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the image with only one or two paired fonts perform better. Make users click through on a pin count by having a marketing plan in place for when someone lands on your website. Having related content on those popular pin posts will help to keep them on your website. If you are just beginning an account, I recommend having at least 20 boards that highlight your blog’s focus. If you have been pinning for many years, be sure your boards are focused but also not overwhelming to your followers. »P in Descriptions: Pin descriptions are so important to your success on Pinterest. Each pin that you create and repin needs to have descriptive words that you know users are searching for on this platform and online in general. Still keeping it in conversational tone, you should use keywords that you want to show up for search engine optimization purposes.

Build a Consistent Schedule

Accounts that are active and continually adding new content to Pinterest seem to perform best. Use your Google Analytics to research which hours your readers are online the most reading your content. Why? Because those are times when you want to be sharing pins on Pinterest and links to pins on other social channels. There are a variety of schedulers available for Pinterest users, such as Tailwind, BoardBooster, Viraltag, Buffer, and Ahalogy. The one that you’ll use consistently is the best scheduling tool for you. Make a goal of pinning and repinning new content onto Pinterest boards daily, whether it’s you live pinning or using a scheduler. Be sure that your pins are focused on the topics you want to be an expert voice of, not just pins to your website.

Know Which Categories Perform Best

Remember to use conversational tone when writing pin descriptions and incorporate keywords that you want to show up for SEO purposes.

Know Your Pinterest Analytics

All bloggers who use Pinterest as part of their blog should have a business account set up on Pinterest. One of the big advantages of doing so is that you now have analytics of your efforts on Pinterest. The other feature is promoted pins. Pinterest Analytics offers a variety of windows into your account through your profile, your followers, and your website. Make a point each month of downloading your analytics to take a month by month view of the trends happening with your account. One place to start is to look for what is getting clicked the most, and create more images and topics that fall along those areas. Set mini goals for yourself, and you will see a difference.

Create Pinworthy Pins

With so many users on Pinterest and more and more businesses adding accounts to Pinterest, you have to create images that are truly pinworthy. What does this mean? First and foremost, always create at least one vertical image to pin to Pinterest. I suggest to do a few and vary them so that you can see what resonates best with your followers and potential followers. Did you know that you can upload an image to Pinterest and never have to place it on your website? Just be sure to go back and add the link to your blog post with that image so you don’t have the dreaded pin to no source. Images that are bright, clear, simple, and have text overlays in the white space of

As Pinterest enhances its smart feed and guided search, be sure to know what you are targeting with your pins. As you set up promoted pins, this is important as well. You will want to know what categories your followers and potential new readers are following. Spend some time researching the tabs at the top of Pinterest to see which ones are more popular than others to make a marketing strategy for your pins. One thing to strongly keep in mind as you create images is that your images are now scanned with a visual recognition tool from Pinterest as it ranks your pins. Does your image scream the keyword you are hoping to be noticed for?

Make Your Website PinterestFriendly

The truth is that most of your success on Pinterest comes from your very own website. If your online community is frequently pinning blog posts onto Pinterest, it will bring your website traffic. Make it easy for your readers to share by having a Pin It button that’s easy to use on desktop and mobile. Make sure you have an optimized vertical image to pin on your website. Include in your alt text the pin description you have carefully crafted so it will auto populate onto the pin when someone pins from your website. You can set up your plan for business success this year by implementing these strategies on Pinterest. Start one step at a time, and you’ll create a path to your business one pin at a time.

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