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Upper School Mandarin Chinese I---Course Syllabus (2008---2009) Instructor: Xiujuan Wang Teaching materials: Learn Chinese with Me Textbook & workbook World of Chinese Magazine CD-Roms for Games and Lab CD-Roms, Videos on Chinese culture Content: Chinese pinyin system; character writing system; greeting; numbers; family; animals; sports, friends; food; festivals, etc‌. Cultural topics include history, geography, Chinese calligraphy, festivals, crafts, games, etc‌. Objectives: Students are expected to achieve the following goals by the end of the academic year: 1. Listening * Students will be able to catch Chinese Pinyin and tones correctly. * Students will be able to understand simple questions and answer them accordingly. 2. Speaking * Students will be able to address people appropriately in Chinese. * Students will be able to communicate in basic conversation using vocabulary introduced in class. 3. Reading * Students are supposed to be able to recognize [200-300] Chinese characters. * Students will be able to understand short passages about familiar topics. 4. Writing * Students will be able to write Chinese phonetic symbols (Pinyin) correctly. * Students will know the principles of writing Chinese characters (stroke order, radicals, etc.).

* Students will be able to write approximately 100 Chinese characters correctly. Grading: Quarter grade is based on the following criteria: 10% on readiness, classroom participation and behavior 10% on non-graded homework and in-class assignments 10% on graded homework assignments 20% on projects and presentations 50% on quizzes and tests on listening, speaking, reading and writing

QT1 X 40% + QT2 X 40% + Exam1 X 20% =SM1 QT3 X 40% + QT4 X 40% + Exam2 X 20% =SM2

(SM1 + SM2) / 2 =Final grade Expectations: 1. All rules of CSG, Upper School and Foreign Languages Department are observed in the classroom. 2. Girls are to keep an organized binder with class notes, index cards, work sheets, and handouts. 3. Girls are expected to participate in classroom activities, to interact with each other, and to respect the language and the culture. 4. Girls are to complete all homework on time. 5. It is student’s responsibility to check with the teacher or fellow student for any missed homework assignments, and to ask teacher to arrange the make-up quizzes and tests.

I have read and understood the expectations of this course.

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syllabus of CHIN 1  
syllabus of CHIN 1