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Players from the Irish Youth Wind Ensemble warmed up and ready to play before their performance at the National Concert Hall in August. The course has successfully made the transition to its new home at the University of Limerick under Director, Ronan O’Reilly. Concerts this year were at the CIT Cork School of Music and the National Concert Hall. In the words of one of the participants - ‘Many thanks to all the staff and players of IYWE for another fantastic week! It really does keep getting better every year!’. IYWE photos by Robert Keogh



Website: Email:

Fax: +353 21 421 5193 Telephone: +353 21 421 5185

Civic Trust House, 50 Pope’s Quay, Cork, Ireland.

IAYO Limited

This year’s AGM programme will include an hourlong tour of the wonderful facilities at the CIT Cork School of Music. If you haven’t seen in-and-around this magnificent building before, it is well worth the trip.

Following the AGM, there will be a performance of arrangements for intermediate orchestra by orchestration students on the BMus degree course at the school. These arrangements are for strings, flutes and clarinets and will be conducted by Dr Geoffrey Spratt, Director of the School with Alan Cutts, lecturer in orchestration and conducting, at the piano. Alan has been involved in youth orchestras for many years and was one of the founders of Wexford School of Music. Full details of the day along with directions are available at

Music Capital Scheme

The Music Capital Scheme, having finished its pilot phase in 2010, is continuing in 2011 with funding available for instrument banks for youth and amateur ensembles. Several IAYO members have already received funding for new instruments through the scheme, including the Lír Orchestra, Sligo Academy of Music, St Canice’s National School Orchestra and Carlow College of Music.

If you are considering applying for funding through the scheme, help is available from IAYO in filling out application forms and meeting the application criteria. Information and application packs are available from (Click Musicians -> Funding Support -> Music Capital Scheme or contact Aisling Ryan at Music Network, Tel. +353 1 6719429 / Applications must be received by 5:30pm on Tuesday 4th October 2011.

Welcome to the autumn issue of IAYO Newsnotes. We have had a busy summer here with a very successful conducting course held alongside the RIAM ‘Orchestral Manoeuvres’ course, the ConCorda Chamber Music Course, the Irish Youth Wind Ensemble and the IAYO Chamber Music Workshops in early September. We are now beginning our preparations for the 2012 Festival of Youth Orchestras and putting our next year’s programme in place.

As we head into another season of speculation on what the next budget will bring, youth orchestras and youth music still seem to be doing well. From conversations with members, it sounds like parents are putting their money into worthwhile activities for their children and music certainly appears to be a priority.

We very much welcome the new funding from U2 and The Ireland Funds that is coming on stream for youth music through Music Generation and look forward to future developments. At the announcement of the first partnerships to receive funding, Minister for Education, Ruairi Quinn said, “The Government is committed to continuing the music education partnerships with Exchequer funding in future when the Music Generation donations cease”. Good news indeed!

Agnes O’Kane Award

Following the inaugural presentation of the Agnes O’Kane Award at the 16th Festival of Youth Orchestras, IAYO is inviting recommendations for the award to be presented at the 2012 Festival.

The award is presented annually to a volunteer who has contributed to the growth of a youth orchestra or youth orchestras in Ireland and recognises the vital contribution that volunteers have had in the growth of youth orchestras over the last thirty years. The first recipients of the award were Agnes’ own family, both recognising her work and the support that her family gave to herself and to IAYO over the years.

If you would like to nominate someone for the award, please make a recommendation in writing to the IAYO office. Recommendations should be between one and three A4 pages long describe the person’s contribution to youth orchestras and how it has helped in growth and development.

Keep all the news and information coming in. You can keep up to date with the latest news at

Association of British Orchestras

Following the closure of the National Association of Youth Orchestra in the UK last year, the Association of British Orchestras has created a new membership category for youth orchestras and is continuing the work of NAYO as an umbrella group for youth orchestras.

IAYO and the ABO have taken out reciprocal memberships and are hoping to develop links between British and Irish youth orchestras. Orchestras and ensembles who are interested in exchanges in the UK can contact the IAYO office and we will pass on details to be circulated in the UK.

Festival of Youth Orchestras 2012

We are very happy to announce the performing orchestras for the 2012 Festival of Youth Orchestras, to be held at the National Concert Hall on 4th February 2012, offering the opportunity to young orchestral musicians to perform on the national stage. Further details will be announced in the December Newsnotes, but mark the dates in your diaries now. There will be a range of tickets available with family tickets and group discounts of 40% for groups of ten or more. The 2012 festival orchestras will be: • Athenry Music School Senior Orchestra

• Galway Youth Jazz Orchestra • Dundalk Grammar School

• Junior Cork Youth Orchestra

• Midlands Youth Orchestra

• North Wexford Youth Orchestra

• Sacred Heart School Orchestra, Tullamore

• Saint Canice's National School Orchestra

Garda Vetting

An annual reminder that Garda Vetting is available to IAYO members through IAYO’s membership of the National Youth Council of Ireland. It is important to note that all applications from IAYO members using the NYCI syndicate must come through the IAYO office and not be sent directly to NYCI. Contact the office for more details and to receive forms.

IAYO Insurance Scheme

IAYO members can avail of Public Liability Insurance through our scheme with insurers, O’Driscoll O’Neill. Last year’s premium was €154.50 - we are waiting for this year’s update to see if there is a change. O’Driscoll O’Neill are also in a position to offer All Risks Accidental Damage on musical instruments. Contact the IAYO office if you would like to be put in touch with the relevant contacts at O’Driscoll O’Neill.

Welcome to Our New Members

Welcome to our new members, Julianstown Youth Orchestra in County Meath and the Cistercian College Orchestra in Roscrea, County Tipperary.

Boards, Committees and Governance

The Information section of the IAYO website now has collated resources on board and committee membership. While focussed mostly on the boards of charitable companies, almost all of the information is also relevant to the committees of unconstituted organisations and provides advice on how to run boards / committees and how to get the most effective results from everyone working together.

More news and more detail at

ConCorda 2011

I have just attended my third ConCorda course and am as convinced as ever that nothing like it exists anywhere here in Ireland. A friendly and uncompetitive atmosphere combined with world class tutors, including members of the Irish Chamber Orchestra; violinist Marc Danel, and the Quatuor Varèse, fosters a love of music in all who attend the course. All participants are encouraged to develop at their own pace and given pieces to suit their own level. The unique opportunity to explore seemingly

Tom Crowley, previously a participant at ConCorda, conducts the string orchestra. ConCorda photos by Maurice Gunning.

another and I feel I can achieve much more than I could on my own. In my experience, while tutors of individual playing place a stronger emphasis on technical areas, the tutors in ConCorda concentrate on expression and showing how to convey a love of music through our playing. The ConCorda orchestra also offers the opportunity for everyone on the course to work together and share their talents and is, I feel, an important part of the course.

Extra-curricular activities are also important, and this year’s Talent Show and Fashion Show were a welcome addition to the ConCorda quiz, for which I spend all year training, in the hope that one of these years I’ll win the competition for the lowest female voice! In addition there is musical theatre, which offers everyone the opportunity to be more creative in exploring their instruments and improvising, to put together what is always an entertaining show. The show this year also concluded with the debut performance of our very talented ConCorda gospel choir!

No summer is complete for me anymore without a trip to ConCorda, and I intend to continue attending the course for as long as I can. Meanwhile, the friendships I have developed with everyone on the course keeps me connected with the ConCorda family throughout the year. Looking forward to seeing everyone again next year! Aoife O’Callaghan

impossible chamber music works in a relaxed atmosphere is for me the highlight of the course. Each year I can see improvements in my own playing and the course inspires me to practice more in order to be capable of greater things on my next course. Being in such close contact with amazing players and getting to know them on a human level makes improvement seem much more achievable. There are few opportunities to do this outside of ConCorda and I’m truly grateful for the opportunity. This year was the most challenging for me in terms of the pieces I worked on. However, one thing that I have learned in ConCorda is that being a member of a quartet allows players to support one

Quatuor Varèse, quartet-in-residence at ConCorda 2011.

This year’s IAYO Conducting Workshops were generously hosted by the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin and took place alongside the inaugural ‘Orchestral Manoeuvres’ summer orchestra course at the Academy. Directed by Robert Houlihan, they were IAYO’s longest conducting course to date and presented participants and observers five days of intensive work on a variety of repertoire including the overture to Mozart’s Magic Flute, Two of Brahms Hungarian Dances and a number of arrangements that were included in the repertoire for the Orchestral Manoeuvres course including the Chanson de Matin and Chanson de Nuit by Elgar and the Slaconic Dance (Op 46 No 8 as arranged by David Stone).

and staying in Dublin, which is still expensive despite falling prices. These scholarships were supported by a donation from the Ernst and Young Corporate Social Responsibility programme and we hope that we can make the same available to IAYO members in 2012.

IAYO Conducting Workshops

The participant ensemble, which was curiously well balanced worked alongside a senior student quartet from the Academy and the always-excellent accompanist, Dearbhla Brosnan for their practical conducting sessions and selected students also had the opportunity to conduct the student orchestra of some fifty members that was rehearsing during the week. In addition, participants observed sectional rehearsals with strings and wind during the week and had technique workshops every morning. This year, we were fortunate enough to be able to give scholarships to participants that were the conductors of IAYO member orchestras to help offset the costs of travelling to

Also, we send our thanks to the Royal Irish Academy of Music for hosting the course and sharing their resources and players with us, The Arts Council for their ongoing support and the young players on Orchestral Manoeuvres for allowing our trainee conductors to direct them in rehearsals.






Recently, I was approached by a former student living in another state about starting flute lessons again. She had not found a new teacher she was comfortable with, and I had been her teacher with a few interruptions over a period of fifteen years, so I told her I would give long-distance lessons a try. With the development of ever faster computers and internet connections, and the incorporation of video/web cameras into computers, cell phones and other devices, most everyone is prepared when it comes to web lessons. My student and I both had accounts with the same voice over internet provider (VoIP), so we were easily able to “friend” each other. (We use Skype, but Yahoo, Google, and other providers also offer videoconferencing capabilities.) After many months of lessons, and subsequent lessons with other students around the world, I have discovered a few things that I would like to share with you about web lessons. Be sure to check your setup and make a test call before the lesson. Working out technical difficulties during a lesson wastes valuable time. Check your webcam and make sure that it turns on, stays on and is focused on an area where you and the student can see your face, upper torso, and both hands while playing. It is also really important to choose a room that is well-lit, but not back-lit, as that will make it very difficult for the camera to focus and for you to see the other person in detail. Be sure your microphone is turned on and set to an appropriate level for both speech and flute sounds. You may want to stay at least 24 inches / 60 cm from the microphone at all times when playing your flute. The recommended microphone level for speech is much too sensitive for flute playing, so you will need to adjust the levels so that your microphone does not trigger “too loud” messages every time someone plays a note above the staff! Also check your speakers to ensure they are not turned up too loudly, as this often causes feedback and distortion on both ends of the call. Most providers also

Junior and Leaving Cert Ensemble Works at the National Concert Hall RTÉ AND THE NATIONAL CONCERT HALL PRESENT A LEAVING CERTIFICATE GUIDE TO TCHAIKOVSKY’S ROMEO AND JULIET Tuesday 18th October, 10.30am & 12.15pm

Working with the full forces of the orchestra and using computer technology to provide a visual guide to the music, Paul Rissmann will pull Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet apart to uncover the curriculum concepts and provide clear listening posts for the students. This hour-long visual presentation will give students a deeper understanding of the piece and will end with a full performance of this great work. Prices for all events: €10 for students. Complimentary for teachers. See for more details.

recommend that you check your computer speed and turn off any nonessential programs while using the video call feature. Many programs are running unseen on your computer and will need to be manually turned off. For example, I turn off anti-spyware, imaging software, and other accessories. I’ve discovered on more than one computer that if I do not turn off extraneous programs, the video quality will become distorted, while the sound will remain unaffected. Pre-arrange a set day and time for lessons and method of payment. I’ve discovered that some of my teaching colleagues, especially those with an international reputation, actually charge more for web lessons than they do for an in-person lesson. The argument is that the cost of procuring the equipment and executing a web lesson is more difficult than having a student come to your studio.

It is also very helpful to have both the teacher and student in a part of the house where there are few distractions. Having toddlers, cats, dogs or family members running through the room can be distracting for people on both sides of the call. Making sure to turn off your cell phone, inbox alert and other alarms is also important to reduce distractions. Although the audio quality of a web lesson does not yet equal an mp3 or CD quality of sound, one can still hear enough to discuss pitch, incorrect fingerings and tone color in a limited sense. I have also discovered that the time delay and limitations of simultaneous audio prevent teacher and student from playing duets or with piano accompaniment. One great unforeseen benefit of web lessons is the ability to have a lesson if someone is sick- without sharing any germs! Internet-based lessons will be useful to students who go on vacation for long periods of time, live in remote places and for students to have lessons with noted pedagogues without spending large amounts of money on travel. I highly recommend trying web lessons- to reconnect with an old teacher, try a new one or get an expert opinion!






Monday 28th November, 10.30am & 1pm Tuesday 29th November, 1pm

Hear Bach’s Cantata 78 and Barry’s Piano Quartet No 1 played live by Ireland’s leading classical musicians, with expert commentary from Rhona Clark to help prepare you for the Leaving Cert. The audience will contribute to the concert as well – everyone is invited to prepare their own part of the chorale from BWV 78 for a surroundsound Bach experience! JUNIOR CERT LIVE: HANDEL & ORFF Monday 5th December, 11am

Hear Hornpipe and Minuet from Handel’s Water Music Suite and ‘O Fortuna’ from Orff’s Carmina Burana performed live by The Royal Irish Academy of Music Senior Orchestra, Belvedere College Choir and members of Mount Sackville Choir, with expert commentary from Maria Moran to help prepare you for the Junior Cert. The audience will have a chance to join in with the choir for ‘O Fortuna’, so even more incentive to get practising your singing in the classroom!

County Wexford Youth Orchestra in Bratislava

Had you driven past Wexford Park at 2:30am on Thursday the 7th of July last you would have witnessed a rather unusual scene. Myself and 21 other members of the County Wexford Youth Orchestra, ranging in age from 12 to 19, piling our instruments, our luggage and ourselves onto a minibus. Our destination? The Third International Youth Music Festival of Bratislava, capital city of Slovakia. Our orchestra was the only representative from Ireland in this international festival in which orchestras, choirs and ensembles from thirteen countries participated. The five day trip was the culmination of months of careful planning by our conductor Emily Redmond and the staff in the County Wexford School of Music along with the leaders who accompanied us to Slovakia and ensured that we did not come back one violinist short! Huge credit is also due to all of the staff and parents who took part in the various fundraising events without which this trip would not have been so successful. Needless to say we members of the orchestra did our bit too and put in many long hours of practice to ensure that our performance would be the best that we could possibly make it.

Getting 22 musicians and instruments from Wexford to Bratislava is no mean feat! Our journey involved a two and a half hour flight from Dublin to Vienna and then a bus journey across the AustroSlovakian border and on to the beautiful city of Bratislava arriving just in time for dinner and the opening concert.

At 7:30am on the following morning, Friday, we arrived at the majestic Primatial Palace in Bratislava, where we were the first group to perform in front of a panel of 6 judges. Aside from the ‘normal’ nerves we would experience before a concert, for most of us it felt a little odd to be giving a public performance so early in the morning! Nonetheless in true County Wexford Youth Orchestra style we gave it our all, as we always do! When we finished playing we felt that we had done well but had to wait until the following evening for the announcement of the competition results. At the more civilised time of 2:30pm on the following day we played in a second non-competitive concert in the Klarisky Concert Hall which was a slightly less nerve-wracking experience. For the performance we played from a wide repertoire which encompassed both popular and classical music as well as a fantastic piece called “If you have to ask, you will never know”, by the Irish composer Vincent Kennedy. The audience, which included locals from Bratislava and members of various other musical groups, gave our

performance a very warm reception which was greatly encouraging.

That evening the competition results were announced. To our delight we came second in our category (ensembles with free instrumentation up to 21 years) and received an overall bronze grade. For first time entrants facing competition from professional ensembles it was a really brilliant result!

Of course we didn’t spend all of our time buried in our music! We had the opportunity to visit the sights of Bratislava and much to the bemusement of passers-by we even found time to have an impromptu traditional Irish music session in Hviezdoslav Square, one of the main squares in the city! As well as that we made time to attend the performances given by other groups and particularly enjoyed those given by Chinese, Russian and Czech musicians. On top of this we made a day trip to Vienna where we visited the Mozart Museum and climbed up (and down!) the 342 steps of St. Stephan’s Cathedral! And of course none of us could forget our guide Tomàs and his apparently inexhaustible supply of Bublanina – a type of traditional apricot cake! Perhaps it sounds a little clichéd but we will always have very fond memories of our trip to Bratislava. Thanks to the County Wexford Youth Orchestra we had the opportunity to play and to hear fantastic music in some great venues and also to develop friendships which will last a lifetime. Mona O’Brien, member of County Wexford Youth Orchestra

Training Events at the Wheel

Arts Council Young Ensembles Scheme

The Arts Council announced funding of just under €165,000 during the summer to nineteen ensembles and groups in the areas of theatre, film, music and the visual arts. Among those receiving an award were the Cairde Quartet, pictured above at the Xenia chamber music course in Italy with course tutor, Adrian Pinzaru. You can read a full report on their attendance at the course on

The Wheel has a series of over forty training events and seminars this autumn including Management, Leadership, Fundraising, Communications & Marketing, Governance, HR / Employment Law, and Conferences & Special Events. With training sessions such as ‘Marketing Your Organisation on a Shoestring’ , ‘Survival Essentials’ and ‘10 Steps to Successful Fundraising’, there are many events of interest to volunteers and professionals working in youth orchestras. IAYO members can avail of discounted fees for participating in these workshops. For a host of workshops this autumn, see Then contact IAYO if you want to take part under our membership. Free website domain name and hosting for one year for registered and nonregistered Irish companies. See Sponsored by Blacknight, County and City Enterprise Boards, An Post and Google

First Round Funding Announced

Music Generation, the U2 and Ireland Funds supported National Music Education Programme, today announced that Louth, Mayo and Sligo have been selected for participation in the first round of the programme. Over the next three years, Music Generation will award a total of up to €1.6 million to these counties to help children and young people access vocal and instrumental tuition in their local areas. “The standard of applications received from the rest of the country was very promising and Music Generation will continue to work with other applicants to prepare for the next round of funding which will be announced during the autumn. An important part of the Music Education Partnership model is that the partnerships selected for funding will work with Music Generation and their neighbouring areas to share best practice through a support network.”

The second round of funding from the scheme has now been announced and applications are due to close on Thursday, November 3rd, 2011. Find out more at

National Music Education Partnership Seminar

'Many Irish children never get a 'sniff' of music education'. This was among the many issues discussed at Music Generation's inaugural National Seminar held at St. Patrick's College Drumcondra on Tuesday September 14th, attended by over 150 delegates throughout the country. The Seminar launched the call for applications from local Music Education Partnerships to apply for funding to help children and young people access vocal and instrumental tuition in their local area. A total fund of €1.8million is available in Round 2.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the inspirational performances given by sixteen year-old County Louth harper Michael O’Reilly, The Rolling Wave – a twenty-member strong traditional Irish grupa ceol from County Mayo, and Quartet for Three – a jazz trio from County Sligo. These worthy musical ambassadors from counties Louth, Mayo and Sligo commanded rapturous applause and focused the issue at the heart of the seminar – the importance of music in the lives of children and young people.

The Seminar included presentations by representatives from Louth (Gemma Murray, Co-ordinator, Music Generation Louth), Mayo (Anne McCarthy, Arts Officer, Mayo County Council) and Sligo (Jessica Fuller, Co-ordinator, Music Generation Sligo) – the first three counties selected for participation in the programme and Music Generation Director. Rosaleen Molloy, who, in posing the question ‘whose voice is most important – ours or theirs?’ highlighted the centrality of the voice of children and young people in music education.

Volunteer Ireland has arrived!

Volunteer Centres Ireland and Volunteering Ireland have now merged to create Volunteer Ireland, a single national volunteering organisation for Ireland. The services and supports for volunteering previously offered by two organisations will now be delivered by one: from the Ireland InVOLved Awards to the National Day of Volunteering. The creation of Volunteer Ireland is great news for volunteering in Ireland. Combining the skills, strengths and talents of VCI and VI into a single national volunteering organisation will mean we can build on the considerable achievements of our two organisations to date and increase the services and supports for volunteering in Ireland. As a bigger, better and unified organisation for volunteering, Volunteer Ireland will be far better placed to respond to the needs of volunteering in Ireland. 2011 is European Year of Volunteering and Volunteer Ireland will be a fantastic legacy of it for Ireland. The focus of Volunteer Ireland will be to create an enabling environment for volunteering, to develop an ethos of volunteerism across all sectors of society and to be an independent and legitimate voice for volunteering. Working with our local Volunteer Centres, volunteer-involving organisations and volunteers, Volunteer Ireland will be a powerful advocate for volunteering in Ireland. Visit for more.

Tour and Workshops by the RTÉ Concert Orchestra.

The RTÉ Concert Orchestra, conducted by Fergus Sheil, will engage in a series of performances and workshops in Meath and the South East during October and November. Members of the orchestra will workshop with The Julianstown Youth Orchestra, Carlow Youth Orchestra, County Wexford Youth Orchestra and The Laois Orpheus Orchestra and these orchestras will all provide pre-concert performances for the RTÉ dates.

The repertoire for the RTÉ performances will be Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, Rossini’s William Tell Overture and the Violin Concerto No 1 by Philip Glass with soloist, Ioana Petcu-Colan.

Performances are in Carlow (29th October), Portlaoise (3rd November), Navan (10th November) and at the O’Reilly Theatre in Wexford Opera House (11th November).

Ceol na Mara


This was our second year attending Ceol na Mara in Connemara and we had no hesitation in making the return trip. We turned the whole event into a family holiday and in fairness that is a very easy thing to do in Connemara. The focus is very much on the music and giving Evelyn the opportunity to meet other young people, who share her interest in music, and also to improve her music skills in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. She made lots of new friends from all over Ireland. The tutors are of the highest standard and that exposure in itself is a wonderful experience for anyone who loves music, but especially for children. Evelyn has a lovely memory from last year when on the very first day Geraldine O’Grady no less tuned her violin for her before the start of her class – that in itself was motivation for her to do her best and return again this year. I asked her just yesterday what she loved the most about the week and she replied “Mam, they make learning music so much fun.”

However there is so much more to the Ceol na Mara experience than just the music. Evelyn’s father loved the peaceful setting, the relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the local establishments. The sean nós dancing classes were open to the families of the participants and it was great fun. We also loved the literary evening where local poets and actors entertained us. There was a guided tour for ‘Ceol na Mara’ families along the ‘Famine walk’ at Killary and we enjoyed the unspoilt beaches of the area. Our daughter of four was enthralled by the wonderful ‘Tegolin’s Tales’ in the Teach Ceol on Thursday evening with local tales. There really is something for all tastes and ages at Ceol na Mara.

DYO Summer Chamber Music


I had never been to Aravon before so I didn’t know what to expect. When I got there I was given a timetable telling me what happened when. First I had quartet . My teacher was Emma Montenen. She was very nice. I really enjoyed the music that we played and I loved being in a small group. After that it was orchestra for an hour. I found some of the pieces tricky and I lost my place a couple of times but I still enjoyed it!

I really enjoyed the swimming. I had never been in a pool as cold. It involves a lot of climbing in and out but when you get used to it you could stay in there for hours. One of my favourite bits of Aravon was the talent show.

I had a great time at Aravon – my playing improved and every day was fun! SENIOR COURSE 2011

Amy Scanlan – age 9

From the minute I walked through the doors of Aravon School for the third year, I felt like I was at home once again. The highlight of the course was most definitely the quartet lessons. You could build up your repertoire and learn endless amounts of pieces throughout the six days which was another bonus. I loved the sports, especially rounders because it was a great way to mix with new people and get to know them better. The teachers are great and helpful and never stop running around the place from lesson to lesson. Anna Walsh – age 13

Ceol na Mara is very well organised by Oonagh Keogh and her husband Ed. The welcome is very warm and reassuring. Once you arrive you know you’ve done the right thing by bringing your children to experience what Ceol na Mara has to offer. Of course the music is to the fore-front as it should be, but it is the holistic nature of the whole event that brings us back. It is good for the soul. We are already looking forward to 2012. FURTHER




1st Annual Conference of the Society for Music Education in Ireland. The SMEI inaugural annual conference Music Department, University College Cork 11 – 13 November 2011. Keynote Speaker: Phil Mullen, Goldsmiths University London. See for more details.

Junior cellos at Ceol na Mara.

Send your news, photos and information to

PPMTA 15th Annual National Conference will take place in Croke Park Conference Centre, Dublin from the 21st - 23rd October 2011. The keynote speaker will be Marc Jaffrey from UK (Manifesto UK, Music Education A Burning Platform). Workshops will include Teaching strategies for Junior and Leaving Certificate Melody Writing, Colin Durrant Choral Workshop, Musicals and the Role of the Musical Director / Producer, Teaching Irish Music in the classroom, Gerald Barry Set Work, New Junior Certificate Report and GCSE Curriculum and Resources. See for more details.

National Youth Orchestra 0f Ireland 2011 / 2012 Season

The National Youth Orchestra of Ireland’s upcoming season offers unrivalled opportunities to learn and perform great symphonic music with new friends. Along the way you will be mentored by some of the finest professional orchestral musicians in Ireland and work under the baton of professional conductors including the Principal Conductor of the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra, Alan Buribayev and conductor of NYOI for over 30 years, Gearóid Grant. NYOI is proud of the thousands of young musicians who have graduated through our orchestras over the last 41 years and this year we are delighted to welcome back three NYOI Alumnae who are making successful careers as soloists: Brian O’Kane (cello), Fiona Kelly (flute) and Jean Kelly (harp). WINTER COURSE Dates


Bruch Kol nidrei – soloist Brian O’Kane, cello Mussorgsky-Ravel Pictures at an Exhibition


Gearóid Grant


Monday 2nd January 2012 Mahony Hall, The Helix, Dublin


Repertoire Conductor Concerts

Tuesday 27th December 2011 – Monday 2nd January 2012

Saturday 14th July – Sunday 22nd July 2012 Mozart Concerto for Flute & Harp – soloists Fiona Kelly, flute & Jean Kelly, harp

Shostakovich Symphony No. 10

Alan Buribayev, Principal Conductor, RTÉ NSO

Friday 20th July: Waterford Saturday 21st July tbc:

Sunday 22nd July: National Concert Hall

NYOI 2011 AUDITIONS Dublin Belfast Cork


Saturday 5th November Sunday 6th November

(Percussion & leadership only)

Friday 11th November (Evening) Saturday 12th November Sunday 13th November

Closing date for applications: Monday 17th October 2011 FREE AUDITION TRAINING WORKSHOPS

If you are auditioning for NYOI for the first time then you might like to come to one of our audition training workshops which are free when you apply to NYOI Auditions. The workshops are designed to help you feel more relaxed and prepared for your first audition.

The audition training workshops will take place on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd October. Proposed venues: Sligo & Dundalk (tbc) Keep an eye on our website for more details from the beginning of September.

For more information and application forms, visit


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