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International Biennale Artists

Exhibition | 2013

Exhibition events and happenings Coexistence of Traditional and Modern values in CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY VIP Preview Thursday, June 6th, 6-7 PM Guest Artist Jose Garcia Chibarro

Opening reception Thursday, June 6th, 7-10 PM Guest Invited Artist | Jose Garcia Chibarro

Auction benefitting Arts & Entertainment Council | City of Miami Thursday, June 13th, 6-10PM

Campus Collective at Iron Side Tuesday, June 11th, 5-10PM

Installations Luis Valenzuela | Creative Director

Artistic Surfaces a new visual experience‌ This year we asked our new Creative Director Luis Valenzuela, to bring his artsy concept by maximizing artistic surfaces of the venue with contemporary art installations by invited artists in key areas of the exhibition. Marie Antoinette. Luis Valenzuela | Installation | Performance Global Man (Series 2) | Carolina Rojas Recycling Path to the Future | Alicia H. Torres The Clones | Anica Shpilberg Tradiciones | Araceli Salcedo What is the use of a house? | Stephanie Bloom

The International Biennale Artists group was formed at the 2009 Florence Biennale show, where 77 United States’ artists exhibited their art. As of today the group has blossomed and consists of 1,100 international acclaimed artists and is among the largest groups of artists in the world. The idea and goal of forming the International Biennale Artists group is to provide artists a platform for dialogue. Since a young age, painting and sculpturing have always been a major part of my being. My paintings are about the essence and rhythm of life, depicting symbols of life the way I see them. The struggle of making a society more receptive to art has followed me throughout my life. I strongly believe that art plays a vital role in every society by transforming thinking and understanding of the immediate surroundings. On behalf of the International Biennale Artists I thank the Mayor of the City of Miami, Mr. Tomás Regalado, and Ms. Mercedes Cisneros, Chairwoman of the Miami’s Arts & Entertainment Council for hosting and facilitating our show. Very special thanks are also due to Maria Napoles and Tata Fernandez, The Art Marketing Mind, LLC for their tireless efforts in organizing the show. Elisha Ben Yitzhak, Artist Founder of the International Biennale Artists

“The Melody of Jerusalem”

Guest Invited Artist

El Sueño de Doña Inés Oil and Tempera on Canvas 57” x 89”

Jose Garcia Chibbaro Represented by The Art Marketing Mind, LLC

Participating Artists Adam Mielu Pakurar Alberto Rubinstein Alicia H. Torres Anabel Rub Peicher Anastasia Gorskaya Andrea DiFiore Anica Shpilberg Antonio Cortes Rolon Araceli Salcedo Azpuru Barbara Rosenzweig Beatriz & Beatrice Beatriz Gerenstein Belina Sierraalta Bernadette Despujols Carlos J. Ramirez Vallejo Carlos J. Tirado Yepes Carlos Jairran Carmen del Carpio Carolina Rojas Cecilia del Toro Cecilia Rivera Celia Reigle Charles F. Raele

Austria Chile Columbia/USA Peru/USA Russia USA Peru/USA Pto. Rico/USA Mexico USA Venezuela/USA Argentina/USA Venezuela/USA Venezuela/USA Colombia/USA Venezuela/USA Venezuela Bolivia Venezuela/USA Colombia/USA Mexico/USA Cuba/USA Cuba/USA

Clau Cebrian Danny L.Hughes Elena Bulatova Emilio Hector Rodriguez Ernesto Barreto Fabiola Osorio Farnaz Tahbaz Felizitas Wermes Flora “Layla” Edwards Fundacion UMA Gaby Grobo Irene Sagmeister Jaapkore Jabbar Farshbaf Jaime Ferreyros Janinne Alter “JAZZI” Jasmine Schofill Nuss Jose Luis Cabrera Jose Oscar Torres Pereyra Jose Ricardo Pinto Juliana Aragao Juliana Ferreyros Katrin Alvarez Lina Linkimer Lugufelo Maby Rod Magaly Otaola Barnola Maggy Aguirre Malena Assing Malena Peon Maria Carballo Maria Fernanda Lairet Marl Rod Maureen A. Graves Nancy Martini Natalia Ioustitskaia Niurka Barroso Oswaldo Sandoval Patricia Secco Patty Manzini Pavel-Miguel Perez Crespo Ramon Aular Raquel Rub Rhaisa M. Castrodad Molina Sandra Perez Lozano Shawn Man Roland Spectro Stephanie Bloom Suzette Urs Taisiya Naumovich Takako Kodani Teresa Neal Toshiko Nishikawa Yulia Altas

Argentina/USA USA Russia/USA Cuba/USA Cuba/USA Colombia Dubai Germany/Mexico USA Venezuela Argentina Austria Mexico Dubai Peru/USA USA France/USA Guatemala/USA Pto. Rico/USA Colombia/USA Brasil/USA Colombia/USA Germany Costa Rica/USA Venezuela/USA Argentina Venezuela Mexico Venezuela/USA Mexico Colombia/USA Venezuela Dominican Republic/USA Colombia/USA USA Russia Cuba/Canada Venezuela/USA Brasil Venezuela/Italy Cuba/Germany Cuba/USA Venezuela/USA Peru/USA Pto Rico/USA Cuba/Mexico USA Cuba/USA USA USA Russia Venezuela UK Japan/USA Russia/USA

TAK Acrylic-Bronza 30” x 40”

Adam Mielu Pakurar


Balon Disputado Oil on Canvas 43.3” X 31.5”

Alberto Rubinstein


Enlightened Ellipse Mixed media, Acrylic on Canvas 30” x 40”

Alicia H. Torres


Passion III.Tryptic Aluminum 18” x 18”

Anabel Rub Peicher


Flower Mist Watercolor on Paper 32� x 48�

Anastasia Gorskaya


Orchids_Venezuela Metallic Print, Plexi Glass 30” x 24”

Andrea DiFiore


Gladys and Friends Photography 40” x 27”

Anica Shpilberg


Denisse Acrylic on Canvas 24” x 30”

Antonio Cortes Rolon


Tradiciones Collage 47” x 39”

Araceli Salcedo Azpuru


Untitled (102) Oil on Linen 46” x 69.5”

Barbara Rosenzweigh


Opportunity Bronze 36”x18”x16”

Beatriz Gerenstein Represented by Rimonim Art Gallery “


Per Sempre Due Color Photography. Edition 1 of 8 40� x 40�

Beatriz & Beatrice Beatriz Carnevali | Beatrice Savino Represented by Arlette Sosa


Earth Acrylic on Canvas 48” x 36”

Belina Sierraalta


Memory Map I Oil on Canvas 28� x 40

Bernadette Despujols


Juntos Como Uno Fiberglass 15’ x 28” x 26”

Carlos J. Ramirez Vallejo


After Superman Mixed Media 60” x 40”

Carlos J. Tirado Yepes Represented by Rimonim Art Gallery


Man on Tightrope Polyester Mastic and Aluminium 22” x 17” x 27”

Carlos Jairran Represented by Arlette Sosa


Yatiri (Brujo Aymara) Mixed Media 50” x 40”

Carmen del Carpio Represented by Veronica Morales


Global Man (Series 2) Fiberglass 20” x 12” x 10”

Carolina Rojas


Radiant Face Oil on Canvas 24” x 30”

Cecilia del Toro


Fueguitos III Oil on Linen 12” x 12”

Cecilia Rivera


The Dance Mixed Media 46” x 32”

Celia Reigle


Cybernetics Acrylic on Paper 18” x 24”

Charles F. Raele


Tango Shoes Photography 40” x 30”

Clau Cebrian


Balance Mixed Media, Collage, Acrylic, Resin on Wood 50” x 40”

Danny L. Hughes


Heart Beat Mixed Media on Canvas 60” x 48”

Elena Bulatova Represented by The Art Marketing Mind,LLC


Mystical Gathering Acrylic on Canvas 30” x 40”

Emilio Hector Rodriguez


War VI Photography. Edition 1 of 5 30” x 40”

Ernesto Barreto


Este Hijo es Mio Collage on Canvas 40” x 30”

Fabiola Osorio


Wedding Traditions Oil on Canvas 47” x 35”

Farnaz Tahbaz


La Quinceanera Oil on Canvas 23” x 20”

Felizitas Wermes


Rue Acrylic on Canvas 40” x 30”

Flora “Layla” Edwards


Brocha, Zapato y Piel Recycled Material 16” x 19.6” x 1.96”

Fundacion UMA, Artists Kelvin Mota, Kender Mota and Alexander Herrera


Battling Against the Wind Acrylic on Canvas 39” x 59”

Gaby Grobo


Nightingale Mixed Media 58” x 28” x 12”

Irene Sagmeister


Carousel Improvise with the unseen, live the unexpected Multimedia Project created by Jorge Esquivelzeta and Harriet Prayer Anders, consisting of video,sound-art, synthesis, visual and musical improvisation and non-linear composition



Continual Dancing Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 47” x 39”

Jabbar Farshbaf


Feel the Heat Iphonegraphy 21” x 17”

Jaime Ferreyros


Collision Acrylic on Canvas 48” x 48”

Janinne Alter


Tribal Symphony I Acrylic on Canvas 40” x 30”

“Jazzi” Jasmine Schofill Nuss


Lush Elm (Let’s Play Series) Mixed Media on Linen 33 1/8” x 28”

Jose Luis Cabrera Represented by Arlette Sosa


Casals-El Concierto Xilography in Mahogany 21.25” x 37.5”

Jose Oscar Torres Pereyra


Venus Stone Iron 32” x 14”

Jose Ricardo Pinto


Season Leaves-Spring Mixed Media-Hand Painted Leaves on Canvas 28.5” x 28.5”

Juliana Aragao


Joyful Awakening Acrylic on Canvas 30” x 40”

Juliana Ferreyros


Curriculum Vitae Oil on Canvas 29.5” x 25.5”

Katrin Alvarez


Triology Mixed Media 30” x 40”

Lina Linkimer


Elephant Aluminum 30” x 24” 35”

Lugufelo Sponsored by Sandra Ruiz, Councilwoman, City of Doral, FL


Zoom Yellow Pleximount 28” x 20”

Maby Rod Represented by The Art Marketing Mind,LLC


Tension Digital Print on Light Box 28” x 28”

Magaly Otaola Barnola


Broadway Oil on Canvas 35.5” x 27.5”

Maggy Aguirre


Reflection Series I Digital Photography 30” x 30”

Malena Assing


Frida meets Velazquez. Dytych Acrylic on Canvas 30” x 40”

Malena Peon Collaboration of Gertrudis Abdala, Fasion Designer


Proteccion Acrylic on Canvas 36” x 24”

Maria Carballo


Global Economic Prospects, Installation 25 Pieces Individual Acrylic Pieces 12� x 12�

Maria Fernanda Lairet Represented by The Art Marketing Mind,LLC


Domino. Tryptic Acrylic on Canvas 40” x 14”

Marl Rod


Transitions Oil on Canvas 36” x 36”

Maureen A. Graves


Erasing Barriers Uncycled Mixed Media and Paper Mache 70� x 40�

Nancy Martini


Old Gramophone Watercolor 24� x 28�

Natalia Ioustitskaia


Time of Joy, Time of Sorrow Photography on Canvas. Edition 1 of 3 60” x 40”

Niurka Barroso


Aruba-Velas Photography on Pleximount 28” x 40”

Oswaldo Sandoval


Movement 1 Acrylic on Canvas 20� x 16�

Patricia Secco Co-Sponsored by Elite International Realty and the Consulate General of Brazil in Miami


Tree of Life. Painting Installation Mixed Media Over Linen with Gesso 50” x 40”

Patty Manzini


Adonde Vayas; Iras Conmigo Bronze 35”x 20” x 20”

Pavel Miguel


Inner Spaces Mixed Media Installation

Ramon Aular


Three Triangles Grey Granite 26” x 8” x 3.5”

Raquel Rub


Matices Pencil, Pen and Acrylic on Paper 14� x 16�

Rhaisa M. Castrodad Molina


Passion Rosso Levanto-Marmol 18” x 16.5” x 8.5”

Perez Crespo


La Secuela Oil on Canvas 20” x 15”

Sandra Perez Lozano


Rumination Acrylic and Oil on Plaster 20” x 21” x 5”

Shawn Man Roland


Spectro Light Electronic Diodes on CalcuLated Cuts 40” x 32”



Stage Singer-”Of Thee I Sing” Iphonegraphy 30” x 30”

Stephanie Bloom


Rain Dance for the Blade Acrylic Air Brushed, Painted on Reverse Side Clear Acrylic Sheet 48” x 36”

Suzette Urs


Summer Love Acrylic on Canvas 30” x 40”

Taisiya Naumovich


My Dear Friends Mixed Media on Japanese Paper 50” x 40”

Takako Kodani


Ethnographic Corner Photography 30” x 40”

Teresa Neal


Senbasuru Project 2 Mixed Media Installation

Toshiko Nishikawa


Morning in the Mountains Mixed Media on Paper/Oil/Black Ink 11” x 14”

Yulia Altas


Luis Valenzuela | Fashion Designer, Visual Artist

car2go is proud to be part of the 2013 International Biennale Artists Exhibilition

JFMGourmet GOURMET French Cuisine

Appreciation and acknowledgements Founder Elisha Ben-Yitzhak

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