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Divine Love and W In the words of a Sufi Master

As new science begins to reorient our gaze even more fully toward the interior life of the human being, and our capacity to perceive through our own inner awareness, we can look also to those who have cultivated an established way of knowing beyond the senses. In their words, it is possible to hear the potential each of us has for an internal science that can be just as precise and exact as that conducted through measurement and experimental methods. In the following excerpt, taken from a talk at the 2013 Songs of the Soul Poetry and Sacred Music Festival, Sufi Master Shah Nazar Seyyed Dr. Ali Kianfar offers insights that can help us arrive at a deeper expression of Love and Wisdom, from within our own hearts. He invites us to experience life not as an intellectual matter, but rather as an inner knowing. When we turn our eye to what is beautiful and look out with reverence, we can sense the rhythms of life pulsing through us, and hear the language of the heart – a language that is the melody of the Divine universe. When we look inside of our system, every part of our system has the same center. All these magnetic centers are working together and are in charge for communication, for living, for continuation. If you try very, very hard with very strong logic, you cannot divide the universe; it’s just wasting time. All is united; all is divine; not differences. The only point in this moment which is necessary for us to remember, and to appreciate, is that we can stand, we can sit, we can walk, we can remember all these beauties, all this majesty. We cannot underestimate this power which has been granted to human being as a gift. That’s the recommendation of the Holy Prophet: ‘Think deeply about the creation of the skies, earth, everything.’ 49

Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 2

Actually, when we look carefully, we don’t have enough time, we don’t have enough time to think about all this majesty. So what we can do? How we can save our time, and find and enjoy the majesty? Instead of being distracted, be focused. Meditate. Return. For study, for education, we don’t need any book. We have it. Everything is available. Look at nature: It’s all pages of the whole book, and each page of the book is a book also. It’s amazing majesty – that’s why we expect a Sufi [to be] astonished. So, in this case, we find a new definition for thinking. Is thinking really the activity of the mind? Thinking is the result of the pure mirror. That means remove all the dots from the

face of your heart – that’s thinking, and you will find it. When the heart becomes pure, and purely reflects the majesty, that is Wisdom. So Wisdom and Love cannot be separated; they walk hand in hand. In the Hadiths, a question from the Prophet rises in his being: ‘Who are you God?’ I think the very right and fair question is, before we ask ‘Who are you God?’ we ask, ‘Who I am?’ That makes sense if I ask who I am first, because at the end, it’s who I am who wants to know God… Another Hadith: “I was a hidden treasure. I love to be known. Then I create the creation and I can be known.” That’s the movement of Love. The movement of Love is to be known. When

Sufism: an inquiry - Vol16.2  

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