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colleagues and I respect them all, but I believe that we all have to navigate our way through the eye of the needle, to expand into our next level of human consciousness and awareness, and the way of passage is through the heart. The more one understands this, the more effective various practices we undertake in our spiritual development become; at least that’s been my experience. I’m really talking about a shift into greater heartfulness. Yes, we can become more mindful and aware of our thoughts and feelings, and that’s important and a step, but to really achieve the kind of compassion and other qualities so many people are seeking to cultivate through various approaches, we have to look at the role of the heart. Wonders of the Heart, by Imam al-Ghazali describes “heart intelligence,” which is the same term we use at HeartMath. It’s the earliest reference I’ve found in literature to the literal term “heart intelligence,” and is an amazing description of what I’m discussing. Passing through the eye of the needle is really about entering into a different relationship with our higher self, or one’s soul. If I’m using 41

Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 2

more energetic language, one way I might talk about it is as a shift from 3rd dimensional mind-awareness to the higher 4th dimension. Before I discovered the heart techniques, and took them seriously, I was kind of stuck in what I call mid-4th, and in a loop that didn’t quite go where I’m talking about in terms of shifting my consciousness and allowing me to access

new parts of myself. In my experience, you have to learn to phase out of 3D to be able to phase into 4D... again, I’m not talking metaphorically; this is real for me. I’m referring here to frequencies, to real dimensions of intelligence, and to a shift in consciousness that’s impossible to explain conceptually without an experience of it. When I talk about different dimensions of reality, I’m talking about what vibration or frequency you operate at, so it’s more vertical: you shift from 3D to 4D as you become more connected

with your own higher dimensional awareness, which is all about love and connection, and is where the self expresses not at the expense of the whole, but for the benefit of the whole. As consciousness shifts toward the higher dimension, we start to make different choices about how we live with each other on the planet Earth, and tend to act more lovingly, and with greater wisdom. Walking the Path I was always one of those kids who was just drawn to things like electricity and magnetism. In high school, I read a lot of books on these subjects, and would skip class to explore and build transmitters, but I found that I could never get a satisfactory answer to things like what magnetism really is when from an academic level. Even now, we have great mathematical descriptions of how things behave, but we don’t yet understand specifically the source of these behaviors. In my own life, the hunger for this knowledge led me to study some of the more esoteric writings on topics related to energy and magnetism, as well to learn different techniques of mediation and spiritual practice.

Sufism: an inquiry - Vol16.2  

A journal for people of the heart.

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