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hether you prefer to do your shopping online or in a store, it is easier than ever to research the products you are considering in real time. Back in the day one had to wait for the latest addition of Consumer Reports to come out to find product comparisons, and many companies relied on word of mouth to help them sell their products. These days word of mouth has been given a new voice in the form of online reviews. With smartphones, tablets, and nonstop internet access, consumers have the ability to compare prices and read product reviews, allowing them to make better informed decisions as they shop. Retailers recognize the power of consumer reviews because who do consumers trust to help them make purchasing decisions? Other consumers! Therefore, nearly all retailers have specific areas of their websites devoted to reviews and customer feedback. In fact, most retailers encourage consumers to write reviews after making a purchase in hopes that those reviews will influence other consumers to purchase the same product. Likewise, marketers understand that positive product reviews have the ability to sway potential new consumers to purchase their products over others. It is in their best interest to include product reviews in their marketing strategies and to work with bloggers like you and me. My name is Heidi Koffler, and I’m the founder of PrettyProof.com. Beauty products, particularly skin care products, have always been a passion and obsession of mine. The claims these companies make give us the impression that their products will completely change our life or at the very least our face. They make promises about fine lines disappearing, age spots fading, lipsticks and eyeshadows lasting


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24 hours. Oh and another one of my favorites—damaged hair being instantly repaired. I thought if all these products really work why does anyone still have wrinkles and dry, frizzy hair. Shouldn’t we all have “flawless looking skin” after purchasing all these products? It was out of this mystery that Pretty Proof was born. So I decided to create a blog where I could document my quest to find beauty products that actually work as they claim and share the results. The Pretty Proof motto is if a product actually works the proof will be in the mirror. For every product I review, I state each claim the company makes about the product and I tell my readers whether or not the product truly lived up to each individual claim.

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iBlog magazine Oct 16  

The Reviewers Issue.

iBlog magazine Oct 16  

The Reviewers Issue.