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MYP: the next chapter

The team

Head of MYP development Malcolm Nicolson

Academic Officer Steve O'Regan

Curriculum and Assessment Managers Design & PHE Andrew Mayes

Language A & B Margareth Harris

Arts & Personal Project Danielle Veilleux

Humanities Gabriela Gonzalez Vaillant

Science & Mathematics Lennox Meldrum

Resource Development Team Leader Christelle Bazin

2 Resource Development Officers Philippa Elliott Lucia Capasso

MYP: next chapter

MYP, current programme model

MYP, first programme model

Embrace the future by valuing the past

MYP: next chapter The IB has reviewed the design of the MYP aiming to provide, for first teaching in 2014, a structure that more clearly enables students to be successful in further IB studies while also facilitating schools in combining the MYP with the requirements of national and state systems; thereby increasing access to MYP and strengthening our position as leaders in international education.

MYP: the next chapter Documents available on the OCC:

MYP: next chapter Piloting the subject group guides

Recent milestones  End of pilots • Science & PHE • Mathematics, Language Acquisition, Language and Literature, Arts, I&S

August 2012

• Personal Project

March 2013

• Interdisciplinary

April 2013

February 2013

MYP: the next chapter  ATL, Service and Inquiry TSM • handover to Publishing

February 2013

• Published

Oct 2013

 Final handover of FPIP to publishing

April 2013

 Final handover of guides to Publishing

May-August 2013

 Pre-published FPIP & guides on the OCC

Nov 2013/Jan 2014

 Publication of FPIP, guides & TSM

May/July 2014

MYP: From principles into practice Guide contents reflect programme standards and practices ďƒ˜ Each chapter contains programme requirements listed at end of each chapter ďƒ˜New content: social & emotional learning; counsellor; planning process & planner; education outside the classroom; developed ATL; service as action; what is an IB education?

MYP: next chapter Increased teacher support Concepts in guides – greater guidance and support for teachers TSM’s – greater guidance for teachers using new media –pre-published revisions available via OCC November 2013 -fully revised/published editions available via OCC in May 2014, for first teaching in Aug/Sept 2014 •Eight subject guides •The personal project guide •The guide to interdisciplinary teaching and learning •MYP: From principles into practice

Existing MYP Schools, workshop leaders and teachers will be guided, step by step, throughout the process

MYP: next chapter The essentials... • MYP: next chapter will launch in schools September 2014 • MYP eAssessment first available in June 2015 • Existing MYP schools, workshop leaders and teachers will be guided, step by step, throughout the process • IB Professional Development prepares educators for the innovations of MYP: next chapter

March 2013

MYP: next chapter solutions... Flexibility of External Assessment = Recognition Facilitate improved integration

Innovative concept based assessment

Contextual learning areas

subject choice

New PP moderation = global consistency

EVOLUTIONARY and INNOVATIVE Development of MYP for students aged 11-16

Concept based curriculum

Core to continuum

Greater guidance and support

Innovative eAssessment options

Emphasis on Approaches to Learning’

March 2013

MYP: next chapter Assessment model

March 2013

MYP: next chapter

Flexibility of subject group choice

•By exception, schools may choose to offer fewer than the total 8 subject groups in MYP years 4-5 minimum of 6 subject groups allows for more personalized student pathways provides greater autonomy for schools supports schools in meeting national requirements allows students more in-depth study and specialization positively influences the transition from MYP to DP

March 2013

MYP: next chapter Changes to subject groups Current MYP Mathematics

Language A

MYP : the next chapter, teaching from September 2014

Language and literature



Language B


Language acquisition

Individuals and societies



Personal Project


Physical Education


Physical and health education


Personal Project

March 2013

MYP: next chapter Transition timeline - 2013 • MYP Coordinators Handbook includes new rule for subject group flexibility in MYP4-5 August


• OCC: Pre-published draft unit planner

• OCC: Publication of teacher support material for approaches to learning, inquiry and service October

• OCC: Pre-published draft guides for all subjects, personal projects and new interdisciplinary guide November OCC: Transition document for schools indicating timeline for implementation of the new requirements from September 2014

March 2013

MYP: next chapter Transition timeline - 2014 January

• OCC: Publication of revised Programme standards and practices and Guide to programme evaluation and self-study questionnaire • OCC: pre-Published draft MYP: from principles into practice • Revised applications for candidacy and authorization available online


OCC: Publication of subject guides, personal project guide, new interdisciplinary guide and MYP: From principles into practice May

• Registration of students for optional MYP eAssessment in June 2015 October

• OCC: Publication of teacher support material for subject guides and personal project December

March 2013

MYP: next chapter Keep up to date Online curriculum centre (OCC)

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