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Universe? And I remembered my fascination with stars as a child, and I realized that, wow, this was all about a pathway into fascination. And as I released myself from that overly narrow focus, it was like discovering myself again… In other words, I could allow myself to simply be fascinated, because that was at the root of it all. In graduate school especially, there’s a training to push aside your feelings, and to focus

have the Earth, the center is Hell, and then surrounding the Earth are these spheres, which are turning. And then, the largest sphere is God. So it’s kind of an amazing universe, but the main difference is that Dante’s cosmology is fixed, fixed in place. And so from the beginning of time, a God organized things this way, and then holiness, or salvation, within the Dantean world is overcoming various vices and then taking

on the cerebral, so I was on my own kind of in bringing that back in. As a young child I was taught Dante’s cosmology. You know, they wouldn’t say it was Dante, but it was basically the same thing. When you look at Dante’s world, you have the Earth, and the center of the Earth is Hell. Now, Dante didn’t think that Hell was the center of the Earth, but it’s just an image trying to elicit an experience. You

on the divine qualities which are emanating down to us from the heavenly spheres. That would be the traditional view, and the number one difference with contemporary cosmology is that we now talk about the development through time, so that anything that exists comes from a prior time in which it didn’t exist; everything in the universe has been constructed. So instead of having Earth set in place, and then


Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 1

Sufism: An Inquiry - Vol 16.1  

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