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Kitchen appliance market in China; replacement as the main theme

Ă‚ Home appliance chainSellBusinessFive StarSince August 12, 2005 in Jiangsu province-wide releaseKitchenElectrical consumption of the questionnaire, as 24 of more than 8,600 were recovered, of which 7470 were valid questionnaires. Questionnaire on consumer spending in the kitchen during the ten issues of concern to the investigation. Recently, the Five Star invite relevant professionals to analyze the questionnaire results, published the "2005 White Paper on kitchen appliances consumer." Potential of sudden current consumption. Survey, the year they intend to buy kitchen appliances to consumers as high as 59.1%%. In recent years this figure due to deliver a large number of new properties, newDecorationThe family is the release of purchasing power. Accordance with the relevant agencies in ChinaMarket KitchenResearch and analysis in recent years,Kitchen AppliancesAnnual sales rate of 35%% increase over the next five years, with sales up nearly 10 billion yuan every year. Product replacement kitchen into the main theme According to the survey, 45.24%% of consumers buy the latest kitchen appliances in two years ago. Updated kitchen and bathroom products, kitchen speed determines the strong demand situation. Relevant data, kitchen appliances and white goods demand ratio is 1:1, but higher replacement rate makes kitchen products faster thanTV, Refrigerators and other consumer durables, the average 4 to 5 years should be updated, the market demand is actually greater in recent years, demand is still rising exponentially. Related departments survey also shows that in the next decade, China will have about 33%% of households moved into new houses, which means there are 2.6 million each year over the kitchen appliances to replacement. Promotions: More willing to accept direct discount prices Survey, when asked consumers to purchase kitchen appliances at the time of acceptance of what benefits the most when there is 81.4%% of consumers choose "direct price discount." Five Star Center for Planning explained that the consumption behavior of consumers now become more rational, and also put forward higher requirements for businesses should avoid fancy marketing tricks, more consideration to the needs of consumers. Consumers of kitchen and bathroom as well as other products become increasingly impatient with the price of some businesses playGameMore willing to accept lower prices direct sales. The kitchen appliances in this year's festival, the five-star refused all blockbusters machine, such limit to buy limited edition promotions. Most see is Service, Price Consumer appliancesMarketplaceBuy the most fancy kitchen product "service" and "price" the proportion of all the questionnaires were accounted for 41.7%% and 36.32%%. Many consumers interviewed said that the product is different from the other kitchen appliances, for the purchase and installation of relatively high professional requirements. Survey, also kitchen and bathroom products consumers buy the most complained about issue, select aBrandProducts such issues as the reasons for the investigation. Results forAppliance RetailIndustry, especially kitchen and bathroom products vendors has a positive significance.

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Kitchen appliance market in China  
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