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Letter from the Editor

Shah Nazar Seyyed Ali Kianfar, Ph.D., the Editor in Chief of the

journal, is the Co-Director of the International Association of Sufism. He is an acclaimed Sufi Master with students around the world, an international lecturer and the author of numerous books including An Introduction to Religion.

intelligence may help human being to no longer be the cause of any pain or painful breathing, if not for the human’s own being, then for the peace and care of one’s human children, who result from our love. All human beings want to know during the ongoing and universal wave of creation how to identify the self within that chart of the universe, and to know the principles of life. And according to the known principles, human beings want to practice living to survive, prosper and keep his and her line of connection to the center straight; without getting lost under the cloudy and smoky territory of the illusionary mind, a mind which has none of its phenomenon rooted in the principle of life. Instead of this shape-shifting mire of mind, where can we, where should we look to discover the source, potential, and majesty of the human phenomenon? While we are wondering about such things, human being sometimes grasps onto science to maybe satisfy this innate quest for knowing self and universe. And other times, to keep busy, human being grasps at some ritual

religious ceremonies with hope that maybe that might help satisfy the uncertainty of self in the universe. And then there are times human being rejects either one or both of these modes of inquiry and puts the quest for knowledge on hold, and into a place of pending. But the worst scenario is the development of argument between two groups or even two people, and even animosity (or violence) while none is clear at all about each other’s terminology (or often even of their own terms). At the end of this way is much concern about which one will get more credit. But can a human being’s choice of how the universe is designed change the eternal rule of universe by which human being has come to find the self? And even as the choices are made, person-byperson, how yet has the director of our destiny – the origin and conclusion of the universe’s laws – still remained unanswered, unseen, unheard, unfelt to nearly all human beings? The bridge between these two major doorways to the human treasure and consciousness is a Knowledge, which has been wrapped and hidden within the

Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 3


Sufism: an inquiry - Vol16.3  

A journal for people of the heart.

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