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An Overview of Cash Advance

 We are brokers for cash advance companies nationally  We arrange to buy a percentage of the merchant’s future Visa, MasterCard, AmEx & Discover receipts  The average advance is $20,000 and the average repayment term is six to seven months. Payback is deducted from daily receipts automatically  No personal guarantee  No business or personal collateral  No origination fees  No fixed repayment schedule

The Numbers  Example: The average monthly credit card receipts = $10,000  $10,000 + 25% = $12,500 as an advance  20-25% of the daily credit card receipts is deducted until the advance is collected

Reasons For A Cash Advance

 Expansion  Equipment purchase  Inventory purchase  Down payment  Acquisition  Buyout  Cash flow shortfall


 Merchants can receive up to $3 Million  No reporting to credit bureaus  Payback based on timing of credit card receipts  Automatic payback  No fees or penalty for extended payback period  A/B credit not required  Financials/tax returns not required for funds up to $1 Million

Merchant Requirements

 Eighteen (18) months in business (a maximum of $25,000 is available to merchants in business under 18 months)  Minimum $5,000 per month in credit card receipts

Document Requirements

(Up to $1 Million & in business over 18 months)  Four months of credit card processing statements  Voided check (Over $1 Million or in business under 18 months)  Extensive documentation

Getting Started

If you are ready to get started, please click on the link below to open a PDF worksheet Worksheet


For information on how to get started, please contact: Francisco J. Acosta Internal Business Consulting Executive Vice President 212-330-0311

Cash Advance Presentation  
Cash Advance Presentation  

An overview of merchant cash advance.