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Unang Hakbang Foundation (UHF) is a caring organization engaged in helping children on the streets and in poor urban communities to realize their potential, expand their life options, and grow into empowered and empowering adults. We do this through two main programs: Aral Kalinga, a mentoring and tutorial program for public elementary school children who are at-risk of dropping out and Buhay Kalinga, a mentoring and alternative education program for street and out-of-school children and youth.

Contact us at: 39 Calbayog St., Bgy. Highway Hills 1550 Mandaluyong City, Philippines Telephone: (632) 531-3474 Email:

What We Do UHF is an operating foundation that provides direct services to children (ages 8-15) and youth (up to age 20) from poor urban communities. We have a center for street and out-of-school children and youth, Bahay ni San Francisco, in Bgy. Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City, and community-based centers for underperforming in-school children, Bahay ni Niño Hesus and Bahay ni Jose in Welfareville, Bgy. Addition Hills. To help prepare our young people for work, we also maintain a business and technology center, Bahay ng Pastol, located in Bgy. Plainview. Over 300 children annually are served by these centers under one of the following programs:

Aral Kalinga We help keep children, who are at-risk of dropping out, in school by enabling them to keep up with schoolwork and nudging them to raise their aspirations. AK is a support system helping children affirm their resolve to improve their lives. Academic Support  

Special classes in reading and math Stipends and prizes for improved school performance: P50/week allowance for children whose grades during a grading period rise to 80% and above and P100/week to children all of whose subject grades are 85% and above. Over the last 3 years, we have distributed P40,000 – P50,000 annually in stipends over to some 18-20 children each year.

Values Formation 

Opportunities are created for children to connect to their community by help others as a peer tutor or Batang Guro, or gaining visibility as a reader in Kuwentuhang Bata, a community story-telling activity. KBs are held every Saturday morning in changing locations within the children’s communities. At each event, 150-200 neighborhood children gather around to listen to our KB readers.

We ended SY 2008/2009 with 30 ‘Batang Guros’, who participated in our Big Tutorial, ‘Magtulungan at Mag-Aral’, in April/May 2008. During the year, 35 UHF children volunteered as readers for ‘Kuwentuhang Bata’.

Skills Training 

Art classes

UHF’s logo was derived from a drawing by a street child. To showcase the children’s works, “Ugnayang Sining”, a public exhibition of the children’s works is organized regularly. Two exhibits were mounted in 2007/2008.

Other Assistance  

Supplemental meals Formation of mothers group

Milk rations are given all children. The mothers voluntarily contribute funds for our centers’ upkeep, act as chaperons and help organize special activities.

Vision & Mission We envision all children growing into mature and productive individuals, inhabiting a caring society of empowered and empowering communities. Accordingly, we exist to help children discover their potential and expand their life options. Street and out-of-school children and youth and those at-risk of dropping out of school are our special concerns. Our centers which are located in the places where they live or “work” are these children’s sanctuaries.

Buhay Kalinga BK provides street and out-of-school children and youth (OSCY) alternative opportunities for channeling their energies and activities to help them re-gain a sense of their personal worth and navigate a way out of the streets. In 2007, OSCYs made up 27% of all children aged 6-15. Worse, close to half or over 40% of such children, according to a government study, were simply idle. Education  Basic literacy classes and one-on-one tutorials  Assistance in entering and maintaining their participation in non-formal education programs In SY 2008/2009, 5 children completed the 1-year course at the La Salle Greenhills Special Education Program for Former Street Children (LSG SEP-FSC). Among these, 3 successfully obtained their grade school equivalency certificate and will be entering the La Salle Night High School as freshmen in SY 2009-2010. We have 30 other out-of-school children and youth in our in-house basic literacy and alternative learning system programs and will be increasing this number to 250 during the course of the year.

Health   

Regular meals Sanitation facilities Medical assistance and referrals UHF is usually the children’s first recourse in medical and other emergencies.

Values Formation  

Mentoring, group and individual counseling Classes in religious doctrine

We help children wean themselves away from inappropriate habits, e.g., the abuse of inhalants, uncontrolled anger, and “panlalait” (hurtful teasing). We help them to better appreciate and value themselves and, consequently, others.

Skills Training  

Art classes In-service training

Children participate in making items produced under UrChef, a bakery project, and UrCraft, an art and crafts enterprise, and receive an allowance for such participation. At the Community Technology Learning Center we have set up in partnership with the Visayan Forum, Microsoft Philippines and Mandaluyong City, children learn basic computer skills.

Organization & Affiliations As of April 2009, UHF’s Board of Trustees is composed of Olie Lucas, President, Cristy Orbeta, Vice President, Angel Inocentes-Gonzalez, Treasurer, Angelica Yap-Azurin, Corporate Secretary, and Melit Araneta, Carissa Singson, Celee Pamintuan-Tang, Pandy Singian and Raffy Guerrero as regular members. UHF was formally incorporated in December 1999. It was the natural outcome of the continuous and increasing involvement with street children of UHF’s founding trustees who three years earlier in September 1996 introduced play and educational activities for street children which were then held regularly every Saturday. On January 27, 2003, UHF was registered and licensed by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) as a social welfare agency implementing community-based services for children and youth. On August 28, 2006, UHF became a registered volunteer organization with the Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA). It is also a recognized service provider for the Alternative Learning System Programs of the Department of Education. UHF is a member of the National Council for Social Development (NCSD), the Manila West Network (MWN) for Children in Need of Special Protection, and the DSWD-organized ABSNET (Area-Based Standards Network) Metro East Cluster. It is also a partner organization of the Civil Society Network for Education Reforms or E-Net Philippines.

How You Can Help You may help by being a part-time or full-time volunteer and by promoting, supporting, as well as, helping organize livelihood activities and fund-raising projects. Cash and in-kind contributions are most welcome. A contribution of P1,000 monthly or P10,000 annually helps to maintain a child in our programs. Call or visit us at: Address:

39 Calbayog Street Bgy. Highway Hills Mandaluyong City 1550 Telephone: (632) 531 3474 Email: unanghakbangfoundation Website:

Core Beliefs We believe that children have the right to education and view schooling as the work of the child.

School is the place for children to test their competencies and develop confidence in their ability to take the initiative in their lives.

We believe in the importance of play in the development of the child which is embedded in the inclusion of children’s right to play in the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Children need to play and seek play experiences, one of the street’s major attractions. Play fosters the development of skills and promotes creativity and helps build self-esteem. Through play, friendships and a sense of community are formed.

 

We believe that each child is a unique person whose special talents and abilities need to surface and be developed. We strive to provide each child personalized attention and to instill in all who work with us a caring attitude. We believe that we are all members of the same family in God, sharing the same hopes and desires and seeking meaningful ways to share our humanity with one another.

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