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a letter from the desk of the Editor

stand stronger, more powerful than ever through its first and second declarations of before in temples and buildings across the faith. In the first declaration, the human land. Populations gather around these idols being bears witness that “There is no god and treat them as living gods. Human beings except the Divine Reality” or, in Arabic, “la use the words and teachings of the sacred ilaha illa Allah.” In the second declaration, books to drench those gods with power, yet the human being recites: “I bear witness that the holiness, purity and illuminations of Muhammad is the messenger (Rasul) of God” the words remain unknown. Truly, today as or, in Arabic, “Muhammadan Rasul-al Allah.” much as ever, ignorance is a suitable The first declaration is, in itself, a code ground for superstition. of unity, a code that resides within No matter what religion the heart of the Abrahamic we follow as long as our tradition, monotheism, and practices are not rooted the act of witnessing the Do you know me, O dear heart? to the heart, but are Oneness of Being. The I am but Life from the Beloved instead surrounded by second declaration bears Residing within the heart of Being the images of the mind, witness that Muhammad — Moulana Shah Maghsoud we shall remain far is the messenger who th 20 century Sufi Master, from reality. Images and brought the message of scientist, philosopher idols are the products of Ultimate and Divine Unity and poet the senses and mind and and who announced that should be removed from each human being has the the face of our own being so capacity to discover that unity that we may experience unity within himself or herself. with the One Being. Within this message is At some point, we need to listen to the wrapped the potential and greatness of the drumming of knowledge and the voice of human being. This greatness is bestowed wisdom, whether this voice and drumbeat upon humanity through the generosity of come from a laboratory of science or rise the universe. The Most Gracious, the Most from the heart of the messenger of the Merciful has given human beings the potential divine. When our mind is occupied with the to rise out of illusion and to know and to sermons of preachers we cannot hear the become this universal unity. So let us unwrap voices of the messengers of the divine. Let this treasure hidden behind the senses and us remove the idols of the mind from the created images of sensory interpretation. temple of the heart. Let us discover the light within the heart and Since the first instant of its revelation, disperse once and for all the shadows of the Islam has made its message of unity clear mind. Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 1


Sufism: An Inquiry - Vol 16.1  

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