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Translated by Nahid Angha, Ph.D.

...The eternal essence exists in the depths and surfaces of all beings and will not disappear. But while unstable beings always gather and scatter, yet the whole of existence is neither increased nor decreased by their gatherings and scatterings. The creating angel of God is the source of life, and birth is the power of the source. Births neither add to nor take away anything from the universe. These infinite extensions from a particle to the whole, from atom to the universe, are constant births that sink into dispersion and death. The appearance of life is a presentation of these great expansions and condensations, but the truth and the essence of life is the eternal and immortal originality. There are one hundred and one canals in the skirt of the uqdeh-e-haya’ati (locus of life centered in the heart) that water and run through seventy-one thousand capillaries and nourish ten trillion brain cells so that the creation of God is perfected in that expansion and condensation. Uqdeh-e-haya’ati resides in the edge between the two worlds of fineness and heaviness, its act is the destination of God. That is where the world of awakening life faces the world of sleeping death, the first pulling one toward eternity and infinity while the second pushes one to the depth of transience. The third point in the heart is the meeting place of the two worlds of fineness and heaviness. Search for the truth in your celestial figure at this third point in your heart, in the state between consciousness and half sleep. The center of life in your heart is light, certainty, and original knowledge. It is all-knowing. Therefore, appearances are manifested from this center. It is the essence of all that is pure and the figure of all bodies. Everything is completed by the hand of its making. Bring to this source nothing but nothingness, since it is the source of all wealth and richness.

Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 1


Sufism: An Inquiry - Vol 16.1  

A journal for people of the heart.

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