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Early on in my adult life, I spent time working for Motorola as a communications engineer, and started working with a group here in California doing radionics research, still pursuing the same questions about energy and electromagnetics. I got involved in the first company to introduce spirulina, a blue-green algae with incredible nutritional value, to the West. We did a project in Palm Springs are that proved you could go out into the middle of a des-

lever, and that none of the other stuff will truly be resolved until changes occur at that level. That’s still true. We could solve world hunger right now, and everyone on the planet could have food and clean water for ten percent of the world’s military budget – that’s a consciousness problem. Somewhat disillusioned, at that point, I said heck with it for a while, I’m going to make money again. I started a company that went from a

Doc Childre introduced me to the heart in completely new ways – to the heart as a literal access point to our deeper inner voice and wisdom. In meditation courses and so on, I had learned about the heart chakra, but previous to meeting Doc, I had only looked at the heart as a metaphor. That’s where my meditation practices were stuck. Don’t get me wrong, my meditation experiences were helpful, and created movement in a positive direction, but they did

Many contemporary scientists believe that the underlying state of our physiological processes determines the quality and stability of the feelings and emotions we experience…our research has found that it is the pattern of the heart’s rhythm that is primarily reflective of the emotional state. - McCraty and Childre, Altern. Ther. Health Med. 2010 16:4 ert and create a spirulina farm that could feed the world’s populations quite easily. It was through this experience that I realized that it wasn’t the technology that was missing, it was consciousness, and that until human consciousness shifted, we weren’t really going to get any closer to solutions to poverty, world hunger, clean water, or any of the issues impacting us on a global scale. It’s a pretty eye-opening realization to understand that human consciousness is the

garage to a very successful company in just a few years. Quickly, though, I realized that another sports car in the driveway wasn’t going to do anything for me on a deeper level. It was at that point in my life that I met Doc Childre through some mutual friends. We were both out on the East Coast in the North Carolina area around the same time, and I visited him there on some other business. I figured I’d spend an hour with him; three days later I came home.

not lead to the dimensional shift that I discovered when I took the heart-based practice more seriously. It was still the mind running the show, so to speak. Doc introduced me to something different, and started a whole new adventure in my life. I started practicing some of the more heart-based techniques I learned with Doc in my company where I was managing employees, and soon my own heart intelligence, if you will, let me know that there was more to

Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 2


Sufism: an inquiry - Vol16.2  

A journal for people of the heart.

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