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Reviewing (1st week) Students are supposed to follow the following class procedures: 1. Class report: students take turns to give class report as: 今天是 8 月 28 号,星期四。今天天晴。 (Today is August 28, Thursday. It’s fine.) 2. News report: every time in Chinese class one girl is supposed to bring a piece of news. The news can be whatever about school, family or themselves. The purpose is to help girls to practice speaking Chinese and present themselves in class. 3. Students hand in their trust card homework. 4. Students are going to review classroom expressions gradually( the teacher will include this part in everyday teaching) Topic: 天气和季节---related part of the textbook: Unit four P102-137 Objectives: Students will be able to talk about the weather and seasons in paragraph. Students will be able to write a short paragraph. Sentence Patterns: 1. A: 今天天气怎么样? B: 今天晴。/今天晴天。/今天是晴天。 今天阴天。今天下雨了。(first time students use 了) Extended practice: 昨天天气怎么样?昨天下雨了。 2. 我喜欢晴天/下雨/阴天/下雪。(Snow is introduced here because it is easy for students to learn snow since they know the character rain in Chinese. 3. 一年有几个季节(jìjié )?一年有四季,春天,夏天,秋天和冬天。我喜欢春天/夏天/秋天/ 冬天 Extended Practice: 我喜欢春天,春天温暖(wēn nuǎn );我喜欢夏天的阳光; 我喜欢秋天凉爽 (liáng shuǎng);我喜欢冬天下雪。 Listening practice: The teacher speaks a few sentences using these patterns and new words as many times as possible. Class activities: 1. Students represent Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…, and Monday asks Tuesday: 星期二,今天 天气怎么样?Then they exchange their speaking partner. 2. Students draw pictures of their favorite weather, and ask others to guess what weather each girl likes. Priya draws snow, and others are supposed to say: 下雪

3. 4 girls represent spring, summer, fall, and winter respectively practice saying: 我是春天。春天 温暖。 Writing: characters---季节,春天,夏天,秋天,冬天 ;paragraph---一年有四个季节……我喜欢…

Teaching diary: Problems found and solutions: The girls cannot put what they have learned in their speaking, neither in writing. They remember something, but not exactly. The teacher needs to help them to activate what’s in their memory, and to put it into their speaking and writing. The girls have some difficulty producing correct tones. The teacher can help through her own speaking and correcting them. The girls do not have a good habit of listening to Chinese in class, even if what’s said by the teacher is what they have learned. The teacher can help them develop it by speaking more target language. Achieved points: The girls have been used to Ms. Wang’s class procedures as the following: 1. Class report All the 8 girls are able to present: Today is (the date), (day). Today is (weather---fine, cloudy, rainy…) 2. News report News of the 1st week: 昨天下午我们学校同学在 Kirt 校区打球。(We played ball games at Kirt campus yesterday afternoon.) 我要有妹妹了。(I am going to have a baby sister) 昨天我看电视了解到新奥尔良有飓风。(I watched TV and learned there was tornado in New Orleans ) 我弟弟今天早上打球(了)。 我打算今天去打网球。 … The girls are supposed to share the news, and the way to express themselves in Chinese. 3. Girls use classroom expressions: 上课!起立!老师好!同学们好!请坐!下课!同学们再见! 老师再见! ( Class begins. Stand up! Good morning, Ms. Wang! Good morning, girls! Sit down please! Class is over. Good bye, Ms. Wang! Good-bye!)

Teaching script 1 for CHIN 2  
Teaching script 1 for CHIN 2