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Author: Shota Takahashi Sayako Ono Miyama Fujisaku Hanae Shimizu

There were children who never grow old age. They lived in Makuhari city and they went to same elementary school.

They were three girls and one boy, and had bad relationship at first. Shota was a pure and shy boy, so he was always tricked by three girls. The girls were so mean and Shota was alone. His true friend was only dog. Miyama was a top of the three, and Sayako and Hanae were her followers. But when they were 10 years old, Shota’s shoes were stolen by someone. Then Miyama stood up and researched the person who stole Shota’s shoes. But actually, that person was Miyama. She returned them because she wanted to attract his attentions. It was Miyama’s strategy to become friends with Shota, but he didn’t notice it. Since then, they became good friends. They used to go to flower garden and talked about school life.

When they were 12 years old, Miyama asked Shota to meet only two. They went to an amusement park, because Miyama wanted to have a date. They enjoyed, but it was secret to others. At the end, they were found that their relation by Sayako and Hanae. Two girls were jealous, and they became bad relationship. Shota and Miyama also broke up because Shota hang out with other girls. When they graduated from elementary school, four friends were separated.

Six years later‌ Shota decided to study English and Business in KUIS. At the entrance ceremony, he checked which class he belongs to in front of building1. At there, he found fond dear person!! He realized she was Miyama, and he also found Sayako and Hanae. Ten days later, they went to British Hills as an orientation camp. They did same activity, ate delicious dinner and talked at pub. They talked about past times, present and future. They had so good time.

After that, Sayako, Hanae and Miyama backed to theirs room. They were talking about their love. Miyama said, “I want to apologize for that day.” Hanae and Sayako said “Oh!? What’s suddenly! We didn’t mind that things. It was a past thing!” Miyama said, “Uh... but I must apologize to you! That day, I asked Shota to go to a theme park in secret to you. So, I loved him so much. But, Sayako and Hanae loved him, too.” Sayako said “I know. Why did you do such a thing?” Miyama said “I don’t have a confidence! You are cuter than me and so flirt with him often! But how am I! I can’t win his heart! So, I have no way to get in a relationship with him.” After finishing her talking, her shed tears with her eyes. Hanae said strictly “I’m sure that you did bad thing to our friendship, but it is proof that you loved Shota more than us. We are loss.” Hanae was also crying. Sayako said confidently, “We didn’t get angry. Now, I am happy to talk with you as at one time! But, I will get relationship with him!” Hanae said “Oh! Shota is mine!!” Everyone laughed. They talked the night away. After the British Hills orientation, they had a very good relationship.

One summer day, Shota and Hanae went to the festival together. Shota said “I want to go the festival with Hanae.” Then, Hanae agreed, and they went to see fireworks…. Then, Shota and Hanae had a relationship, and they became one of the best couple in KUIS. They sometimes went to somewhere with four. Miyama congratulated of their relationship the bottom of her heart. But Sayako couldn’t give up her love. So she sometimes felt sad and painful.

Ten years later‌ Hanae and Shota broke up this year. Sayako attacked Shota because she had been interested in him since she met first. Three month later, Shota and Sayako got married. Hanae and Miyama congratulated to them. If shota has relationship with other woman, Sayako will stop him strongly by using gun because Sayako knew the other story of friend love.

After all, they were good relationship ever after. Love could be compatible with friendship.


Author; Shota Takahashi Sayako Ono Hanae Shimizu Miyama Fujisaku

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