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Wai, India W

ai is a rural community several hours inland from Mumbai. It is known for its beautiful temples. But even in the shadow of the temples, there are families living in slum conditions. Many schools in the area do not have desks, let alone books, computers or school libraries. They are filled, however, with enthusiastic teachers and students and are lucky enough to have a small community library committed to providing access to books and to fostering a love of reading in the students of the area schools.

What do we do on the trip? You will develop and deliver a lesson plan for Indian school students, designed to help them practice their English with native speakers. You will help to conduct community based research using the PhotoVoice research method to explore an issue Many schools in the area do (i.e. “water- use, meaning and futures�) and not have desks, let alone books, together we will generate and curate a photo computers or school libraries. exhibit to be displayed both in India and at Westminster. You will be a representative of Westminster College and the U.S. and you will meet and talk to students, teachers, administrators, library staff and other community members. You will be overwhelmed, thrilled, exhausted, challenged, amazed and changed!


Is it all work? The vast majority of the trip is dedicated to our projects but there will be opportunities to visit beautiful historic temples and to do a little shopping in the market area in the town of Wai. The boundaries between what is work and what is celebration will blur at times as we visit schools and centers in and around Wai. You will experience a short homestay and your host family may take you to see sights in and around town. We will spend a day or two in Mumbai with tour and shopping options at the end of the trip as well.


How do we prepare? As thoroughly as possible! We will have 5-8 meetings in the spring and summer leading up to the trip. You will be responsible for the material covered in these meetings if you are unable to attend. We will do everything in our power to find times that work with as many schedules as possible. We prepare travel documents and packing lists and study elements of culture and language together. Some of our most important work in these preparatory meetings is developing an understanding of basic learning theory and research methods in order to prepare for our specific teaching and PhotoVoice projects. Faculty from Westminster’s School of Education and Utah State University’s Social Work Department will help in our preparation.

When is the trip? The exact dates will be determined based on air fares and availability; however, we anticipate leaving the US August 2nd, 3rd or 4th and returning August 12th, 13th, 14th or 15th.


What is the cost? Final trip costs will be set in January- fluctuations in airfares effect the pricing. The trip will not cost more than $2700 for current Westminster students. We are hopeful we will be able to set the price closer to $2500. Small additional fees may be levied for non-students.

India Fellows Program India Fellows work throughout the spring and summer, under the guidance of the Westminster in India Steering Committee and a mentor- either a trip leader or a volunteer faculty member- to identify, design, implement, and assess a project that supports and furthers the work of the Summer India trip. Fellows earn cost deferments for their travel with the hours of service they devote to their project. Fellows are “paid” at the rate of $15 of deferment per hour and typically work between 4 and 10 hours per week during the approximately 24 weeks between January and July of 2013. See Deferment Charts at the end for a sense of the relationship between time commitment and deferment amount. Please note, “earnings” will be capped at the full trip cost, no additional monies will be provided to students who devote additional time to projects. The rare student will be able to meet their project goals within the 4 hours per week time frame, however, it is also unlikely that any student can devote 10 hours every week to their project- most likely, students will have some weeks with a lighter time commitment and some weeks with a heavier time commitment. Additionally, some students might not start their projects in January.


Fellows Duties Fellows will identify, in cooperation with the Westminster in India Steering Committee, a potential project in broad strokes & seek an appropriate mentor to flesh out the dimensions. Projects must: o Be feasibly planned, implemented & assessed in the time frame available. o Support the aims of the Summer 2013 Summer Service Trip. o Address the global consciousness campus wide learning goal. o Include benefits for partners in India. This opportunity will change your life and give you a chance to serve othes.

Westminster in India  

FAQ booklet about the service trip to India.

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