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Each star that we see in the sky has an internal or core energy source that started at the beginning of time. The star exists for as long as that energy burns in its center. The human being can learn from this example. Each of us has a source of energy, that we call life, within us. We take in nutrients and balance our intake and outflow of energy, our heart ... beats, and we are alive. In the 40 Days practices we human beings learn to manage our energy so that we are focused, concentrated, and our connection to life is understood before we lose our body, just as at some point in time each star will lose its concentration and return to stardust.

40 Days Program – The Alchemy of Tranquility®

“This technique is not about making a journey in the desert of the mind. It is to go one step above the mind – to lift up to another level. The 40 Days practice is intended to shift from the level of distraction and to free ourselves from attachments of images created by the mind. The result of correct practice should be to become more peaceful and alert.” - Shah Nazar Seyyed Dr. Ali Kianfar


Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 2

Sufism: an inquiry - Vol16.2  

A journal for people of the heart.

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