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In essence, the Earth is vibrating at the same frequencies as our heart rhythms do.

... the Earth is singing away, in a manner of speaking, at the same frequencies that our hearts and brains operate. And as we know from the physics of resonance that when different systems operate at the same frequencies energy and information can be transferred between them.

“What are you feeding the field today?” Please understand that all of the energy we put out into the world counts. We all feed the global field equally, and I encourage everyone to ask themselves, how much of the time are we aligned with our higher perceptions, or, in our language, with the heart? If you review the day or the week, what ratio of the time were you truly being more compassionate, caring etc., and uplifting the field environment, vs. feeling impatient, judgmental, and so on? Keep in mind that as we practice staying more aligned, we are not only helping ourselves, but are also affecting the global community.

how many bars do you got? © @lovebeatsdivine

Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 2


Sufism: an inquiry - Vol16.2  

A journal for people of the heart.

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