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Shah Nazar Seyyed Ali Kianfar, Ph.D., the Editor in Chief of the

journal, is the Co-Director of the International Association of Sufism. He is an acclaimed Sufi Master with students around the world, an international lecturer and the author of numerous books including An Introduction to Religion.

Self is the beginning and the end, hidden and apparent


Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 4

very new day we witness wonderful and amazing scientific discoveries, discoveries that reveal more about the mystery of our universe. Aside from some of the frightening side effects of these discoveries, it encourages a thoughtful person to reflect more on the great potentiality of human being. Human being, who has found his way into the networking system of the infinite universe, can only do so because he has that potentiality and capability to connect to this greater universe, and we know that whatever we see outside is a reflection of our own selves. If so, then shouldn’t we also pay attention to this majestic universe called “self” as well? Scientific discoveries help us to understand and learn about this majestic universe that has given us birth and our spiritual paths help us

Sufism: an inquiry - Vol16.4  

A journal for people of the heart.

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