’s form will be sent out when you register to assist or lead.

AV We are always in desprate need of young people who are willing to help serve on the AV team. Prior experience is helpful. Register online now at

SPEAKERS THE FREDRICKSON FAMILY Dwig ght and Laura Fre edrricksson are prese ently on staff at the e Institute in Basic Life Princip ple es and have se erved in a variety of roles in th he IB BLP ministry overr the e years (Laurra sincce 1975 and Dwight since e 19 984). They marrrie ed while serving on staaff and the Lo ord has blessed them with sixx ch hilldren (whom they homeschoole ed) and nine e graandchildren. Two o of their daug ghters,, Sophia and Heidi, will be travelling with h th hem m to participaate in the upcoming g Family Confe erence. They all lo ook forward to o meetting and enco ouraging pare ents and youn ng people in walkin ng witth the Lord.

DR MARK K HARW WOO OD Markk is an excellent and d engaging communiccator from Crreation Miniistrie es Internation nal,, who can clear away the confusio on that man ny haave on the issue off origins and how it affects our viiews of the world today. With h ove er 30 years exxperie ence as an eng gineer and scientistt in the Austtraliaan telecommunicaations industrry, Marrk played a ke ey role in th he development of Australia’s natio onal saatellite system m from its in ncep ption in 1980.

NEIL SMITTH As a passtor and homescchoo oling Dad fro om Qu ueensland, Neil will be jo oinin ng us with his wife e and will teach h us fro om his experiiences. He has a heart for young g pe eople and is lookin ng forward to o sharing a sesssion with ourr yo oung g people at conferrence and the en later at sttude ent conference e.



Conference Location, Accommodation, Etc. Contact us for infformation about public transport optiionss at

Kilsyth South Baptist Church 382-388 Liverpool Rd, Kilsyth South VIC 3137 Located about fifteen minutes from our property at Haig road, Kilsyth South Baptist Church has been a great venue in which to hold our conferences. With spacious grounds and plenty of rooms available for our use this beautiul location is a great blessing.

Accommodation Accommodation is very limited and we encourage you to make your own arrangements where possible. If you came to conference last year you might like to explore using the same accommodation option as you did before. However if you need help locating a place to stay please feel free to email the office (info@ ) and we will see if we can help you.

Caravan or Tent Site $30/family/night, Bookings close Dec 1st Caravan & tent sites are available for those who enjoy the great outdoors. We have very limited facilities to go with them so portable showers, microwaves, and a refrigerator will be available for your use, but unfortunately campfires are not permitted. Electricity will be limited, so please bring your own light and extension cables.

Meals Bookings close Dec 1st Delicious meals are available at the following prices: Breakfast - $3.50/4yrs+ Lunch - $5.50/11yrs+, $4/4-10yrs Dinner - $8/11yrs+, $5.50/4-10yrs Under 3yrs eat free

REGISTRATION AND COST We are so looking forward to seeing you at the 2020 Annual Family Conference on 12th-15th January. To book your spot, head to au/event/annual-family-conference-2020/ to register online now. Daily Dress for Men • Dress slacks • Dress shirt and tie

Daily Dress for Women • Skirt or dress of modest length • Modest blouse or top

REGISTRATION TYPES ATI Member Family/ Individual ATI Associate Family Guest Family Individual Guest

PRICE Free $130 $200 $90

ACCOMMODATION PRICE OPTIONS Family Caravan/Tent Site $30/night Individual Caravan/Tent $5/night Site

MEALS Breakfast 4yrs+ Lunch 4-10yrs Lunch 11yrs+ Dinner 4-10yrs Dinner 11yrs+ Under 3yrs eat free all meals

CHILDREN & STUDENT PROGRAMS Sunbeams 2-5yrs Pathfinders 6-12yrs Innovators 13-14yrs

PRICE $3.50 $4 $5.50 $5.50 $8

PRICE $9/child* $21/child** $15/student***

THINGS TO NOTE • All registrations must be received by December 1st 2019. • Special meal rates available for large families with 6 or more children. Contact our office for more information. • Please bring your smiles. We will be taking pictures and video of your bright, smiling faces that may appear in future IBLP promotional media. • *capped at $18 **capped at $80 ***capped at $30

Introductory ATI Seminar Thursday morning, 10am - 12:30pm For new ATI families, or those interested in joining ATI.! The Advanced Training Institute is a Biblically-based home education program for families who desire to raise up sons and daughters who are “mighty in Spirit” and able to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Developed by a group of Christian educators, ministers, scientists, historians, and engineers, the ATI curriculum uses the teachings of Jesus Christ, given in the sermon on the Mount, as the primary source for teaching linguistics, law, history, science, and medicine. This introductory seminar explains the foundations and practical outworkings of the ATI curriculum. COST: Free! Please RSVP with our office


Student Conference 2020 January 16th-17th When: January 16th 9:30am-9:00pm, and January 17th 10:00am- 5:00pm Where: Kilsyth South Baptist Church 382-388 Liverpool Rd, Kilsyth South VIC Cost: $50 per ATI student, includes Thursday lunch and dinner and Friday lunch. Does NOT include accommodation.

Register online now at (Registration need to be in by Dec. 1st)

Student Conference 2020 Have you ever wondered if it is really worth being fully dedicated to following God? Are His ways really best, or would it be better to take an easier route that does not require so much sacrifice? This year at Student conference join Gabe and Sara Cleator, and Neil Smith as we look at this promise of God’s that as we follow His ways there is a Future Hope for us and that Hope will not be cut off. We will be exploring this and other topics as we also enjoy building old friendships and adding new ones as well. So join us for the fellowship, fun and inspiration to your faith that is STUDENT CONFERENCE!

Go online to and register to join us at both these wonderful events coming up.

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Annual Family Conference 2020  

Annual Family Conference 2020