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Letter from the Editor

This talk was given in October 2014 as part of a year-long series of events produced by The Pseads Institute for the First Year Big History program at Dominican University of California. The Pseads Institute is a nonprofit committed to the development of self-knowledge and social transformation.

to understand this majestic universe within that had given us life…these two ways of researching and searching to solve the mystery of human being walk hand in hand. Our science relies on our intellectual abilities, mind faculties, practices and possibilities to understand the universe that surrounds us; our spiritual quest also relies on our intellectual abilities, practices and possibilities yet focuses more on heart’s discovery to understand the universe within. Mystery and complexity of human being has been of great interest to the teachers of humanity. These individuals tell us that discovering the self is the beginning of understanding the world outside, perhaps the first step to understand the universe outside is to discover the universe within… “self” is the beginning and the end, the apparent and the hidden.

A Persian Sufi master from the 13th century, Majddedin Kharazmi says: “You are the perfect mirror of the divine. “Search within yourself, “You will find the secrets of all you are searching outside” Searching within to unfold this great mystery of self is like discovering the infinite universe, a universe that opens the door towards understanding the great reality within, a reality that is not subject to doubt or illusion. The question is how do I begin this road to discovery? Especially that we all know that our senses are limited and our sensual understanding changes over time, especially that we all know that our mental faculty can only perceive so much, and we are able to understand only within the boundaries of those perceptions. So where should I look to understand and discover the universe within? Spiritual teachers also direct us to the heart, the organ that opens the book of life as soon as it begins beat, and closes the book of life as soon as it stops beating…so where is a better place to look for the answer for the question of life than looking into understanding this “messenger of life”? Searching for heart, learning how to consciously remain meditative in heart, bringing our energies towards the center of heart is a whole mysterious practice that opens the door towards a greater understanding, opens the door towards realizing the universe within. We are fortunate that we are connecting to the networking system of the universe outside, we also may like to remind ourselves that we are fortunate to have access to understand the universe within, a universe that is the beginning of the great human journey. The great 20th century Sufi Master and scientist, Moulana Shah Maghosud said: “I knocked on every door, the entire night; “Searching to find the essence of life. “No door opened except the door of the heart. “I stood at its gate, and heard: “‘You searched in vain before false door “There is no door except that of the heart.’” I would like to conclude that the worlds of science and spiritual walk hand in hand, one is searching to discover the mystery of this majestic universe that has given us birth; and the other is searching within the heart to discover the mystery of the majestic universe that has given us life.

Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 4


Sufism: an inquiry - Vol16.4  

A journal for people of the heart.

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