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Of the Earth’s resonances, there are different types our monitoring sites are designed to measure. For one, you have the geomagnetic field that surrounds and protects the Earth, preventing it from becoming like Mars. If you think of those field lines as tightly stretched guitar strings, as they interact with the solar wind, they vibrate and it makes resonant notes. Depending upon how much pressure there is on the magnetic field from the solar wind on the daytime side of the Earth, the resonant frequencies can be different. As it turns out, one of the fundamental frequencies of these field line resonances is the same as the human coherent heart rhythm – 0.1 Hertz – and they tend to overlap the human cardiovascular system frequencies. In essence, the Earth is vibrating at the same frequencies as our heart rhythms do. You’ve also got the Schumann resonances,

which are the globally propagating standing magnetic waves that are always there. These magnetic waves are created in the cavity between the ionosphere and the Earth. The Schumann resonances – there are eight of them – all overlap human brain frequencies. So the Earth is singing away, in a manner of speaking, at the same frequencies that our hearts and brains operate. And as we know from the physics of resonance that when different systems operate at the same frequencies energy and information can be transferred between them. We are now completing a large-scale study with women in Saudi Arabia who recorded their heart rate variability (HRV), 24 hours a day over a five-month period. Heart rate variability is the natural beat to beat changes in our heart rate and reflects the changes in the activity of our autonomic nervous system. We are comparing the

activity in their HRV to solar and geomagnetic changes. We expected to see correlations, but not at the level we are seeing. We are finding that we are more connected with the Earth than we originally suspected. We found in an earlier study that when the Earth’s field is incoherent, humanity in general tends to be quicker to get irritated, frustrated, or become anxious, and mentally fogged. In this new research, we are finding something further, something that as far as I know, no one has reported before, and this is that there are some positive correlations as well. In other words, when certain solar and geomagnetic measures change in a particular direction, our physiological measures, and mental and emotional states, improve. This is a really exciting time in science. One thing we can all do each day is to ask ourselves: “What are we feeding the

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