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Show you skip count by six. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

focus vocabulary OPENING Essential questions Focus Strategy cards(pull out some of the strageties you would like to use)eg. Draw a bar diagraf HUNDRED chart (what’s the pattern from 10to 19 ? on ten , two tens,) 7. Number line Play :Jalapeno pepper( go faster ) What pattern can you find along the chart50 to 59? Grade level professional wors Hang for whole year 20words fo r K 1-3 15 FOR kindergarten 8. Vocabulary chart 9. 加法 10. 加号 Use green for word Add Addends Addition sentence Bargragh Break apart a ten C Centimeter Column Compare Cone Cube Cylinder D Data Diferrence Digits Double Double plus 1 Double plus 2

E Equal parts Equal sign Equal to Estimate Expanded form F Fact family Flat surface Foot Four of Fourth of Forths G Greater than Greatest H Half hour Half of Halves Height Hexagon Hour Hour hand Hundred I In all Inch Inside J Join L Least Length Less than Longest M Measure Minus sigh Minute Minute hand Missing part

N Near double Nearest centimeter Nearest inch O O’clock Ones digit Order Outside P Part Picture graph Piane shape Plus sign Pyramid Q Quarter of Quarters R Rectangular prism Regroup Related facts Row S Same amount Schedule Shorter Shortest Side Skip count Solild figure Sort Sphere Standard form Subtract Subtraction sentence Sum

加法, 减法 等于

部分,整体,画图 一共, 十字格 里面,外面 最小 最大 比大几 比小 比多 比。。。 少 还剩。。 少了几? 结果 双数 加法口诀

pearson math  
pearson math