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humans set on Earth, we have this process out of which human emerged, and out of which the Earth emerges. It’s a major transition – there’s a transition from cosmos to cosmogenesis… from a more static universe to a time-developmental universe. I was a person of the cosmos, and then through education started discovering cosmogenesis, and it just blew my mind. Cosmogenesis suggests that the universe

is not fixed, it’s being created. It shifts the focus so that we are the ones, now and in the next few centuries, who will reinvent what it means to be human inside of this expanding knowledge of the creative potential each of us contains. The classical way of thinking about human knowledge is: there’s a world out there, and we have a mind in here, so we’re representing the world. It’s two things: the

mind and the world. But I started thinking, it’s one thing, or it’s at least not two. And I was wondering, what does it mean if the things I’m studying as a scientist, are the things that gave birth to me? Newton never had that thought! I mean Newton’s genius is unbelievable, but he never had that thought. Going back to what I was saying about the stars, I realized that the stars got me to study them. They are so beautiful! I was a little kid, three years old, mesmerized by the stars! The stars got me to pay attention. And then I learned through science that I was composed of them! And to understand my own life, I thought what was important, and I thought about allurement, this is one of the things that is happening, and I just sort of proceeded with considering the powers of creation that generate movement in the universe. My writing and work is very much a reflection of coming into greater awareness of myself in relationship to the world around me. An Inquiry: What you’re saying ties in so well to my experience of Sufism and what I understand from what I’ve been learning, because Sufism and Islam are unity. If you could only leave one thing in Islam, my understanding is that you would have to leave La ilaha illallah– there is nothing but unity, nothing but one. Brian: That’s really nice. Here’s how I understand what’s taking place: our bodies are composed of atoms that have descended from and been constructed from the stars, and our bodies are also fused with energy that has its origin at the beginning of time. Our lungs were actually constructed several Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 1


Sufism: An Inquiry - Vol 16.1  

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