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The Electromagnetic Field of the Heart photo Š Institute of HeartMath

They are, and have been, at the forefront of research suggesting that maintaining a coherent state, beginning with a coherent heart rhythm, not only has a positive impact on physical and emotional health, but also impacts how we learn, and how we connect to our inner being and the environment around us. As Dr. McCraty explains in the conversation that follows, these studies offer intimations of what is possible when we learn to listen to the movements of our own system, beginning with our heart, and to cultivate coherence. In ef-

fect, these scientific insights can help us to align even more fully with our highest potential as human beings, and, coupled with the teachings of wisdom traditions, can deepen our capacity to tap into a source of Love and Wisdom not available through the normal operations of the thinking mind, or reaches of our basic senses. In addition to sharing new scientific insights, in this article Dr. McCraty also shares insights from his own life, providing an opportunity to appreciate the process of transformation by which he arrived at this work. It is a journey into

the space of the heart, and one in which we are offered an opportunity to see ourselves reflected. Rather than espousing dogma, Dr. McCraty invites each of us to become a scientist of our own experience, and to use each moment of our lives to further open the doorway to self-exploration and the cultivation of our own consciousness. His story and research offer a perspective on life that can inspire us with a warmth and vitality that technology and science often casts shadows over, and that emphasizes anew the realm of the heart. continued on next page

Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 2


Sufism: an inquiry - Vol16.2  

A journal for people of the heart.

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