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Conceptually, this is what is intended by the name Avay-iJanaan; that there are ripples of some unseen reality. This does not mean that the unseen has not ever been seen, but that “I” have not seen it. In Sufism, one may witness the ripples through a spiritual master (and perhaps through some lesser degree of one’s own intuition, or the call one may hear within the heart of one’s own being). The question in a 40 Days practice and cycle of renewal is to ask how does one engage a 40-Days practice in a spiritual direction? We might say that there are at least three important steps for this journey: 1. Need for someone who has made that journey before, a spiritual master specifically, as was metaphorically depicted by the Hoopoe in Attar’s Conference of the Birds. 2. Disciplined commitment to the practice – so we are not left with the emotional turbulence of not having remained stable to the ground and energy that has been provided for an upgrade to occur. 3. Quiet distance from the common distractions of the world, so that one can be cognizant of one’s own being; not confused by the influences of other movements (ripples in the water of our being that disturb the steady rhythm of the Divine origin within the Self to which we should be attuning our listening).

Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 4


Sufism: an inquiry - Vol16.4  

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