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The service is end-to-end. The revenue’s just the beginning. Set your hotel apart with iBAHN’s ETVi interactive system.

The ultimate on-screen entertainment and information system

Impress your guests and increase their loyalty

Drive revenue through hotel services purchased via the television

Build your brand with custom screens and videos

Reduce administrative costs and complement green initiatives

From the moment they flip on the TV, your guests won’t just see amazing entertainment—they’ll see your hotel in a whole new light. The world’s only end-to-end digital entertainment and information system, ETVi from iBAHN brings the highest quality entertainment services available—as well as new opportunities for revenue and your guests’ pure satisfaction. The HD experience guests expect—

They’ll find amazing entertainment: ETVi offers 100% HD movies— and nearly two-thirds of free-to-guest TV channels are in HD. There’s even built-in web access. But the biggest difference in ETVi is that it’s interactive. By simply clicking the in-room remote or keyboard, your guests can interact with your hotel to purchase key amenities like in-room dining, spa appointments, and tee times—enhancing their stay like never before.

and more

With today’s home theater systems, your guests’ entertainment expectations are higher than ever. ETVi is your chance to make the most of the investments you’ve made in flat panel TVs—plus give people an interactive experience they’ll see as an amenity in itself.

More convenience for them. More revenue for you.

The moment someone turns on the TV (and that’s the first thing 97% of hotel guests do), ETVi is making a personal connection. From the individualized welcome screen you create to the intuitive menu interface, ETVi feels familiar and comfortable. But what’s on screen is anything but ordinary. With the click of a button, guests can pick up messages, scan their current bill, see special promotions—and most importantly, act to purchase or reserve your services right there.

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may be made 24/7 (regardless of operating hours) which increases impulse buys. Reduce costs while building your brand

Best of all, ETVi makes managing all of these services easier. The system can be integrated with most existing electronic payment systems. Offering hotel information on screen eliminates the need for expensive, high-maintenance directories, plus it reduces burdens on staff. The system menu even navigates in 25+ languages to help global travelers feel welcome. You’ll find cost and environmental savings by itemizing charges on screen and emailing paperless bills. And by inviting guests to connect with food services, recreation and other amenities, ETVi builds tremendous awareness of—and attraction to—hotel profit centers.

Learn more about ETVi at

Beyond TV and movies, ETVi gives guests direct access to hotel amenities. Purchases and reservations

or call 1-866-415-2843 today

Interactive entertainment and information services from iBAHN. •

Easy-to-use interface that’s customized to your hotel • My ETVi conveniently displays guest messages, itemized room charges, time left on purchases, and allows on-screen checkout • On-screen booking/purchasing for any hotel service • On-screen hotel directory is clutter-free and always up to date • 100% HD movies (free and pay-per-view) • HD TV with the largest standard TV lineup (up to 60 channels, 40 in HD) • Internet radio with custom content

What the Basic ETVi System Offers

Initial installation: • Main menu setup with hotel logo, background photo, and welcome message • Hotel Channel video custom- created from your HD photos or videos • Initial PMS integration • Initial TV integration • Initial EPOS integration

Purchase of the ETVi System Includes

For you: • Hotel Channel customized with HD photos and videos about hotel property and services • Guest messaging you can change by guest, floor, group, or throughout the hotel • On-screen booking/purchasing can integrate with your payment system • Special offers feature to promote bundled services • Admin Portal lets you change and control ETVi features remotely For your guests:

• System software • In-room hardware (STB (set top

box), Infra-red remote controls, Infra-red keyboards) • Data connectivity for content updates • Original manufacturer warranties Optional Features Also Available • Main menu or Hotel Channel

video customization beyond initial configuration • Hotel promo videos beyond your first Hotel Channel video • Non-certified PMS, EPOS or TV integration beyond initial configuration • Additional training beyond initial session • General marketing pieces to promote the ETVi system

Equipment and services: • System training for your hotel staff •

24/7 technical support • Core hardware system (Video on Demand, free-to-guest TV, and other media servers)

Learn more about ETVi at or call 1-866-415-2843.

Technical Specifications • Compatible with Ethernet, telephone cabling, and COAX • Integrates with most HD-ready TV sets • Integrates with leading PMS products including MICROS Fidelio, Springer Miller, Softbrands, CLS, Brilliant, RedSky, GuestLink, and more. • Custom integration available. • Integrates with most EPOS systems. • Admin Portal access requires Internet Explorer

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You may already know iBAHN for our high-speed Internet access (HSIA) services. But we’re far more than Internet access or video on demand. Our reputation as multimedia technologists continues to be proven at 4- and 5-star properties in every region across the world. At iBAHN, we have the vision—and the resources—to deliver a complete portfolio of digital offerings. By combining innovative services with the cost efficiencies and convenience of a single global provider, iBAHN can make the most of your electronic infrastructure and bandwidth. Our forward-thinking solutions are investments in flexibility and the future.

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