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Dr. Rev. Ayse Hogan

Table of Contents Life and Its Meaning: What Is It All About ........................ 1 The Human Energy Body ................................................ 4 What are Chakras? ......................................................... 5 The Chakras Record ....................................................... 7 The Chakric Structure ..................................................... 8 The Ten Chakra Elements ............................................. 10 Root Chakra “Muladhara” .............................................. 12 The Importance of Grounding........................................ 21 Sacral Chakra “Svadhisthana” ...................................... 23 Solar Plexus Chakra “Manipura” ................................... 31 Heart Chakra “Anahata” ................................................ 44 Throat Chakra “Vishuddha” ........................................... 53 Third Eye Chakra “Ajna” ................................................ 62 Crown Chakra “Sahasrara” ........................................... 71

Life and Its Meaning: What Is It All About Understanding Energy What do we all want? •

We strive for meaning – which is invisible, it’s a feeling, a knowing, a confidence

We want to feel fulfilled

We want to know that our lives matter

We want to know that we are making a difference in others’ lives

We yearn for material things

We want connection

We want peace, internally and communally

What do we see in the world around us? As a people we are living 50 times more experiences in our lifetime than our ancestors ever did. We have information coming in through various avenues and our consciousness looks at all this information (energy), life nourishment…but how nourishing is it, really? •

Negativity on the news broadcasts and newspapers everyday

Wars that are ripping families apart

Mothers that can’t feed their children

Fathers wondering what tomorrow will bring


Teenagers committing suicide

Terrorists threatening and bombing other countries, races, religions, into the planet itself

How bad do we have to feel to make this better? Can we ever feel bad enough? So, let’s take another perspective. How about feeling good? How about healing ourselves, one person at a time and changing the world using positive energy. Embrace the earth and each other and remember that we are all connected. Nothing is disconnected from source energy. You can call this source God, Allah, Budda, Universe or whatever other name you have for it, really it is all the different colours of the same rainbow. Not a thing is ever disconnected, it is not possible, not one single soul, not one blade of grass, we are all connected. Some of our connections get rusty feel corroded, but we are never disconnected…ever. If we want to make a difference and work towards doing good, then we first must take care of “home”. How can we help others, if we are not strong enough emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually? When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? You see your five sensory physical body. What about your soul? What about your higher self? The image that you see is not incorrect, it is just not the entire picture; there is so much more to you than your physical attributes. Try thinking of yourself like a “vehicle”. In this vehicle there are some passengers: You of course, your consciousness, your free will and also your energy…soul…spirit or whatever name you may have for it. There is also another passenger and that passenger is ego, your inner critic, that voice in your head. 2

Now ask yourself, are you driving the car? Are you in full control of your life at all times or is ego driving the car while you are in the back seat along for the ride? Most of the population of this world are observers in their own lives, just letting life happen rather than taking the steering wheel and manifesting what they want to happen. As children growing up, we are not taught about this inner wisdom and higher self, which in turn results in us losing our connection. We slowly become disconnected from our true selves and in its place is a little bug I like to call the Inner Critic, the parasite, the virus. Instead of being a team player in your life, it does whatever it can to throw a monkey wrench into every thought you have. There is a way to create harmony with this parasite and turn it into a team player. Feeling disconnected from our true and higher selves causes a break in communication and from the way our energies can heal us, and in turn, heal the world. The Beginning of Your Own Healing Healing your soul cannot happen overnight, nor can it happen if you don’t start somewhere. Let’s begin the process of understanding this healing with your Chakras. What you can see, with what you can’t see. Most of us don’t believe or are fearful in the things we cannot see. I can’t tell you how many clients come to me and say, I don’t believe in energy because I can’t see it. My response is the same…do you believe in your God? Do you believe in gravity? Do you believe in air? These things also cannot be seen.


The Human Energy Body CROWN/SAHASKARA CHAKRA Color: Violet Element: Thought/Will Functions: Vitalizes the upper brain (cerebrum) Glands/Organs: Pineal, cerebreal cortex, central nervous system, right eye Qualities: oneness w the infinite, spiritual will, inspiration, consciousness Negative Qualities: Lack of imagination, confusion, depression, alienation, serality

BROW/AJNA CHAKRA Color: Indogo (Dark blue) Element: Light Functions: Vitalizes the lower brain (cerebelum) & central nervous system, vision Glands/Organ: pituitary gland, left eye, nose, ears Qualities: Soul realiz'n, intuition, clairvoyance, concentration, peace of mind, wisdom, devotion Negative Qualities: Lack of concentration, tear, headache, eye prob, detached from the world

HEART/ANAHAJA CHAKRA Color: Green Element: Air Functions: Anchors the life force w the Higher self, Energizers the blood and the body w life force, blood circulation Glands/Organs: Heart, thymus gland, circulatory system, arms, hands, lungs Qualities: Divine love, compassion, forgiveness, peace, harmony, contentment Negative Qualities: Repression of love, emotional instability, out of balance, heart & circulation problems NAVEL/SVADISTHANA CHAKRA Color: Orange Element: Water Functions: Procreation, food, sexuality Glands/Organs: Ovaries, testicles prostate, genitals, spleen, womb, bladder Qualities: Giving & receiving emotions, desire, pleasure, family tolerance, harmonious Negative Qualities: Over-indulgence in food/sex, sexual difficulties, jealousy, envy, impotence, uterine/bladder problems

THROAT/VISHUDDA CHAKRA Color: Sky blue Element: Akasha/ether Functions: Speech, sound, vibration, comm. Glands/Organs: Thyroid, hypothalamus, throat, mouth Qualities: Power of the spoken word, true comm, creative expression in speech, writing and the arts, peace, truth, knowledge, wisdom, loyalty, honesty, reliability, gentleness, kindness Negative Qualities: speech problems, ignorance, depression, thyroid problems

ROOT/BASE/MULADHARA CHAKRA Color: Red Element: Earth Functions: Physical body, life force, survival instinct Glands/Organs: Adrenals, kidneys, spinal, colon, legs, bones Qualities: material world, success, body stability, security, health, courage, patience Negative Qualities: Insecurity, violence, greed, anger, constipation, tension in spine

SOLARPLEXUS/MANIPURA CHAKRA Color: Yellow Element: Fire Functions: Nervous system, digestive processes, metabolism, emotions Glands/Organs: Pancreas, stomach, liver, gallbladder, nervous system, muscles Qualities: Will, personal power, energy, awakening, humor, laughter Negative Qualities: Anger, fear, hate, power, crazy and recognition

Let’s make this really relatable. The Human Energy Body is made up of Chakras which we can equate to our organs in the physical body, the Aura which we could equate to our skin and the Meridians that move the energy around that we can therefore equate to our veins. We have many Chakras, 7 of which we will go into detail about in this book. My next book on Chakras will focus more on the ones that are out of body.


What are Chakras? •

Chakra is a Sanskrit term for ‘wheel of light’. It’s a revolving light that goes in and through our energy system

They regulate, manage and maintain the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being on this physical plane

They are revolving doors or portals if you will, between our body, mind, soul and spirit.

They are specialized energy centers, which are multi-dimensional in nature

There are major and minor Chakras; •

major Chakras manage our critical functions and issues

minor Chakras regulate the less fundamental ones; however, all Chakras are important and necessary for our growth and health.

“The Chakras or force-centers are points of connection at which energy flows from the body of a man to another…all these wheels are perpetually rotating, and into the hub or open mouth of each a force from the higher world is always flowing.” CW Lead beater (in his classic text on Chakra states)


The seven main In-Body Chakras are listed below. These Chakras should always be in motion with one side spinning out the front and the other side spinning out the back. 1. Root 2. Sacral (Naval) 3. Solar Plexus 4. Heart 5. Throat 6. Third Eye (Brow) 7. Crown


The Chakras Record The Chakras record everything we have experienced in this lifetime as well as experiences we have carried over from other lifetimes. We can talk about past lives a little later and its benefits to healing. The Chakras work a lot like the brain cells do. For example, if we have experienced trauma as a child, the first Chakra in the genital area will lock in the memory of that trauma. It records these memories so we can learn from them. Stored memories can be very harmful, as they can negatively affect your life, and you won’t know why. The Chakras store memories to preserve the moment so it can be dealt with at another time in order to prevent damage, especially if it is too self- destructive or negative to deal with right away. Entire blocks of time can be forgotten in extreme cases until they are triggered somehow. There are ways to heal these memories and we can speak of those options later if you wish. Chakras regulate the key physical organs and systems, our emotional actions and reactions as well as the soul’s integration with the mind and body. Each Chakra is associated with a specific endocrine gland which stimulate growth and development. The Chakras communicate with both our internal and external worlds. As each Chakra has the ability to communicate psychically and intuitively in order to express its needs and desires.


The Chakric Structure In-Body Chakras – Front and Back side •

Front side governs everyday behavior and regulates our relationships with the physical world

Back side responds to our subconscious programs and manages our relationship with the spiritual realm

In-Body Chakras – Left and Right side •

Left side is feminine and regulates female oriented issues; attraction, relationships, intuition and one’s own femininity

Right side is male and regulates male oriented issues; domination, success, rationality and one’s own masculinity

All Main Inner and Out of Body Chakras have an Inner and Outer Sphere •

The inner wheel reflects our programming from divine source. The actualization and gifts necessary to carry out our spiritual mission

The outer wheel reflects our personal issues. This includes our private desires, personal pain, sounds and soul issues.

Ideally, these two spheres should act in tandem with each other. They may not move at the same speed, or even in the same direction, but they should be rhythmic and consistent. 8

Most of the time the In-Body Chakras move clockwise, but there are instances where some may move counter clockwise, for instance: •

During menstruation in order to release built up emotion that may happen some months and not others

When someone is experiencing grief or shock or is near death

Or simply, that is how that particular Chakra rotates for you, sometimes a sock is simply a sock.


The Ten Chakra Elements Fire - Eliminates, purges, and burns away negative and stale energies. This adds energy, excitement and new life which is the basis of the Kundalini process and is important to healing. Air - Transmits ideas and ideals. Allows the spread of energies from place to place or person to person. Water - Transmits psychic and feeling energies, soothes and heals, washes and cleanses. Use to clean your lymph system or intestines of toxins, both psychic and physical. Earth - Builds, solidifies and protects. The earth can rebuild tissue after surgery, soothe any inflamed area and repair tissues. It is ideal for holding malleable structures, such as cell walls. Metal - Protects, defends, and deflects. Use it in the auric field to deflect harmful energies. Visualize a metal armor around the liver or kidneys if you are taking medication (this will draw heavy metal toxicity out of these organs). Wood - Buoyant, adaptable, and positive. If depressed emotionally, add wood to the mind by picturing trees or plants. Stone - Strengthens and holds. Imagine putting all soul or subconscious issues or emotions, such as shame, into a stone and then throwing the stone into the ocean. Ether - Holds spiritual truths; can be used to infuse any system, energy body, mind, or soul with such spiritual truths. Ether is a liquid gas. It is the fifth element, the spiritual energy that scientists and metaphysicians have attempted to define for a millennia.


Light - Can be directed, spun, fashioned, summoned, or eliminated to produce almost any desired effect. Light is an electromagnetic radiation of various wavelengths. ‘Dark light’, which constitutes frequencies closer to infrared and below, is composed mainly of electrons that carry intelligence about power. ‘Light light’ is composed of frequencies near or above the ultraviolet range. It is fashioned chiefly from protons that hold intelligence about love. Star - Uses spiritual truths to form and purify physical matter. Release negative misperceptions by formulating the truth. Imagine this truth enfolding into a star, and insert the star into the appropriate auric field, energy channel or Chakra. This technique can even be used to alter DNA. Star will also forces the release of a misperception or harmful pattern in the body


Root Chakra “Muladhara�

Root Chakra "Muladhara" (Grounding Support): I am the Foundation for our Life Experience

If you are going through a hard time, feeling anxious, insecure and vulnerable, are unable to relax and let your guard down, then it might help you to clear and balance your first Chakra. The Root Chakra, or the Muladhara (Root Chakra in Sanskrit), is the first of the seven main Chakras. It is the center for feeling grounded, safe, and secure in the world, and as such, it is the foundation for your health, wellbeing and for the development of all your other Chakras. An unbalanced Root Chakra can lead to weight gain or loss, anemia, over or under active sex drive as well as many other negative symptoms. When the Root Chakra is balanced, you can get back on your feet even when facing challenging circumstances. You will feel relaxed, calmer and more secure and can let go of nagging insecurities and fears. Front Side The Root Chakra is critical to our survival as it is linked to our fight or flight responses. 12

This Chakra is located at the base of the spine. More exactly at the perineum (midway between the genitals and the anus). It is the foundation for the other 6 Chakras in this In-Body System and is of crucial importance, as it relates to the earth element, our body’s health, survival, material and monetary existence. When it is grounded, the Root Chakra can manifest our needs and allows us to accept our limitations. This Chakra also receives basic programming from family genetics for such decisions as to our will to survive. This Chakra regulates our ability to achieve our most basic and physical needs, which include money, housing, food, clothing, sexuality and passion. It regulates the physical area in which it resides which includes the intestines and our sexual organs. The sciatic nerve that starts from our Sacral area and goes down our legs is the largest peripheral nerve in the body it’s about as thick as your thumb. This nerve acts like a Root for the nervous system. When our legs touch the ground, it connects us with the earth and with the force of gravity this keeps us connected to the planet. The four-petal lotus illustrates the Root Chakra as it represents the 4 directions as well as the 4 elements. The small triangle in the middle represents the downward force of the Chakra. Inside the triangle is the Kundalini serpent wrapped around Shiva Lingam which points upward. The seven-trunked elephant named Airavata symbolizes the heavy like quality of this Chakra and the 7 trunks represent the 7 Chakras.


If we do not balance this Chakra prior to balancing the other Chakras, our growth will be without roots, ungrounded, and will lack the stability required for true growth. Fear is an enemy to this Chakra as it counteracts the sense of safety. Facing our fear can help this Chakra open. “In the first Chakra, to be aware is to be tactile. Nothing happens until it happens in the first Chakra first; and nothing has happened until we sense it, until we feel it in a tactile way, until it touches us…Our interaction with our environment is dependent upon our own bodies ability to simultaneously record and make us aware of the occurrence of some event or experience” Rosalyn L. Bruyere – Wheels of Light

Back side The back side of this Chakra is in the lower-frequency dimension and contains all the beliefs and experiences we have ever held regarding our rights to manifest, create, and flourish on the physical plane. Through this point, we can tap into our core belief systems that affect the nature of our being. The energy we ideally want to channel consists of red (or serpent) Kundalini energy. We ignite this ‘life flame’ through our Root backside Chakra and open ourselves to our passions, drives, and desires. When the back-side Chakra is healed, we can receive all energies needed and we can then heal our physical issues, including addictions, blood diseases, and inherited problems. This allows us to open ourselves to abundance, worthiness, complete health, and belief in our own sacredness. Location Lower-frequency dimension.


Based in the universal pool of physical matter from which all life springs. Physical attributes Programs DNA. Regulates the body’s chemical balance in reaction to beliefs about being deserving and worthy. Coordinates genetic coding Functions as the access point to the globe of humanity and the human drive for procreation. Mental Attributes Holds the key to our beliefs about deserving physical life and well- being. Leads us to the necessary realization that we are a manifestation of divine source energy, and we deserve all that our essential self requires for full expression. Feeling Attributes Allows universal love energy to enter through the back side of this Chakra Which is the basis for the primary feelings shown through the front side of the first Chakra. If we disbelieve our own goodness, we will stop up the flow and experience rage, hurt, pain, fear, etc. Spiritual Attributes Serves as the physical meeting ground for the sacred.


Our true essence is breathed into this Chakra, where it is shaped for physical experiences. Healing Applications The back side of this Chakra is shaped by all of our prior experiences and beliefs and those of our fellow human beings. We want to eliminate the blocks in this Chakra, and erase or transform the beliefs that say “I don’t deserve a fully happy life”. Becoming willing to open to the divine source’s belief system will allow unlimited amounts of manifestation energy into our first Chakra and spinal system. Inner Sphere Is regulated by your soul’s relationship with the divine. Outer Sphere Your movement in the world. Over functioning causes hyperactive behavior. Underfunctioning creates laziness. Meaning of Sanskrit Name

Muladhara combines Mul, or base, and adhara, or support


Stability, Will to Live, Self-Preservation, Sense of Trust and Security, Focus


Base of Spine at the Perineum and in the lower frequency dimension


Color & Symbols

Ruby Red, the color of the longest wavelength and slowest vibration in the visible spectrum The colors black, red and white as well as cultural death and life symbols; scythe, blood, ankh, cross, fertility signs.






Fight or Flight, Survival

Endocrine Gland Other Body Areas Descriptors


Yin Aspect

“Will to Live”

Yang Aspect

How we put ourselves out to the world

Contains & Source of

Our Roots, family values, beliefs, heritage, original feelings about ourselves, right to exist, right to occupy space, right to be loved, right to get our needs met, our basic needs; shelter, food, water, love, sex, air, material energy for achieving life’s purpose.

Legs, feet, bones, large intestine, teeth Images of serpent, snake dragon or holy fire like the flame of the Holy Spirit

Passion, raw and primal feelings which include rage, terror, joy, survival energy, material energy for achieving life’s purpose, what we deserve out of life

Seat of

Existence on the physical plane and the will to live


Key Words Mantra & Vowel Spiritual Attributes & Intuitive Communication

Awareness Lam & O as in rope Place where we realize that we are the model of God’s expression in the physical. Causes us to experience an imaginary reality as if we were there by receiving or sending physical sensations directing us to make a significant lifestyle change

Feeling Attributes

Access point to energies that determine our primary feelings or reactions to others’ feelings

Causes, Symptoms & Addictions

Fear of being alive; deep alienation; being unwanted; feeling undeserving; no passion for life; someone doesn’t want you to live; primal shame, guilt, or terror, overly fearful about security and survival, flighty, habitual, difficulty letting go Addictions and compulsions, sexual dysfunctions of all kinds, nervous system diseases or disorders, urinary tract disorders, rectal problems, weight problems, hemorrhoids, circulatory, skin or reproductive issues, headaches, family dysfunctions, gender role confusion, childhood abuse issues, money, career, shelter, food and basic needs. Hard drugs, alcohol, work, sex, being ill or sick, getting in accidents, exercise, cutting, sadistic or masochistic behaviors, spending, debt, milk, fat, and meat.


Health Tips & Fuel

Eat 3 balanced meals a day, support adrenals with plenty of water, B vitamins and minerals, daily exercise Red foods such as meat, beats, grapes, strawberries, and cherries Stimulated by Dance, walking barefoot in nature Surround yourself with pleasing, earthy smells, such as essential oils of cedar, clove, or patchouli. Plants - Valerian, lime blossom, and elder are all healing plants that work to stimulate the Root Chakra. Elder and lime blossom are also good for warming the body Crystals - Garnet, hematite, red jasper, coral, onyx, rhodonite, ruby, and black tourmaline are all great stones for healing the base Chakra.


Red meats, dairy, sugar mixed with other substances, sometimes eggs, red fruits, animal products and proteins, wool, many air-and clothborne substances and toxins, soaps and cleansers, drug affecting the blood, as in some antibiotics or chemotherapy drugs, some heavy metals

Healing Applications

It is shaped by all of our prior experiences and beliefs. We never want to clog up this Chakra by saying something like “ I don’t deserve a happy life”. We can apply this raw energy to heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. 19

Spiritual Messages

You deserve to be alive, safe, strong, and passionate “I am safe.” “The universe is a good place.” “Everything is going to work out just fine.” “The universe provides for me abundantly.” “All is well and I can let down my guard and rest.”


The Importance of Grounding Many ignore the importance of grounding even though it is imperative to your energy system. Without grounding, we are unstable, we lose our focus. We can feel powerless, overwhelmed and may not want to be here any longer. By grounding ourselves this allows us to become present in the here and now. It helps us to gain nourishment, stability and growth. When standing on the ground we can also feel revitalized by the energy of the earth. Grounding is a simple force that brings consciousness back to our body which exists in one place and one time; it protects the body from becoming overloaded and is a way of coping with stress. When you are grounded decisions are easier to make and you worry about the future less as you are in the present moment. Only in the present can we feel joy. The mental energy of the upper Chakras is boundless, and the lower ones are narrower in their scope. If the upper Chakras are too open while the lower ones are not stable enough to support the overload of psychic energy around them, this can cause a psychosis, which is why remaining grounded always is imperative to our balance.

We are all part of this constant process of movement, moving through many dimensions simultaneously. We move through physical space, as well as through feelings, through time, from one thought to the next, and through consciousness. We move through a world in motion, a world in constant change. 21

Movement is an essential part of the life force – the essence of what separates life from death, the animate from the inanimate. Rocks don’t move – people do. Let us from then through the element of water in this second wheel of life – discovering how it brings us movement, pleasure change, and growth.” Wheels of Life – User’s Guide


Sacral Chakra “Svadhisthana”

Sacral Chakra "Svadhisthana" (one's own adobe) – I Feel Our Feelings Template

If you feel you are working too hard, either temporarily or as a life-style, or life feels like a constant struggle, you might need to clear and balance your Sacral Chakra. When the Sacral is unbalanced you can lose your ability to feel joy, to play and be creative. As a result, you may feel numb or have difficulty expressing your feelings. Disruptions in the Sacral can also cause low-energy or unhappiness with your erotic life. Second of the seven Chakras is called Svadhisthana in Sanskrit The Sacral is the key to life energy, emotions, sexuality, creativity, and gives us the life energy for creation, recreation and procreation. Clearing, balancing, and opening your Sacral Chakra can help you regain your joie de vivre. It’ll get your life juices and creative juices flowing, and that makes your life-juicier!


When the Sacral Chakra is blocked •

Emotionally cold

Low energy

Low libido

Difficulty changing

Difficulty experiencing joy

Holds back

Or hyper-emotional

Overly sexual, or overly focused on physical pleasure


Problems with reproductive urinary systems

Front Side The Sacral Chakra is located in the abdomen, centered between the navel and the genitals. It is linked to the intestines, abdominal organs and the female reproductive organs. It is especially important to women as they store their life energy inside it. The Sacral Chakra corresponds to the Sacral plexus nerve which hooks into the sciatic and is the center motion of the body. The element of the Sacral Chakra is water as it relates to the bodily functions having to do with liquid, such as blood circulation, urinary elimination, sexuality and reproduction. Feelings from here are “softer” than the ones from the first Chakra and the best way to work them out is through creative or emotional expressions. This is where we 24

understand our reactions to our inner and outer worlds and how we will express it. The illustration of this Chakra is a six-petal lotus, orange in color. At the base of the middle lotus there is a crescent moon which contains the Makara, an alligator like creature with a coiled tail. He is the water creature representing consuming desire and passions and animal instinct. Back Side The backside of the Sacral Chakra contains our feelings about ourselves in relation to the holistic universe, where the front side contains our feeling bodies which operate as entities unto themselves. The model or template for these feeling bodies is found in the back Chakra. The backside channels feeling frequencies from outside of us. Our goal is to weave these frequencies into our feeling bodies either to complete our incomplete feelings or to strip away feelings that are not our own. By opening ourselves to the vibrations that we need, we allow ourselves to analyze the situation in light of their emotional complexities. Inner Sphere By disregarding the spirituality of feelings, you will be judgmental, closed minded, and unsympathetic to others. If you fail to translate the spiritual messages behind the feelings, you will be emotional, hypersensitive, and codependent. Outer Sphere This establishes the ways you act as a feeling person in the world. Repressed feelings will attract people who exhibit these feelings to you or cause you illness. If you hold feelings that are not yours, you will feel crazy and out of control. 25

Meaning of name


Dwelling place of the self, dwelling place also means “six petaled” Abdomen







Function Endocrine Gland

Desire, pleasure, sexuality, procreation Ovaries or testes

Other Body Parts

Womb, genitals, kidney, bladder


Key Words

Water elements and water animals Absorbing and interpreting others feelings and making judgements about our own feelings and creativity. How we express feelings and create Feeling, creative energy, birthing and gestation activities, women’s power Feelings and our awareness of them, creative abilities and female identity Feelings, creativity

Seed Sound


Vowel Sound

OO as in due

Yin Aspect

Yang Aspect Source of

Seat of


Energy type

Ki Energy (life energy)



Cosmic realm or plane Incense

Astral or the sky


Carnelian, moonstone, coral



Physical Communication

Feeling and expressing our emotions through the appropriate medium; crying, screaming, laughing Feeling sympathy and empathy to help us dissect emotions, which are feelings joined with thoughts. ( I am happy therefore I am good) Uses empathy to learn a soul lesson or help to integrate the soul more fully into the body, for example, experiencing the feelings of someone we hurt or actually experiencing our soul’s feelings. Appendix issues, kidney problems, fertility issues, women’s menstrual issues, candida, ovarian issues, uterine problems, codependency, colitis, and other disorders ending in “it is”, creative blocks, shopping addiction

Psychic Communication

Intuitive Communication


Orris Root, Gardenia, Damiana



Health Tips

Chakra Fueling

Spiritual messages Allergies

Possible causes of Allergies

Contains Location

Gluten, wheat, starchy carbohydrates, grain based alcohol, chocolate, certain or all emotions (as in emotionalism) Gluten free products, yams, oranges, sweet but low glycemic foods. Soothing exercises like Tai Chi, Qi Jong, Yoga or Swimming. Orange foods such as yams, salmon, sweet potatoes, papaya, and wheat. Your feelings are good, desired, and desirable Pork, wheat, white and whole grains, muffins and other breadstuffs, grain alcohol, sometimes eggs, some fats, orange fruit and vegetables, citric acid, yeast, drugs affecting abdominal region, as in some antibiotics. Resistance to substances that nurture and create loving connections between self and others. Worthiness issues, fear of being vulnerable, needy, or self-expressive. Substances usually bond with grief or sadness Feelings of self and others Originates in the lower back area


Physical Attributes

Mental Attributes

Feeling Attributes Spiritual Attributes

Source of our fluidity necessary to keep systems open and adaptable. All physical issues relate to some level, to our feeling bodies. Stress, compulsions, creative blocks and small back pains can be symptoms of the back side of the Sacral Chakra. This backside center can also transform feelings into energy, powers, beliefs, colors and tones Beliefs about feelings; Are the ok or not? Healing and adaption energy to cope with life’s changes Access points to energies that feed, support, and heal our feelings. It also enables us to obtain and acknowledge the supernatural help necessary to flow with the twists and turns of life. Contains the assistance the soul needs to experience wholeness through duality and the ability to adapt and thrive in life. It is affected by our soul’s beliefs and life’s meanings and meaningless, hope and hopelessness, good and bad, emptiness and existence, the self and all, as they are experienced in the physical plane


Healing Applications


Ruling planet Psychic Gift Positive Psychic Negative Psychic Intuitive gift Healing stones for the Sacral Chakra:

Healing the Sacral Chakra with plants

Best starting point for healing emotional distress, birth, rebirth, compulsions, codependency issues, to name a few. We can open ourselves here necessary to soothe and heal feelings of rejection, disillusionment, resentments, and feelings that result from death or loss, grief and pain. By staying in balance we open to the power of creation itself and allow ourselves to manifest the man that sustains us through life’s ups and downs. Moon, water, Jewish Mikvah cleansing pool, natural cycles and the seasons. Pluto Feeling sympathy Feels others emotions and can decipher them Absorbs others feelings and holds them in own body Feeling empathy: reads others emotions and can help them. Orange beryl, orange jasper, carnelian, and citrine are all great stones for healing the Sacral Chakra. Nettle, yarrow, and parsley possess the healing agents that best stimulate the Sacral Chakra. Nettle strengthens the urinary tract, moderates heavy menstrual bleeding, and improves bladder control 30

Solar Plexus Chakra “Manipura”


What is the Solar Plexus Chakra? Also known as the 3rd Chakra, the Manipura is located just above the naval and below the rib cage. It is our energy center and radiates vital life energy (prana) through-out our entire body. It is where our power comes from; our ability to achieve, self-esteem, raw emotions, and selfdiscipline are all governed by the 3rd Chakra. It is where we can have a mental understanding of our emotional self. Where the Sacral is important for women, this Chakra is where men hold their power. It not only governs the emotional and mental aspect of your psyche but also your psychic experiences. Often a feeling of intuition or “gut feeling” in a certain situation will benefit you greatly if you listen to it. Within this Chakra are the keys to finding balance and how we are going to achieve our dharma, our life purpose, rather than just live out the karma, or past experiences.


Blockages in the Solar Plexus Chakra Symptoms: This Chakra is linked to the muscles, fatigue, stomach ulcers, allergies and diabetes. If the Solar Plexus Chakra is blocked, then you likely feel easily depressed and rejected and possibly wanting to blame others for your insecurity feelings. You are an emotional chameleon and will lack self-confidence or self-esteem, which will cause you to change to suit the needs and wants of others to be more accepted for reassurance. This only hurts you more as your own sense of worth fails to manifest as a result. Causes: Most of us are taught from early childhood to repress our emotions and feelings. The rules of society say that we must always be practical and wary. It cautions us against exploitation. We live in a restricted society where people will often take advantage of one another, so this problem is difficult to overcome. By repressing the Solar Plexus Chakra you place yourself on auto pilot and this can cause severe emotional problems among others. Doubt and mistrust will eventually destroy your vitality if this continues. They must both be endured and finally overcome. When this Chakra is in balance you will be in complete control over your emotions and thoughts. Your ego mind or small mind will have no unwanted influence over your actions. You will know without a doubt and accept your place in the universe. You will have self-love and in turn, have a great appreciation for all the people in your life and the uniqueness they bring to the world. When in tune, your Solar Plexus Chakra will radiate warmth and joy throughout your entire being and to others who come into contact with you.


Positive Affirmation for the Solar Plexus I am confident in all that I do. I am successful and release my reactive energy into this reality.

Healing the Solar Plexus with nature: The Solar Plexus’ element is fire. Taking a walk out in the sun is extremely beneficial. Sitting in front of a campfire or fire place can have an instant healing effect. Front Side The Solar Plexus Chakra is interfaced with everyday life.It effects how you carry yourself in the world. Back Side The back side of the Solar Plexus Chakra is an intellectual template. Through this side of the Chakra, we gain knowledge of things seen and unseen. Based upon our belief systems, we tap into the energies we need to make effective decisions. The front side expresses our will in the world, and our back side accesses energy for achievement. Here, we can heal judgements, falsehoods, and incorrect assumptions. Location is in the middle of the back. Inner Sphere The frequency is established by your internalized beliefs about your place in the world. Do you believe the divine has special work for you and that you have unique gifts? If so, you will feel healthy and balanced. If not, you will feel strained and continually disappointed in yourself.


Outer sphere This maintains your boundaries with the world. If you believe your work is divinely guided, you will perform well and expect respect.

Meaning of name


City of gems. Mani means jewel or gem: Pura means dwelling place. Between the naval and base of the sternum Yellow





Endocrine Gland

Central or Solar Plexus-based nerve plexus, digestive System, muscles, immune and nervous system Air elements and airborne entities, including birds. Expression of self in the world


Other Body Parts Descriptors Yin Aspect Yang Aspect Source of

Seat of

Key Words

Concerns opinions and judgements about self and other. Personal power; self and other judgements; intellectual understanding of physical/ worldly existence; men’s power. Self-esteem, power, directed will, ability to discern, male identity. Power, discrimination.




Energy type

Mental, intellectual

Cosmic realm or plane Minerals

Celestial plane or heaven

Petals Physical Communication

Intuitive Communication



Yellow citrine, sunstone, calcite, malachite, rose quartz Ten (blue petals) Perceived as ideas, thoughts, or intellectual understandings that register at gut-level to help us succeed, interface with the world, deal with people, and make effective decisions Use of mental empathy to effectively achieve a position in the world that will help the soul achieve it’s purpose. Data received or generated usually creates situations, opportunities, and events to benefit the soul and self as a whole Digestive and metabolic disorders, weight issues, feelings of confusion or craziness, power issues. Liver problems, spleen disorders, addictions that harm the kidneys. Work, perfectionism, marijuana, caffeine, carbonated beverages, cornbased alcohol, beer, and corn processed sugar.


Health Tips


Eat five to six small meals a day, each combining a healthy fat( such as olive oil or another omega-3-based fat), a lowglycemic carbohydrate, and a protein. Establish a structured exercise program. Yellow foods, especially corn, also grapefruit and squashes. You deserve success; you are intelligent; you can learn what you need to know. Corn, beer, soda pop, yellow fruits and vegetables, caffeine, fats, rubber, oil, steel, honey, drugs, and substances affecting digestive system. Developing a resistance to anything that could fuel our success or acceptance of rewards. Fear of drive for power and the anger and authority needed to push forward. Substances usually bond with anger and fear Opinions, differentiated beliefs


Middle of the back

Chakra Fuel Spiritual messages


Possible causes of


Physical Attributes

Mental Attributes

Feeling Attributes

Connects into the metabolic center of the body; our general energy level and drive. Symptoms of problems include decreased life energy, confusion, digestive conditions, and an inability to focus and concentrate. We need to remember that decision making, goal setting, and goal achievement require intellectual energy, which is material energy. Serves as the intellectual template through which all judgements are processed, accepted, changed, or rejected. Space where we pattern thought forms (collections of beliefs that form ideals), as well as beliefs regarding success, assertion of will and drive, and our relationship with the external world. Leads us to totally accept ourselves, purpose, and drives. When we’re healthy in this back side, we can achieve higher feelings, including acceptance, peace, and faith. When completely open and healthy, we would not participate in violence or war. Because the basis for war is prejudice and fear. When acting out of self-confidence and authenticity, there is simply no room for violence


Spiritual Attributes

Healing Applications


Provides knowledge of the seen and unseen, and if we have faith in our abilities, invites the ideas necessary to set and implement our goals. Erases spiritual doubt. Allows our soul to serve as spiritual director, supplying concepts and impetus for self -expression Work on this center when experiencing energy issues, whether they may be physical, mental, or emotional. Blocks in this center stem from doubts, a lack of faith in our own higher good and goals. Here, we can address and heal judgements, prejudices, incorrect assumptions, painful behaviors, and success issues. One way to approach this healing process is to remember how the first three Chakras work together. We add the raw emotions of the first Chakra to the intellectual awareness of the third Chakra to create to create the emotions located in the second Chakra. By changing the directives entering through our third Chakra’s back side, we can change our feelings and perceptions about the world itself. Middle of the back


Physical Attributes

Mental Attributes

Feeling Attributes

Connects into the metabolic center of the body; our general energy level and drive. Symptoms of problems include decreased life energy, confusion, digestive conditions, and an inability to focus and concentrate. We need to remember that decision making, goal setting, and goal achievement require intellectual energy, which is material energy. Serves as the intellectual template through which all judgements are processed, accepted, changed, or rejected. Space where we pattern thought forms (collections of beliefs that form ideals), as well as beliefs regarding success, assertion of will and drive, and our relationship with the external world. Leads us to totally accept ourselves, purpose, and drives. When we’re healthy in this back side, we can achieve higher feelings, including acceptance, peace, and faith. When completely open and healthy, we would not participate in violence or war. Because the basis for war is prejudice and fear. When acting out of self-confidence and authenticity, there is simply no room for violence


Spiritual Attributes

Healing Applications


Provides knowledge of the seen and unseen, and if we have faith in our abilities, invites the ideas necessary to set and implement our goals. Erases spiritual doubt. Allows our soul to serve as spiritual director, supplying concepts and impetus for self -expression Work on this center when experiencing energy issues, whether they may be physical, mental, or emotional. Blocks in this center stem from doubts, a lack of faith in our own higher good and goals. Here, we can address and heal judgements, prejudices, incorrect assumptions, painful behaviors, and success issues. One way to approach this healing process is to remember how the first three Chakras work together. We add the raw emotions of the first Chakra to the intellectual awareness of the third Chakra to create to create the emotions located in the second Chakra. By changing the directives entering through our third Chakra’s back side, we can change our feelings and perceptions about the world itself. Middle of the back


Physical Attributes

Mental Attributes

Feeling Attributes

Connects into the metabolic center of the body; our general energy level and drive. Symptoms of problems include decreased life energy, confusion, digestive conditions, and an inability to focus and concentrate. We need to remember that decision making, goal setting, and goal achievement require intellectual energy, which is material energy. Serves as the intellectual template through which all judgements are processed, accepted, changed, or rejected. Space where we pattern thought forms (collections of beliefs that form ideals), as well as beliefs regarding success, assertion of will and drive, and our relationship with the external world. Leads us to totally accept ourselves, purpose, and drives. When we’re healthy in this back side, we can achieve higher feelings, including acceptance, peace, and faith. When completely open and healthy, we would not participate in violence or war. Because the basis for war is prejudice and fear. When acting out of self-confidence and authenticity, there is simply no room for violence


Spiritual Attributes

Healing Applications


Ruling Planet

Provides knowledge of the seen and unseen, and if we have faith in our abilities, invites the ideas necessary to set and implement our goals. Erases spiritual doubt. Allows our soul to serve as spiritual director, supplying concepts and impetus for self -expression Work on this center when experiencing energy issues, whether they may be physical, mental, or emotional. Blocks in this center stem from doubts, a lack of faith in our own higher good and goals. Here, we can address and heal judgements, prejudices, incorrect assumptions, painful behaviors, and success issues. One way to approach this healing process is to remember how the first three Chakras work together. We add the raw emotions of the first Chakra to the intellectual awareness of the third Chakra to create to create the emotions located in the second Chakra. By changing the directives entering through our third Chakra’s back side, we can change our feelings and perceptions about the world itself. Symbols will relate to the intellect and learning endeavors, including the sun, a book and words. The Sun 42

Psychic Gift Mental sympathy (often called clairsentience) Positive psychic Knows what others are thinking or believe Negative psychic Thinks that others beliefs or thoughts are one’s own Intuitive gift Mental empathy: determines belief system causes of others’ issues and provides clarification Healing stones for the Solar Plexus Chakra: Tiger’s eye, topaz, yellow tourmaline, and citrine are all great stones for healing the Solar Plexus Chakra. Healing the Solar Plexus Chakra with plants: The healing plants that best support the navel Chakra are fennel, chamomile, and juniper


Heart Chakra “Anahata�

THE HEART CHAKRA "ANAHATA" I love myself unconditionally and am fully open to receiving love.

What is the Heart Chakra? Also known as the 4th Chakra, the Anahata is our energy center from which love, joy, happiness, and compassion emanate from. It allows us to feel sorrow, sadness, anger, and lust- all of which are feelings of the lower Heart Chakra. These are essential in understanding ourselves in this world so that we may over-come them and move to the higher Heart where pure, unconditional love exists. It is the Chakra of yang, or positive energy, connecting the Chakras to the higher one and is very important in your spiritual healing and evolutional development. When it is fully open, the Heart Chakra becomes what the Buddhists call mahakaruna, a channel for universal compassionour true self. It is where we invite this infinite love to flow through us, allowing it to heal ourselves and others. The lesson for the Heart is that we first must love and accept ourselves before we can love others.


When The Heart Chakra Is Blocked Symptoms: Blockages can manifest as immune system or heart problems, or lack of compassion. Characteristics of a blocked Heart Chakra include fear of rejection, feeling unworthy of love or loving too much. If there is blockage in the Heart Chakra, you may feel unworthy of love and skeptical of anyone who wants to love you (and paranoid that you will end up hurt, yet again) or your love relationships may be completely co-dependant. Causes: You have probably experienced one or more of the following: Shaming, authoritarianism, volatile situations, domination or will, physical abuse, dangerous environment, fear of punishment, age inappropriate responsibilities. When the Chakra is imbalanced in some way it means that somewhere along the line, there has been a disruption in your attitude and understanding in love. You may want to give your love with the hopes of gaining control of a person or situation, and thus confusing love with manipulation, or you may be giving your love in the hopes of gaining recognition to boost damaged self-esteem. You may consequently be a possessive and mistrustful person who lacks compassion. If the Heart Chakra is completely blocked, this tends to manifest itself in the antithesis of what the Heart represents: you are literally Heart-less and quite icy in how you receive yourself and others. If you are not open to love in your life, it is not possible to feel very happy and joyful about yourself, and people with blocked Heart Chakras certainly do not.


When the Heart Chakra is in balance: You will feel a great compassion for all living creatures, and will recognize their amazing intelligence. You will be kind, caring, understanding, joyous, and outgoing and feel completely at ease with yourself and the people in your life. You will understand and accept others for who they are; you will not judge or be critical of their actions. Spending time alone is something you do not mind, and you are not rushing into one relationship after another, in fact you would rather wait for the “right� one to come to you because you know it will come to you when the time is right. Front Side This is responsible for your connection with major and minor relationships and your ability to give and receive. Back Side This relates to our unconscious beliefs about relationships. It keeps you connected to people you have not let go of. Inner Sphere This balances your relationships within. Self to self, divine to self, self and divine to all aspects of the self. Outer Sphere This creates balance. Balance with relationships between ones self and all aspects of self with the world and others in it.


Meaning of name Heart lotus Location



Green, pink, gold





Endocrine Gland Heart Other Body Parts cardiac nerve plexus, respiratory and cardiac systems, thymus gland Descriptors Earth type elements and mammalian animals. Yin Aspect relates to the relationship with the self and what we are willing to receive from the world. Yang Aspect relationships with others and what we are giving to the world Source of Healing energy; our innermost desires and our dreams. Key Words Love, and healing. Mantra yam Energy type Astral (connects to the astral plane and the dream world). Cosmic realm or celestial plane or heaven plane Incense Petals Twelve


Physical Communication

Communicates about emotional and physical needs through actual physical sensations such as Heart pains, pangs, and emotional tugs. Source of healing energy used in hands-on healing, hugging, and physical touch. The Heart is communicating or receiving whenever we are doing what it is we love to do.

Psychic Communication

Receives messages from aspects of self and guides through dreams, out-of-body experiences (astral projection), guided or automatic writing, journaling, receiving and sending healing energy. This happens when working with higher frequencies and energies through the Heart, as in channeling guides, principles, out-of-body Chakric energies, rays, and when fully mature Divine source or Christ, as individualized to our uniqueness. Soul issues like giving and receiving or living our Heart’s desires, are input, guided, and healed through this center.

Intuitive Communication


Heart or circulatory diseases or disorders; blood pressure problems; lung-related problems, including asthma, allergies, bronchitis, and pneumonia; relationship problems, sleep disorders,. Together with the third Chakra, there are codependency and caretaking issues.



Health Tips

Chakra Fuel Spiritual messages Allergies

Possible causes of

Contains Location

Addictions include abuse of chocolate, sugar, and wine; love addiction (must always be “in love�). And inability to let go of a finished relationship. Enjoy a Heart healthy Mediterranean diet; exercise aerobically but also walk. Green foods; vegetables and sauces. You are loved and lovable, you deserve healthy relations Sugar, wine, some sauces and spices, green vegetables, drugs and substances affecting the Heart and lungs, cigarettes and cigars, many airborne substances and toxins. Resistance to substances that provide spice of life, in terms of love, spirit, enthusiasm, use of substances to resist bonding with fellow human beings. Issues often held by inner children and even the innocent child within. Fear of love. Surety of being abandoned or rejected. Substances usually bond with fear, joy, sorrow, or loneliness. Upper back


Physical Attributes

Serves as the entry point for all physical actions we feel called to do. The physical focus of these desires synchronizes with our Heartbeat. Beat, rest, beat, rest-do, be, do, be. Any Heart related issues would indicate an imbalance in the back side of the Heart Chakra, as would a resistance to following our true calling or desires Mental Attributes Receives love without judgement, and functions as an access point for mental energies that are pure and simple. Through the back side of the Heart Chakra, we can receive the type of support we longed to get as a child. Here the conditional belief system of the lower Chakras meets the unconditional belief system of the upper Chakras. Our conditional needs are reduced to the simple requirement to be and to express our true self, merges with the unconditional love and support of the universe. Feeling Connects our physically based essence, and attaches to our Attributes divine source based essence. This Chakra back side needs to be fully connected to the divine source. The feelings experienced through a fully open and healed Heart Chakra back side will be related to unqualified love and encouragement for being.


Spiritual Attributes

Healing Applications


Ruling Planet

Keeps us continually open to the needs of our soul as it progresses in its growth and development. The back side of this Chakra connects to the divine source and our divine source self. Here, we experience the call of the child we are. Upon experiencing the power of the back side of the Heart Chakra, one of my students said. “a soul pauses here and is born, waiting to be born again�. All Heart, circulatory, and blood issues relate to this center on the physical front side. We could also examine the back side of the Chakra if we are experiencing constrictions of any sort; dealing with childhood abuse issues; or disbelieving in our own purity and innocence. Often, this center will speak to us through dreams, out of body experiences, or guides such as angels who seek to steer us toward our true self and true purpose. Portraits of the Heart, butterflies, hummingbirds, or anything childlike and innocent. The sun

Theme - love, compassion, humanity, empathy, tolerance, openness, warm- Heartedness Psychic Gift: Relational sympathy (a factor in hands-on healing)


Positive psychic: Can sense others’ needs and desires; can channel energy for healing. Negative psychic: Assumes responsibility for others’ needs, unmet desires, and healing. Intuitive Gift: Relational empathy: can determine others’ needs and provide assistance, but invites divine help for the rest. Positive Affirmation for the Heart Chakra: Love is the answer to everything. I am an infinite being full of divine love, which I give freely, and openly accept from others. Healing the Heart Chakra with nature: The Heart Chakra’ element is air. Sitting outside and feeling the breeze upon your skin, allowing your Heart to feel it can be very beneficial. Because the colour green is around us in the trees and in the grass, going out for a walk, or laying in the grass and allowing the Heart to feel it, can begin to bring it into balance. Healing stones for the Heart Chakra: Green aventurine, chrysocolla, chrysopras, jade, moss agate, olivine, emerald, tourmaline, pink coral, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, and rose quartz are all excellent stones for healing the Heart Chakra. Healing the Heart Chakra with plants: The proper use of healing botanical agents can strengthen your entire organism. Whitehorn, thyme, and Melissa work best for the Heart Chakra


Throat Chakra “Vishuddha”




What is the Throat Chakra? Also known as the 5th Chakra or the Vishuddha, is the center that governs our speech and creative expression in the world. Its balance will determine how honest you are, and how well you can express yourself with the people around you. It is through this Chakra that we speak our choices and through this, we discover that our choices, no matter how small or unimportant that they may seem, have consequences. It is located at the base of the throat. In the v that is formed in the center of the collarbone. Known as the center of purification, this is where energy becomes transformed into our manifestations in the physical world. Depending on how clear or muddled this Chakra is will determine our successes or failures in life. Feelings of guilt will easily “clog” this Chakra, so it is important that we clear it out by speaking our internal truth. Blockages in the Throat Chakra: Irritation towards others, and voicing of that irritation causes an imbalance within all of our Chakras. We must 53

begin to change the way we view people. Focusing on their positive aspects rather than the negative, or what’s “wrong” with them. We must learn to appreciate people for what they bring to our reality, rather than they lack or do wrong. Feelings of guilt will easily “clog” the throat Chakra, so it is important that we clear it out by speaking our internal truth. When the Throat Chakra is balanced, you will have no problem expressing yourself in the world. You will be very creative, helpful, and may be good at offering people sound advice when it is asked for. You know what you want out of life and are not afraid to ask for it, and what you ask for always seems to come to you with no or little effort on your part. You are not afraid to express weaknesses and people respect you for this. You are truly free when you speak your truth. Front Side This determines which tapes or messages regulate your communication.Those that are healthy and those that are not. Back Side The type of guidance you are willing to receive, which can be from higher or lower planes Inner Sphere What you are willing or unwilling to say or express. How others will perceive your communication. If the frequency is too fast, you are not listening to the divine, if it is too slow, you are listening to lower ordered beings


Outer Sphere The outer sphere responds to your intentions. Meaning of name


Theme communication, verbal ability, inspiration, truthfulness, intelligence, synthesis, creativity, musical talent Throat







Endocrine Gland


Other Body Parts

Laryngeal nerve plexus, vocal cords, mouth, throat, ears, thyroid and parathyroid glands Figures relating to the etheric element or humanity. is attuned to receiving guidance

Descriptors Yin Aspect Yang Aspect Source of

relates to expressing and voicing truths Truth

Key Words




Energy type

Etheric, an emotional energy that has been charged with spiritual awareness. human plane, the ending of darkness

Cosmic realm or plane Incense Petals

sixteen purple petals 55

Physical Communication

Psychic Communication

Intuitive Communication


Uses language, singing, sounding, toning or any verbal means of communication to express the experiences, needs or emotional states of our physical awareness. Gathers information through hearing or reading. Center of clairaudience (clear hearing), the ability to hear or speak psychically to ourselves, spirit guides, or other people. This can also be called verbal sympathy. Abilities such as guided writing, channeling, transmediumship, and telepathy are linked to this Chakra. It uses these abilities to clear up debilitating mental belief patterns, and eliminate cords that feed it “old tapes� or repeated negative thoughts Known as the seat of the soul, the entry point for a non- integrated soul on a daily basis. The soul speaks verbally or psychically through this Chakra thus helping us to create the circumstances needed to achieve purpose. The soul also sends or receives guidance from higher beings through psychic channels available to this Chakra. Disorders affecting the throat area, including jaw or mouth, larynx, tonsils, thyroid, and thymus. Inability to say yes or no, feeling like a victim because of no assertion. Being over or under responsible.



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Possible causes of

Contains Location

Addictions result from an oral fixation, eating, talking, or having something in the mouth at all times. Compulsive munching on crunchy or salty food when bored, anxious, or angry. Substitute unhealthy snacks for healthy ones. Listen to music when emotional. Get an exercise friend and talk while working out. Use verbal affirmations to create change. Blue foods; berries and spices. You can be honest and have integrity; you can manifest your needs; it is safe to communicate. Blue and blackberries, mercury, some airborne, auditory, thyroid, and thymus-related substances and toxins, inks, airwaves, radio and other sonic frequencies. Resistance to substances that substitute lie for truth or could open to truth. Fear of truth. Fear of being heard. Fear of being disliked for stating real needs and opinions. Substances usually bond with fear, anger, or guilt The ability to define ourselves in the world Back of the neck


Physical Attributes

Mental Attributes

Serves as an access point or a doorway. If we leave our doors wide open, anything can come in and probably will. All sorts of people and beings can set up shop, potentially causing all sorts of problems. Without filters, we may receive guidance from people or beings that don’t mean us well. Opening to guidance from twisted sources leaves us vulnerable to making decisions that could cause financial, relationship and physical distress. On the other hand, being open yet wise with regard to information and guidance can help us create the life that we desire Channels thoughts, ideas, and concepts from other beings and various parts of the self. Affected by the beliefs others hold about us, as well as our past-life beliefs. One of the most common problems in this Chakra is the presence of cords, energetic contracts between the self and other beings. Because they are so common. Check for cords in the back of the neck. Mom’s beliefs can enter through the left side of a person’s neck and another legacy from dad planted in the right side. It is important to weed through these old beliefs or old tapes in order to gain control of this center.


Feeling Attributes Serves as an entry point for any and all feelings that we need to express. Through techniques such as guided imagery, we can exit through this Chakra and seek guidance in relation to our feelings. Often, we must rely upon our feeling based reaction to the guidance received through the back of this Chakra to access the motivation and accuracy of a source. Spiritual Operates as an access point for outside spirits and messages from Attributes our spiritual self. Full transmediums use this point as a gateway to leave their bodies and allow other beings to enter. We can achieve as much clarity by remaining in our bodies and listening to the guidance coming in through the back side of this Chakra. After all, it is really our own spirit or soul we want to completely incorporate, not another’s. A general rule of thumb when healing or applying this Chakra is to speak what we know and release resistance to learning what we must know. Ultimately, we want to channel words, tones or music from our divine self


Healing Applications

Symbols Ruling Planet

As the major entry point for old tapes, this Chakric back side provides access to ideas for healing just about anything. Here, we experience the similarities between healing and manifesting. To heal a problem, we must usually open to a new idea and then say what we are willing to do differently. Once we state our intention, we open ourselves to manifesting something new. This Chakra back side is also the center to check for unusual problems such as spirit possession or demonic influence Anything relating to spinning, spinning wheel, spider Jupiter

Psychic Gift: Verbal sympathy (also called channelling, mediumship, telepathy, and clairaudience).


Positive psychic: Can receive data from another person or spirit, as well as tones, music, or sounds. Negative psychic: Cannot separate own thoughts from those outside of self. Can be overtaken by spirits.


Intuitive Gift: Verbal empathy. Controls opening and shutting for receiving communication. Positive affirmation for the Throat Chakra: I speak freely and with confidence. It is now safe for me to express my feelings and to create the life I desire. Everything I do is an expression of love.

Healing the Throat Chakra with nature: The 5th Chakra’s element is ether allowing yourself to experience a sunny, blue sky will begin to balance it. Embracing your spirituality will allow your throat to become balanced. Healing stones for the Throat Chakra: Aquamarine, chalcedony, Celestine, chrysocolla, moonstone, opal, pearl, turquoise, and blue topaz are all great stones for healing the throat Chakra. Healing the throat Chakra with plants: The best healing plants for the throat Chakra are; peppermint, sage, and coltsfoot. These plants will balance and stimulate this center’s activity.


Third Eye Chakra “Ajna”

Third Eye Chakra "Ajna" My thoughts are calm, peaceful and I trust what I receive through my own gifts

What is the Third Eye Chakra? Also known as the Ajna or 6th Chakra, this is where we connect to the mental plane of our existence. Our ideas, dreams, goals, and values, and our “self” image all begin here. It is our inner and outer visual center. It is by our thoughts that we are able to express ourselves in the world, and it is from our thoughts that we are able to makes our dreams reality. The Third Eye is our gateway into higher realms of consciousness when one becomes enlightened you understand fully that we are all one and that our idea of separation from one another is more than an illusion. This center regulates many of our hormonal and endocrine functions, basing its physical health on our self-image and goals.


Third Eye Chakra Blockages: When the 6th Chakra experience a blockage, one may suffer from frequent nightmares and headaches, poor eyesight, lack of concentration and sometimes even migraines. If the 6th Chakra is not balanced, you have the potential to be a cold intellectual who trusts only reason and logic and is manipulative when it comes to getting what you want. When this Chakra is blocked, you are undisciplined, an underachiever with a possible predisposition to schizophrenic breakdown. Causes: Grief for personal pain may be a problem that is blocking this Chakra. When the Third Eye Chakra is balanced: When this Chakra is in balance with your other Chakras, you will begin opening up to universal knowledge and truly understand that you are a creator in your reality. You will experience higher states of consciousness, allowing you to astral travel, have out of body experiences, and receive messages from your spirit guides, angels, and other enlightened beings. You will be very intuitive, have a great memory, and will be able to learn without a problem. Front Side The path chosen, if you train yourself, you can look ahead from this place in time and see what choices you still face. Back Side Potential futures. 63

All choices enter through the back side of this Chakra Your inner ability to see these choices is dependent on your self-image Inner Sphere Place your spirit’s image of you and of your life Outer Sphere Projects your self- image which tells others how to respond to you Meaning of name Theme

Location Color Sense Element Endocrine Gland Other Body Parts Descriptors

Yin Aspect Yang Aspect Source of

Command. Bhuru means eyebrows and Madhya means in between. The Third Eye is between the eyebrows. Intuition, wisdom, realization, awareness, fantasy, power of the imagination, self-knowledge Forehead Purple neutral light Pituitary medulla plexus, pituitary gland, eyes Figures pertaining to the spiritualized human, such as saints, spirits, and gurus Relates to self-image and selfperception ability to see and reach the future and perform strategic planning Insight


Key Words Mantra Energy type

Vision om Cerebral, the front of the Third Eye draws energy from the brain and the seventh Chakra plane of austerity; home of the blessed

Cosmic realm or plane Incense Two petals Petals Physical Communication Uses ability to see, draw, or otherwise

project images to communicate or determine physical or emotional needs or desires. Through clairvoyance (clear seeing), Psychic Communication this Chakra can help us internally visualize images, including colours, symbols, forms, metaphors and literal or figurative pictures of beings, events, or ideas from the past, present, or future. This ability also pertains to being able to send this type of visual data. Some people are able to perform clairvoyant functions with their physical eyes. Work done with this ability usually applies to clearly seeing and working with the imagination. The means employed by the soul to Intuitive Communication communicate desires for the future, and to present views that need to be changed to reach it. Advanced intuits can actually create their projections with the use of imagination or “i-magication�. Insight, inspiration, and other visually based abilities are based on here.




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Glandular or endocrine issues (this Chakra is linked to the pituitary gland), hormonal imbalances, growth or development issues, difficulty in planning for the future, eyesight issues, headaches in the brow indicate a problem with the Third Eye, either from over or under use, adolescent issues. Under eating or over eating of any food. Binge eating, anorexia, bulimia, and other body image distortions. Eat hormone-free, grass fed meat and poultry. If possible substitute fish for red meat. Use visual capacity to enable health- for instance, aesthetically arrange small portions of food on a plate and set the mood with lighting; pin picture of someone with desired body on refrigerator or bathroom mirror, use visual imagery to imagine what you want to look like. Purple foods; grapes, and vision inducing substances like tobacco, wine, and organic cocoa. You are acceptable as you are; you are made in the creator’s image; you deserve to make healthy choices. Chocolate, and cocoa, some protiens, some heavy metals, healthy fats, drugs and substances affecting vision, broadcasting waves. Resistance to substances that clear vision, invite clarity, and strengthen the body to meet goals. Fear of being seen. Fear of being real self. Fear of goals. Fear of making a mistake. Desire to convince others of inner poor image. Sub-stances usually bond with shame, fear or hurt. 66


Location Physical Attributes

Mental Attributes

Self -image and the means of correcting/shaping one’s view of self and the world. back of the head Affects both our inner and outer vision. As the center for creative visualization, what we envision becomes materialized in physical reality in this Chakra. People often experience the healing or opening of this Chakra first as a white-light experience. Upon viewing the intense white light, their lives are never the same. What happens is that they are opening to the path that the divine source and their own divine source self visualizes for them. If they commit to following it, life truly isn’t ever the same. Shows us beliefs we hold about our true potential. Self concept is lodged in the middle of the pituitary. When blind to our divine nature, our visions may be immature, incomplete or be unobtainable. Extreme self- negativity leaves us in the dark, susceptible to brainwashing or cult influence. When we lack a clear picture of self, we might adopt others’ visions for our life rather than our own. The converse is also true. By affirming our divine source self, we automatically receive and select visions that will enable us to reach our highest potential.


Feeling Attributes

Influences and reflects how we feel about ourselves. The more open the back side of this Chakra is, the better we feel about ourselves. Lack of selfacceptance, poor self image and the like are often attributable to a partially shut down sixth Chakra back side. Feelings of low self worth can shut down this Chakra; an inhibite back sixth Chakra can also

Spiritual Attributes

Shows our soul what it has created and what it wants to create. A pure back side opens to a higher guiding light so we might envision our true desires and attract opportunities that will manifest them Here, we can address problems with low self image or body-image concerns; confusion about our path, choices, and potential futures; and a general disbelief in a future. During any death and dying process, including those involving transformations or loss, there is typically a necessary and predictable shutting down in this area. We lose sight of clarity as our self-perceptions and choices rearrange.

Healing Applications


Ruling Planet

all visual images, story images regarding a river, a path, or a journey; representations of light, including the sun, rainbows, and prisms. pisces

Psychic Gift, visions, pictures: Visual sympathy (also called clairvoyance, futuring, precognition, use of “sight�, remote viewing, reading the aura).


Positive psychic: Sees images, visions, pictures, colors with eyes or inner sight. Negative psychic: No control over flow or type of images; often mainly negative; cannot interpret what is real. Intuitive gift: Visual empathy: receives revelation when needed, able to interpret; can heal others with visions. Positive affirmation for the Third Eye: I can see and think clearly. I see that all is well in my world. I see all of the solutions and situations in my life and make positive changes now. I am the creator of my reality and my dreams coming true. I am one with the vibration of the infinite potential of the universe. Aromatherapy for the 3rd eye: Angelic Root, bay laurel, clary sage, cypress, elimi, frankincense, helichrysum, juniper, marjoram, patchouli, rosemary, sandalwood, vetiver. Healing the Third Eye with nature: The Ajna’s element is light. Sitting out in the sunshine, a blue sky cannot only balance your Third Eye but also the throat Chakra as well. You will be able to feel the sun radiate through if you focus your attention on the spot just above your eyebrows. Healing stones or the Third Eye Chakra: Sodalite, amethyst, sapphire, rock crystal, and fluorite are all great stones for healing the Third Eye Chakra.


Healing plants for the Third Eye Chakra; Saint john’s wort, spruce, and eyebright are all effective in stimulating the forehead Chakra and balancing the energies in this area. Saint john’s wort brings light to the soul and is especially good in the dark seasons of the year to drive away sorrow and depression. Saint john’s wort is only effective in high doses.


Crown Chakra “Sahasrara”

THE CROWN CHAKRA "SAHASRARA" (thousand petal lotus) I am in oneness with Divine

What is the Crown Chakra? The Crown Chakra regulates many in-and-out-of-body functions. Currents of energy are taken into the body through a stream entering the Crown Chakra. It is the “psychic center” for higher knowing. It receives the spiritual energies and guidance necessary to activate our purpose. Because it is connected to higher planes, the seventh Chakra is seen as the center of our divinity, the place through which we know our unity with the divine source and all other spiritual beings. Blockages in the Crown Chakra Characteristics of a blocked Crown Chakra include indecisiveness a sense of not belonging, fatigue. If this Chakra is fully blocked, then you are cut off from life and live in great fear. People who have this Chakra completely blocked have rejected any notion of spirituality and fail to find any meaning in life beyond the physical although their higher 71

self may consciously or unconsciously keep nagging them to do so. Challenges when the Crown Chakra is not open or in balance are loneliness and meaninglessness. Causes: You’ll have experienced or will be experiencing some of the following: withheld information, education that suppressed curiosity, forced religious, invalidation of one’s beliefs, blind obedience (no right to question or think for oneself), misinformation, lies and spiritual abuse When the Crown Chakra is in balance you will have a great intuitive knowledge, and will be very wise. You will be aware of your spiritual self and be selflessly devoted to the well-being of others because you see them as part of you, rather than a separate. Front Side How you project your image of the divine and spiritual self into the world The religion you follow and the values you live Back Side The types of of spirits and spiritual belief programming your belief system Sometimes these beliefs hold you hostage Inner Sphere If healthy, your spiritual beliefs and discipline will match your purpose and the divine’s desires for you. If not there will be discord


Outer Sphere Reflects how you carry out your spiritual beliefs Meaning of name


Void, dwelling place without support, thousand petaled Spirituality, experience of higher planes, knowledge of god, enlightenment, self-realization, cosmic consciousness, religiosity The Crown


White/ clear

Main aspect


Endocrine Gland



Other Body Parts Upper skull, cerebral cortex, pineal gland Descriptors Spiritual entities and essences, such as spirit or god forms, angels, or powers. Yin Aspect Ability to take in energies essential to feeding our spiritual nature. Yang Aspect Ability to live our divine identity by expressing purpose Source of Seat of Key Words Mantra Energy type

Divine Awareness Our oneness with all Divinity visagara (a breathing sound) or om Ketheric, a materialized form of spiritual energy originating beyond the earth’s time/space continuum. 73

Cosmic realm or plane Incense Petals Physical Communication

Psychic Communication

Intuitive Communication Problems


1,000 petals, rainbow Describes our physical needs and emotional desires through our thoughts and any actions that fed our purpose A higher level of kinesthetic awareness felt as divine inspiration, peak experiences, spiritual awakenings, etc. It is the center of spiritual sympathy or attunement to otherworldly entities, good or bad. Source of prophecy, the ability to sense the desires of the divine source. Immune system disorders, cancers, bone disorders, nervous system disorders. All problems relating to the pineal gland, which operates as the psychic attunement and purpose center, and as an immune system regulator. Learning disorders or difficulties; schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, neurosis or psychosis; major depression. Headaches, dizziness or lightheadedness. Dissociation or being ungrounded; imbalance of any type; lack of understanding; lack of direction.



Health Tips

Chakra Fuel

Spiritual messages Allergies

Possible causes of

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Over commitment to a religious or spiritual grup or its dogma, over or under eating, and the compulsive use of prayer or meditation. Eat foods associated with spiritual values, use prayer and meditation regularity, exercise. White foods; parsnips, white asparagus, fish, ceremonial substances. You have a unique destiny. You are connected to the divine. There is divine destiny. Fish, meats, protein-providing natural foods, heavy metals, healthy fats, drugs and substances related to higher brain power line emanations Resistance to substances that allow expression of destiny in real life. Fear of grace. Fear of te divine. Fear of being divine and of being human. Sensitivities provide the excuse to be too depressed or anxious to be spiritual self. Substances usually bond with shame, guilt, terror, or any other extreme feeling. The receptive means for understanding path and purpose. The higher planes, where all dimensions/time zones become one.


Physical Attributes

Mental Attributes

Feeling Attributes

Spiritual Attributes

Has no physical attributes because of its complete nonjudge mentalism. While problems in the front side can manifest as a physical concerns, the back side cannot physically affect us. However, opening to energies available through this back-side Chakra can lead to physical healing. Any sense of disharmony or incompleteness in our lives could indicate an injured seventh Chakra back side. Opens us to the divine spark of consciousness and the universe’s positive beliefs about ourselves. When we believe that we are unworthy or when we fear losing our individuality to the greater al, we can close down the back of the seventh Chakra. To keep this portal open, we must be willing to change these beliefs or let them be transformed. Brings us a feeling of being perfectly still, yet blissful. The feeling is comparable to that which we experience when praying, meditating, or praising at our own personal place of worship. Helps us realize that all spirits are equal. Our individuality remains intact, yet we realize that unity is of key importance. Most people describe the state of awareness achieved at this level as feeling “at home�. 76

Healing Applications


Ruling Planet

Anyone would benefit from the peace and stillness experienced at this level. At it’s most basic level, working with the back side of this Chakra opens us to a fundamental shift in consciousness. Because its access point to the body is located in the higher mind, working with the energies available in this Chakra back side can dramatically alter our perceptions and thinking. Any symbol of completion and wholeness, the white light, the circle, the spiral, the halo Ketu

Psychic Gift: Spiritual sympathy (also called prophecy and a factor in intentionality, prayer, meditation). Positive psychic: Can sense consciousness development, purpose, destiny, or spiritual guides of others. Negative psychic: Vulnerable to spiritual attacks; overly affected by evil or negativity, sense of powerlessness. Intuitive Gift: Spiritual empathy; manages access to higher guides to help self or others; uses prayer, meditation, intention toward healing. 77

Positive affirmation for the Crown Chakra: I trust my inner knowing to guide me through life. All of the people in my life are here to each me something about myself, so that I can grow. I trust that everything happens for a reason and that what I do makes a difference. I am a balanced between Heaven and Earth and all areas of my life are balanced too. Healing the Crown Chakra with nature: The Crown Chakras element is inner light, or thought, and is considered the most subtle element from which the cosmos were created. It is the divine. It shines through creation, connecting all and is everywhere in nature. Sitting or meditating outside and allowing yourself to feel this great energy that is in everything will help awaken the deepest part of your being. Healing stones for the Crown Chakra: Amethyst, rock crystal, diamonds and violet fluorite are all great healing stones for the Crown Chakra.


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