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There was an ugly girl. Her name was “Eat”. She studied too much, and she didn’t know how to communicate with people. So, she had no friend. And her character was shy and negative. Her voice was small; she had no interest about fashion, too. She didn’t like noisy and crowded place.


One day, she saw one exchange student in the library. His name was “Nori”. Suddenly, he offered her to take picture with statue of Sano. Nori said “Please take a picture with statue of Sano.” Eat said “…………Sure.” He said “Thank you” with lovely sweet perfect smile. She felt embarrassed about his smile. Then, she fell in love. But this was one sided love. Eat was just a girl for Nori.


One day, she found strange book on the street whose witch’s. She brought it for her home and started to write diary. She wrote fancies about her love for Nori every day. For example, she got new beautiful face or she spent happy life with him and a lot of good friends in diary. She didn’t know this book is witch’s magic book at that time.


Next day, a witch appeared. And she got magic power. She didn’t know reason why witch appeared in front of her. Because of magic power which she got, she could become to grant about diary story. Throw this experience; she noticed that who strange book’s owner is.

First, Eat wanted beautiful face. Second, she wanted many friends. Third, she wished Nori love her.


The witch sent to magic power for Eat to grant Eat’s wished, using their forefingers. Then, first wish granted


She could get more beautiful face than before! She became happy! Then, after that she became positive and active girl because her face was improve. So, she got confidence about herself, and she got first friend. She knew how interesting to talk with friend.


One day, she was very starving. So she wanted something to eat. She found a cup noodle on the street. She was pleased and ate it. Immediately, she began to feel pain because of the cup noodle. Because, the cup noodle was poison!


Then, her face was changed because of poison in the cup noodle. She became strange creature. She cried every day. She lost confident about herself and lost friends. She couldn’t go school because of creature’s face


Nori loved Eat little. So he felt so sad because Eat became a strange creature! Eat`s beautiful face could change not only face but also her character. Nori fascinated by new Eat.

He couldn’t see and talk with her. This made him sad

10. Nori asked three Venuses who he saw in his dream. He said “Please change her back!” He expected good answer. They said “I’m sorry. We have no time. Just yourself! ” Reason why they said strict thing for Nori was three Venuses hoped that he grows up.


Then, bad guys appeared in front of Eat. She bumped against them because she walked with looking street. Bad

guys didn’t like her ugly face and her bad communication skill. She was cheated by bad guys.

12. They were imposter wizards. Angry wizards used magic and then, she became cute creature.

13. Eat’s good old friends, include Nori, sent magic power for Eat. They made letters of “Eat” This action was ceremony to send magic power.

14. Because of their magic power, Eat could be back human. But, her looking is not good yet. And, her character is not good too. She had a hot temper. She always got angry about all things. No one wanted to communicate with her.

15. Nori chooses many tools which he thought good for her to make her good character. Pencil will make her clever. Glasses case will make her good eye. Watch will make her puncture. Pen case will make her can put in order. Book will make her good character.

16. From a lot of tools, he chooses a book. He thought that book will make her good character and positive girl which she used to be. This text book was about many good people’s good story. After using this book, she became good character. He though success and He was really happy!

17. She offered to her friend, who is a coordinator, to her glow up her fashionable sense. The fruit of her efforts, she got good fashion sense. She wore elegant, girly, smart clothes. Everyone who saw Eat was fascinated by her fantastic fashion!

18. And, she wear pierced earring. At that time, she was a fashionable girl! Actually this earring had big magic power. One time someone wear this earring, one wish will be fulfilled. She experienced many luck magic during that time. This earring will make last magic.

19. Her character was already returned to her former character. But her looks was not good yet. Eat and everyone who knows her thought sad. So, three people made medicine to back her looks.

20. Their strong hope and Eat’s earring’s magic power made medicine which can back her face. Finally, her face backed which better than before. She really thanked for everyone. Then, she had good looking and good character. Both of two things gave her confident for Nori. Of course, she still loved Nori. Even if her face became creature, even if her character became bad, she never gave up about Nori.

21. Eat decided to do declare her love for Nori. Every one cheered for Eat’s love. At that time, she got all things. Good friend, good character, fashion sense, and good face. But, she felt guilty because she got these things from magic. So, she thought that she want to get last thing, love, on her own without magic.

She planed about her confess on her own, and she waited Nori around student’s dining hall.

22. She confused to confess him because this is first time for her to confess someone. She felt want to use magic or rely on someone. But she had decided to accomplish herself. Finally, she succeeded in confession. Both of them, Eat and Nori, were embarrassed in front of each other. She gave him a ring. This has no magic power. There were no more miracles around them.

23. She experienced a lot of good and bad things. But these experiences grew her and Nori, too. Then, they spent wonderful days WITHOUT MAGIC.

Magical Confession  

Magical Confession

Magical Confession  

Magical Confession