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TRAVEL VALIDATION If you are planning to travel outside of the United States AFTER your initial arrival, an Alternate Responsible Officer at the Institute of International Education’s (IIE) Division of Enrichment and Professional Development must sign in the box located in the lower right-hand corner of your Form DS-2019 (“Travel Validation by Responsible Officer”) during your exchange visitor program. This signature not only authorizes you to travel outside the United States, but also indicates that you are maintaining your J-1 status. A travel signature issued by an IIE Alternate Responsible Officer is valid for twelve (12) months after the date of issue, or until the end date of your Form DS-2019, whichever comes first. Only an IIE Alternate Responsible Officer can sign the Form DS-2019. Your supervisor at your host institution cannot sign your Form DS-2019. Therefore, if you need a travel validation signature on your Form DS-2019 Please fill out this form in its entirety and return it along with your original Form DS-2019 via certified mail or an express courier service (FedEx, DHL, etc.) to the address below. Please remember to include a prepaid self-addressed envelope and allow for enough time for processing. Institute of International Education Enrichment and Professional Development Attention: Cultural and Professional Exchanges 809 United Nations Plaza New York, NY 10017 E-mail:

Exchange Visitor Name: _____________________________ IIE ID: __________________________________ Host Organization: ____________________________________________________________________________ Travel Destination(s): _________________________________________________________________________ Expected Dates of Travel: ______________________________________________________________________ Return address where you would like the Form DS-2019(s) sent to: Name (in care of if applicable): _________________________________________________________________ Street: _____________________________________________________________________________________ City: _________________________________________ State: _________________ Zip Code: ______________ E-mail:______________________________________________ Telephone: ____________________________ Endorsement of Host Organization Supervisor I hereby approve of the aforementioned travel plans and certify that this exchange visitor is in good standing at the present time, and that his/her performance has been satisfactory in all respects.

__________________________________ _________________________________ Name of Supervisor at Host Organization Signature

___________________ Date

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