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morphogenetic blueprint that becomes the human being. Daily Practice Just like there’s brain neuroplasiticty and you develop new neural pathways as you learn new things, there’s also a sort of plasticity at the energetic level. There is a rewiring and establishment of new energetic structures that

moment practice in the midst of daily life. For example, say you get into a traffic jam, or whatever causes an emotional reaction, there is great power in beginning to work with that. You can train yourself to notice even the seemingly smaller reactions, judgments of others, feelings of separation and so on, and by practicing accessing the

and emotions back into balance and alignment. Usually the emotions that disturb our systems are stirred up by the mind – the irritations, the impatience, the anxiety, and the discontent, that’s all the mind wanting its way. When we practice bringing the emotional system into neutral by tuning in to the heart, it can, in turn, bring the mind into

find your seed, said the sky to the tree © @lovebeatsdivine

occurs as we practice aligning with our larger self. It’s not that people just suddenly get connected (although we can have brief moments of experiencing a deeper connection), it takes intention, practice and repetition to anchor in a new level of consciousness. From my perspective, one of the biggest things that can help expand somebody’s consciousness is moment by 51

Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 2

heart’s intelligence, you can shift these perceptions back into alignment with our higher perceptions. Sometimes, it really takes an intentional attitude to do this – you have to say to yourself, “No, not this time.” As you do this, you are rewiring not only neural circuits in your brain but energetic circuits. It’s really the heart’s intuitive intelligence that has the power to bring the mind

a more neutral and aligned perception. When the emotional system is aligned with the heart, compassion, love, and the higher emotions can flow from the larger self, and over time this becomes more easily accessible as we practice and establish a new baseline that is more consistently aligned with our higher intelligence. One of our current goals at HeartMath is to document

Sufism: an inquiry - Vol16.2  

A journal for people of the heart.

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