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ment and military trainings, the participants become very engaged. Guys who are usually close-lipped tend to open up to talk about this and about how it has saved their lives, or helped them save a life. The way I worded this when we first published it was to say that the heart appears to have access to information that is not bound by the limits of time and space. This was perfectly acceptable language in science, proven by quantum physics experiments. In more recent publications, we are calling it nonlocal Intuition. What I really meant by saying a field of information not bound by time and space is our individual capacity to connect with our deeper inner voice – our intuition, which I am suggesting happens via our energetic heart, spiritual heart. In terms of our experimental work, it’s the best I know of documenting an aspect of heart intelligence. Sufis have been right all along – the heart is fundamental. Rhythmic Wisdom The heart generates by far the largest rhythmic magnetic field in the body. With today’s equipment, we can measure about three feet from the


Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 2

body. The field goes further, of course, but this is what we are able to measure with the equipment we have currently. When you do analysis of the magnetic field, you see that it contains information on one’s emotional state, which is encoded in the signals, and has a mathematical link back to the rhythmic beating pattern of the heart. Human beings are like radio stations, to use a literal metaphor, and it turns out that our nervous systems are exquisitely tuned in to other biologically generated magnetic fields. That’s why people say things like “you can feel the vibes,” or you walk into a room and you can “feel the tension, and cut it with a knife.” We are sensitive to biological fields that are be-

ing created in and around us – that’s what the science is clearly indicating. If we begin to talk about how we measure this energetic connection between people, for example, say we had our bodies wired up right now, we could see that especially if we’re in a coherent state, it allows a new level of energetic sensitivity to emerge out of that stability. We could see the brain waves in one of us begin to synchronize with the other person’s heartbeat. This kind of data is an entryway into talking about interconnectivity. For example, it allows a conversation to open up say with a physician where I can say, “let’s look at how your state affects your patient.” Similarly, we’ve trained a

Sufism: an inquiry - Vol16.2  

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