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January 15-18 2017

But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. I JOHN 1:7

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CONFERENCE THEME To say “Family Conference” brings a host of memories to the minds of families who have benefited from rich fellowship, powerful messages, and hands-on experiences. This year will be no exception! Inspiring speakers will give practical teaching from the Word of God. Action-packed activities will be used to illustrate life lessons that young people and children will remember long afterwards. Special break-out sessions will be held to encourage fathers to be the spiritual leaders of their homes, while other workshops will support mothers who are seeking to fulfill their callings. This year the theme for the Family Conferences is “Walking in the Light.” The timeliness and importance of this theme cannot be overstated. God’s Word abounds with teaching on light! In the beginning, God said, “Let there be light.” In our present culture there is a definite agenda to reject the light and silence those who bring the message of light. Jesus emphasized the urgency of His mission when He stated, “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work” (John 9:4). As Christ’s followers, we are described as “the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14). The best way to walk in the light is to make God’s Word a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. Many families around the world long for fellowship. Enriching fellowship happens when we humble ourselves and walk in the light. Scripture states that “if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin” (I John 1:7). The watching world around us sees and recognizes disciples of Jesus as we walk in the light and exhibit the resulting fellowship and genuine love for one another. It is by walking in the light that we become beacons of light to a lost and dying world.

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CONFERENCE SPEAKERS GIL & KELLY BATES All the way from Tennessee Nestled in the hills of Tennessee stands the Bates family home, bustling with activity and beaming with light to their surrounding community. Gil is not only a dedicated father to nineteen children and now a grandfather of several “little blessings,” but he also pastors Bible Baptist Church, runs a tree cutting business, is an active member of the IBLP Board of Directors, and has worked with his family to be part of a TV series called Bringing Up Bates. This year Gil Bates will share messages about the importance of walking in the light of God’s Word by applying it to our lives each day. SPEAKING LIVE

DAVID & PRISCILLA WALLER With children, Paul & Davia (and one on the way!) David and Priscilla grew up in large families who were blessed to use the ATI Curriculum. They share a passion to live and teach God’s way of life. Their messages have helped thousands to resolve parent/teen conflicts, financial pressures, marriage tensions, and health problems. Having served as Mr. Gothard’s Personal Assistant for five years, David is now the Administrative Director for Advanced Training Institute. Priscilla led many Journey to the Heart retreats and now enjoys being a wife and mother. SPEAKING LIVE

PLUS MANY MORE... DVD & Breakout Sessions As always, we will hear from many great speakers on DVD and will enjoy special sessions for mothers, fathers, and students. We will also get a live ministry update from IBLP Director Dr. Tim Levendusky via video call. Read on to find out more and head to to register now!

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OPPORTUNITIES for the WHOLE FAMILY A highlight of the conferences is the melodious music that families contribute. We encourage all families to make music ministry a part of their normal family outreach. So why not prepare a special music piece as motivation to be ready for ministry anytime anywhere? As we listen to special music submissions, we are not so much looking for professional skill levels, but rather for joyful and triumphant music presented by families playing or singing hymns or hymn arrangements together.

To put your name down for a musical item or scripture recitation please contact: Email: Phone: 03 9735 2633

Family Ministry Opportunities

Families or siblings who would like to share special music or a Scripture recitation can contact our office at Families are encouraged to consider submitting music that is related to a hymn. Please provide your contact information (including a current email address and a mobile phone number that you will have with you at the conference) and tell us which song or scripture you would like to share.

Student Choir and Orchestra

An important part of the Annual Family Conference is the student orchestra and choir. Students ages 13 and up are encouraged to particpate. If you play an orchestral instrument of any kind, we would love to have you join us and all are welcome in the choir! For more information, please contact us at

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Choir & Orchestra Presentation Dress Code Young Women • Solid navy skirt of modest length (Please avoid slits.) • Solid white, modestfitting blouse • Dress shoes

Young Men • Navy slacks • White dress shirt • Dress shoes

PATHFINDERS for children aged 5-12, 3 day program Leaders & Assistants

The Purpose of Pathfinders Pathfinders is a purposeful and fun 3 day program for children aged 5-12 years. By teaching and discipling children in God’s truths in ways that are both understandable and exciting to them, seeds that will undoubtedly yield much fruit are planted in each child’s life. Through activities, lessons, crafts, songs, and outdoor games, children are challenged to deepen their relationship with God and learn how to apply His principles to everyday life.

ATI-Enrolled young people ages 15 and up with a strong love for the Lord, a heart for children, & a willingness to serve may apply to be a Pathfinders leader or assistant. CI experience is required. A working with children check is required if over 18 years. Contact our office for more information

COST: $21 per child, capped at $84

Items to Bring

Presentation Evening During the final session of the conference, the children will participate in a special presentation where they will share songs and scripture memory that they have learned during Pathfinders. All are invited to attend and parents are welcome to video the presentation.

• Bible, pen/pencil • Filled water bottle • Sunscreen • Hat

SUNBEAMS for children aged 2-4, 9am-5:30pm each day The Goal Sunbeams is a specially designed program for children 2-4yrs of age that uses Bible lessons, activities, songs, stories, and crafts to teach them about God. Sunbeams runs from 9am-5:30pm and we ask parents to have their children with them during the evening sessions. The children will share some songs and scripture verses that they have learned together during the presentation evening at the conclusion of the conference. COST: $9 per child, capped at $18

Love teaching children?

ATI-enrolled girls aged 13 and older may apply to be a team leader or assistant.

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A Working with Children Check is required if over 18 years. To find out more contact

STUDENT CONFERENCE for students aged 13 and up 19th-20th January 2017 Do you ever struggle with knowing what direction God wants you to take? We all want to do something great. However, in order to make an impact in the world, we must be willing to be transformed by the truth of God’s Word and a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. This year you will hear powerful life-changing messages from God’s Word by a variety of speakers. It is our prayer that you will be challenged to develop deep convictions based upon the Word of God, become a bold witness to a lost and dying world, and have a ministry of vital intercessory prayer! The simple truth is that if you walk in the light you already have been given, you will be given light for the next step. However, if you fail to receive the light, you may end up in the dark. This year’s student conference will focus on walking in the light to receive direction for life. Life is short. So walk in the light and live for things that count for eternity!

Daily Dress for Young Men • Dress slacks • Dress shirt

Daily Dress for Young Women • Dress skirt of modest length (Please avoid slits.) • Modest blouse or top

COST: $45 per student

AV TEAM for anyone aged 14 and up Our Annual Family Conferences could never happen without all the hardwork and dedication that our AV Team put in every year! Do you have technical skills that you could contribute to this team? Do you have a desire to put your knowledge into practice and gain vaulable experience? Are you interested in serving in the area of photography and videography? If this sounds like you, contact us at to join the team and play a vital role in making the 2017 Family Conference a success!

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SPECIAL BREAK-OUT SESSIONS Father’s Session Wednesday morning

Fathers play an essential role in teaching their families how to respond to life. A Godly man will seek to build a firm foundation for his children’s lives and faith. His investment of time, instruction, love, and discipline shapes the next generation and equips them to share the concepts of Biblical living with future generations. Come and be encouraged in your journey of fatherhood and glean from our speakers as they share their insights into raising Godly families during our special fathers session.

Mother’s Panel Wednesday morning

Each year at our Family Conference our mothers have the exciting opportunity to hear from other Godly women who have many valuable insights to share from their experiences as mothers. Come for a chance to be encouraged and strengthened as you join with other mothers who are seeking to raise up sons and daughters who are mighty in the Lord.

INTRODUCTORY ATI SEMINAR Sunday afternoon workshop, 2-5pm For new or interested ATI families! The Advanced Training Institute is a Biblically-based home education program for families who desire to raise up sons and daughters who are “mighty in Spirit” and able to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Developed by a group of Christian educators, ministers, scientists, historians, and engineers, the ATI curriculum uses the teachings of Jesus Christ, given in the sermon on the Mount, as the primary source for teaching linguistics, law, history, science, and medicine. The primary objective in studying each subject is to discover deeper truths in the Scripture passage. The two secondary objectives are to grow in wisdom—that is, to comprehend the particular academic subject from God’s perspective—and to understand the application of the subject to life. This introductory seminar explains the foundations and practical outworkings of the ATI curriculum. While designed for new familes and those interested in learning more about the program, currently enrolled ATI families are also encouraged to attend to renew your vision for raising Godly children and gain fresh ideas for use of the Wisdom Booklets. COST: Free!

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CONFERENCE LOCATION Contact us for information about public tranpsort options

Yarra Training Centre, Victoria Located in Lilydale, Victoria, on the edge of the scenic Yarra Valley, the Yarra Training Centre has been the headquarter for IBLP Australia since 1999. With dormitory accommodation, conference facilites, a bookshop, and spacious grounds, this is the perfect place to meet with like-minded families and enjoy the rich teaching on offer. Yarra Training Centre 111 Mangans Rd. • Lilydale, VIC 3140

Dormitory Accommodation Accommodation is available for families travelling long distance to attend the conference. The Yarra Training Centre has a number of rooms available with multiple bedding configurations to suit most families. Families will have their own private bathroom and bed linen is provided. Space is limited, so be sure to book early to make sure you don’t miss out. $50/family/night, available 13th-21st January Bookings close Dec 1st Contact for more information

Caravan or Tent Site Caravan & tent sites are also available for those who enjoy the great outdoors. Showers, microwaves, and a refrigerator will be available for your use, but unfortunatley campfires are not permitted. Electricity will be limited, so please bring your own light and extension cables.

$20/family/night, $5/indivdual/night, available 13th-21st January Bookings close Dec 1st Contact for more information

Meals Delicious meals prepared by the wonderful Tasty Az catering team are available at the following prices: Breakfast - $3.50/4yrs+ Lunch - $5.50/11yrs+, $4/4-10yrs Dinner - $8/11yrs+, $5.50/4-10yrs 3 yrs & under eat free Bookings close Dec 1st Facilities will be available to store & warm food if you wish to self-cater

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For more information contact our office staff at info@iblp. or call us on 03 9735 2633.

REGISTRATION AND COST Online Registration We are so looking forward to seeing you at the 2017 Annual Family Conference on 15th18th January. To book your spot, head to to register online now. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Daily Dress for Men

Office hours Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 9am-5pm.

Daily Dress for Women

• Dress slacks • Dress shirt and tie

• Skirt or dress of modest length • Modest blouse or top



Breakfast 4yrs +




Lunch 4-10yrs


ATI Family/Indivdual


Lunch 11yrs +


ATI Associate Family


Dinner 4-10yrs


Guest Family


Dinner 11yrs +


Individual Guest


Under 3yrs eat free at all meals







Sunbeams 2-4yrs


Family Caravan/Tent site


Pathfinders 5-12yrs


Individual Caravan/Tent site


*capped at $18 **capped at $84

Things to Note: • All registrations must be received by December 1st 2016. • Special meal rates available for large families with 6 or more children. Contact our office for more information. • Please bring your smiles. We will be taking pictures and video of your bright, smiling faces that may appear in future IBLP promotional media.

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CHECK OUT THESE OTHER GREAT RESOURCES EMBASSY MEDIA Messages to Encourage the Whole Family The goal of Embassy Media is to share what the Lord has shown everyday men and women in their relationships with Him, and through that, encourage you to see life’s daily cares as loving reminders to refocus on Jesus Christ in this race He has set before us. Whether you’re watching as an individual or together as a family, the messages on Embassy will refresh your spirit, challenge you to grow, and inspire your continual pursuit for God’s purposes to be accomplished in your life and the lives of those around you. FIND OUT MORE AT EMBASSYMEDIA.COM

RISE UP! Know. Engage. Build. Rise Up, a 12 week online discipleship course for young adults, is an opportunity to grow with a team of like-minded believers who are seeking to know God in a real and personal way, tackle the real-life relationship questions we all face, and gain a vision for how to live with a Kingdom mindset and an eternal perspective. With online training videos, written material and assignments, online group meetings, and accountability for spiritual disciplines, Rise Up will challenge you to encounter God for yourself and see how His personal relationship with you affects every area of your life. FIND OUT MORE AT RISEUPDISCIPLESHIP.ORG

IBLP AUSTRALIA BOOKSTORE Online & In Store We have a wide range of books, DVDs, CDs, and other materials available both online and in store at the Yarra Training Centre. Our resources cover many topics including marriage and family relationships, homeschooling, financial principles, and character building. We also carry a variety of Bibles and devotional study guides to suit the whole family. Contact info@ for store opening times or visit FIND OUT MORE AT STORE.IBLP.ORG.AU OR EMAIL INFO@IBLP.ORG.AU

LENSPIRATION Online Photography Course with James Staddon From buying a camera, exploring the camera’s controls, and understanding how those controls affect your camera, to grasping the basic pillars of composition and implementing practical ways to organize, edit, and share your pictures, the Basic DSLR Photography Course will help you master the fundamentals of photography and begin taking pictures with confidence. FIND OUT MORE AT LENSPIRATION.COM

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