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In terms of a sense of connection, I often find myself recalling images of our small blue planet floating peacefully in space, and celebrate that as home – the ultimate home, in contrast to notions of home as I street I live on, or the country I happen to live in. For me, such images are an ever-present reminder of the folly of an internalized view of separation. With an expanded sense of community rooted in an embrace of the Earth and the Earth’s wisdom, the consciousness that there is only one comes even more present. Scientists like Brian Swimme now talk about differentiated unity and the common source from which all life has emerged, and mystics, native elders and Sufis invite us to remember who we are. Brian and I once Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 1

had a conversation in which he said, “Our children are in trouble because they don’t know who they are!” It takes me again to the wisdom of my grandmother – “But for such a time as this that you were born.” When Dedan and I began Growing a Global Heart, I thought it was about doing, and certainly what we are doing is very important in terms of contributing to healing the planet and healing some of the historic wounds that create a sense of division. But what I’m discovering is that I’m experiencing an inner journey, an inner transformation that I hadn’t expected, and I’m leaning into it. I’m asking my heart what it wants. I had not been one to focus a lot on the inner process. As an activist, I was constantly looking for outward manifesta-

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