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2014 Exhibitors manual


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Contacts Should you have any questions - please do not hesitate to contact us.

Project coordinator at Forum Micha Mertz Tlf.: +45 32 47 20 90

Address Forum Copenhagen ApS Julius Thomsens Plads 1 DK-1925 Frederiksberg C Tlf.: +45 32 47 20 00 Fax: +45 35 24 00 99


Building Green Tel.: +45 35 25 35 45 Sales Consultant Building Green René Bonde Dir. Phone. +45 27 24 40 03 IBC Euroforum ApS SILKEGADE 17 1113 KØBENHAVN K Denmark.


Important dates and deadlines: Stand supplies Access code and login to the web shop will be sent to the contact person’s mail address week 33. Deadline for ordering stand supplies is 1st of October 2014. Please note that Forum may invoice all stand supplies before the exhibition, so that everything is paid before set up.

Opening hours Day

Build up/

Gates open

Opening hours


10:00 - 23:00


10:00 - 20.00


08.00 - 09.00

Gate 3

08.00 - 17.00

09.00 - 17.00


08.00 - 09.00 + 17.00 - 24.00

Gate 3

08.00 - 17.30

09.00 - 17.00

Break Down

Exhibition opening hours

organisers office

Setup All setup work must be completed by Tuesday at 23.00 as aisle carpeting will then be laid. Once the aisle carpeting is in place, goods may only be transported to the stands by means of small sack bar- rows with rubber wheels. The aisles must also be cleared of stand equipment and packaging.

Delivery of goods Goods delivered by road or rail will not be accepted by Forum prior to the stand setup date. The exhibitor’s company name and stand number must be stated on dispatch papers, together with instructions for the goods to be delivered to your stand. The goods must also be sent carriage-free as Forum cannot pay carriage owed on consignments received. Goods delivered to the exhibitor for the purpose of the fair and signed for by Forum are the exhibitor’s responsibility.

Breakdown Stand breakdown must not start before the fair ends at Thursday at 17.00. A penalty of DKK 5,000 incl. VAT will be charged on exhibitors starting breakdown before this time.

Exhibitor meeting th

We will have a meeting at Forum Copenhagen September 10 from 10 am – 12 am, where you will be provided with practical information regarding the fair and have the opportunity of asking questions.


General Info Exhibitor cards Stand personnel must wear a visible exhibitor card carrying their name and the name of their company. Remember to print and bring the card before you come to the fair. Should you have forgotten your card, a new can be issued by the entrance Wednesday, October 29th, between 8 – 9 am. Building Green will send out a link for exhibitor registration when this is ready. REMEMBER – the card grants access to the hall in the morning before the fair opens to visitors, so please bring it home in the evening. Note: only persons who will be stationed on stand can be issued with a card. The cards are not transferable. Exhibitor cards are not required for tradesmen who will be involved in stand setup and breakdown.

Work passes Work passes are only valid during the setup and breakdown phase, and are intended for the use of haulers and others persons who will not be on stand during opening hours. The passes are free, valid for one day, and issued by the staff at the Organizer’s Office in the foyer.

Garbage During the fair, please use the container inside Gate 3.

Insurance The exhibitor is responsible for insuring the effects exhibited on stand and for covering the cost of injuries/damage caused by products, personnel or effects to third parties, including members of the public, while on or close to the exhibitor’s stand. See regulation for all rules.

Cleaning The responsibility for stand cleaning during the fair lies with the individual exhibitor. We therefore recommend ordering daily stand cleaning through our web shop. The cleaning service includes emptying garbage and vacuuming the stand area. Storage rooms will not be cleaned. Cleaning can only be ordered for the complete fair period. Vacuum cleaners are not available for loan.

Packaging During the fair, empty packaging may be stored in designated areas at the exhibitor’s own risk. It is important that all packaging contains Stand number, company and contact information.

Loading and unloading If you need truck assistance for loading and unloading, please contact our technical services staff inside the hall during setup/breakdown. Requests will be dealt with in the order they are received. Trucks cannot be booked in advance. Please note that the charge (DKK 581,-/hour, excl. VAT) is per commenced quarter of an hour. st

Elevators for the 1 floor are accessible by gate 2 and 4. The elevators measure 2,2 m high, 4,5 m deep, 2,4 m wide and have a maximum capacity of 2 tons.



There are many hotels in Copenhagen. We have gathered a small selection here. Bella Sky Comwell is a spectacular skyscraper and a striking landmark in Copenhagen’s newest neighborhood, Ørestaden. See with its 23 floors, 812 special design rooms and 30 flexible meeting rooms and conference venues, Bella Sky Comwell is the largest hotel in Scandinavia. With its unique architecture, it is the most aesthetic hotel in Copenhagen. Avenue Hotel Copenhagen - be welcomed and spoiled at the hotel with friendly traditions and an international beat in the heart of Copenhagen. Central located on Åboulevard – within walking distance of Forum, City Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen), Tivoli and Strøget. Only two metro stations from Langelinie and Nyhavn CAB INN Scandinavia is close to Forum, the Metro Station and the lakes in Copenhagen. The hotel has 201 rooms with bathroom, telephone, TV, electric kettle and free tea and coffee. Free Internet access. Several rooms are fitted up for 3 or 4 persons. Parking for payment.


Technical information Included in stand rental One power supply 220 V (placed on the top of the stand wall). - Stand walls - 1 spot on arm per 3 sqm. - Stand number - Wireless internet Stand walls Stands are constructed with dividing walls onto neighboring stands. Stands are based on a system of 100 x 250 cm modules. The walls are connected by aluminum profiles at the top and bottom and have vertical uprights placed at meter intervals. The vertical profiles are white-painted. The stand walls are 12 mm thick. Note! Stands excluding buildup do not include walls or spots, but will have floodlights. For further stand information:

Measurement at the venue

Elevator H: 220 cm W: 240 cm D: 460 cm Max weight: 2,5 t

From floor to balcony: Under the North Balcony: 4,5 meter Under the rest of the balcony: 4 meter

From balcony floor to ceiling About 6 meters at the wall and 7 meters near the center


Exhibitor regulations GENERAL REGULATIONS 1. 2. 3. 4.


6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

11. 12.

13. 14. 15.

The participants are under obligation to use the hall, including their own stand, in accordance with the purpose of the event. Forum is entitled to dismiss or expel a participant failing to comply with this requirement. Construction and fair materials must be kept inside the stand area during the event – for the purpose of the event as a whole, the flow of the event, cleaning, escape routes, etc. Signage and advertising, both inside the hall and externally may only take place with the approval of Forum. This does not apply to on-stand advertising for the participant’s own company. If a participant wishes to change the hall’s fixed installations, Forum’s Technical Services Department must be notified of this in good time. Installations may only be altered by a certified installer approved by Forum. The installer is responsible for proper performance of the work and must report the finished work to the municipal services. The participants must not set up or use loudspeaker systems other than the existing system without the approval of the organizer and Forum. The individual participant is responsible for obtaining the necessary license from Koda & Gramex to play copyrighted music. Showing of films (in special film room) must only take place with the approval of the organizer and Forum. The film presenter must also acquire any permission from public authorities. The participants are obliged to comply with all authority requirements, including those of the fire service and the police. The participants are obliged to comply with the regulations of the Danish Working Environment Authority, details of which may be found in the Authority’s Executive Orders and Guidelines. See The number and width of emergency exits prescribed by the fire service in each case must be kept passable and hall doors, windows and lift entrances must be unobstructed. The hall floor must not be exposed to greater load than the structural maximum, and the use of heavy vehicles, including trucks with solid tires, is prohibited. Planks must be laid for use by flatbed trucks used in transporting heavy equipment and the like. Any damage resulting from such transport must be paid for by the participant. The use of nails and screws, etc. in floors, walls, ceilings, columns, stairs, etc. is not permitted – this also include all build up stand material. Repair of any damage inflicted on the hall must be paid for by the participant. Forum takes no responsibility for loss or damage, including fire and water damage, and damage to equipment, decorations, items on fair, etc. – irrespective of their ownership. Any injury or damage sustained by the participants or visitors is not the concern of Forum. These provisions shall not apply if the damage or injury is attributable to deliberate or gross negligence on the part of Forum’s management or staff. Complaints regarding supplies affected through Forum shall be made in writing before the event closes. Carpet tape other than TESA carpet tape no. 4964 must not be used. This tape can be ordered in Forum. To limit the risk of theft, we recommend that movables and valuables be packed up and removed from the stand when unmanned and when closed. Attention is drawn to the fact that Forum accepts no responsibility for exhibitors’ property. No facilities exist at Forum for storage of moneyboxes or cash


FIRE REGULATIONS General conditions covering staging of events at Forum 1.

Each individual event must be approved by the fire service. An application accompanied by a dimensioned plan showing the exhibition structure (stands, gangways and escape routes) must be sent to the fire service no later than one week prior to the start of the event. The application (or the plan) must contain details of what is to be exhibited –particularly details of any flammable substances or materials. 2. The event must be inspected and approved by the fire service not later than the day prior to opening. 3. At the organizer’s expense, fire stewards must be deployed in the number stipulated by the fire service. Where present, night security personnel must be instructed concerning the hall’s fire alarm system and in the use of extinguishing agents. 4. Plastic film, foam plastic and similar materials must not be used for decoration, production and covering of stands and the like. Fire-retarding, soft wood fiber-board, Hessian and canvas, etc. may be used, just as other flammable materials (hard wood fiber-board, chipboard, etc.) may be used with the specific approval of the fire service. Approval will normally be conditional on a maximum stand height of approx. 3 m, and on the presence of breaks at least 4 m wide every 30 meters along the length. More stringent requirements may be imposed in the case of special circumstances. 5. Gas installations must be executed in the form of fixed installations. Bottled gas may not be taken into the hall. Electrical installations must be executed in accordance with the Danish Power Regulations by a certified electrical installer. 6. Live Candles at stands: It is only permitted to use tea-candles and only in a limited quantity at a limited number of stands (maximum 10 candles in a maximum of 5 stands). The tea-candles may not be placed directly at a table or other surface, but should be placed in a suitable and stabile candleholder. The candle must always be kept at least 1 m. (3ft.) away from any fire-sensitive material and public. The stand plan, which must be approved by the Fire Service, must show exactly where the candles are located. 7. Setup and use of ovens, machines and other devices operating on flammable liquids (petrol, methyl based spirits, paraffin, etc.) or gas must be approved by the fire service in all cases. Tanks in cars, etc. must not contain more than 5 liters of fuel. 8. Gangways and escape routes (of approved width) must be kept clear. Exhibition articles etc. along gangways must be secured to prevent them from falling and thereby hampering passage. Fire extinguishing equipment and fire detectors must be kept unobstructed and be readily accessible. 9. Packing materials (cardboard boxes, wood wool, paper, etc. must not be stored in the hall or in the area around the hall. Entrances and doorways must be kept clear of stock and parking throughout the event. 10. Smoking and use of candles and naked flames are prohibited except with the special approval of the fire service. The ban on smoking must be clearly signposted and the event organizer is responsible for compliance with this ban. 11. The fire service will in all cases determine how many people may be present in the hall and may require the hall to be closed for a shorter or longer period.

Frederiksberg Fire Service August 2002 BRANDCIRCULÆRE


FOOD REGULATIONS To facilitate smoother procedures with the health authorities, we have agreed a set of general guidelines when setting up temporary kitchen facilities during exhibitions. The stand owner is responsible for ensuring that applicable legislation is complied with. Kitchen layouts are dependent on the scope of food preparation and serving, and we have distinguished between three types: Food preparation - requirements: Type

Scope of preparation



Simple serving of drinks, cookies etc. in packets, slicing of sponge cakes etc., opening of cans and serving of samples directly from tins etc.


Light preparation of samples over the counter, deep frying/frying in pans, cooking etc. of ready meals and frozen food and cutting into small portions, but no preparation of raw produce.


Production and preparation of main courses from raw produce, semifinished food, slicing of meat and preparation of vegetables.

Sink incl. running cold and hot water, soap and paper. Sneeze screen for foods near the public, as far as possible use of disposable packaging, and careful cleaning of stand and kitchen utensils. See under type I incl. running cold and hot water, soap and paper. In addition, washable floor in kitchen and behind counter, storage/unpacking room, to the extent necessary refrigeration or freezer facilities in storage room or kitchen – and a stainless steel sink for washing kitchen utensils. See under type I. In addition, adequately sized kitchen washable kitchen floor, sufficient refrigeration and freezer facilities, double stainless steel sink for washing up, electric water heater, kitchen equipment for heating, roasting etc. and cooker hoods over deep-fryers, ovens and grills.

General points to be aware of: There will be separate toilets for personnel who are handling food (ask where). All semi-finished or ready-to-serve meals must be supplied by a kitchen/factory approved by the Danish health authorities, or if imported be in compliance with the Veterinary Directorate’s regulations for the import of foodstuffs. All foodstuffs must be in compliance with Danish legislation. All produce shall be stored and transported with due care and under hygienic conditions in suitable containers. No produce must be facing the public without being screened off. Naturally, the necessary measures must be taken that apply to the preparation of food generally. Deep-frozen food must be stored at a maximum temperature of -18 C. Eggs must be stored at a maximum temperature of +12 C. Pre-packed food must be stored in compliance with applicable regulations. Perishable food must be stored under appropriate refrigeration conditions Packaging used for pre-packed food must not be defective. For further information please contact VETERINARY AND FOOD CONTROL +45 72 27 60 00, or F&B Manager Claus Vogel at +45 32 47 20 70.


Parking Forum in located in the municipality of Frederiksberg’s Parking Zone. The Parking Zone request a parking license Monday - Friday: 8.00 - 20.00 Saturday: 8.00 - 15.00 If you display a parking disc you can park free of charge for two hours. By purchasing a one-day municipal parking card it is possible to park free of charge on the particular day. Remember to place the card inside your front windscreen. The one-day parking card costs DKK 35 and can be purchased from the Organizer’s Office during stand setup or be pre-ordered from the web shop. Unused parking cards will be refunded if returned before the fair closes

Please note that this is the rules for the municipality of Frederiksberg, whereas the municipality of Copenhagen has other rules. You can see the boarders at the pictures below:



Alternative, on the corner of Blågårdsgade and Åboulevarden is "Det Grønne P-hus". Parking only DKK 9 per hour. The parking garage is only a few hundred meters from Forum and is open 7 days a week. See map.

”Det Grønne P-Hus”


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Online udstillermappe uk  

Building Green 2014 Exhibitors manual for ForumCopenhagen.