Sufism: an inquiry - Vol17.1

Page 44

A Message for the Young Generations from the teachings of Shah Nazar Seyyed Dr. Ali Kianfar

Ceaseless echoes of the Unseen the fountain of inspiration within by M.E. Davis, PhD

The basic rule of science is that the inspiration of and for newness emerges from an unseen inspiration. The universe is continuously sending beautiful songs and images into the chart of what is perceivable (as flowers, birds, the sound of waves, etc). This inspiration from the unseen is ceaseless; it is unstopping. The journey toward greatness as an artist, musician, and scientific explorer is to move toward being constantly in the state of receiving this inspiration. And this constancy of receiving is how a human being grows up in the womb of spirituality. For this reason it is important to create the right environment for ourselves. Human beings tend to find the primary tool for creating the environment of working in the mind. And no matter what, the personality of a human being is constantly under the influences of the mind (neurology). However, it is necessary then to constantly check the conditional states of the mind so that it can be a useful tool, and not entangled with the environment in which it is meant to operate. This is to say that if the human being leaves the state of receiving inspiration and becomes entangled in the relative calculations of the external world through the senses and reasons of the mind, then the greatness of creation and the quality of newness will diminish.


Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVII, No. 1

Science is now coming to discover what mystics have known for thousands of years that the fountain of inspiration and the principle for living emerges through the heart (cardiology). The practice for human beings, as artists, musicians and scientists, is to learn how to move from the conditional environment of the mind and into the pure unfiltered environment of the Heart, as a garden for right peaceful inspiration and the source of the Divine quality for human being. Otherwise, we will live our whole lives in the immaturity and consequence of the mind, and die also in this immaturity. And there is a way we can move from the parts of existence available through the mind to the neutrality of being centered within the heart. This is what is meant by Avay-i-Janaan. Currently, as human societies are in a state of pending because of the state of world, the young generation is waiting. Neither denying nor accepting, this is a message for them: we will walk with you along the way to inspiration with time to think about the principle of life itself.