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before the first moment “Science tells us that before the first moment of the universe, it was so small that there could not even be considered an inside or an outside. All was contained in this point – everything that has since emerged including galaxies, stars, planets, microscopic plants, and human beings. The subsequent early moments of the universe were radically dense and hot (in a tiny fraction of a second it’s entirety was the size of a tangerine) and then expanded rapidly to nearly the size of the current universe. After the initial expansion, energy eventually cooled enough, over thousands of years, to convert into subatomic particles, including protons, neutrons and electrons. The first atoms were hydrogen and helium. Through the coalescence of these atoms into the creative force of stars and supernovae, the heavier elements about which we know, were synthesized. These begin with Carbon, Neon, Silicon, and Oxygen; the last of which also bonded with Hydrogen as the commencement of water into the universe...


creative force of stars

the universe, one song


Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 3

If human being looks more deeply, more closely and focuses both inwardly, beyond the limitations of vision, through space and time; and outwardly as far as a human being is capable to know, each will find that the universe has risen from the exhale of a single, united, condensed, and extremely hot energy, which has gradually gotten cooler, divided and diversified. But indeed all that is, is connected and united through each individual’s center, central origin and heart. And all has been sharing in the same field of causes and effects. This briefly capsulizes both the laws of thermodynamics, and the best we know from embryology. When you breathe out, if you do not breathe in again, the life will not continue. And, if you breathe in and do not breathe out, the life will also not continue. In either direction we breathe, we breathe the same air, and by the sphere of breathability we all live in each other’s breaths, even as we breathe without intention. This is true whether we like it or we don’t like it. It is without like or dislike. And the breath has no color at all. It has no form and no culture. You give

it to me. I give it to you. We share our breathing with each other, and we are the entire shareholder breathing, united, cosmological, and one eternal Breath. When breathing out, the components from the energy of the self that breathes ripple out into the eternal wave of creation (even through how we understand the sheer and interwoven fabric of those thermodynamic laws); be it in the form of suffering, pain, anger, and hatred; or as joy, prayer, peace, tranquility, and blessing. The intelligence, in which human being discovers the self in a universe, makes no mistake in the placement of each component of this breath, even if it may seem to take “time” in the context of human’s timetable. But indeed in the timetable of the universe, the universe will keep and return the breath to its own lineage (particularly to breathing human beings) plus the accumulating weight and consequence of deserving penalties (from the animosity passed between two human beings to the global explosions of war and both ecological and cosmological crises). Understanding this universal

Sufism: an inquiry - Vol16.3  

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