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Independent Asbestos

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Independent Asbestos Training Providers ITN Issue 18


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Independent Training News (ITN) HSE Hidden Killer Resurfaces 2012 UCATT has welcomed the news the Health and Safety Executive is to re-open the Hidden Killer anti-asbestos campaign. The campaign was launched by the HSE in 2008 and warned construction workers, particularly those involved in maintenance and refurbishment work, of the dangers of asbestos. Construction workers are now the group most likely to be exposed to asbestos in the workplace. Despite this, there is a very high level of ignorance of the ongoing dangers of asbestos among these workers. A further phase of the campaign was due to have taken place in October 2010 but it was postponed due to the Conservative-led Government’s freeze on communications. In January 2011 UCATT became aware of the HSE documents that admitted: “there is no intention to run the Hidden Killer campaign again.” Once UCATT became aware of the decision not to continue with the Hidden Killer campaign the union embarked on a lobbying campaign including contacting relevant ministers and assisting MPs who raised the matter in Parliament. At the HSE’s Board meeting earlier this month it was announced that a new phase of the campaign would be launched in 2012. UCATT acting general secretary George Guy said: “This is excellent news because the Hidden Killer campaign saves lives. A fresh phase of the campaign is long overdue. All the feedback shows that the campaign has been successful in educating construction workers on the dangers of asbestos. It’s vital that despite the HSE’s financial constraints this is a fully funded information campaign which reaches its target audience.” Natascha Engel, Labour MP for North East Derbyshire, who raised the proposed cancellation of the campaign in Parliament, said: “It is good news that the Hidden Killer campaign is being reinstated, it should never have been frozen in the first place. Far too many people every year die from asbestos diseases; the vast majority of these deaths could easily have been prevented.” On average each week approximately 8 joiners, 6 electricians and 4 plumbers die from asbestos-related diseases. UCATT advises all workers that if they are unsure whether asbestos is present to stop work immediately and not to work with asbestos unless they have been fully trained. Source 12/12/2011 HSE Hidden Killer Campaign HSE Hammer Horror Video

IATP Supports ADAO’s Petition ADAO Speak Out Against Asbestos Speak Out Against Asbestos: Sign the North American Declaration to Eliminate Asbestos-Related Disease Petition The United States and Canada, along with other developed countries, are currently faced with a startling epidemic of asbestos-related disease. Over 10,000 Americans and 1,000 Canadians die every year from asbestos-related diseases such as asbestosis, cancer, and mesothelioma. Yet, still, both the U.S. and Canadian governments allow asbestos to be used in some products and Canada continues to mine and export this deadly carcinogen around the world. The Asbestos Awareness Disease Organization (ADAO) and Canadian Voices of Asbestos Victims (CVAV), in unity with American and Canadian asbestos victims and families, unions, organizations, institutes, medical and occupational experts, and concerned citizens have come together to advocate for the elimination of asbestos-related diseases. The North American Declaration to Eliminate Asbestos Related Diseases unites these voices in a common plea, calling for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama to stop the use of asbestos and develop safer alternatives. This is your chance to speak out against asbestos and its devastation! By signing the North American Declaration you can make your voice heard and contribute to a future without asbestos-related diseases. Any petition information will remain private and is only used for the sole purpose of this petition. SIGN THE PETITION TODAY! Contributed by ADAO President Linda Reinstein

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Independent Asbestos Training Providers

Demonstrating Auditing and Regulatory Requirements for

Independent Asbestos Training Providers ITN Issue 18

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Independent Training News (ITN) The Red Cross Rocks! Laurie Kazan Allan It is terrific to see tangible results from the work undertaken by Red Cross Indonesia (Palang Merah) and the International Federation of the Red Cross, in conjunction with grassroots groups and technical experts, to raise awareness of the hazard posed by the consumption of asbestos in Indonesia, the world’s 4th most populous country. Two colorful Red Cross leaflets produced in Bahasa, the language of Indonesia, explain in words and images some of what people need to know about asbestos.

The text explains what asbestos is, where it is used, the dangers to human health, including links of asbestos exposure to three killer diseases, and suggests basic techniques to minimize hazardous exposures. Considering the fact that Indonesia is the world’s fifth biggest market for asbestos, with annual consumption nearly tripling between 2006 and 2010, tackling the country’s asbestos challenge is no easy task. Nevertheless efforts are being made by groups such as the Indonesian Ban Asbestos Network (Ina-Ban) and others to quantify the problem and provide practical solutions to protect human health and the environment from deadly contamination. International Ban Asbestos Secretariat 07/12/2011 Other relevant links Community Activism in Indonesia

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Independent Asbestos Training Providers

Demonstrating Auditing and Regulatory Requirements for

Independent Asbestos Training Providers ITN Issue 18

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Independent Training News (ITN) New Taskforce will tackle illegal waste sites that blight communities A specialist environmental crime taskforce which will blitz illegal waste sites in England and Wales over the next two years has been set up by the Environment Agency, it was announced today. Illegal waste sites can pose a real threat to the environment, contaminating land and rivers with oil and toxic chemicals. They can also pose a risk to human health and blight communities, threatening air quality with toxic fumes from illegally burnt materials and by causing noise and odour problems from operations near homes and schools. 600 Active Illegal Waste Sites The Environment Agency has identified approximately 600 active illegal waste sites in England and Wales – and it estimates that over 300 of these sites are within 50 metres of schools, homes or sensitive environmental sites. Identifying the sites and closing them can often involve complex investigations and legal action. Waste Crime Taskforce The new taskforce, which includes former police detectives, will work closely with enforcement partners to gather intelligence and act quickly to close illegal waste sites. The taskforce will be supported by up to £5million of Environment Agency funding for the first two years. The big push announced today is part of the Environment Agency’s continued action to combat serious, organised waste crime. Increasingly, those involved in waste crime are often involved in other criminal activities such as drugs and theft. Working closely with key partners, including local authorities and the police, the Environment Agency stopped, or brought into regulation, 1195 illegal waste sites and took over 400 waste-related prosecutions during 2010/11. In the last six months the Environment Agency was granted court orders to recoup almost £1million from offenders through the Proceeds of Crime Act. Recent Prosecutions In August 2011, a Berkshire man was given a two year community service order a month after being ordered to pay almost £900,000 for running an illegal waste site which had a serious impact on local residents. People living near the site suffered serious disturbance at night from powerful floodlights and noise from barking dogs and car crushing operations. In another example, the Environment Agency prosecuted a Leicestershire company for illegally burning waste and affecting local air quality. Nearby residents’ homes were affected by smoke. The defendant was fined over £10,000. On 30 November, a contractor was fined over £22,000 in relation to an illegal waste site in Ynysybwl, near Pontypridd. Environment Officers found illegally treated and stored waste at the site including asbestos, stone, soil, wood and metals as well as general household waste. Cracking Down on Waste

Environment Minister Lord Taylor said: “These illegal waste sites do untold damage to the environment and cause misery for local people that have to live with toxic fumes, noise at all hours and unbearable smells. “We are cracking down on those sites that blight our communities and will work with the police and other partners to bring the criminals behind them to justice.” The Welsh Minster for Environment and Sustainable Development, John Griffiths, said: "Environment Agency Wales has been at the forefront of tackling waste crime and I welcome the creation of this taskforce. "Responsible waste management needs to be carried out without endangering human health and the environment. Many environmental offences have a negative impact on communities and legitimate businesses and we must ensure that illegal waste operators do not profit and the worst offenders are prosecuted." Environment Agency Chief Executive, Dr Paul Leinster, said: “Waste crime is a serious offence that poses a risk to human health and can damage the environment. The Environment Agency is working with all enforcement agencies to stamp it out. If you're involved in illegal waste activities, you should be looking over your shoulder and expecting a visit from our enforcement officers. "The Environment Agency relies on members of the public and legitimate businesses to help us identify the culprits. They can call us or Crimestoppers with information. And we'll press for the strongest possible penalties - including prison - for those convicted of these crimes against communities." Report Waste Crime Anyone with information about suspected illegal waste operators should call the Environment Agency’s incident helpline on 0800 807060 or call Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 555 111. Source: The Environment Agency 08/12/2011

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Independent Asbestos Training Providers

Demonstrating Auditing and Regulatory Requirements for

Independent Asbestos Training Providers ITN Issue 18

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Independent Training News (ITN) IATP Wishes all our Members and Readers a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2011 has been a busy year for IATP. From all of us at IATP HQ we would like to Thank our Members for their ongoing support of the organisation and the IATP Members participated 2011 in the HSE Asbestos Training Pledge Initiative along with Independent Training Providers and UKATA Members. The initiative was a huge success Thanks to the generosity of the Asbestos Training Industry Sector! We continue to strengthen our links with other organisations in the UK and across the world. In 2012 we intend to further the reach of our e-Newsletter, add a FREE downloadable resource to the IATP website for Homeowners and the DIY enthusiasts. IATP will continue promote its Members throughout the industry sectors while responsibly working with and supporting organisations in the UK and across the globe campaigning for the ban of asbestos mining, export and use of in products. We are proud to be participating in the 2012 ADAO Asbestos Awareness Conference 30/03/2012 – 01/04/2012

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Independent Asbestos

Demonstrating Auditing and Regulatory Requirements for

Independent Asbestos Training Providers ITN Issue 17

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Independent Asbestos

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I.A.T.P Members This months featured Training Provider: NATAS NATAS - Award Winning Asbestos Training Provider IATP member, NATAS* provides a wealth of specialist asbestos training including eLearning courses. NATAS is a long establish name in the asbestos industry since the mid 90's and has been actively involved with the HSE and other stakeholders in the development of asbestos training standards. NATAS provides a full portfolio of asbestos courses recognised by HSE and approved, verified or recognised as appropriate by such organisations as ASHEeLA, IATP, BOHS and UKATA, including award winning eLearning courses such as ‘Asbestos Awareness’. NATAS leads the asbestos training market by way of innovation such as eLearning and eFace* training (blended eLearning and Face-to-face training). Building on and in addition to its core strength as a training and provider for the asbestos industry, NATAS has established over the last decade a full range of asbestos services and provides UKAS accredited asbestos surveying, testing laboratory, air monitoring along with consultancy and management services, operating throughout the UK and worldwide. Client's industry base includes Nuclear, Offshore, Government, MoD, construction, housing, retail, manufacturing, building trades and many more ranging from self-employed individuals, SME’s, through to multi-nationals. Max Lopacki, Director comments “NATAS prides itself on a high quality and professional service and the fact that most of our clients have supported us for many years with repeat business is we believe, testament to our innovation, quality & commitment. See <> for full details of services and training offered. T: 0870 751 1880 E: * NATAS and eFace are registered trademarks.

Current Members - listed alphabetically 1st Fire Coral Ltd T: 01179 140498 E: W:

AMS: Asbestos Managment Services T: 01670737355 E: W:

80Twenty Projects Limited T: 0800 043 8020 E: W:

ARL Training Service Limited T: 01233 660066 E: W:

aaa training company limited T: 01787 313137 E: W:


AASH Training Limited T: 0141 771 0402 E: W:

The Asbestos Group

T: 0800 5677958 E: W: T: 01527 873 477 E: W:

ABP Associates Limited T: 02380 866888 E: W:

Asbestos Training Solutions T: 07527 202 502 E:

Adamsons Labratory Services T: 01375 673 279 E: pbridger@alsltd W: www.alsltd

Assure Training T: 07709 496903 E: W:

All Set Safety Training Limited T: 07875 427330 E:

ASTRA Limited T: 0845 689 1407 E: W:

ALS Global Ltd T: 08003 101 014 E: W:

AV Asbestos Limited T: 0845 833 2660 E: W:

Amity Insulation Services Limited T: 01865 733733 E: W:

Award Health and Safety Limited T: 0845 2573158 E: W:

Bainbridge Asbestos Services T: 01604 588547 E: W:

G & L Consultancy Limitd T: 01823 443898 E: W:

BRE Group T: 01923 664829 E: W:


Brian Gill & Co T: 01379 674 273 E:

Gully Howard Technical Limited T: 023 9272 8040 E: W:

Britannia Safety & Training T: 01953 606 100 E: W:

The Health and Safety People T: 08456 122 144 E: W:

Carney Consulting Limited T: 01902 802 660 E: W:

Howard Hughes Solutions Limited T: 0845 8647322 E: W:

Chorus Group Limited T: 020 8275 0000 E: W:

IASS Independent Asbestos Survey Services

T: 07778 505496 E: W:

cnm training solutions limited T: 01325 401876 E: W:

JB Asbestos Management Limited T: 01606 841805 E: W:

CWE Asbestos Consultants Limited T: 07894 739813 E: W:

K S Safety Limited T: 01501 749 500 E:

DJM Training T: 01902 336641 E: W:

Luton Borough Council (LBC) T: 01582 547069 E: W:

DMW Environmental Safety Limited T: 01902 791565 E: W:

MacBrac Business Safety T: 01952 446 494 E: W

E-Brit Services Limited T: 01268 685886 E: W:

NATAS T: 08707 511880 E: W:

Environmental Essentials T: 0845 4569953 E: W:

Natas eLearning Ltd T: 0870 751 1888 E: W:

Encompassed Ltd

T: 01934 853803 E: W:

NIS Training Limited T: 01912 689 396 E: W:

Enviro Training Limited

One Call Training

T: 07875 302480 E: W:

T: 07814 422362 E: W:

Euro Environmental Ltd

One Stop Asbestos Consultants & Services Limited

T: 08707 019 170 E: W: Global Environmental Consultancy Limited T: 01268 753680 E:

T: 0845 833 8156 E: W: Pattinson Scientific Services Limited T: 0191 2261300 E: W:

P Brothers Limited T: 01604 637 288 E: W:

Virtual College T: 01943 605 976 E: W:

Pelham Safety Services Ltd (logo attached) T: 01474 537 496 E:

XL Hazmat Ltd T: 07516 984305. E: W:

PETROC College T: 01271 338 108 E: W: Priority Risk T: 0208 651 0291 E: W: QHS Solutions Limited T: 01282 839 103 E: W: Quality Safety Training Limited T: 01626 366 076 E: W: SAFE Training T: 0845 519 5250 E: W: Safety Management Services (IoM) Ltd Tel: 01624 825481 E: STV Building Services Limited T: 01708 457842 E: W: TASC2 Tel: 0800 781 2381 E: W: Theseus Safety Training Limited Tel: 01782 770999 E: W: Three Spires Safety Limited T: 02476 712244 E: W: Tony Crowe Health & Safety Consultancy Ltd T: 01522 804 747 E:

Training and Testing Services T: 01423 550 751 E: W: Turner Safety Solutions Limited T: 07768 730363 E: W: UK Asbestos Specialists Limited T: 0800 6122035 E: W:

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