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Notable Happenings IAS Annual Inspiration Dinner Honored Matthew Fox On Saturday, Novermber, 9, 2013, the International Association of Sufism Honored Matthew Fox at the Annual Inspiration Dinner. Dr. Brian Swimme was a distinguished guest speaker. Muslim-Non Muslim Dialog Muslim-Non Muslim Dialog continued to make an impact on the Marin community with three events in cooperation with Campus Ministry at Dominican University of California and funding from One Nation Bay America. Power of Women United, Muslim and Christian challenged stereotypes about women in both Muslim majority countries and the West. Is Finding Peace and Dignity Possible?: Palestinians and Israelis examined historical and current perspectives on peace in the Middle East. Implications of Violence in Iraq brought back Iraqi war photojournalist, Haider Hamze, to lead discussion about the legacy of the Iraq war on both Iraqis and Americans. 2014-2015 program to be announced. Building Bridges of Understanding Building Bridges of Understanding, a joint program of IAS and Dominican University hosted a three-part conference, The Roots of Women’s Leadership: Leadership, Faith Traditions and Social Justice. A percentage of all proceeds was donated to Amnesty International in support of peace-promoting women worldwide. Sessions featured dialogue about speaking truthfully, the importance of self-awareness and self-care practices in good leadership, and efforts of women internationally to promote education, early childhood care and basic rights. Dr. Nahid Angha presented the first annual Building Bridges Award to Dominican Senior, Kendra Woodglass, on behalf of the Building Bridges Program Committee and Dominican Cultural Studies Department. Dr. Angha noted, “This scholarship award is a recognition reminding our young generation that the community is proud of their work and recognizes their efforts.” Highlights from all events, speaker bios, photos, and details on musical guests, are here:

L-R: Khodadad Pashutanizadeh, Rev. Heng Shure, Dr. Nahid Angha, Prabha Duneja, Sherna Deamer, Rev. Carol Saysette, Sensei Joanne Mied

2014 Building Bridges Award Winner Kendra Woodglass and Dr. Nahid Angha

Building Bridges event at Dominican College University of California.

L-R: Betsy Bikle, Elizabeth Moody, Joy Dryden, Bob Reynolds, Sensei Joanne Mied, Deborah Santana, Dr. Nahid Angha, Dr. Lois Merriweather Moore, Ethel Seiderman, Sr. Elizabeth Padilla, Suzaan Sadowsky, Sherna Deamer, Sally Blackburn, Dr. Leili First, Rev. Carol Seysette

Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 3


Sufism: an inquiry - Vol16.3  

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