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But what is Love… before it’s a word? What is Love before we weave it heavy with our gripping waves of sadness and make it personal, anchoring it to things and people un-lasting? What is Love when it’s still universal, still eternal… When my Beloved is still my Origin… When my Beloved is closer within me then even my jugular What does it mean to be something living and beautiful When we’re not afraid to be free with our loneliness And explore internal This Love Eternal in some way I hope helps us understand this journey, When we listen deeply within the silence of our hearts And see if we can hear the wave of eternal creation with some sounds To help our ears find a transition back to their origin, Before there were distractions

Kamal José Canção was born under a peaceful waning crescent moon in a small village near the coast of Syria. He was deeply influenced by the manusrcirpts of mystical poets from both the Middle East and South America, that he discovered in remote libraries around the world. He attended small parochial schools with kind headmasters in Spain, and did well across many subjects. When he was 12 he made the first of many architectural trips to Florence with his mother, which would alter his sense of aesthetics toward an appreciation for the Renaissance and rebirth. A few years later his father sent him into the mountains for a month to live close to the land, in meditation, to develop an understanding of the natural cycles and movements of the universe He also apprenticed out to several aesthetics for various periods of work and study. Canção spent two years on the island Kingdom of Bahrain during which time he studied classical literature and world history.

Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 4


Sufism: an inquiry - Vol16.4  

A journal for people of the heart.

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