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WELCOME IBADAN‌ Ibadan is a vast historic city with its rich cultural heritage, which makes the city one of the most exciting places in the country.


We have the pleasure of welcoming you to another edition of the IBCITY INFO city guide. The general reception that the two previous versions received have motivated the editorial team to bring the best Ibadan has to offer. This summer edition of IBCITY INFO continues to showcase the very best of Ibadan as we have added more content to the magazine as a whole. This combined with the re-launch of our website (, means that we have the pleasure of delivering the most premium of information to indigenes and visitors alike anywhere, anytime. There are so many activities going on in Ibadan than there ever was. We, therefore, encourage your perusal of the magazine to assist you when making a decision. While you are out there, do not forget to use the coupons at the designated stores! Have fun exploring!

Eleyele River, Ibadan.


n my capacity as Permanent Secretary of Culture and Tourism of the State, I am pleased and proud to welcome you all to the pace setting city of Ibadan.

Ibadan is widely blessed with a vast expanse of arable land and highly resourceful people. The city is the largest in West Africa and when any place is blessed with that much landmass it invariably becomes a place rich in culture and heritage, blessed with a diverse set of people, unique places of interest, colourful festivals and several historical sites and landmarks more than could be found in other places. This is why I am glad to welcome the third edition of this initiative that has made it possible to share the proud history of places and the people of Ibadan with both the indigenes and incoming visitors. Ibadan is presently enjoying a prosperous period of widespread growth and broad set development, so I implore you during your stay, to visit our various malls, sample our diverse cuisine, explore our lifestyle, learn our culture and most importantly, connect with the people. So again, I welcome you to the city of red roofs and rolling hills. Ekaabo si ilu Ibadan. Dr. O.K. Babalola Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Oyo State.



Odu’a Museum and Hall of Fame

CULTURE & HERITAGE Nestled within this thriving modern version of the city is the Old Ibadan with its sea of brown roofs, picturesque festivals, archaic Town Halls and old memorials; the depiction of a rich culture that is as old as the seven hills surrounding the city.

Aerial view from Cocoa House showing Kokodome


COCOA HOUSE Proudly lining the Ibadan sky at a modest 105m and overlooking Dugbe, the ‘Wall Street’ of Ibadan, you get the feeling that Cocoa House has scores of stories to tell. The iconic building is the first known skyscraper in pan tropical Africa as at completion and has continued to stand as a beacon of the fast developing Ibadan commercial sector. The idea for a skyscraper began with the late elder statesman, Chief Obafemi Awolowo and this idea gradually evolved and eventually took form on 30th July 1965. The newly built Cocoa House was commissioned by the then Premier of the Western Region and the Aare Oona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, the Late Chief Ladoke Akintola. The landmark was borne off the profits garnered from the now defunct Western Region of Nigeria cocoa sales hence the name. Disaster, however, struck on 9th January 1985 when the House got burnt, and it was not until 1988 before rehabilitation plans were drawn and restoration works commenced. On 2nd August 1992, Cocoa House was reborn and reopened to the general public in the presence of all the executive governors of all the Western States. From its 1.7 hectares vantage point on Major J. Allen Avenue at Dugbe, the Cocoa House serves as the nucleus to a lot of the commercial activities of the Ibadan people. It is home to one of the first malls that took root in the city and stands as a heritage of the past years that the population of Ibadan is proud to call theirs. The highbrow location of Cocoa House is also known as Bank Road (understandably given as there is hardly any bank you would not find around there including the Central Bank). It has an annex, Kokodome that is famous in its own right as a choice destination for a number of people due to its well-run restaurant and its nightclub that has a pedigree as old as one can remember. The O’dua Investment Group was incorporated in July 1976 and was charged to oversee the business interests of the former Western Region of Nigeria. It has since been responsible for the welfare, the commercial interests and the marked progression of Cocoa House in line with its original vision of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

15 15

ART The Odu’a Museum sits atop the Cocoa House and despite being one of the newer museums in the city, its exhibition includes a number of Noachian relics and prehistoric antiques.


All photos from Odu’a Museum and Hall of Fame


t has been said that one of the cons of the modern digital world is that culture gets ignored; history gets forgotten and art becomes abandoned. The Yoruba people are considered one of the most enterprising in terms of artwork but now have their legacy tethering on the edge of oblivion due to a certain decadence as regards the preservation of history works. There is the growing fear that our heritage as black people is being replaced by mobile phones. A closer look, however, shows there are causes for optimism. Part of such causes is perched on the highest point of the tallest building in Ibadan the O’dua Heritage Museum, a condominium of Yoruba heritage, history and culture growing out of a building that itself is a landmark of historic proportions. Not many

realize that such a place exists on the 24th floor of Cocoa House. Right from the 23rd floor, the modern walls are adorned with paintings, carvings and various antiquities that effuse the ideas centered on Yoruba traditions and history creating an oxymoronic link between the past and the present. Further on, the centre itself is divided into two areas; the actual museum and the Hall of Fame, giving visitors the

chance to relive each of these experiences independently. The museum is laid out in the classic Yoruba setting that helps provide an insight to generations past. Various musical instruments like the ancient drums are proudly displayed, comically giving the compartment the look of an old studio that depicts Yoruba culture. The fashion section of the museum portrays the fabrics that were worn then; several flamboyant Aso-Oke of various textures (Sanya, Alaaru & Etu), patterns and colours. These were sewn into styles such as Agbada, Sokoto, Kembe and Dansiki. The most impressive section, however, is that dedicated to the royal memorabilia. The compartment showcases an array of relics such as the beaded staff of office of past Kabiyesis, neck and wrist bracelets, horsetails, several crowns and other royal regalia. The museum displays a peace treaty signed in 1886 at the Kiriji-Mesin battlefield together with an enviable collection of swords. The final section features a gramophone, hair clippers, wooden combs, televisions, coal pressing irons, analogue phones, old cameras and several other items that portray the touch of civilization. Also in the same section are kitchen, hunting, and household items.

into the past. The gallery features a roll call of Yoruba legends and icons who dedicated their lives and resources to creating a better Nigeria. Such figures include the great Obafemi Awolowo, Samuel Akintola, M.K.O Abiola, Wole Soyinka, Rashidi Yekini, Funmilayo-Ransome-Kuti, amongst others. A video archive is also available for anyone who would like to learn more about these nationalists, their struggles, and accomplishments. A visit to the museum serves as an educative way of reconnecting with the past. Perusing through ancient culture and art against a modern backdrop indeed serves as a fun way of doing so.

The Hall of Fame area together with the corridor leading there is an exhibition of various colourful Adires (tie and dye made fabrics), artistic mats and the locally made ceiling gives a sense of being thrust back

The museum opens from 10am-4pm. 17

A Centennial Tribute

Chief Mrs H.I.D Awolowo


he centenary jubilee is a landmark that usually depicts longevity and durability in a life well spent. On November 26, 2015, the Yeye Oba of Ile-Ife will be celebrating her 100th birthday. While many do indeed clock the age of 100 with consummate ease, only a few do so to a backdrop of a life well spent and a life full of beneficence. Chief Mrs Awolowo also lived a life of dedication to one’s Fatherland, one spent in creating legacies that will inevitably stand the test of time. Befitting the momentous occasion of Chief Mrs H.I.D Awolowo reaching the century mark is a synopsis of her days gone past and while a short chronicle, this stretch of years will not do enough justice to the immensity of her overall contributions to the nation and what it is today. Her actions have inspired generations of men and women. Hannah Idowu Dideolu was born in 1915 to the Adelana family in Ikenne-Remo a community that predominantly consisted of farmers and artisans of several kinds. Hannah started her education at one of the missionary schools, St Saviour’s but later transferred to St. Peters School in Lagos. She continued schooling in Lagos and proceeded to the vintage Methodist Girls Grammar School. On completion of high school she returned


to her hometown in Ikenne to start a job teaching elementary students at her alma mater. H.I.D has always had a keen sense of business, an acumen that even till date is evident from the successful running of several organizations most especially the Nigerian Tribune. This is as a result of the many years she spent undergoing a rigorous apprenticeship at her mother’s feet while accompanying her across many of the markets in Remo. Her mother, Elizabeth, was a trader well versed in the business of buying and selling fabrics and Hannah, on her return, combined the teaching job with her first business venture, one that consisted of ordering items such as hats, lace fabrics and other materials from overseas and retailing them to colleagues. She met the great Obafemi Awolowo via a simple introduction from a family friend and on Boxing Day of 1937 and after three years of courtship, they got married and relocated to Oke Bola in Ibadan. At his behest, she quit her trade business for a while but had to resume after Obafemi went to London to study Law. This time, however, she pushed the business further. She took up her father’s vocation and started sewing so as to ensure that her children grew up in a healthy financial situation regardless of their father’s absence. She continued trading during the 1950s and 1960s and it was this time she formed deeper roots in Ibadan by opening her Stores, Dideolu Stores Ltd and Ligu Distribution Services Ltd in the old Gbagi Market, selling textiles and beverages among other things. In 1957, her outstanding marketing skills saw her earn the very first distributorship ever with the Nigerian Tobacco Company. Upon Obafemi Awolowo’s return from London, his political interests saw him co-found the Egbe Omo Oduduwa group. This meant their home became a beehive of political activities, and their lives were committed to gaining independence for African

through even when he was placed under house arrest. He was later removed to the Broad Street prison in Lagos when treason charges were brought against him. Mrs Awolowo persevered and made her crusade for her husband’s freedom all the while never losing sight of the goal of creating a country fit for its citizens. She oversaw party alliances and ensured the various interests were kept running. Regardless of her state of origin, Chief (Mrs) H.I.D Awolowo remains a crowd favourite in Ibadan and is considered a citizen of Ibadan because of her extended stay in the city. Also, through her influence one of the key establishments in the nation, the African Newspaper of Nigeria (parent company of the Nigerian Tribune) was started in Ibadan. She assumed the chairmanship of the newspaper after Obafemi Awolowo’s death and has continued to help improve the standard by churning out papers dedicated to truth and transparency. Her continued management of the Nigerian Tribune is one of the reasons it survived and sustained growth over the decades. states starting from Nigeria. Politically, H.I.D was a passionate woman whose love for her country and progressive nature helped charge her proactively in the women group of the party alongside names like Abibat Mogaji. Such was the revolutionary nature of H.I.D that she spent most of her time canvassing for her husband, rallying women to their cause and campaigning across states. However, it was during the crisis in the Western Region that she went through one of her most difficult times being married to a politician. The widespread approval of Obafemi Awolowo and his prospectus for a better and independent Nigeria consequently meant that he also was incurring odium from certain quarters. HID was with her husband all the way, offering support and battling

In days and years to come, when the name Awolowo is heralded and the great man rushes to mind along with his numerous achievements as a revolutionary soldier, most should also remember the matriarch of his dynasty, the affectionate mother but pragmatic woman, who helped shape the legacy the name carries today and whose philanthropy can only be matched by her sense of patriotism. She is a woman worth a hundred odes and tributes, one we, on behalf of the Nigerian Tribune, would like to wish a happy 100th Birthday!


Aerial view from Cocoa House






n every city of the world, there is always a historical background to the reasons that birthed a place to be called a particular name. Some places are named after heroes, first residents, government officials, traditional rulers, first supermarkets, incidents/occurrences, landmarks, rivers, particular buildings or monuments. For the residents, it is quite important that we know the reasons for the naming of places we pass through almost every day. For tourists and visitors, we invite you to read and learn about the naming of some significant places in this great Ibadan city. There is a famous story about how a notable area in the southeastern part of Ibadan came to be named by native default. It goes that a new District Officer, Her Majesty’s shadow, that had just been posted to the former Western Region decided to go on a familiarization tour of the capital seat of the government. When the white man got to this area, he was particularly shocked by the undulating mounds of dirt on the banks of the riverine surroundings. The District Officer could not hide his fouled reaction to that despicable eyesore. He said absent-mindedly in nasal Queen’s English: “Gosh! This place is


rather too dirty!” and with ignorance playing on his lips, a semiliterate, self-appointed interpreter stepped in and blurted out: “Kere o! Oyinbo so pe lati oni lo, a o ma pe ibiyi ni KU-DE-TI” (Attention! The white man says that from now on, this place shall be called KUDETI). In the sense of a colonial naming the place, KUDETI remains a joke, a fable, and some comic imagination of a mischievous environmentalist. For, before the District Officer’s tour, Kudeti had always been Kudeti. It has its original meaning tied to the miraculous power of the river in that area of Ibadan, which was acclaimed to cure all diseases from malaria to smallpox many years ago. With such herbal waters around, it was virtually unthinkable for the inhabitants to succumb to the fatal embrace of death. To them, therefore, KUDETI meant ‘Death Is Impossible’. The popular MOLETE is a shortened form of “OMOLETEGE” which was the description given to a mad woman who used to inhabit a spot around the now famous roundabout over which is a fly-over. The woman in question had mental problems, and she chose that place as her residence. What was however noticeable about her was her neatness. Her

Ibadan is like Rome, built on seven hills according to legend.


rags were neat and she kept her surroundings spotlessly clean. She washed daily and sat radiantly in her chosen spot. Hence the name “OMOLETEGE” which later gave that name, “MOLETE”.

So “Shepherds’ Hill became “Oke Shepert” on the interpreter’s tongue but the people called it “Oke Sepaati” which eventually stabilized into what is now known as “OKE SAPATI”.

Ibadan is, like Rome, built on seven hills according to legend. The seven hills (Oke) magical in their use as shields and observatories were named after memorable king-warriors, local administrators and events in the land. Oke Foko, Oke Are, Oke Bola, Oke Ado, Oke Adu, Oke Dada and Oke Mapo upon which the District Administrator sat and ruled the Harlem of Africa. However, the colonial presence was also left on the granite earth of these hills for there are other hills, or other edges of the same hill named after the white man. Moreover, it came to pass that on the crest of one of those hills accommodated the first groups of missionaries ever to set foot in this ancient city. The valley on the southern lip of this hill was called Beere for it swarmed with people and was the centre of the land. It was the biggest hive of the central market beginning right from the trade yard around the Bashorun’s square, known as Oja-iba (Oja’ba).

The other Christian mission which settled on the western valley across the glancing shoulders of Shepherds’ Hill soon discovered that the ubiquitous interpreter was waiting with a name wagging in its honour. This particular mission was meters away from the banks of the legendary Ogunpa River. This was not a hilly settlement and probably for that reason the ordinary member of the congregation had the rare advantage of visiting the parish and meeting the padre in person. In the Colonial Authority Gazette, the residential site of the mission was known as “The Padre’s Quarters” but in the people’s imagination, this too must be a holy mount and the fortress of the white god. This was referred to by the indigenes as “The Padre’s Hill”. The transliteration tenor wafted across the valleys, and that settlement became known as “OKE PADRE” or “OKE PAADI” as it is widely received today.

The white missionary seldom visited the valleys except on the days sanctified to wrest more souls from Satan’s grip for the Lord. He was the angel among the heathen, and the heathen revered him for his puzzling knowledge but feared him for his masterful handling of the gun. In every sense, the missionary was the shepherd, and the hillcrest where he dwelt was officially known as “Shepherds’ Hill” or “The Hill of the Shepherds”. Again the native interpreter took a sunny look at Saints David and Anne, Saints Louis and Luke, Saints Peter and Paul on the mount and the white lords threw him a collective smile accepting his supplication to translate the newfound place name in the people’s interest.

Ibadan has the distinction of being the home of the first university in the country. The University of Ibadan was at first an affiliate of the University of London with the undergraduates of the then University College, Ibadan, popularly known as UCI, taking English degrees. Place names as you see, are irruptions of history, mementos of memory, the logos of topographic events, and concrete markers of mythical actions and personae. Source: IBADAN MESIOGO: A Celebration of a City, its history and people -2001




badan is home to many firsts. Prominent among these firsts is The Nigerian Tribune which is the oldest privately owned newspaper in Nigeria. It was birthed right here at the Adeoyo Road in Ibadan and since its establishment in November 1949, it has grown to become one of the most widely read dailies in the country.

The Nigerian Tribune presently represents the pinnacle of journalism in Nigeria, but The Tribune in actuality was not built with the intention of creating the empire it is today. Rather it was started by the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo in November 1949 in his capacity as the Asiwaju of Yorubaland as a political tool to help advocate the issues of the Yoruba people in the days before Independence. Through maintenance of rigid standards and the newspaper’s continued ability to deliver prompt and unbiased coverage of news events, the Tribune quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the most popular and trusted dailies in Nigeria today. The Nigerian Tribune continues to earmark excellence as its watchword and testament to this is the number of accolades it continues to garner every year both at home and internationally.







Kabachi Restaurant

Martha’s Kitchen

Martha’s Kitchen

DINING OUT Food enthusiasts need not wander too far before finding excellent and diverse options for their next meal. Ibadan has grown accustomed to the fervent demands for great dining locations and complementing quality in services; a development that visitors will find most welcoming.

Martha’s Kitchen


he food culture in Ibadan is always an impeccable and diverse affair especially if you are new to the city’s grub scene. Eating out in the city has undergone a major overhaul in names with new eating outlets springing up every odd month or so and leaving only older places that can keep with times and adapt. Gone are the days when the market was cornered by the duopoly that is Mr Biggs and Tantalizers. Such is the rate at which new eating places are springing up that for every few meters, one will be sure to uncover at the very least one excellent restaurant, canteen (commonly called Buka) or fast food joint. The Bodija axis is a prime example of such phenomenon seeing as it is home to all of these various eatery categories. Prominent


Martha’s Kitchen

among these places is the Skye Bank aka Skye Lolo that is a favourite among the canteens due to the exquisiteness of their amala. Further down the road is the Ola Mummy Canteen that is equally as attractive just with a bit more organisation in place and better parking space. The quadrant is completed by the Altima Canteen off Awolowo Junction that is often frequented by most people in that working district of Bodija due to its pocket-friendly meals and a relaxing environment. For a city that is the biggest in the sub-Sahara, the other areas of the city are not lacking in either quantity or quality of the eateries. Shoprite located in the Heritage Mall is also well famed for its kitchen where you can buy different kinds of takeout meals. The meals are sold per gram, but the quality of the food is a ton of fresh breath when

Teppanyaki at Kabachi Restaurant

compared to certain other places. Popular choices include pasta, rice, seafood and potatoes. The Shoprite bakery is quite popular especially since it produces one of the best bread in the city. A floor above Shoprite at Dugbe is home to Champs, one of the newer places, which is often frequented primarily by foreigners due to the vast array of international cuisine, they have on their menu. The organisation here is of high quality and they have an obsession for neatness, which consequently makes it one of the safest places to eat in the city. Furthermore, the remarkable standard of cleanliness is matched only by the sumptuousness of their meals and better yet, its affordability. The Foodco outlet is one of the veteran stores in Ibadan, another example of a supermarket with a thriving restaurant. The Bodija branch of the supermarket has an eatery that over time has proven

to be dependable in the quality of its meal, a friendly environment and a model customer service. Across town near the airport is one of the most popular haunts for the locals residing there or visitors coming into the city by air. The D&D Restaurant around Alakia may not be the largest or the flashiest of places, but the meals produced there, mainly the pounded yam/ turkey exclusive means that the level of patronage there has never wavered. Alabede is an attractive little shack right off the expressway at Agbowo that gives new meaning to not judging a book by its cover. Simply put, it is one of the hottest amala joints in the city. Ironically, their clientele includes both young and old. The food here is always steaming, and there is a good chance that by the time you are halfway into the meal, perspiration would have started to form. Some places

like Alabede offers refreshments like alcoholic brews to douse such situations. Inastrait located at the top of a hill near the Premier Hotel is another canteen hotspot where the meals are hot, and the drinks are cold. The restaurant business in Ibadan has gone right off the hook. One of the newest offerings bestowed upon us is the Kabachi, a multi-star Chinese restaurant where the meals tantalise your tastes buds. It has gathered more positive reviews than any oriental restaurant both old and new and currently represents the best place to get a plate of the best shrimp dumplings in town.


also churns out home-style Chinese take-outs at affordable prices, and other specialties include beef à la Sichuan which consists of flavourful pulled beef with sliced peppers, in a tangy brown sauce.

I V1, Ventura Mall, Old Aerodrome, Ibadan; 070 5555 0000 Daily: 09:00 – 22:00.


f visitors to Ibadan used to complain about the dearth of quality food in the city, they may have the opposite problem these days with the opening of Kabachi, the new Chinese fusion bistro that just opened up at Ventura Mall. It is not difficult to imagine oneself in a sun-kissed Miami roadside café while at Kabachi, with potent cocktails, flavourful dishes and atmospheric setting. The ritzy restaurant is situated in the basement level of Ventura Mall; an elegant multistoried building by Ibadan’s old aerodrome, that is elaborately encapsulated in glass and bedecked with gleaming red panels. Martinis and shrimp dumplings flow freely, and embroidered white table linens flutter from the blast of the central air conditioning system that also carries subtle but delicious scents from the elaborate teppanyaki grill; where low conversation and staccato peals of laughter waft about. The eclectic daily offerings change according to what is freshly available, but right now, the beef and broccoli entrée is a must have and is as guilt-free as can be. So proud is the staff of their Kabachi fried rice, that they would be offended if you did not order it! The restaurant

Who said breakfast had to be eggs and toast only? Kabachi has just launched a fiery brunch line up featuring pancakes, bacon, sausages, baked beans, sautéed mushrooms, French toast, Chinese rice porridge, oats, ogì, fried noodles, eggs done right, flaky croissants and a quartet of teas. Oh, not to forget the unlimited gourmet coffee. The dining room is stylish and inventive, new age fashioned cabinets to the rear of the main room — hold glittering glassware, and an avant-garde translucent engineered stone countertop, serves as the showstopping bar. Kabachi’s teppanyaki hub is the first of its kind in Ibadan and is a welcome addition to a city with a glut of mediocre restaurants. Run by Akinyinka Akinyele Esq., Kabachi with its beautiful ceilinged dining room and dangling yellow droplights already feels like a well-oiled operation, with a winning combination of excellent food, attentive service and chic decor.

Alabede Agbowo Bus Stop, Agbowo-Ojoo Expressway. 8:00 – 17:00 ‘Alabede’ can be easily accessed by individuals travelling from Ibadan to Lagos or other cities because of its strategic location. This joint has been in existence since the 90’s, feeding bankers, politicians, professors and so on. The indigenous food is freshly made, gives the taste of home, and keeps you coming back for more

Aroma Beside Slot, Iwo road. +234 703 444 3447 8:00 – 21:00

Cold Stone Creamery 6, After Mobil, Ring Road, Ibadan. Palms Mall, Ring Road, Ibadan. +234 814 132 1868, +234 814 132 1865 9:00 – 22:00 Cold Stone Creamery, an International ice cream franchise in select cities in the world. Ibadan has recently become one of them. It is located in Ring Road and Palms Shopping Mall. It has a very appealing layout as it has been set up like a cosy lounge with leather, easy chairs. From ice cream to frozen yogurts to smoothies, to cappuccinos, to crepes and even cakes, your sweet tooth can be satisfied.

‘AROMA’ is nicely set up with a mix of colours and beautiful furniture, which in all gives a nice ambience to the place. The menu ranges from continental to African food.

Dominos Pizza 6, After Mobil, Ring Road, Ibadan. Awolowo Road, Bodija, Ibadan +234 (0) 2-291 8678 9:00 – 22:00

Cafe Chrysalis No 23, plot 29, Ilaro Street, Old Bodija. +234 809 990 3274 8:00 – 22:00

Ibadan happens to be one of the few Nigerian cities with this delectable pizzeria. The franchise is known for their famous and delicious pizzas. They however serve other side orders like wings, chicken strips, drumsticks, cheese bread etc. The pizzas come in different kinds with versatile toppings suited to the different preferences of their customers.

‘CAFÉ CHRYSALIS’ has a modern-cultural setting that gives you a sense of being at home. Set in a typically residential area. The menu comprises a mouth-watering variety of cuisines. From their meals to confectioneries, their presentation takes your breath away. Their service is impeccable.

Champs Heritage Mall Food Court, 2nd floor, Cocoa House, Dugbe, Ibadan. +234 814 266 6060 Positioned nicely in Ibadan’s premier mallHeritage mall, ‘CHAMPS’ is a one-stop restaurant for moviegoers and famished shoppers looking to try something new. On entering, you are welcomed by the nicely lit, colourful and relaxed setting.

Exquisito Confectioneries 38a, Awolowo Avenue, Old Bodija, Ibadan. +234 805 425 5727, +234 803 072 0212 9:00 – 18:00 Home to the best cakes and other similar confectioneries, Exquisito is a haven for those with a sweet tooth. They also offer catering services for all events and occasions.

Foodco 4 University Crescents, UI-secretariat Road, Aare Junction, Bodija, Ibadan. By Jericho Nursing Home, All Saint Road, Jericho, Ibadan. Odua Mall, Beside MaryHill Convent School, Idi-Ape, Ibadan. Monotan Area, Ibadan. +234 2-752 2072, +234 702 801 8186 8:00 – 21:00 For the working class with barely enough time to cook and shop, Foodco Supermarket's adjoining restaurant is PERFECTION. Shop till you drop and grab a quick delicious bite to eat just right after. Their famous ofada rice, snacks and other meals are served at affordable prices.

Fruit Diary Kounty-Kitchen, Basket Ball Court, Mellanby Hall, University of Ibadan, Ibadan. +234 802 333 0818, +234 816 040 1715 Situated in the University of Ibadan, Fruit Diary is know for there various exotic fruit mix.

Frostyz Ice Cream Lounge Osuntokun Avenue, Old Bodija, Ibadan. +234 803 040 5519 10:00 – 21:00 Frostyz Lounge, known for their ice cream, Patisserie, and their Grills. The ice cream palour and patisserie lounge are designed beautifully, and provide over 30 different flavours of ice cream and pastries. The al fresco Grills are a spicy delight.

Gifted Hands Cafeteria Plot 2, Block 8, Olubadan Avenue, Off Ring-Road, Oluyole, Ibadan. Travel House Budget Hotel Restaurant. Federal High Court Canteen. +234 803 427 1359

Chiefs Kitchen Heritage Mall Food Court, 2nd floor, Cocoa House, Dugbe, Ibadan. +234 (2) 203 4667 9:00 – 20:00

Gifted hands are also into food and health management, event management and planners.

The Heritage Mall in Ibadan houses quite a number of restaurants and Chief’s Kitchen happens to be one of them. The setting depicts class and culture. For the best of Nigerian and Afro-Sino Cuisine, Ofada Rice to Chinese noodles and lots more. Who says you can’t taste culture?

ID Restaurant and Bar 5 Aperin Street, Off Awolowo Avenue, Bodija, Ibadan. +234 909 107 5333, +234 903 051 1885 7:00 – 19:00 Flo Flavour Restaurant 44 Awolowo Avenue, Old Bodija, Ibadan. +234 803 628 9416 9:30 – 22:00

Their meals are totally delicious, and the presentation and service are great. The bar serves cocktails and a variety of drinks. ID gives chill its real definition.

Flo Restaurant is a unique restaurant. A modern atmosphere where local African dishes are sold for just about the same price as a local ' buka' meal.


Ina Strait Beside Cultural Centre, Mokola Hill, Ibadan. Beside Arisekola Mosque, Bestway, Iwo Road, Ibadan. +234 805 040 6612 8:00 – 18:00 Set on the Mokola hill, this Buka has been in existence since the 80s and has been consistent with quality over time as such the menu has a great delivery of local Nigerian dishes. Ina Strait, promises hospitality and a great taste you are not likely to forget in a while.

Kabachi V1, Ventura Mall, Old Aerodrome, Ibadan +234 705 555 0000 9:00 – 22:00 Chinese cuisine with other European influences; the specialty is consistently delicious Chinese dishes, modified for a foreigner's palate.

KFC Plot 15, Bodija Housing Estate, Old Bodija, Ibadan. Plot 6, Block H, Ring Road, Ibadan. 234 812 999 0400 9:00 – 21:00

Mama Ope Restaurant Victual House, Plot 8, Jemibewon/Sabo Road, Mokola, Ibadan. +234 803 465 0335 9:00 – 19:00 Who says you have to go all the way to the village for mama's cooking? Mama Ope's meals take you back to the yester-years. The menu list is filled with traditional Nigerian delicacies to be eaten in traditional way in this beautiful local restaurant. For a feel of home, Mama Ope’s is the place to dine.

Martha’s Kitchen 129, Railway Sidelink, Magazine Road, Jericho, Ibadan. +234 704 339 4371 8:00 – 20:00 The atmosphere is serene, typically depicting class. The meals in this restaurant are bound to leave you wanting more. The unique menu blend of mouth-watering Nigerian and continental cuisines gives you a rush, whether you are at the restaurant or at an event catered by Martha’s Kitchen. Martha’s kitchen is a great place to stop by whenever you’re in Ibadan.

For free spirited type people, Kokodome's outdoor restaurant is just the spot for you. The menu offers mouth watering meals and drinks chilled to perfection. It has a lovely view, with a pool for those who love to swim. It has a relaxing air about it for those who just want to unwind and still have a delicious meal.

KunFung Chinese Restaurant No 3 Alaafin Avenue, Oluyole Estate, Ring Road Ibadan. +2348182041177; +2349023297408 8:00 – 20:00 Welcome to Kunfung Chinese restaurant where you get lavish Chinese and Oriental treat here in Ibadan. You can taste and feel the Oriental culture from the food to its Sino furnishings.


A restaurant famously known for its Pizza, Pancho Vino is also another restaurant owned by the Lebanese. Their menu comprises continental delicacies that one definitely has to try. The restaurant is also known for its well-prepared cocktails and drinks.

Soups and Sauces 7, Aare Avenue, New Bodija, Ibadan. +234 813 097 2585, +234 807 678 3140 8:00 – 22:00 This interesting eatery is situated in Bodija. It has a serene atmosphere and has been arranged like a modern eatery into booths. Soups and Sauces beats its name as its menu goes beyond soups and sauces as they serve a variety of local and continental dishes alongside pastries and pizzas from their adjoining pizzeria O’JEAS PIZZA.

Wimpy’s 2 Kudeti Avenue, Onireke, Ibadan. +234 810 030 0003 8:00 – 20:00 Wimpy's Restaurant is yet another franchise owned and run by the Lebanese in Ibadan. Their menu is diverse, ranging from oriental meals and a bakery that supplies confectioneries. It also has a grocery-drugstore section that provides customers with various domestic products.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, an international franchise only came to Nigeria a few years ago and has three branches in Ibadan. The layout of every branch is very colourful and upbeat. The menu’s major feature is chicken with savoury sides like fries, rice, burger and sodas and ice cream.

Kokodome Restaurant Liebu Bypass, Kokodome, Ibadan. +234 818 113 8849 9:00 – 21:00

Pancho Vino 2, Babatunde Street, Beside Town Planning, Oluyole Estate, Ring Road, Ibadan. +234 802 455 8888, +234 707 501 4306, 02-750 8888 9:00 – 21:00

Zee Mike 126, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Oke Ado, Ibadan. +234 803 562 4278

Ola Mummy Oju Irin, Bodija, Ibadan. +234 805 466 8491 8:00 – 19:00 Situated strategically in a busy area in Bodija, Ola Mummy has the setup of a typical Buka. Ola Mummy specialises in local Nigerian Cuisine as such their food list ranges from all kinds of soups to morsels (Okele), assorted meat, rice and so on. Ola Mummy promises to leave a taste of home in your mouth.

Ose Olohun (Skye Lolo) Bodija-U.I Road, Beside Skye Bank, Bodjia, Ibadan. +234 909 450 5462 9:00 – 20:00 Ose Olorun, popularly known as Skye is well known for its ‘Amala’ called ‘Skye Amala’ among the regulars. It is also well known for its very well prepared local soups and assorted meats. The joint has a variety of swallow foods (morsels) for varied preferences of customers.

Zeemike is known for their sizzling and crispy African and Intercontinetal dishes that would leave your taste buds tingling.






Bodija Market

Bodija Market

SHOPPING From the local marketplaces to international retail stores, Ibadan is froth with varieties of shopping options that are guaranteed to bring out the compulsive shopper in you. There is usually a sweet bargain to be struck especially at the local markets.

INDIGENOUS MARKETS The advent of malls in the city may have reinvented the shopping experience for many, but it will be a cold day in Sango’s throat before Ibadan people abandon the rich heritage in their local markets. The diversity of these local marketplaces is such that it ranges from those that are exclusive to a particular domain of commodities to those offering a variety of goods jumbled in spontaneous harmony. These markets are some of the few hidden gems that are scattered around Ibadan and any tourist that can brave the muddied inroads, stringent haggling and the shrill cries of traders competing for their wares to be bought will find the whole experience an intensely gratifying one. The Bere/Oje Market often thick with the sweet smelling air of fresh fruits


Oje Market

Puma Store, Palms Mall.

Swatch Store, Palms Mall.

Bodija Market

is a favorite stop for both vegetarians and others who desire the freshest and cheapest of fruits. Bodija market is arguably the most frequented of the food markets and is laden with foodstuff of every kind. The market is always buzzing from the engines of cars steering into the car parks, squeaking wheelbarrows carrying bulging sacks and loud haggling from negotiating parties. The market is usually overflowing with mounds of fresh peppers, lush vegetables, gigantic yams, pyramids of beans, garri, yam flour, salt, kegs of cooking oil and others. The several abattoirs are usually responsible for churning out fresh beef, goat meat and offals on a daily basis and the market also has a frozen food section. Ojoo Market holds significant sales every eight days and

Pandora Store, Palms Mall.

is mostly recognized for its cheap prices and availability of both indigenous and foreign foodstuff. The market also boasts of a booming market for trailer parts. Shasha Market is another food market whose niche is carved around peppers and tomatoes. It is a favourite for those willing to buy such ingredients by the ton. Lastly, there are marketplaces that also function at motor parks and bus stops. Iwo Road, Gate, and Challenge bus stops host such markets that cater to the needs of travelers and commuters. Here you can find what the Ibadan people call “orishirishi� (a variety of goods and services), ranging from food to travelfriendly items.

Modern Markets The increasing number of shopaholics walking the districts of Ibadan is mainly due to the revamped shopping experience brought by the malls and their elegant stores. The Palms Mall at Ring Road is particularly famous for the historic Shoprite housed in it and because it is the biggest of the Shoprite stores in the sub-Saharan Africa, it has more variety of commodities than any other of its kind in that region. The Cocoa and Heritage Malls were the first of malls, and both are located at Dugbe right beneath the shadow of the Cocoa House. The first of the Shoprite stores made berth here.




n a lovely Saturday afternoon, my friend and I drove down to the Heritage Mall in Dugbe. She had been given a task by her brother to help him purchase ties for the groomsmen to wear at his wedding that was a couple of weeks away. So, armed with a sample of the tie, we walked into a shop and were pleased to have found just the right colour she wanted and in the required quantity. We then proceeded to enquire about the cost of the items from the sales girl who was standing close by the rack.

Supervisors, managers, and employers should not assume that employees know what appropriate workplace behaviour is. They must put in place a proper disciplinary policy, which aims to inform the employee of the type of behaviour that is acceptable and consequences for unacceptable behaviour.

The Discipline Policy should have the following characteristics: 1) It should have clearly defined rules and regulations, which must be communicated, well in advance and should be fully understood. 2) It must be seen to be fair, consistent and applicable to all employees. 3) It should be progressive hence a strategy of increasing the consequences when an employee fails to change his or her behaviour should be applied, and the discipline should fit the seriousness of the situation. 4) It should include an appeal process, which provides an opportunity for the employee to challenge information used to issue

To our disbelief, the sales girl retorted in a disrespectful and insolent manner. My friend enquired from her why she responded that way and attempted to explain why it was unacceptable to speak to a customer that way. The defiant salesgirl replied with another shocking answer, at which point we requested to speak to the manager of the shop. A mature woman with a pleasant attitude, who we learnt was the store manager, came to meet with us. While she was profusely apologizing on behalf of her staff, the insolent sales girl kept on mumbling under her breath with no sign of any remorse, despite her manager’s presence. The manager was obviously unable to curtail the girl’s attitude. It was clearly evident that there was a serious employee behaviour issue in that shop, which if not addressed, could lead to loss of revenue for the business. 40

the disciplinary action. While it is not possible to anticipate every possible situation that could occur, the Discipline Policy serves as a guide, and can also protect the employer in case of a legal action for unfair dismissal. Adaora Ayoade MD/CEO EZ37 Solutions Ltd

In March 2014, the Persianas Group joined the development of the retail market in Ibadan by adding one of their famous malls, The Palms, to the growing list in the city. The mall covers a whopping 21,000 square meters, a large portion of which is presently occupied by the biggest Shoprite store in Sub-Saharan Africa. Located along Ring Road, the mall is a piece of architectural genius that generates massive attraction due to the presence of local and international brands of repute taking up residence within its walls. Such names include Puma, Lego, Nike, Levis, TM Lewin, and Da Viva among many others. The mall also quite recently welcomed the Viva cinema into its family. The Palms Mall Ibadan, which is the fourth of its kind in Nigeria, is designed and built to exceptionally high standards for the sole purpose of making retail, entertainment and shopping processes a thoroughly satisfying experience. It has continued to impress in its bid to be the number one shopping destination for shoppers and storeowners in the city.

Airtel Nigeria SHOP NO

UL 54

Airtel Nigeria is one of the leading telecommunications company in Nigeria, and they provide 3G & 4G services to mobile devices. Their shop in the mall provides various services from selling mobile phones and tablets to registration of sim cards.

Apollo’s Lounge For your favourite cocktail recipes, drinking games, good music from their incredible DJ, you are guaranteed another wild evening.


LL 01

Accessories 2 die 4 SHOP NO


An award-winning brand retailer of fashion jewellery and accessories. They offer their customers a unique fashion destination, where they will find a wide variety of affordable, trending and stylish pieces in an upscale shopping environment.

CasaBella Casabella sells quality beauty products that include cosmetics, hair extensions and hair accessories.


UL 49

CMC interiors SHOP NO

UL 57

Building or renovating? CMC interiors have got you covered. No need for long stressful walks looking for the perfect interior that suits your tastes; they are daisy and most especially genuine.

Cold Stone Creamery Cold Stone Creamery offers super-premium ice cream and sorbet, made fresh in every store, every day, and served up with your choice of mix-ins.



Dajcom Digital SHOP NO

UL 09 42

Dajcom house a full range of affordable modern electronic appliances to cater for the needs of everyone.

Da Viva Da Viva sells solid African prints, which bring to life any outfit made with their fabrics. Da Viva has a unique style, a subtle mix of elegance and colour. It pays homage to the rich and diverse African culture blended with European modernity.



Diamond Bank SHOP NO


Diamond Bank is a commercial bank offering a full range of banking products and services in retail, corporate and investment banking. The business is based on strong, enduring relationships and is driven by innovation and leading edge technology.

Diva Accessories This accessories store is dedicated to bringing the best quality, trendy, fashionable and affordable jewellery, shoes and bags for all ages. They have positioned their brand to express the high quality, dynamic, vibrant styling, and distinctiveness of their products.


UL 23


UL 51

Style and comfort are two elements in the fashion world that rarely go hand in hand. Affordability and quality are another two. Enzo brings you all of these elements in an ultimately refreshing collection of shoes, shirts, trousers and essential accessories for men.

Essenza Essenza is one of the largest and oldest retailers in Nigeria of designer perfumes, cosmetics and skin care products. They stock genuine fragrances from all the top designers in the world.


UL 50

Etisalat SHOP NO

UL 01

Etisalat is actively developing advanced networks that will enable people to develop, learn and grow. The 0809ja network, Etisalat is a breath of fresh air in Nigeria’s telecoms landscape.

Gene Bendi Gene Bendi excels in carefully producing men’s footwear. Shoes can also be bespoke which is the best way to experience real comfort. Gene Bendi offers a vast collection to choose from and the price of every item is equal to the quality.


UL 20


UL 27

This telecommunication company provides quality mobile and Internet service to their customers.


Grandex Stores SHOP NO

UL 04

Grandex stands tall as a versatile store selling household items, cosmetics, grocery and gift items. This store give customers a wide range of products to choose from.

House of Tara House of Tara is a pioneer makeup company with a vision to become a globally respected beauty company. It takes pride in empowering women, creating selfawareness as well as boosting self-esteem.


UL 16

HealthPlus SHOP NO

UL 47

HealthPlus has distinguished itself as the pharmacy of choice. They provide high-quality healthcare products such as medicines, nutritional supplements, natural remedies, home medical equipment, mobility aids and pharmaceutical services, by certified and wellinformed healthcare professionals, in a friendly and hygienic environment

Invivo Invivo provide professional advice from their knowledgeable pharmacists, doctors and have a wide range of healthcare products as well as the best beauty and health brands. Their customers will also find a host of products exclusive to Invivo that they will not find anywhere else.


UL 31

Inglot SHOP NO

UL 29

Inglot Cosmetics prides itself on being innovative, vibrant and fun. They offer an extensive range of colours and a variety of products that consists of over 1,500 lipsticks and glosses, eye shadows, blushes, foundations and concealers, mascara and pencils, and a rich collection of nail polish.

KFC KFC is an internationally acclaimed iconic restaurant brand that has claimed its fame for its original recipe and hot & spicy chicken cooked with the 11 secret herbs and spices. KFC’s superior chicken is cooked fresh every 40 minutes according to international standards and has become the benchmark for the highest quality food in Nigeria.


LL 17


UL 55

LEGO products are designed to inspire and develop creativity and fun in kids while meeting the highest quality standards. The LEGO Shop offers the broadest selection of LEGO products including exclusive and hard to find items.

Levi’s Converse This store stocks Converse footwear collection in addition to Levi’s clothing which is known to be durable and comfortable.




Lifemate Lifemate is competent in making different types of furniture which include kitchen cabinets, wooden doors, wardrobes, bedroom furniture, hotel furniture, office furniture, dining sets, light fittings, Jacuzzi, steam box, shower cubicles and so on.


UL 30


M∙A∙C Cosmetics is a prestigious international brand. They take great pride in producing the finest quality makeup and the latest fashionable shades

UL 15 MAX Max sells fashionable branded merchandise for men, women, and children along with footwear, home wares and accessories. An established super brand, Max strives to fulfil its brand promise of ‘More Fashion More Value’ to its customers by offering merchandise designed in-house and manufactured to stringent quality standards at incredible prices.


UL 48

Medplus SHOP NO

UL 22

At Med Plus, they stock and sell a wide range of prescription and preventative drugs locally produced or imported. You can pick up your order at our store or have them delivered to the location of your choice.

Mobos Mobo’s meets the demand for unique high-end clothing and accessories for women. It is a high-class boutique that caters to women between the ages of 25 and 50 years.


UL 19 Montaigne Place SHOP NO

UL 46

Montaigne Place provides luxury cosmetics and fragrances. Their products for sale include brands like Creed, Lalique, Dr Murad, Chanel, Christian Dior, Yesforlove and many more.

Mozaya Classic Mozzaya sells one of the best fajita in Ibadan, and they also make different types of dishes from the Middle East.


LL 05 Mr Bigg’s SHOP NO

LL 11

This is the first chain of fast food in Nigeria. The restaurant is styled after McDonald’s and is known for its red and yellow colour scheme and meat pies. They serve different types of pastries and Nigerian dishes.


Nike The famous sports brand provides everything you need for an active life from sports footwear, t-shirts, football equipment, boots to jerseys and apparel.


UL 12 Pandora SHOP NO

UL 03

Pandora bracelets are elegantly made for the elegant woman. Each gem carved in love and moulded with honesty provides a chic look to your everyday style.

Party Zone It is time to party! Moreover, we just have the right shop to do that. Party zone helps plan that 1st birthday and that 50th birthday party.



PEP store is one shop that is open to all. With its very affordable prices and range of wears, no one is left out.

UL 33 Puma Puma is one of the world’s leading brands of sports footwear, apparel and accessories. Puma offers performance and sport-inspired lifestyle products in all the major interest groups including football, running, training, fitness, golf and motorsports.


UL 13

Qmb Builders Mart SHOP NO


QMB Builders Mart Limited is Nigeria’s leading building materials’ one-stop shop for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects, Buy It Yourself Developers, Builders, Construction Professionals and for Home Improvement.

Ruff ‘n’ Tumble Ruff and Tumble produce and retail clothing for boys and girls from new-borns to sixteen-year-olds. Their style is trending with pieces that allow the young dynamic Nigerian to express their personal style.


UL 18

Shoprite SHOP NO

UL21A 46

Shoprite is the leading grocery retailer across Africa and the brand of choice for many consumers. Shoprite’s large following of loyal customers can be attributed to their ability to offer the widest range of products and the highest standards of freshness and quality while maintaining the lowest prices.

Solat Telecoms For smartphones, gadgets and phone accessories. Solat Telecoms ventures into selling an extensive variety of gadgets.


UL 17

Sports World SHOP NO

UL 32

They are a sports and fitness retail chain located in most modern malls in Nigeria and since 1986 they have been helping you keep fit and healthy.

Swatch This brand provide a colourful variety of long lasting wristwatches, arranged and built to last through the harshest conditions.


UL 28

The Mix Designer wears from different brands and in different styles, they got it. SHOP NO

UL 52 Time Keepers Timekeepers sell various brands of wristwatches. Incorporated in the store are a few SHOP NO

UL 26 Twice as Nice Twice As Nice provides decent corporate wears to their customers. SHOP NO

UL 45 T.M.Lewin Chic, confident, dapper and classy, this is synonymous to TM Lewin. For years, they have produced quality formal wears at affordable prices.



Viva Cinema SHOP NO

LL 16

Viva Cinema thrills its viewers with the latest movies worldwide, providing comfortable sitting arrangements while you watch your movie. Do not forget to grab a Pepsi and popcorn while you are being entertained.


Ace Supermarket Akobo, Ibadan 8:00am – 8:00pm

Kidz Kradle 20, Alafin Avenue, Adjacent Oluyole Private School, Oluyole Estate. Shop 1, 2, 3, & 13, Block I, Joke Plaza, Bodija. +234 705 719 0060, +234 810 345 7727 9:00am – 6:00pm

Apex Fabrics Gbagi, Ibadan 8:00am – 8:00pm

Vic Richards Supermarket Customs bus stop, Bodija, Ibadan. +234 809 519 7224, +234 803 470 6179

Da Harmony Textile 6 Kudeti Avenue, Onireke GRA, Ibadan. CWH 35 Red Block, Bola-Ige Business Complex, New Gbagi Market, Old Ife Road, Ibadan. +234 803 219 9146, +234 815 553 9222 9:00am – 6:00pm

Da Viva Fashion Ltd 25, Oyo road, beside GTBank, Ajibade bus stop. Shop C6, Cocoa Mall, Bank Road, Ibadan. Palms Mall, Ring-Road, Ibadan. +234 806 600 8808 10:00am – 7:00pm

Flont Technologies Nigeria Ltd 205 Allen Plaza, Ekotedo, Ibadan. +234 811 071 4222 9:00am – 6:00pm

Foodco 4, university crescent UI secretariat Road, Aare Junction, Bodija. By Jericho Nursing Home, All Saint Road, Jericho. Odua Mall, Beside MaryHill Convent School, Idi-Ape. Monatan Area, Ibadan +234 2-752 2072, +234 702 801 8186 8:00am – 9:00pm

Vine gift Favours, Bodija, Ibadan. +234 803 401 9283 9:00am – 7:00pm Kingmeal Supermarket Oluyole Industrial Estate, Ibadan. 8:00am – 8:00pm

Pinnacle Plaza 26, Oba Abinbola Road, Felele, Challenge, Ibadan. 234 807 678 6885 +234 807 678 7879 9:00am – 6:00pm

Zina Mart 3 Oluyole way, opposite favour Building, Bodija. +234 817 190 1364 8:00am – 8:00pm

Zooma Supermarket 2 University Cresent. Aare Bus Stop, Bodija. +234 803 354 3920 9:00am – 7:00pm

Shoprite Cocoa Mall, Liebu Bypass, Ibadan. Palms Mall, Ring Road, Ibadan. 9:00am – 6:00pm

Solad Supermarket 7up Bus-Stop, Monotan, Ibadan. +234 810 787 8440 8:00am – 9:00pm

Sunflower Home Essentials 89, 130, 135,136, & 137 Adamasingba Shopping Complex, Adamasingba, Ibadan. +234 805 296 7548, +234 805 707 7515 8:00am – 6:00pm

Foodies Stop and Shop Shop 1, Agbarigo, opposite Kudeti House, Onireke. +234 810 322 2226, +234 812 611 1611 9:00am – 8:00pm

Teol’s Place Shop 13, Cocoa Mall, Dugbe, Ibadan. Ventura Mall, Samonda, Ibadan. +234 2 291 2256, +234 702 765 4331 9:00am – 6:00pm

Fumac Pharmacy and Store 4 Olubadan Avenue, Ring Road, Ibadan. +234 803 719 2661 9:00am – 7:00pm

The perfume shop Rehoboth Plaza, Beside Ance Building, Jericho. +234 802 558 2266 9:00am – 6:00pm

Hamine super Stores 32, Awolowo way, old bodija, Ibadan. +234 808 220 2768 7:30am – 8:30pm

Vanguard Pharmacy Iyana Church, Ibadan. +234 805 406 8710 8:00am – 8:30pm


Vantage Supermarket 17 Adebiyi Street, Off Rind-Road, Ibadan. +234 803 475 2976 8:00am – 9:00pm

SERVICES Sensy Property Management and Facilities Suite 6 methodist business complex, no 1 NTA Road, Agodi, Ibadan 08132847694, 08052505668 Properties and facilities management, project management, real estate investment analysis, real estate agency providing real estate services with integrity, excellence and world class standard in a unique way

ADAMASINGBA SHOPPING COMPLEX OutLook Hair Clinic & Boutique 138 +234 806 839 4367, +234 802 339 1262

Chicago Gym & Sports Shop 118 +234 806 698 6194, +234 805 928 2957.

Desto Sport Ventures 67, +234 802 788 8814

JVN Exclusives 129, +234 803 368 0045

Arin-Larry Stores 158 +234 803 718 0400

Joan’s Place 103-104 +234 803 716 4750

Mikkem sport. 60 +234 812 715 9491

Corporate Outfit Ltd 107 +234 803 716 4750

Omg Creams & Spices 168 +234 818 838 6044

The Fabulous Zone 127 & 128 +234 704 114 9483, +234 814 365 8916.

De-Luxe Stores 126 +234 802 356 9495




Agodi Gardens

Ventura Bowling

Ventura Arcade

EXPLORE From stunning ultra modern parks to old relics, Ibadan is one of the few places in Nigeria that is brimming with just about every spectacle that will occupy even the most adventurous of minds. Remember the old saying, if Oke Are does not come to you, you will need to lace up.

Ventura 7D



Ventura mall is unique because it has the first ever arcade in Ibadan. It has indeed won the hearts of Ibadan residents with its bowling alley, rides and game lofts. Ibadan, the largest city in West Africa, is by no means short of activities and adventures to offer its residents and visitors, as the Ventura Mall has made sure of that.

Ibadan’s first arcade is set up in a creative way as it houses different games at different sections for the entertainment of adults and children. Paying for the games has been made easy as tokens are exchanged for cash. The arcade is a very beautiful place to visit with family and friends.

The Ventura Mall also houses Ibadan’s first frozen yoghurt store, which provides a healthier alternative to ice cream.


The mall is home to Film House Cinema, a Karaoke Bar, shops and a modern Chinese Restaurant, which has a vast menu with great ambience. The Ventura Mall is unique, and its promise of an adventure is evident in its name.


The first-ever bowling alley in Ibadan city has left nothing to the imagination of its user. It provides a two-way lane for easy bowling. It promises a good time to firsttimers and regulars. VENTURA 7D The Ventura 7D Cinema brings you the newest technology in virtual reality. Instead of watching a movie, you are part of it. These short film rides involve a simulator platform that allows seven different


Agodi Gardens

special effects to kick in. This lasts about 8 minutes, and the experience is fun and intense. It is suitable for all ages and is great fun for the family. AGODI GARDENS The recent rehabilitation of this park by the Oyo State government has made Agodi Gardens one of the gemstones of the city of Ibadan. Sharing the same locality as famous landmarks such as Premier Hotel, Cultural Centre, University Teaching Hospital and the Government Secretariat. The sprawling 13-acre park has a feature that makes it one of the best recreational centres in sub-Saharan Africa. The garden has an artificial lake where fishing can be organized as a sport, a mini-zoo, swimming pools and water slides. It is a perfect location for picnics and meet-and-greets of all sorts. It is a favourite amongst kids and adults for outdoor recreation.

UI Zoo

UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN ZOOLOGICAL GARDEN The University of Ibadan Zoological Garden was established in 1948 primarily as a menagerie to support teaching and research in the Department of Zoology. With time, however, the animal collection grew in number and by 1974, the menagerie gradually became a fullfledged zoo. Set against a background of vegetation, the zoo, having undergone major renovations, has come back better than before. Whether it is research or entertainment, the University of Ibadan Zoo is a welcome abode housing various mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. There is a snake house, a lion enclosure and visiting the ever-agile apes is an experience. The zoo also functions brilliantly as a place that helps conserve endangered species.


National Museum of Unity

The National Museum of Unity (Off Dick Road, Alalubosa G.R.A Near Alesinloye Market, Ibadan) One of the best ways to explore the history and culture of Nigeria is to visit this museum. They hold an array of priceless historical artefacts. The premier museum in Ibadan is the Museum of National Unity. This museum is classified into four distinct galleries: the Unity Gallery, Masquerade Gallery, Pottery Gallery and Yoruba Gallery. THE BOTANICAL GARDENS The Botanical Garden located at the University of Ibadan stocks numerous species of plants. The garden is used for research, picnics, and so many other activities.


Agodi Gardens

KIDS Ibadan has many exciting attractions such as amusement parks, zoological gardens, cinemas, gaming arcades and lots of other childfriendly facilities that are bound to make this summer an unforgettable experience for the young ones.

Mini Park Ventura


ven though the weather in Ibadan around this time of the year is usually a tug of war between the rain and harmattan seasons, children here still partake fully in the spirit of summer (dry season). Save for Christmas, summer is probably the season that kids everywhere in the world most anticipate. It is a time when schools go on their longest of breaks, and this delights most children because they finally have a chance at having fun. For parents willing to grant this particular desire, Ibadan has a host of places that will not just provide these kids with exciting activities but also places that offer the kind of social experiences that is required to build the social skills needed in the modern world. The Old Amusement park may be defunct, but the Fun factory located along Osuntokun Avenue at Bodija is softening that blow. The appropriately named theme park has a variety of toys, and its ambient


location makes it a favourite for parents. Since its thorough makeover and the reopening late last year, the Agodi Gardens has been leading the way in terms of recreation for both adults and kids. The centre includes a miniature playground. The playground has some timber-hewn swings, trampolines, bouncy castles and other play structures that children will find interesting and engaging. When these kids have built up enough sweat from their physical exertions, there are swimming pools, waterslides and lifeboats (on the lake) to help cool off the heat. The garden is also a perfect location if parents decide to treat the kids to a little picnic. If the summer heat becomes unbearable for outdoor activities, the Ventura Arcade is the next bet. The futuristically set arcade has a lifetime supply of games for kids that includes car racing games, air hockey, adventures and so on. The Ventura Mall also has a mini-amusement park outside for when these kids get bored with the arcade.






Face Inglot under makeup base HD perfect cover up foundation 78 AMC foundation MC 304 AMC pressed powder 68’67 Pressed powder 31 Freedom system blush 124 Eyes Eyeshadow base Freedom system eyeshadow 124R,329 AMC pure pigment eyeshadow 55 Inglot glitters 57 Duraline False lash effect mascara Lips Lipstick 175 Freedom system lipstick 91




ental health can be associated with health and beauty, but most of us in this part of the world do not care about our


If as a result of not washing our hands properly, our fingers were to fall off one by one, I am sure most of us would use soap and water more than necessary. Yet we take our teeth for granted, neglecting adequate care of them. Taking care of your teeth as you would take care of your body would make you look more youthful and attractive. On the other hand, a smile marred by stains, cracks, decay and missing teeth, including bad breath affects your appearance, social life and possibly career progression. Poor oral health has also been linked to a number of medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Gingivitis (gum disease) and dental caries (holes in the teeth) are two of the most common causes of tooth loss. The bacteria in our saliva act on refined sugars and sticky food remnants in our mouth, which produces toxic acid. This bacterial film called plaque when allowed to stay long on the teeth attacks the gum and teeth, also causing bad breath. We, therefore, need to be aware of the early signs of these two dental diseases. Gingivitis: do your gums bleed? It is amazing that people whose gums bleed while brushing do not give it a second thought. This is an early sign of gingivitis which, if ignored, could develop into periodontitis “akokoro� which could cause tooth loss. Caries: can you see little holes in your teeth or feel transient pain or sensitivity when you take cold fluids or sugary food? This early sign if ignored, eventually leads to severe pain and tooth loss. Prevention is better and cheaper than cure and the best way to ensure good oral


health is a regular visit to your dentist for a check-up. This visit will usually include professional cleaning to remove debris and stains on your teeth in places where your toothbrush cannot reach or frequently clean. Cosmetic treatment to cover imperfections in your teeth can also be done and with your new smile, you will feel more confident. Dental health tips: - Brush your teeth with a fluoride based toothpaste morning and night with a medium textured toothbrush. Avoid hard bristles. - Avoid toothpicks as much as possible and substitute with dental floss - Avoid excessive intake of sugary snacks, soft drinks, sugared fruit drinks and energy drinks because the acidic content of the drinks quickly erodes your teeth. Rinse your mouth immediately after a sweet drink or use a straw and swallow immediately. This avoids prolonged contact with your teeth. - Do not use your teeth as a tool, for example opening bottles, tearing open packs, cutting wire and so on. Those habits could lead to a crack in your teeth. - If you drink much coffee, tea, red wine or eat kola nuts, they will stain your teeth over time but not to worry, such stains are removable by your dentist. - Avoid cracking bones and ice cubes with your teeth. - Quit smoking as it stains your teeth, causes reduced saliva flow, predisposing you to bad breath and gingivitis. Moreover, smoking is linked to most oral cancers. -MAKE SURE YOU VISIT YOUR DENTIST EVERY SIX MONTHS Dr Tosin Elemide TOS Dental Clinic

D RILL SPA Albeit being an attractive place for various personal interests and showcases, there is an unusual amount of stress that comes with living in cities like Ibadan. The noise pollution level is high, and the traffic queues are long while your job demands a lot of mental and physical activities. The great news is that the D-Rill Spa represents the perfect turn around that will transform you in an instant into a beacon of wellness. Our stress and tension therapy do not just help to relieve muscular tensions, aches, pains but also aids and quickens the natural body healing process. We specialise in giving the Aroma Sauna bath and then follow it up with an entirely relaxing massage that target stress points around the neck, back, and shoulders. We offer several other services such as facelifts, hair spa, body wax and many more With internationally qualified attendants that possess unrivalled skills and techniques in health and beauty programmes, we guarantee an experience that will tease your nerves into thorough calmness and awaken every last microfiber of your senses.






His brand of Afro Hip-Hop and his knack for conjuring chart toppers has seen him re-establish Ibadan on the nation’s entertainment map while becoming one of the biggest breakout stars of the year in the process.


MISSING - A Chibok Tale is a musical stage depiction of the abduction of the schoolgirls from their secondary school in the process of their quest for education. The play was staged to mark 365 days of the abduction of the girls and also to support the education of the girl child. The play was produced by Oyindamola Ige (Kulturematrix) and is scheduled to stage in Lagos and Abuja towards the end of the year.

WHAT’S ON There is always something going on in the city, and the list is endless. Whether it is a cultural parade, comedy show, music concert or the BEAT FM bar crawl, visitors are guaranteed a pleasant social experience unlike any other.


The African Kids and Teens Fashion Week is an event that will showcase the best of African fashion for kids and teenagers and also products. The event will start with an exhibition on Friday 30th October 2015 and will end with a fashion show on Sunday 1st of November 2015. Apart from wonderful African designs that will be on display on the catwalk at the show, brands will be able to meet with customers directly to market and sell products at the exhibition. In terms of entertainment, artist such as Beautiful Nubia, Korede Bello and May D are being pencilled down to perform alongside some comedians.Celebrity guest from Nollywood will also be part of this year’s fashion show, while the best fashion designer will be going home with a business grant of N1, 000, 000.

“Rumble in the Jungle” is a Kulturematrix stage play written and produced by Oyinda Ige, Creative Director of the Alo Children’s Theatre. The play, which is narrated by the main character known as Mama Agodi, is a dance musical depiction of the mythical tale of the battle between good and evil in the kingdom of Agodi Garden. The play showscases our rich cultural heritage and can be enjoyed by adults and children. “Rumble in the Jungle” debuted at Agodi Garden on Easter Sunday 2015.

DAZZLING MIRAGE PREMIERE The Filmhouse Cinema and FilmOne Entertainment were the hosts on one of the biggest nights in Ibadan this year. The film premiere for Dazzling Mirage was a strictly by invitation event held at The Ventura Mall and was packed full with numerous fans who came for the movie’s first viewing. The guest list included a number of celebrities among which is the producer, Tunde Kelani together with a number of A-list actors who came to support the event.

OXYGEN AWARDS As part of activities to mark famous DJ FIESTA Exclusive birthday bash, Team02 deems it fit to honour him and other icons in the entertainment industry in Ibadan, Oyo state at the prestigious Oxygen Lounge and club, Salau Junction Airport road Alakia Ibadan on Friday 16th January 2015 tagged: OXYGEN AWARD “night of honours” EMERITUS AWARD CATEGORY OPEYEMI ORIMOLADE (BCOS TV) DJ FM PEACOCK (STEREO) HONORARY AWARD CATEGORY DAMOLA OLATUNJI (YORUBA MOVIE ACTOR) BABATUNDE SAHEED MR SPORT (OAP) DJ FIESTA LEE (WHITE LION) IB CITY MAGAZINE NOMINEES CATEGORY WINNERS LIST OXYGEN BEST ACTOR TAIWO IBIKUNLE OXYGEN MOST PROMISING ACTRESS VICTORIA KOLAWOLE (OMO GAGA)

BREAD FAIR 2015 The latest edition of the Bread Fair was held at the Pentonrise Building on the 1st October 2014 and featured a wide display of bread. The guest list included people of all ages and social status, corporate brands and celebrities and the event provided enthusiasts an opportunity to relax, socialize and sample the bread available. The event also featured the launching of “The Bread Connoisseurs”, the first bread themed magazine in Africa. Another exciting feature of the event was the wine tasting where people got to taste the different types of wines available while various games were made available for interested participants including face painting for children. It was a fun filled and exciting day that left participants looking forward to its next edition, which will hold on the 1st October 2015.


Viva Cinema When two world-class brands meet, there surely will be fireworks, which is exactly what the Viva Cinema is. The partnership between Viva Entertainment and Pepsi to help redefine the entertainment scene in Ibadan has been received with widespread positive reviews since its opening. The cinema house is located within the Palms Shopping Mall and has continued to impress even the most ardent of cinema goers past events Dream Come True with Jazzy B Nustream Conference Centre 15-01-2015 Runway Rhapsody Invasion of Ankara Styles Kokodome Upper Pool Side 30-01-2015 Football for Unity Comedian (Peteru) Artist vs OAP 26-02-2015 Friday Flames with Cokes (Scream & Friends) Topside Lounge 5-03-2015 CLOTHES SWAP PARTY OPTIONS 247 07-03-15 ROLAKE BELLO CHILLING WITH AJIMOBI AGODI GARDENS 22-03-15 90s Meet Millenium MAUVE 21 05 - 04 - 15 THE SPARTACUS COMEDY SHOW LE CHATEAU EVENT CENTER 03-05-15 MC RAPINDADY



rom recording with his acapella group in a makeshift studio to sharing the stage with some of the biggest musical artistes in Nigeria, it takes no genius to know that Fabulous Pizzy has come quite a long way. The Ibadan born prodigy has had blistering 2015 thus far, upping the ante on his fellow artists, dominating airwaves with his singles and you feel it is only a matter before he inks his name on the A-list parchment. Born Opeyemi Awolola, the music wunderkind from Ibadan spent the entirety of his childhood living and schooling in the city before going to the University of Ado Ekiti. His brand of Afro Hip-Hop and his knack for conjuring chart toppers has seen him re-establish Ibadan on the nation’s entertainment map while becoming one of the biggest breakout stars of the year in the process. It was never candies and rainbows for the talented Pizzy (as he is fondly called by his fans) who has had to battle over the years to establish himself as the musical force of reckoning he is today. Although he is no stranger to adversity, having lost his mother almost two decades ago, he confessed that it was in the midst of dealing with this grief that he discovered his creative centre. Many of his performances and awards till date are dedicated to her memory. Like many before him, Pizzy’s first foray into music started in church and sometime after his mother’s demise, he enlisted 74

the help of his then choirmaster and together with his siblings and friends created a gospel band. After the band broke up in 2005, Pizzy went solo, and he started dream collaboration with the famous producer T PIANO, who taught him music beyond the rudiments he knew. He then began compiling a strong discography that includes songs like Gbayi, Sabali, Side Talk and many more. His big break, however, came when he released So Fun Won (Tell ‘em), a song that enjoyed massive airplay nationwide and made everyone sit up and dance. He has since released Poison another hugely successful work that received critical acclaim and further strengthens his credentials by bagging him the extremely coveted Scream Award for the Next Rated Artist among other accolades. Looking back now, Pizzy understands the importance of God, his humble upbringing and how the people around him have helped inspire him and drive him to strive towards excellence. The only question that remains is if he can successfully make the transcendence from being a next rated to joining the crème de la crème of the entertainment industry. However, with talent that immense coupled with the hard work and tenacity of this Ibadan boy, it is only a matter of when and not if, that glass ceiling gets broken. Fun Fact: Fabulous Pizzy is a graduate of Psychology and has dreams of being a cinematographer.


ichaba dremo


“Afrobeat music can tend to be repetitive because different artists tend to follow the same trend of music, which can sometimes make it boring or monotonous. The first time I heard DREMO’s music was on the radio, and I immediately fell in love with his distinct style. It felt like Drake was rapping to me with a Nigerian accent. I truly had never heard anything like it, and it was such a breath of fresh air that in the short 3 minutes of hearing that one song, I had become a hardcore DREMO fan.” Bisoye Oyemyke

DREMO (real name Raymond) is an Edo State born Rapper. DREMO is set to revolutionize the Nigerian music industry with his refreshing and unmistakable new-school sound. He is one to watch out for this year.

ICHABA (real name Mayowa) is a 21-year old Singer/Producer. His distinct vocal range is his strongest attribute, but he is a very active performer when on stage where his perfect mix of energy and confidence makes for great entertainment.

Seams Awards: Producer of the Year – Winner. Artist of the Year - Nominated Scream Awards: Teen’s Choice Award – Winner. Chase Awards: Best Male Hip Hop Artist – Winner.

FLOWOLF (real name Folarin) is a 20 year-old Rap & Afrodancehall artist. His charisma and distinct sounding Afrodancehall music style have gained him a famous and massive following this year. Flowolf’s strongest attributes are his lyrics together with his writing creativity.

Oluwaseye Oluwaseun Ayangbesan better known as DJ Secxy is one of Ibadan’s finest disc jockeys till date. He initially started out as an MC in 1998 before later switching to “DJ-ing”. He came into prominence after winning the heavily contested Benson and Hedges Gold and Tone Award back in 2002. His 17 years in the business is characterized by his unique set of skills when he takes over the turntable. His unrelenting personal striving for excellence has made him turn into one of the most sought after DJs in and around Ibadan.


He has bagged numerous other awards along the way including most recently, the MAYA and SEAMS awards in the best DJ category. His consistency over the years handles his respected status in the DJ circle and has also further improved his relationships with both radio stations and nightclubs as well. He is presently the official DJ for the BEATFM NYSC BLAST and he often performs at most of the prestigious nightclub gigs happening in the city. DJ Secxy continues to be an obvious choice for some premium shows and events going on in the city such as Gbenga Adeyinka’s Laffmattaz, the charitable Save A Soul concert among many others. He has a keen ear for music and talent and his initiative, One Mic with Secxy targets cities around Nigeria and has helped many upcoming artists gain recognition along the way. He free-lances for many clubs and is available for other events subject to a booking.




Casa Lucio Bar

Casa Lucio Bar

NIGHTLIFE It’s when the sun goes down that the Ibadan people turn up. There is a high social awareness in the city cuts across all age groups and the dearth of nightclubs, lounges, bars, pubs, restaurants means that the days here are shorter and the nights are way longer.

PO Lounge


nlike what most outside the city believe, Ibadan is not the ancient city it used to be. The relative ambience that the town is famous for has been replaced by the hustle and bustle usually associated with the biggest cities of the world. The work hard, play hard mentality that residents of the city have adopted is responsible for the recent upswing in the standard of nightlife in Ibadan. These days, on any given night, there are bound to be some activity going on in several areas. While some may prefer to enjoy a private dinner at a restaurant, others may prefer the silent walls of the late night cinema. However, most people prefer to liven things up at the pubs, bars and lounges. Nightlife for many involves eating and the Ali Baba Suya Shack at Agbowo makes one of the best barbecues in Ibadan. The University of Ibadan students and those on their way from work usually frequent the place. The Spices Bar in the heart of the University of Ibadan is teems with crowds from inside and outside the institution. It has a peculiar setup that involves a central bar that sells cheap brews, wines and spirits. Its outdoor area features a line of kiosks that make different kinds of mouthwatering accompaniments such as pepper soup, asun, fish/chicken and chips, fish


barbecue and much more. Similar to this is the outdoor bar located near Premier Hotel known quite simply as Ori-Oke. It remains till date the best place to have a bowl of fish pepper soup in the city. It has a large clientele that includes patrons from all walks of the Ibadan life. The vibrant Ibadan clubbing scene started with Kokodome one of the oldest but still fiercely competitive nightclub located at Dugbe and it remains a favourite for those

PO Lounge

who prefer to have a classy night out. The PO Lounge at Oluyole is one of the newer places but its establishment has sent top bars in Ibadan to the drawing board. The 411 near the now defunct Cottons at Bodija was established in the mid-2000s and remains a trusted destination for fun seekers.



Its proximity to the higher institutions in the city means that it is usually filled with young adults who come there to blow off steam especially on Friday nights. Along Awolowo, Bodija is the Gentleman Quarters (GQ) a fantastic place to relax with friends while Davies Hotel whose bar has one of the best menus and its serene setting means its regulars are the classy lot. Ebevande is one of the finer lounges the city has, and its upscale location, great service and affordable drinks have continued to help bolster its patronage. It may be garnering rave reviews for its beautiful hotel, but the Old Town’s Astro Bar is equally a thing of brilliance. The bar is set upon an artificial turf in a garden setting complete with a pool, a barbecue stand and a DJ booth. This classy layout, stocked bar, attentive waiters and brilliant hospitality has made it one of the fastest growing destinations for night prowlers in Ibadan. It also doubles as a sports bar. For those seeking dinner locations for dates or otherwise, the Kabachi at the Ventura offers one of the best oriental and continental dishes in the city and opens till 10pm dialy. The fast food places such as KFC and Dominos open till late to accommodate the demands of night wanderers.

PO LOUNGE After the opening ceremony that had favourite Afro Hip-Hop artist Reminisce takes the stage, the PO Lounge’s popularity quickly spread like wildfire that set the city ablaze with talk. Such discussions comprise of how the lounge always has Ibadan’s finest disc jockeys at the wheels and how fruitful and secure events hosted there turn out to be. For these reasons, the PO Lounge has usurped many of its competitors to become one of the best lounges in Ibadan that is perfect for “turning up”. Located in a serene environment at 29, Diket Building at Ring Road, the PO Lounge opted for a spacious interior, modern décor, an affordable price list and a steady stream of good music to serenade its clientele. Its serene atmosphere coupled with the upscale location means that the Lounge is a favourite hangout spot for the affluent crowd who are looking to unwind from the unforgiving hustle and bustle of Ibadan. In a bid to keep things crisp, the PO Lounge injects an element of freshness to the themes of their scheduled events. Wednesday is pro-feminine with Ladies Night kicking off at 10:30pm while Thursday is the night to belt out croaky tunes when Karaoke Night swings into gear while, as

always, their anticipated TGIF is a fun affair to attend. The Lounge is also quite famous as a spot for hosting after parties, birthdays or any celebration, especially on Saturdays. On Sunday, however, the week starts off to a backdrop of retro jazz and R&B classics during the heavily attended Old Skool Nite. Since its opening, the PO Lounge has been home to a great number of distinguished events happening in Ibadan such as the Passing Out Parade (POP) party that was hosted in conjunction with the Afro Music brand. The Ibadan City Music Industry Night that featured a host of star artists, the traditional Party and many more. Hosting such distinctive events within its short life span can only highlight the sort of niche the PO Lounge is carving out for itself and through the maintenance of such quality standards, you feel the Ibadan Nightlife will continue to gather steam in the right direction. In the meantime, however, the Lounge continues to be a prime destination for a lot of “night hoppers” in the city.


Apollo’s Palms Mall, Ring Road, Ibadan. 234 807 677 4437, +234 807 677 4451 09:00 – 00:00 Decked out with wood, glass and awesome lighting, Apollos can be frequented for private, holiday, and social events. The ample venue features VIP booths, and a great dance floor. For the unrepentantly nocturnal, there’s no better place to have that long desired turn up.

GQ Lounge 26 Awolowo Road, Bodija Estate Ibadan. +234 806 339 4414 +234 703 950 9574 This is the perfect 17:59 chill out zone. GQ lounge offers an unbelievable thrill in the nightlife experience. There's an outdoor bar and a club space, with perfect lighting, great music and an ample dance floor.

Great food, both local and intercontinental, great music, an upbeat social atmosphere, and a great club that opens on some days in the week. All day, all night, and all week long, Options provides the fun.

If you're looking to groove all night, with great music, spicy finger food, exotic cocktails and liquor, Echo is the place.

The bar has an outdoor space for daytime chill, and an indoor bar where you can have drinks while watching football matches. There’s always good music from the in-house DJ.

Da Bubble Plus Olusanya B/S, Ring Road Ibadan. +234 813 765 1386 +234 805 933 1403 At night, this place pops. It has VIP sections, and one elevated VIP booth overlooking the roomy dance floor.

Davies Bar 7/8 Adeyi Avenue, Old Bodija, Ibadan. +234 802 338 7433, +234 803 714 2599, +234 812 188 5836, +234 812 188 5837

Hexagon Club & Lounge 47, University of Ibadan Road, Samonda, Ibadan. +234 802 763 9285

Pete's Bar Inside Trans Amusement Park, Bodija, Ibadan. +234 809 945 6700, +234 802 222 4723

Located in the right part of town, its clientele is diverse, from students, to workers, and more. It’s also a good place to enjoy football matches over drinks with friends.

Located in a nice park, Pete’s provides great ambience for friends looking to chill and have fun over drinks.

Infinities Lounge and Bar 1, Animashaun Street, Ajeigbe Bus Stop, Ring Road, Ibadan. +234 805 618 0924

Pleasure Summit 6, Nuj Road, Iyaganku Quater, Ibadan. +234 81 3960 7466

For that after work chill, Infinities offers ambience to laugh off the day’s stress with great music and drinks.

PO Lounge Plot 29, Trans African House Opposite Diket Building, Ring-Road, Ibadan +234 811 763 1583

Latitude, like its name, has no restriction. With an indoor and an al fresco bar, the layout is perfect for daytime and night chill. There’s the karaoke feature, with a selection of over 200 songs.

If you are in the city of Ibadan and you want to party with the ladies, Po-Lounge is the place to be. There’s never a dull moment.

Kokodome Bar Liebu Bypass, Dugbe, Ibadan. +234 818 113 8849

E-Bevande Nightclub Ring Road, Ibadan. +234 818 660 2883

EXTRA: SWIMMING POOL Being one of the oldest clubs in the city, they are known to deliver thudding hits, spicy finger foods, and an upbeat atmosphere. There’s a swimming pool, and many other attractions to keep the groove on all night long


Formerly known as Ya Hala, Pleasure summit redefines relaxation and fun with a variety of delicious meals and side attractions and games.

Latitude Lounge and Bar Ventura Mall, Samonda, Ibadan.

Davies bar is the perfect place to chill and laugh with friends over drinks. There are various activities for different days, like live bands for good music and so on.

With its luxurious interior, crystal chandeliers and polished wood floors. They offer exotic drinks, liquor and even vintage wine. There is an in-house DJ that rolls out the latest club hits all night!

You can enjoy a live band that doles out different music selections, and delicious refreshments at Olympus bar. This is the place to cool off with friends.

Options24/7 Adjacent Army Officers Mess, Along Ikolaba Road, Agodi GRA, Ibadan. +234 8062432865, +234 809 101 5839

Club Echo Ring Road, Opposite DHL, Ibadan. +234 803 538 0543

Da 411 Groove Bar 50, Awolowo Road, Old Bodija, Ibadan. +234 803 888 8322 +234 803 356 4261

Olympus Bar Fatimah Bus Stop, Odo Ona, Apata Road, Ibadan. +234 818 642 7316

Senior Citizen Club And Bar Secretariat/Yemetu Road, Ibadan. +234 805 523 4567 A modern, members-only pub for the middle aged. It offers first class entertainment and relaxation.

Topside Bar and Lounge Behind Rehobot Cathedral (Aare Oluyole Estate), Ibadan. +234 806 273 6062 To party with beautiful ladies and stars, with great music and drinks, this is the place to go.

7610 Kitchen/Pub 19 Fajuyi Road. Beside Mko Abiola Building, Queen Cinema, Dugbe, Ibadan. +234 8176992399 This bar is situated in a very unique place that is easily accessible to everyone. They offer good meals, drinks, and ambience that one can escape to.

Time Out Oluyole Area, Ibadan. +234 803 401 5208 Time out! Just like its name. A place to go be away from the world after a long, hard day.








ldtown is a premium brand boutique hotel and our major goal is to redefine the values of comfort and luxury living away from home. The brand is positioned to be the market leader in hospitality business and offers the most hospitable service among the hotels around the western part of Nigeria. It is a deluxe hotel synonymous with warm, comfortable attitude and a high level of personalized services for guests. Nestled amidst the university of Ibadan, Samonda GRA, Polytechnic Ibadan and International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, a few minutes drive from Ventura Shopping Mall and a Cinema. Oldtown Hotel is a true traditional treasure for business and leisure guests, as well as groups and events with different luxuries designed to ensure your utmost relaxation.


Owu Crown Hotel

Owu Crown Hotel

ACCOMMODATION A combination of the city’s ambience and the trademark warm hospitality of its people means that visitors to Ibadan get treated like royalty at most of the lodges.


he past four years has seen Ibadan undergo a period of sustained growth in infrastructure and capital expenditure. New business locations, especially the advent of the malls –Palms, Heritage and its twin, Cocoa Mall and the fiercely independent Ventura Mall has consequently boosted the number of visitors trooping into the city for business and commercial purposes. This, combined with those coming into the town for other reasons such as leisure or events, means that the demand for better accommodation has increased and the standard of hotels is at an all-time high. Visiting tourists are spoilt for choice depending on their taste and the limits to which they can stretch their budget. Ibadan has a great number of hotels that


offer excellent services. Visitors can find good hotels of up to 80 rooms, smaller but more intimate motels, guesthouses of different grades and Inns that operate a bed and breakfast service. While most of the better hotels are located near major roads and are spread across various areas of the city, there are a host of other great ones found further in-road with an equal appeal to quality. For a taste of history combined with elegance, Ibadan’s oldest hotel, Premier Hotel, located on Mokola Hill boasts enormous and luxurious bedrooms with spectacular views over the gold and rust city. Dining options include a broad range of menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It has a famous restaurant -the Golden Dragon- that is regularly frequented by those seeking to indulge in excellent

Kakanfo Hotel

Owu Crown Hotel

Chinese cuisine and its bar produces one of the best suya and pepper soup that can be found around that area. There are those who above all favour a serene location without any reduction in the standard of service. An example of a place that provides such is the Victorian style Old Town Hotel along Samonda Road, which offers custom-built rooms and suites each decorated in unique themes. Others include the impeccable IITA hotel along the UI - Moniya Road with its surrounding 1000 hectares of trees and nature that gives you an overwhelming feeling of tranquillity similar to that of the perfect Orchard Hotel overlooking the Ibadan Golf Course. For budget friendly accommodation, the appropriately named Travel House

Budget Hotel at Ring Road offers clean and comfortable spaces combined with excellent services and their Gifted Hands restaurant supplies sumptuous meals around the clock. Other economic choices include the Check窶的nn along Secretariat-UI Road and Walan Hotel at Ring Road. For those who wish to stay in hotels equipped for business purposes, Kakanfo Inn and Conference Centre at Ring Road represents the perfect location. It offers five categories of rooms fully equipped with services for the business traveller, a business lounge with Wi-Fi, a multipurpose hall and multiple conference centres. The UI Hotels located within the prestigious University of Ibadan campus is an excellent value for money residence that offers similar services especially for the academic visitor. For most, the hotel experience should be timeless luxury and complete convenience. That is what Owu Crown Hotel at Iwo Road, Monotan offers. The hotel consists of 80 plush rooms that include double rooms, twin rooms/suites and they offer world-class quality of service. The Davis Hotel in Old Bodija is another that offers excellent value for money given its great

Kakanfo Hotel

location and quality service. Most hotels offer various hospitality packages based on a budget. However, if you prefer room-only, there are some restaurants, vendors and diners around most hotels that sell excellent local and continental dishes. Room prices in Ibadan are affordable and often come with discounts if you ask. All accommodation providers have their booking systems and policies, so it is advised that you check this out before making a reservation. Always call ahead for any additional services that may be needed so that you can relax and enjoy Ibadan well rested.

Eku Orun o.


Bayse One Place Indisputably, Bayse One Place presents a refreshing and stylish alternative in the ancient and peaceful city of Ibadan. With the superb accommodations and amenities, presented in an enviable location and serene environment Bayse One Place is an outstanding for money. Plot 14/16, Akinola Maja Street, Opposite 3SC Football Club Office, Jericho, Ibadan +234 706 761 0299, +234 815 696 7176

Brighton Hotel and Suites Brighton Hotel and Suites Ltd offers the best services to their guests with their top-notch hospitality and luxury facilities to ensure their guests’ comfort. Their rooms are furnished with modern pieces, and even antiques, to appeal to their trendy and eccentric guests. 24, Adeniji Street, Off Liberty Stadium, Ibadan +234 807 635 3696, +234 809 353 4396

Carlton Gate Hotel Carlton Gate Hotel is one of a kind in its modern architectural design and warm customer reception. It offers sixty-two modern, comfortable and well-equipped guest rooms. It has a pool for customer convenience, an ambient outdoor bar and restaurant, which offers a variety of food. Their cocktails are exotic as they are amazing. Quarters 860, Agodi GRA, Ibadan +234 1 295 5232; +234 811 579 9323

Check-Inn Hotels Check-Inn Hotel offers 35 palatial, luxuriously furnished and resplendent rooms. With amenities that transcend the ordinary, and create memories, from an intimate escape to an unforgettable vacation, a fantastic stay is ensured to leisure and business guests alike. With the restaurant offering the best quality dishes and a cosy bar with the finest services are added attractions. 1, Check-Inn Close
Behind Zain Head Office, Off Secretariat/U.I Road,
Bodija, Ibadan

+234 708 669 5488; +234 809 911 7790; +234 802 877 5171; +234 705 867 6555 Davies Hotel Davies Hotel has been in Ibadan City for many years and its age long presence has done nothing but help build trust with customers. Anticipating and catering to needs proactively, they are a force to be reckoned with in the hospitality business. From the amazing meals, to ambience and unfettered service, Davies Hotel promises an unforgettable experience for all guests. 7/8 Adeyi Avenue, Old Bodija, Ibadan +234 802 338 7433, +234 803 714 2599, +234 812 188 5836 Glory View Hotel For a breath of fresh air, warmth, and good hospitality, Glory View Hotel is the hotel to lodge in with loved ones. Guests are waited on round-the-clock, with an exotic bar and restaurant to cater to guests. Their rooms and suites are tastefully furnished and possess an aesthetic value. Adenuga Street, Kongi Bus-Stop, Off U.I Secretariat Road, Ibadan. +234 (0) 805 471 1749


Grand Serene Hotel Located in the quiet, residential district of Iyagunku GRA, and a few minutes’ drive to the commercial nerve of the Ibadan city, Grand Serene Hotel is a place to be discovered and savoured for pleasure, and business activities on a luxurious and classic scale. Their strength lies in the technicalities of highly professional personnel who deliver prompt and courteous services to guests. 19, Jibowu Crescent, Iyaganku G.R.A. Ibadan +234 807 635 3696, +234 809 353 4396

Hill Top Tavern Hotel Its location is convenient for those visiting the Ibadan Polytechnic, as the institution is just a stone’s throw from the hotel. For scholars and academics visiting, this is the place to stay. It offers a large variety of facilities and amenities to make their guests comfortable and makes sure they leave with fulfilling memories. Polythenic Road, Ladoke Akintola Way, Sango, Ibadan +234 1 295 5232; +234 811 579 9323 His Grace Hotel & Suites His Grace Hotel offers one of the best services in the hospitality industry, perfected over four decades. Effectiveness and efficiency backed by a truly dedicated team of employees to make sure the guests receive nothing short of classy service. Their facilities and amenities transcend above the ordinary in quality and finesse. Plot 1, Aare Avenue
New Bodija, Ibadan

+234 (0) 8093367416 IITA Hotel The IITA I-House with its authoritative, 108 well-appointed rooms, spacious dormitory facilities and a conference hall, is an ideal venue for business and pleasure trips. The IITA Hotel, owing to years of impeccable service, offers true ambience and serenity. This is the perfect environment for research and relaxation, for intellectuals and eccentrics. IITA-Nigeria Ibadan, PMB 5320, Ibadan. +234 (2) 241 2626 2480 K S Motels For a historical touch to a guest’s stay and a historical perspective of the Ibadan city, K S Motels is the place to stay. This facility has maintained its amazing quality over the years and is now an Ibadan City landmark. Their facilities and amenities are top-notch. Queen Elizabeth II Road,Orita-Mefa, Ibadan +234 704 339 0696, +234 816 849 5564

Kakanfo Inn & Conference Centre Kakanfo Inn is a prestigious hotel and conference centre located in the commercial nerve of the Ibadan City. The hotel comprises 15 suites, 67 double rooms with an option of 5 categories of rooms equipped with ultramodern facilities. There is a fully air-conditioned conference centre as well as an all-purpose hall seating 220 to 2500 guests. 1 Nihinlola Street, Off Mobil Petrol Station, Off Joyce’B Area, Ring Road, Ibadan +234-2-7518000; +234-2-7518001; +234-8073590868


Ladalob Royal Suite This beautifully designed hotel is spacious and has variety of rooms, in various ranges, for affordability and comfort. The hotel guarantees amenities to suit the guests’ every need. It also ensures safety of its guests as there is a round-the-clock security team to address any emergency. Plot 9, Obe Street, Behind Bovas Filling Station, New Bodija, Ibadan. +234 703 423 7483, +234 704 546 2254

LaMaison Hotel & Suite La Maison Hotel is a minimalist design hotel complex of 15 rooms spanning 2 floors, with a basement housing the service area. The 15 rooms (inclusive of 1 exotic suite) are well and tastefully furnished to ensure maximum comfort, to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. 23 Jibowu Street, Iyaganku G.R.A., Ibadan. +234-816-068-4669

Oldtown Hotel Oldtown is a deluxe hotel synonymous with warm, comfortable attitude, and a high level of personalised services for guests. Its interior is artfully decorated with antique furnishings and pieces, from grandfather clocks, to chandeliers, to chests, and even paintings. The hotel offers 43 luxury accommodations, a 250-seater, canopy style outdoor poolside bar, a world-class restaurant, and so much more. 59, Samonda Road, Ibadan +234 909 0595 507; +234 806 4185 807 Orchard Hotel The Orchard Hotel is known famously for their hospitality and their main goal is customer satisfaction. The hotel is equipped with a conference room, restaurant, bar, gym and bedrooms divided into categories to suit their guests’ pockets. Their rooms are tastefully furnished. The hotel is located in a serene environment to fulfil the purpose of relaxation. Off Golf Club, Link Reservation Onireke G.R.A, Ibadan

+234 811 118 2200, +234 811 118 2211 Owu Crown Owu Crown Ibadan, former Golden Tulip, is a 4 star hotel with an objective to meet the needs of its guests and to strike a balance between comfort and luxury. Accommodation includes fully airconditioned double rooms, twin rooms and suites with Wi-fi Internet access and cable TV. A restaurant that offers a variety of continental and indigenous cuisines exists to cater to the taste buds of guests. KM 2, Iwo Road,
Monotan, Ibadan +234 (2) 2022500 Premier Hotel Premier Hotel is known as one of the best and oldest hotels in West Africa. Jointly owned by the Odua States, it is equipped with optimum facilities for maximal enjoyment. The hotel boasts of 87 bedrooms in total; 80 double rooms, 6 executive suites and 1 luxury suite. It has a standard Olympic sized swimming pool, which is a bonus and an avenue to socialize with Ibadan residents. Mokola Hill, Oremeji | P. O. Box 1206, Ibadan +234 811 595 9631, +234 802 353 9974, +234 703 803 4472


SDM Tavern Hotel SDM Tavern offers clean and spacious rooms designed for both leisure and business travellers. It is located in a quiet serene environment and it provides maximum comfort and convenience, with a touch of elegance at moderate charges. The rooms are spacious, luxurious, tastefully furnished and equipped with facilities for maximum comfort. 7, Road H, Opposite UCH Second Gate, Secretariat/Total Garden Road, GRA, Agodi, Ibadan +234 808 826 9483

Travel House Budget Hotel Travel House Budget Hotel offers the best facilities and associated services, which assure a clean and comfortable stay. With a friendly and professional welcome, whether on a business or leisure trip, a pleasant stay is ensured. As the name implies, the hotel is affordable and offers way more than one expects a budget hotel to. Plot 22A, Block X ,M.K.O. Abiola Way, Ring Road, Ibadan +234 817 569 1344, +234 704 499 7087 U.I. Hotel Located in the heart of the first university in Nigeria, the U.I. Hotel has a serene atmosphere for one to work and experience the institution first-hand. The amenities and facilities are adequate for guests. University Of Ibadan, Ibadan

+234 708 400 0002

Walan Hotel (D’Rovans Hotel Limited) Located at Ring Road, Ibadan, Walan Hotel has been in existence for over two decades. With over a hundred rooms, the hotel has unique features that distinguish it from other hotels. There are single, double, standard studio, deluxe executive, family deluxe and executive suites, which are tastefully furnished with all basic facilities provided. Francis Aiyegbeni Close, Ring Road, Ibadan. +234 816 012 2786, +234 807 230 1904, +234 709 222 4943

How long to nap

10 to 20 Minutes

This power nap is ideal for a boost in alertness and energy, experts say. This length of time usually limits you to the lighter stages of nonrapid eye movement (NREM) sleep, making it easier to hit the ground running after waking up.

90 Minutes

30 Minutes

Some studies show that napping this long may cause sleep inertia, a hangoverlike groggy feeling that lasts for up to 30 minutes after waking up before the nap’s restorative benefits become apparent.

60 Minutes

This nap is best for improvement in remembering facts, faces and names. It includes slow-wave sleep, the deepest type. The downside: some grogginess upon waking up.

This is a full cycle of sleep, meaning the lighter and deeper stages, including REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, typically likened to the dreaming stage. This leads to improved emotional and procedural memory (i.e. riding a bike, playing the piano) and creativity.





The late Rashidi Yekini is still revered as one of the most prolific football players to ever lead the line for the Shootings Stars of Ibadan. His 45 goals in 53 matches remains a club record and his short but historic exploits in a 3SC jersey continues to linger in the hearts of the locals.

CLUB PROFILE Name The Shooting Stars Football Club Other Names:3SC, Oluyole Warriors.

Sunshine Stars FC vs 3SC

3SC The recent struggles of the Shooting Stars of Ibadan are in sharp contrast to the glory days of the 70’s and 80’s when the club dominated the Nigerian domestic football scene. The club was a force to reckon with on the continental stage and recent developments have shown that the club is taking the proper steps towards another era of dominance. Founded in 1960 by the Late Chief Lekan Salami, the 3SC of Ibadan is a product of the former Pepsi Cola Football Club that was owned by the Western Nigeria Development Corporation (WNDC). The club’s ownership later changed hands from the WNDC to the Industrial Investment and Credit Corporation (IICC) in 1963 and it was under their proprietorship that the name ‘Shooting Stars’ was finally adopted. The Oluyole Warriors is an old nickname that stuck from when the club played their home games at the Old Liberty Stadium at Ring Road before later moving to the Adamasingba Stadium. 102

City Ibadan The Shooting Stars remain to date one of the most decorated football clubs in the country with a proud list of enviable achievements. Players like Ike Shoronmu and the one-time African Footballer of the Year and local hero, Rashidi Yekini, were winners of the first ever FA Cup and in 1976 became the first Nigerian club to win an international trophy when they brought home the African Winner’s Cup. They recently just won promotion back to the Premier League on the last day of the season in a dramatic fashion and will be looking to make the first division home after years of shuttling between divisions.

The average Ibadan indigene skips the letter “H” when pronouncing English Words which means the Club is satirically known as “sooting”

Address 114, Akinola Maja Avenue, Jericho Reservation, G.P.O Box 19280, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Founded 1960 Stadium The Lekan Salami Stadium, Adamasingba Strip Colour Blue Shirt and Blue Shorts Capacity 10000 Honours 4 FA Cups Winner (1971, 1977, 1979, 1995), 5 Nigerian Premier League Titles (1976, 1980, 1983, 1995, 1998), Runner up African Cup of Champions (1984, 1996), African Cup Winners’ Cup (1976), West African Club Championship (1998) Fansite www.facebook,com/3sc.ibadan

K Centre

Astro Turf If you are in Ibadan and you want to experience street football in style, the K-Centre’s Astro has redefined the soccer experience. Every day, our little courtyard right here in Ibadan is home to a 5-a-aside turf that will rival most Astro turfs in the country. There is a Ronaldo from Bodija, a Messi from Ring Road, a Yekini from Yemetu, senior citizens from Alakia, company executives and children all out to compete for the ultimate bragging rights. Bring yourself, bring your crew and do not be left out of this awesome soccer experience. For slot bookings visit the K-Centre at 5, Shell Close, Onireke GRA, Ibadan, (beside American Christian Academy). We are open every day of the week. Alternatively, call Justina on 08169181213

K Centre Dance Class Whether you are an adult or child, enhance your weekends by learning the twists of salsa, the elegance of ballroom dance, the energy of hip-hop or the physicality of contemporary dances at the K Centre Dance class with our team of professional dance instructors in our ultra-modern dance studio. The classes are a fun and a fit way to spend your Saturday mornings at 10am prompt. We also aim to improve your physical and mental wellbeing while widening your range of dance techniques, all at an affordable price. Membership packages are available on request. Indian dance aerobics is also available from Monday - Friday at 9am for those with an adventurous spirit.


The Ibadan 2015 MTN Polo Tournament


olo is an impressive game that can be referred to as the king of games and the game of kings. Polo is arguably the oldest recorded team sport in known history played over 2500 years ago. Polo is a game played on horses, where one team attempts to score goals by hitting a hard hockey sized ball through their opposition goal posts with a mallet attached to the end of a 4 1/4 foot stick. The game is played on a field size of 300 yards long and 160 yards wide and almost 10 acres in size. Polo was adopted as the noblest of sports by kings and emperors of ancient times therefore why it was regarded as the game of kings.


Polo is a game that owes much of its uniqueness to the fact that it should be played not only within the rules but also within the spirit of the competition. The fundamentals of Polo are to ensure proper horse riding skills, understand the needs of the horses, study how they respond to the rider and provide excellent care and grooming of the horses. A sitting balance should be kept with strong legs as this gives the polo player an improved riding skill. The game of Polo brings a high inter-club camaraderie, a good relationship between all Polo players across the world, as the ethos and etiquette of Polo has to be preserved at all times and in all places.

Ibadan Polo Club is an affiliate of the Nigerian Polo Association (NPA). Polo has been played in Ibadan as far back as the 1930s to date. Over the last eight decades, there have been annual and mini tournaments organised with teams participating from all over the country with various successes and exciting moments for the players and spectators. At different times, foreign professional players participate in our tournaments and this encourages home players to adopt and mimic their style of play. From the beginning, the history of Ibadan Polo Club has been one of constant evolution and transformation, a desire never to stand still, a willingness to be and remain the best, which is a drive that remains to this day. The Ibadan Polo Club developed rapidly over the years in line with the city of Ibadan. The players and members of Ibadan Polo Club are a unique breed they consist of leaders, professionals and captains of industries. The former Governor of the Old Western State Brig. Gen. C.O. Rotimi was the past captain, former president and now the patron. We have also encouraged young, enthusiastic teenagers to play and compete in the game of polo. The Ibadan Polo Club is situated on Eleyele road and shares the fence with the barracks. The club is comprised of a playing field, stables and a clubhouse that was commissioned on the 3rd of January 1972 by late Gen Hassan Katsina who was also a Polo player and significantly supported the game of Polo. The Ibadan 2015 MTN Polo Tournament took place from the 22nd to the 26th of April 2015. The tournament was carefully packaged for the ultimate satisfaction of all the participating team players from Kano, Lagos and host club Ibadan. Our sponsors (MTN, Boff Insurance Brokers, Princeton Health Services, Yaku Nigeria Ltd, Bodija International School, Awake Interlink, Lead City Group, Oil Well

The Ibadan 2015 MTN Polo Tournament

Multilink, McSsound Trends Ltd, Nigerian Breweries, Duante, O.A Alakija Holdings, Hudson Petroleum, invited guests and Polo enthusiasts. The all round success of the 2015 tournament was highlighted by the unpredictable outcome of the game in most of the cup titles. We had HudsonTavia captained by Bowale Jolaso of a Lagos team as the winner of the Ibadan Cup while the runner-ups were the Ibadan dream team. Lagos Ribadu, captained by the president of the Lagos Club Hon. Habeeb Fasinro won the Rotimi Cup and the runner up was Leobiga-Heirs an Ibadan team captained by Prince Adeoye Ajibade, President of Ibadan Polo Club. The Ade Alakija Cup was won by Valda Comms from Kano, and the runner up was Lagos Awolowo. This year’s edition was highly entertaining rising to an excellent standard as far as the organisation, level of play and entertainment was concerned. The variety night had project fame winner Chindinma perform while Vintage Band and DJ Semight thrilled the audience. Ibadan Polo Club has benefitted from the support and sponsorship of MTN and other co-sponsors. MTN’s relationship

with Nigerian Polo & Ibadan Polo Club is a long-standing one which no doubt has been beneficial to the game as it sponsors Polo tournaments in an effort to contribute to the development of the game in Nigeria and to connect with its high-value customers who consider the sport their number one game. Polo is not just a hobby, it is a lifestyle whether you are a professional Polo player, enjoy riding for pleasure or a spectator.

Trophies and awards listed below are always and vigorously competed for at the 2015 Ibadan NPA Polo tournaments within handicap brackets as follows: (1) Ade Alakija Memorial Cup -2 to +2 handicap (2) Rotimi Cup +3 to +7 (3) Ibadan Cup +8 to +12 handicap. Selected cups are: (i) Shoreline Cup. (ii) NFL Cup (iii) Governors Cup.






FIRE 08067439223


F.R.S.C 08077690113









CSP SUNDAY A. OKE DPO OGBERE 07037192769/08081768631


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DSP JOSEPH ADESOYE ADELEKE DPO KISHI 08081776540/08081776540 SP AGBOLADE OSHODI O 2 I/C ACPOL AGO-AMODU 08082202088/08081774402 SP SADIQ .M. MANA DPO ATIBA-OFFA META 08060167874 CSP BABATUNDE MUSTAPHA DPO ISEYIN 08123824197/08033708950 CSP ALLWELL BEN DPO IWERE-ILE 08072369489 SP ABIODUN ASABI DPO JOBELE 08037253141/08126658127 DSP JIMOH I MOBOLAJI DPO OKEHO 08030756843/08081779218










CSP ADEYEMI OLAOLU DPO DURBA OYO 08035518131/08081765390







Ibadan Official City Guide Edition 3 Magazine, dedicated to promoting Culture, Shopping, Entertainment, Art, Dining and lots more.


Ibadan Official City Guide Edition 3 Magazine, dedicated to promoting Culture, Shopping, Entertainment, Art, Dining and lots more.