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AUS Mass Communication Major: Advertising Professor Mohammed IBAHRINE


You are required to undertake an effort to create a product catalog. The catalog helps set up a dynamic with your customer and helps create and cultivate your long-term relationship instead of transacting a one-time sale. The creation and crafting of your catalog will involve research and collection of advertising materials related to the particular brand in a variety of different media. To increase readership and stand out from the glut of other catalogs, you can add editorial. THE SELECTION SHOULD BE: 1. A brand you are familiar with its products, 2. A brand that allows you creative application of the tools of direct and interactive marketing communication, 3. A company that inspires you,



RESEARCH! Do conduct some research on your brand. Keep in mind that research will be graded and factor into your final grade. Please code research and keep drafts..  Conduct a brainstorming  Flip through a variety of catalogs and magazines to have and develop a first feeling  Conduct an informal or formal background research into the marketing situation  Donna Baier Stein and Floyd Kemske, in their book Write on Target, suggest every direct marketer or copywriter must ask themselves four essential questions: 1. What am I selling? 2. Who am I selling to? 3. Why am I selling this now?

2 4. What do I want my prospect to do?    


List items you are planning to sell “What is the offer designed to do?” Find products that have a thematic relationship Cross-selling- an important characteristic of direct marketing when new and related products (or even unrelated products) are offered to existing customers  Up-selling- the promotion of more expensive products or services over the product or service originally discussed or purchased  Decide on the products for your catalog  Direct Marketers must consider five specific product details when determining the terms of the offer 1. A choice of sizes 2. A choice of colors 3. Personalization 4. Product Specifications 5. Product Accessories Create Product Descriptions>  Create product descriptions and edit to fit your catalog layout. Be aware that you need a lot of time and imagination to make the copy fit the available space. Insert tips, testimonials, excerpts, photos and graphics. Finish the “front matter.” >  Put some teasers on your front cover and a more traditional table of contents on page 2 and contact information.  Many catalogs begin with a letter from the founder or company president and his or her photo. Be sure to make this section both inviting and informative, suitable both for first-time buyers and for long-time customers


Create the Order Form.  Anticipate not only all the information you need to fulfill orders, but also everything any type of customer needs to know to place their order  Place your order form on a right-hand page and all the ordering policies, such as shipping fees and guarantees, on the left-hand page beside it. Get it printed.  Flip through your catalog several times, proofread and correct any

3 mistakes that turned up.. STEP 6: STEP 7:

Come to class with at least one outline. Keep in mind that outline will be graded and factor into your final grade. FINAL PRODUCTS: A final Direct Marketing Project. You will create or recreate a direct marketing website, based on your catalog (Remixing). OFFLINE OUTPUT: 12-page booklet or catalog ONLINE OUTPUT: 12-webpage webtalog (direct marketing website)

ONLINE SOURCES:;sid=HaKWqXTHx-xrqT4PYJ7owBjND5dt9B586In3qnwOeLZw5NcZvBxMgVOeLZwyFkuRGsZIPN?ls=0&Template=alle_shops_alle_spezialkataloge_01

DUE DATES: th The submission of the Final Draft will be due on Sunday 6 December 2009. PRESENTATION: Presentations of your Direct Marketing projects will be in the form of a 10‐minute visual presentation utilizing PowerPoint Slides and any other visual aids. Grading: 20% of the overall semester grade. Assessment will be based upon the following: 1. The degree to which the above criteria has been addressed 2. Evidence of research 3. Use of visual and presentation skills Experts agreed that an effective direct and interactive marketing campaign requires genius, team of brilliant minds and extensive research. Keep in mind that effectiveness is measured in term of results. The old cliché ‘it is not creative unless it sells’ Let’s make a great final showing on this project and produce something worth the work we invested.



Creative Project/Webtalog  

This doc is designed for my students at AUS

Creative Project/Webtalog  

This doc is designed for my students at AUS