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The wild tulips and [the] water lilies; the pure and clear current of water; the singing of the birds; the glory of the setting and rising of the sun and moon upon the horizon of the sea; the splendor of spring blossoms; the glittering of dew drops upon the lawn; are but a few of the manifestations that are the tranquil melodies of the gods hidden behind the veils of nature. - Moulana Shah Maghsoud Psalms of Gods, 11-12

by: Matthew Davis, PhD

According to the 20th Century Sufi Master Moulana Shah Maghsoud: “Guidance is reached through the union of your thoughts, your heart, your senses, and nature.” Moulana Shah Maghsoud advises human beings to, “Look at the bridges within [the] self and see where they lead”; that the self, “belong[s] to that state…and a person’s world will be summed up in [that network of bridges].”1 There is the recognition that whatever is possible to experience in the world is a demonstration of the network of faith in whichever direction that has been established and cultivated within the human being. The orientation of this network signals whether an individual has attuned a capacity to the eternal wave of creation, which even science tells us is still emerging (timelessly). Or it signals that the balance toward creativity has been established as attracted to the transient temptations of the physical universe. While progress in the world around us often seems to result from the capac-


Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 4

ity to lean in the many directions to which a goal may seem destined on the horizon, Moulana Shah Maghsoud, through his own direct experience, has discovered that the “Divine message is heard only at the horizon of equilibrium.”2 In the language and way of poetry he describes this quality of science as: The breeze of the dawn of love, the freshness of the heavens, and the brightness of the shining stars manifesting truth are the waiting places for the humble… Awareness is hidden in silence.3 He goes on to say that in the teaching of his teacher, “superiority and virtue is in the listening ears and not the speaking tongue.”4 Even now we may question why there is speaking on the surface of our being. Albert Einstein has spoken of how Nature is like a lion that reveals only the tip of its tail, the

Sufism: an inquiry - Vol16.4  

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