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body of its being hidden from the human eye. This allusion offers us the opportunity to reflect upon Moulana Shah Maghsoud’s words and understand a magnitude of existence in which all that is visible is but a changing facade on the invisible and eternal temple of the Divine. It then always seems a second question leads us to wonder to which horizon are we listening: to an equilibrium within or to the colorful sounds in the relative distances of time and space around us? To provide further guidance by the example and way of teacher, Moulana has written that: A wise teacher is a keen and true student of absolute beauty and truth, and he searches everywhere for them in nature… … … with all his heart. (Manifestations, 39) …Wait [there] (he says) until the tree of life once again bursts into blossom, and the Messengers whisper the psalms of gods in the sky of life. (Psalms of Gods, 12)

Moulana Shah Maghsoud relays the history of the seventh century gnostic Abul Abaas as follows: When he shut his eyes and failed to visualize temporal appearance, his inner eye (of the heart) opened to the depths of solitude. His virtue came from meaning and not through forms and figures. He eliminated the superfluous from his being until he got to the point of unification. (Manifestations, 35) From the songs and colorful tail of existence to the soul and essence of the musician behind the vibrating melody of the universe. On a day of celebration for a master still living eternally beyond the veils of time, perhaps we can find our way to the point of balance and solitude within… and hear him still singing the eternal psalm.

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Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 4


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