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Tire Tread Gauge Tire tread measurement tool



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Tire Tread Gauge Portable Tread depth gauge for tire High precision tire tread depth gage Easy-reading because of both side gradations of gauge. Plastic sliding knob could indicate any scales. Push &pull the tail of the depth instrument, Enough tight to avoid self-sliding. OEM service

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dial tire tread depth gauge

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Zinc alloy body Depth range: 0 ~ 14/32″

tire tread depth gauge

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Metal bar Depth range: 1/32” ~ 1”

tire tread depth gauge

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Depth range: 1/32″” ~ 1 ” ( 1 ~ 25mm) Yellow shaded area: 3 ~ 5mm & 0 ~ 3/32″

Red shaded area: 0 ~ 3mm & 4/32″” ~ 5/32″

Red shaded area: 5 ~ 25mm & 6/32″” ~ 1″

tire tread depth gauge

Depth range: 1/32″” ~ 1 ” ( 1 ~ 25mm)

tire tread depth gauge with chain key

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depth range: 0 ~ 20 mm

indicator cap Feature:

Unscrew existing valve cap

Set tyre pressure to manufacturer’s recommendation ( tyre must be cold)

Screw indicator cap on to valve by hand

check regularly to monitor pressure

if red indicator is above the green your tyre has lot pressure

Re-inflate the tyre to correct pressure

keep cap clean to make checking easy

Notice : Motorcycle, please check wheel rotates freely after fitting.

pressure limit safety valve feature:

Screw above item on valve stem, be certain tire is properly seated.

Put air hose on top of above item as shown & press down firmly and squarely, air will be released into your tire thru.

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Tire tread depth gauge  

IAT INDUSTRY LIMITED has manual tire tread gauge and digital tire depth gauge, portable tire tread depth gauge, also will let you know how t...

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